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Past Events

Very much in development. The events of the ULC are known far and wide for being weird and wacky but it has been a long time since they occured....

Here are a list of the past events that the Upper Left Corner have carried out. This is not a complete list, if it was then I wouldn't be saying that it wasn't but that's besides the point. If you happen to stumble upon an event that took place that you were part of or you find a log that is not here then this is a wiki, so get editing.


Dancing with the Zombies at Nichols Mall

We can dance if we want to we can leave our friends behind! Bjorn and The Puft Man dance with some zombies, and don't die in the first 5 seconds!

The Battle for St. Ethelberts

Antics from the ULC/MMS joint 2 week defense against the RRF.

Tinner's Grand Battle

Lord Tin Tin becomes enraged by his self and starts a fight with his alternate personalities. A log of the event can be found here.


The famous UDnD was played by members of the ULC during their time in Caiger Mall and it is in 3 parts. These have been merged into one page for easy viewing.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing now has it's own wiki page since it is one of the pinnacle events of the ULC. The full log is on the page so you can browse at your leisure.

Banana Fighting

A group of ULC folk got into the spirit of the Caiger Seige, using unconventional banana combat to turn back the zombie horde.


There was a dance-off in the ULC between McClaud and David Suzuki. The only thing that got served was entertainment, and we hope you participate in the next dance contest. It is BYOCM (Bring Your Own Cardboard Mat) and keep your mix tape handy.

Haiku Contest

A Haiku Contest was run in Caiger Mall, with the entrants and winners in this thread. Enjoy!


Queep turned it into a regular games night by playing charades and hangman at Stickling as well.


A few members went outside to sing Kumbayah to the zombie hoardes as light entertainment on March 6th. King Keane says it was a great success although he was killed almost instantly. The log of the event can be found here.

Live Music Acts

David Suzuki performed some live music along with ULC Zombie Ray Sterling outside Stickling Mall. Unfortunately, the critic's reviews were fatal.


Now and then our members feel the urge to create a song or two. You can find the lyrics to these songs right here and we can all have a jolly good sing-a-long.


Queep (UrgentHealer) had a game of Scrabble with some zombies at Stickling Mall.

Trivia Nights

David Suzuki hosted the first Zombie Trivia Night at Stickling, with Ian Jekyll the proud winner from The Shining Ones.


There was a rousing karaoke party on February 16th. Standout performances by Holly Day (who sang "You Light up My Life," dedicated to the generator) and Doc Python (whose rendition of U2's "One" was nothing short of perfection) made for a very eventful evening of song. Honorable mention goes to Queep for his rendition of "Safety Dance."

Theft of the Silly Putty Ball

The silly putty ball was stolen in a jealous rage by the lower right corner of Caiger, however it was valiantly returned thanks to the efforts of David Suzuki and King Keane.

Poetry Reading

McClaud thought it would be a good idea to go out and give the zombies some culture by reading goth poetry to them on March 9. However, he failed to realize that by reading goth poetry, he was communicating, "please kill me - I'm emo" to them. When he reached the line "I have nothing to give anymore," the zombies thought him done and promptly ate him.

St. Patricks Day

St. Paddy's day was celebrated by Caldwell and his merry band of irish drunkards (March 17th). Subsequently many of them are missing, presumed wasted.

Police Academy Marathon

Following the discovery of several betamax copies of old classics the ULC celebrated the move to Southall Mansion with a marathon viewing of all Police Academy movies back to front whilst simultaneously indulging in copious amounts of pickled foodstuffs and brandy.

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