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-- Chris is the leader of the Special_Tactics_And_Rescue_Squad, which was formally lead by Stephen Wolfe. The STARS operate out of, and are seen as the major group in the suburb of East Grayside and have been for the last year or so.

-- If you would like to contact him leave a message on the discussion page

Chris' History:

  • Joined the STARS during their first gathering in Club Mackerel in Paynerton
  • Was a Major in the original leadership of the STARS, along with others such as Mushroom Blue, Aran Helix and others.
  • Was a General in the PH War and won many battles with the help of his squad.
  • Became the "interim" leader for over three months
  • Became the Official Leader of the STARS on 7/20/06, when he re-organized the leadership of the STARS.
  • Chris was the Coach of the famous world cup squad the STARS Hooligans
  • Had a leave of absence starting from 9/8/06 - 10/6/06 where he gave interim leadership to The Cop
  • Came back as the leader in full force during the infamous STARS Forum Take Over.
  • Again, re-organized the leadership of the STARS to better fit their needs.
  • Led the STARS during the STARS-Grayside Demons Conflict.
  • Retired from the STARS. And gave Leadership to Serge

STARS Awards

(Chris Was Awarded these, before he became the leader of the STARS)

  • Board Of Leaders Badge: Give To A STARS board of leaders member.

  • STARS God Award: The highest ranking a STARS member can recive. They are the foundation the STARS need.

  • Revival Award: For risking life and limb to save a member.

  • Purple Heart Award: For being wounded in the course of duty

  • Gold STARS Award: Given to those who have shown that they are willing to give the time and dedication that the S.T.A.R.S. needs.

General Information

Military (lvl 28) Chris Hollis
Joined: 2006-01-07 14:37:54
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Rank: Military (lvl 28)
Character Class: Private
Favorite Equipment: Beretta
Favorite Weapon: Beretta
Backup Weapon: Shotgun
Current Status: Alive and kickin'
Location: East Greyside
Current Level: 38
Kills: A lot.
Revives: Alot Alot
Deaths: A bunch
Group: Special Tactics and Rescue Squad
Journal: [[Journal:[Survivor Diary]|[Survivor Diary]]]

Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastard
The RRF has had to lay siege to its own NecroTech and this group sent the Bastards inside some reinforcements.

8/18/06 -