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Rhodenbank DDR's Fortress Border
Rolt Heights Pescodside Border

Location of the Fortress.

Known groups in this suburb:

Key buildings in DanceDanceRevolution/DanceDanceRevolution's Super Fortress of Death and Destruction:

Police Departments: 5
Fire Stations: 2
Hospitals: 3
NecroTech Buildings: 4
Palaces: DDR's Imperial Palace
Phone Mast: DDR's Propaganda Center [94,04]
Update DDR's Fortress danger level
Suburb Number: 10

DanceDanceRevolution's Super Fortress of Death and Destruction is a Fortress of the Wikilords of Malton, located in the northeast corner of the city. Of note, it contains DDR's Imperial Palace, a bastion of DDR's loyal followers and home to his personal harem of Wiki Sysops, notably user:Rosslessness, who pleasures him whenever he pleases. Other locations of interest within the suburb include The Mosque of the Holy DDR (98,2), DDR's Propaganda Center (94,4), DDR's Shark-infested pool for disposing of traitors (95,3), DDR's Porn Repository (99,0) and the The Museum of DDR's exemplary accomplishments (92,9). This suburb is under the protection of DDR's Royal Guard, who will mercilessly hunt down and execute any who dare oppose his supreme authority on the Urban Dead Wiki.

Resource Buildings

Fire Stations


NecroTech Facilities

Police Departments


Revive Points

Recent News

Year 3 of DDR's Complete Authority over the Wiki

user:Rosslessness has been added to DDR's Imperial Harem, to be brutally sodomized every day until he realizes his inferiority to DDR. This was agreed upon by His Majesty DDR and the Council of Wiki SysOps because he loves Zergers and doesn't allow them to be exposed, is totally boring, never helps the Wiki in any meaningful way, doesn't allow any bit of fun to occur, and in general is an unpleasant person to be around.

Things to do in DanceDanceRevolution's Super Fortress of Death and Destruction

Remember to stop by the Palace to try out Rosslessness' butt! He especially likes the trick you can do with German Shepherds ^____^.


Suburb Map

The Malton Suburb of DanceDanceRevolution's Super Fortress of Death and Destruction
DDR's Cafe burning field of zergers Chemical Weapons Plant DDR's Royal Guard's Barracks the Naisbitt Building DDR's Personal Armory DDR's Field Artillery Repository the Beale Building Leeson Alley DDR's Porn Repository
Howell Library DDR is Awesome Towers Lovel Way the Perryn Building Cullen Way
WMD Storehouse Bellot Street Mogridge Drive Hamerton Road
Prison for the Wiki SysOps who disagree with him
Purt Avenue DDR's Video Game Center Muncey Street
Beach Walk the Turvill Building DDR's Barber Shop DDR's Magical Healing Spring the Much Arms The Mosque of the Holy DDR Mass Grave of Wiki dissenterss
Townsend Bank Rosslessness is a Loser Towers Rosslessness' Bondage Toys DDR's Personal Fitness Center Rosslessness' Toilet Qusay Towers Mural of Rosslessness getting raped #1 DDR's Meth Factory Nott Auto Repair wasteland
wasteland the Pepperell Museum Yonnua's Fun Corner
Silley Plaza DDR's Propaganda Center DDR is Cool Hotel the Holdway Museum Repository of DDR's Banhammer Clerck Walk Byers Walk
Club Gay Rosslessness Gibb Plaza Railway Station DDR's Nuclear Weapon Facility A Statue of DDR DDR's Super Cool Bar Noblett Drive Woodborn Avenue wasteland Newnam Avenue
the Nurley Museum a factory Bruorton Drive Heddington Walk Railway Station Thornhill Alley Bullor Avenue Marsh Avenue DDR's money box Rayfield Lane the Gatehouse Building
Fleming Library Saddam’s Car Warehouse #2 DDR's Imperial Palace DDR's Imperial Palace Thresh Row Spencer Row a carpark a junkyard Hinge Drive the Pilton Building
Club Dowell Ray Alley DDR's Imperial Palace DDR's Imperial Palace Firdos Square Firdos Square
the Slade Arms Hagger Way
Blaise General Hospital A Statue of Saddam
Club Garrett Hoskyns Alley The Museum of DDR's exemplary accomplishments Rosslessness's Sexchange Shop Muirhead Avenue Railway Station Caffin Library the Dycer Hotel Maud Walk Roadnight Towers Stembridge Crescent Fire Station