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This is a list of those groups who are known for, or have an official policy of, hunting down and killing PKers. It should be noted that not all groups that hunt PKers have altruistic motives, nor are all PKers inherently malicious (i.e. this is NOT a clear-cut battle of "Good vs Evil"). It should be noted that the act of PKing is not forbidden and by this fact has its own legitimacy within Urban Dead's gameplay mechanics and role-playing.

Commonly anti-PKer groups take on the role of bounty hunters, vigilantes, or other elements of post-apocalyptic justice within Malton. These bounty hunter players (whether as individuals or in groups) hunt down PKers often at the request of allies or working from PKer lists. Usually when a PKer is located by a bounty hunter they choose to distinguish themselves from their PKer brethren by:

  • Only killing PKers who are identified by character profile, NOT just by name.
  • Announcing their intentions to everyone and the crime the PKer is convicted of having committed.
  • Announcing to everyone the link/URL where a screenshot with proof of the aforementioned crime is shown.

Anti-PKers, or PKKers, goals are to record/identify and terminate PKers from areas that they patrol within Malton. It should be noted that Revive groups can sometimes interfere if they revive at random without confirming the nature of a PKer, as in the view of anti-PKers they desire not only to bring about retribution against a PKer by killing them, but also to delay their revival because it prevents them from PKing. Note that as a zombie a PKer is not prevented from ZKing, but this is not often the concern of the anti-PKer.

While PKing is usually disdained among those survivors who die due to it, the act itself does fill an important role within Urban Dead's gameplay. One significant event that relates best to this would be when two different groups mutually agree to war with each other because of some disagreement. In this situation the players of each group are "allowed" to kill members of the opposing team (similar to PvP/GvG gameplay in other multiplayer games). These murders are still technically categorized as PKing, but officially they would NOT be recorded as such and bounty hunter groups should not become involved in these disputes.