The Northeastern War

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The Northeastern War

DORIS bruthas.JPEG

Date: 29th April 2008 to present
Place: Gibsonton, Dulston, Heytown, Santlerville
Result: Ongoing Conflict

Imperium Defenders x Coalition

- Imperium Defenders : Imperium of Man, Gibsonton Defense Alliance, Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol, Dulston Alliance, Gibsonton Nationals, Team Zombie Hardcore, Manei Domini, Independent Bounty Hunters.

Finis Valorum

- Coalition : The Imperium Must Die Coalition consisting of: DORIS, Red Rum, Philosophe Knights, Columbine Kids, Independent PKers, Gibsonton Independence Board.

Zerg Hunters Unlimited, Dribbling Beavers, Independent Zerg Hunters.

- Imperium Defenders : BrotherMcBeaner, max890, Garviel Loken, Maria Lombardi, randomzero, Mr Tee Man, Kikashie, Ottari, Lemonhead, Alpharius, Ioncannon11, Jaydepps, Others
- Coalition : Canderous Ordo, Turkmenbashi, WV, Others

- Imperium Defenders : 120
- Coalition : 75

- Imperium Defenders : 125+
- Coalition : 45


What started as an Invasion of Gibsonton turned into a much larger war spanning the entire northeast. The war began with DORIS declaring war on the Imperium but expanded and attracted more PKers and more Survivors.


Both sides of the conflict employ the "kill the enemy" tactic but each side has come up with their own strategy that makes them distinct. Ironically the PKers have opted for civilians support while Survivors employ brute force.

DORIS announced a change in policy to those it kills by offering amnesty to anyone who sides with the Coalition. Infinite Immunity is granted to those who act as an informant by relaying information on the current location of Coalition enemies that lead to a successful kill. Safety is also offered to those that join DORIS to fight since they will forever be considered a member of DORIS even when they stop fighting for them. To increase DORIS support and destroy all faith in the Imperium, Coalition members target normal civilians to strong arm them into capitulation.

The Imperium have chosen a strategy of retreating which has led to a decrease in activity in the area. Without men in the suburbs there is less fighting. Dulston Alliance members have done the opposite, choosing to pour as much men as possible into the fight to overwhelm their enemy. This has led to an increase in PKer deaths.

The Fight Itself

Although the war was at first between the Coalition and the Imperium there has been very little fighting between the two. This has been attributed to the Imperium's policy of retreating. The lack of Imperium in the general area has made the war drag on in the search of targets. Some Imperium members have been found as far away as Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village. Most of the fighting right now has been Dulston Alliance members killing PKers and PKers killing random civilians.

Extension of Battlefield

The NE War has extended from The Invasion of Gibsonton to include the current Zerg Hunt. So far there's 3 definite wars at present in the Northeastern area.

  • Imperium and Defenders vs. Coalition forces
  • Finis vs. Anti-Zerg forces
  • Ex-Gibsonton Nationals vs. GIB and Coalition forces

Important Events