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In August, 2005, a handful of survivors grew tired of constantly running and hiding, only to have their sleeping places come under attack. They quickly discovered that acting alone they could do little to combat anything more than a few isolated zombies. These survivors decided to gather together in a defendable spot and decided to draw the line and settle down.

Moving in from Santlerville, Richmond Hills, Brooksville, Roftwood and Molebank the survivors gathered together in East Becktown. At first they settled around the Smail and Barlow Museums and began securing the local area, barricading, reviving and scouting according to each members personal preferences - their overall goal to provide the safe location to form a base of operations for others which they had been seeking themselves. Quickly, others in the area took an interest in them and began to help.

On the 15th of September the survivors chose a name for themselves - PLEB. With this, they announced their presence in the suburb and began spreading their activities further, to encompass the whole of East Becktown. Almost immediately controversy was caused by this move, on two fronts. Firstly, PLEB's barricade plan came under heavy fire - though with some smatterings of support as well. Secondly, PLEB itself was verbally attacked by the LXM, a previously unknown group on the Wiki which had kept its presence in East Becktown and Lukinswood very low-key.

In the first instance, after much discussion and debate over the forums with a variety of individuals - including members of the Warseers, LXM and even DARIS - it was decided that PLEB's stance was too contraversial and was probably not in the best interests of those they were attempting to help - namely the average citizens of East Becktown as the ratio of EH barricades to VS was too high and the positioning of resource buildings was not taken into account. PLEB suspended their barricade plan and reconvened to discuss internally a viable answer to the problem, still convinced that a steady policy of barricading was the best way to ensure stability in the suburb.

After a week of discussion on the subject, PLEB released their new barricade plan for the suburb, which was met with far more enthusiasm and almost all criticisms on this subject died shortly after. PLEB continue to hold to this plan to date, with minor variations outlined in Operation Tumbleweed, and their reasoning and systemic approach to the subject became the virtually unaltered basis of the Uniform Barricading Policy.

In the second instance, the LXM seemed to take objection to PLEB taking over their suburb - despite a complete lack of publicity about their group on the Wiki. After some mutual acrimony, which largely came about from a clash of egos and a lack of understanding, the more public spokespeople of both groups exchanged information and soothed the troubled waters between them. Since then, both groups have worked together to exchange information and for the most part any troubles fell into the past - partially due to the LXM's interests beyond East Becktown, partially due to the fact the PLEB are more interested in getting on with the day to day of helping the citizens of the suburb than indulging in bickering with other survivor groups and partially due to the high success and increase of profile which PLEB continued to enjoy.

On the 23rd of October, PLEB put into action Operation Tumbleweed to combat the incoming threat of the Church of the Resurrection, which at that time were in Eastonwood. PLEB then began testing these tactics in Darvall Heights and later put them into good effect when the Ridleybank Resistance Front briefly invaded East Becktown, before they were diverted by other interests in Caiger Mall.

In November, 2005, the RRF declared East Becktown a target and both arms of the zombie group descended on the suburb. The first forces to arrive were reported to have been un-nerved by the total lack of zombies wandering the streets and the effectiveness of the suburb's defences. A second task force was called in and the entire might of the RRF was levelled against East Becktown. However, after a very short seige, the RRF were called away to aid in the famous Seige of Caiger Mall and East Becktown was left relatively unscathed. While PLEB were naturally pleased to have weathered the storm so well, they had to acknowledge that things could have gone a lot worse if Seige had not lured the RRF and virtually every other zombie group from suburbs around.

On the 23rd of November, 2005 PLEB announced that it would expand its activities beyond the borders of its traditional base of operations in East Becktown and would be taking on the responsibility of patrolling West Becktown as well. At the time no other group maintained a home presence in West Becktown and, with the assault on Caiger Mall in full swing, the amount of feral zombies spilling over into the NE quad had increased dramatically. PLEB hoped to be able to provide aid in clearing the streets, healing survivors, reviving residents and securing all buildings.

In December, 2005, the CotR abandoned the Seige of Caiger Mall and finally attacked East Becktown as they had threatened to do some time before. However, before the New Year the CotR had once more abandoned their assault and were quoted as saying "These guys are too organised for us, let's move on". PLEB were reported to have been pleased with the result and were keen to acknowledge that this was a victory for all Becktown and the people who live there, not simply one group.

On the 31st of January, 2006: The Mall Tour announced its intentions to level East Becktown en route to Caiger Mall. The Police Department was overrun; a number of safehouses broken open and careless inhabitants slain. In response, PLEB once again advised all residents to enact Operation Tumbleweed, which then successfully frustrated zombie any major zombie attacks.

In February, 2006 it transpired that the zombie attacks which had been plaguing the suburb in recent days were the work of Ars Requiem and Zombie Inc. Both groups seemed to pursue a particlar vendetta against PLEB and both groups benefitted from a swell in numbers from the failed Seige of Caigar Mall as wild zombies flooded away from the area. Allegations of zerging and extensive use of zombie spies began to surface.

By 'April, 2006 Ars Requiem and Zombie Inc are forced to concede defeat and acknowledge that they are neither strong enough, nor organised enough, to do any significant damage to East Becktown by themselves. However, identifying PLEB as the main protagonists behind their failure, the form PLEBhunt '06 and become a player killing organisation. After an effort to gather local support and a bout of PKing, the group appear to sink without a trace - another failure and PLEB victory. PLEB was reported to have been happy about the free advertising and the confirmation that they were annoying the right people. PLEB continues to go about its business of helping the people of Greater Becktown.

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