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Welcome! This is a guidebook for those visiting the lovely suburb of Santlerville. Located in the heart of Malton's northeast, Santlerville is rich in history and attractions to keep you entertained!

For current information about activities in Santlerville, please see the Building Information Center and Santlerville Recent News.

Santlerville History

Before the zombie outbreak, Santlerville was no inner city slum. It was a bustling suburb with an active community of residents. It is close enough to the city centre to be popular for commuters to travel into work, but at the same time, far enough away to retain its individual character and not be swallowed up by urban sprawl and turned into "just another burb".

Santlerville became incredibly popular with commuters as it was well served with rail links and soon, it even developed its own business district, with its own high-rise office towers and apartment buildings to house the increasing number of your professionals moving into the suburb. This explains the fact that there are five nightclubs in the suburb, but only one bar and no museums (they're for old people).

Money began to flow into the Santlerville and the huge Dowdney Mall shopping centre was built on the suburb's southern edge. Santlerville became a mini-town in itself and was a model of urban regeneration. Many old and dilapidated buildings throughout the suburb were cleared to make way for the next generation of towers and landmark skyscrapers. Investment in health care saw a total of four Hospitals built in the suburb and NecroTech even opened two branch research facilities.

Then it all went wrong; the blocks that has been cleared never saw development, the construction cranes that were meant to line the Santlerville skyline never appeared. Instead, the zombie outbreak occurred.

Santlerville Today

Santlerville in post zombie-infested Malton is very different and yet very similar to how it was before. So the developments never appeared and the blocks are now just wasteland. So the Mall is looking a little bit shabby and no longer plays muzak. The zombies may have arrived, but the community of Santlerville just took it in their stride and carried on living.

Santlerville is still the bustling, vibrant community it was before the outbreak. There are several groups working in the area, who maintain the safe houses, the entry points, the resource buildings and the Mall. In fact, some residents decry the zombie infestation and subsequent government quarantine as saving Santlerville from suburban hell.

Whether you mind the zombies and streets littered with the dead or not, one thing is certain: to get the best from Santlerville, you have to join in.

Local Groups and Residents

The large numbers of young professionals once employed by different multinational companies in the city have now formed their own pro-survivor groups. They are not commercial or corporate groups, dedicated to making money, they are dedicated to keeping the residents of Santlerville on their feet, and the zombies on the floor.

Notable groups in the suburb include:

These groups all work together to fight off the zombie hordes, maintain the buildings and keep the residents alive, or revivify them if they happen to die. If you are new to Santlerville, please look though the wiki pages and forums of these groups to get an idea of just how much work goes into keeping Santlerville an exciting and thriving suburb to be in.

Health Care

Health care in Santlerville is amongst the best available in Malton. There are four Hospitals in the suburb:
  • St. Columbanus's Hospital is at the heart of the suburb and is a 5-star health care facility. This is very difficult to achieve and guarantees that this Hospital has the full range of health care treatments ranging from Surgery to Revivification and is virtually guaranteed to be powered, lit and have a large population inside. In addition it is also a designated Entry Point so new comers to Malton can get inside too. It is the place to go when you're not feeling very well.
  • St. Matthew's Hospital is the principal Hospital in the southwest of Santlerville and is very important as it also serves much of Huntley Heights (which has no Hospital of its own). This Hospital is more "frontier", being closer to central Malton and has a very respectable 3-star rating. Though this Hospital is kept barricaded at EHB, staff make regular Ambulance runs to the surrounding buildings.
  • St. Boniface's Hospital in the southeast of Santlerville has recently come under the protection of a local group and is in the process of being added to the list of health care facilities as another place you can go to receive medical treatment.
  • St. Spyridon's Hospital is again in the southwest, but there is often not enough man-power to keep this Hospital maintained and it has been known to occasionally give way to meds-deprived zombies. If you are interested in a career of Medicine with Zombie Slaying, then this could be your Hospital.

(Re)Living Again

Before the zombie outbreak, the NecroTech Corporation opened two Research Facilities in Santlerville:

Both are maintained by the local groups and kept powered and barricaded. NecroNet Scans are performed frequently to find out the local zombie population and scientists routinely search or manufacture the life-giving NecroTech Syringes for any survivors who have had a really bad day.

Revive Points

The local groups have set up two revive points close to the NT Buildings and they provide some of the fastest revivification services in Malton. Revive requests are checked frequently; please see the Revive Point wiki pages for information on how to ask for your life back at:

Note: at these revive points that Sacred Ground Policy applies. If you are a scientist, with the gift of life and skills with a shotgun, please consider helping out other fellow scientists working in the NT Buildings. Thanks to these people, Santlerville remains a bustling suburb with a heartbeat.

Police Protection

As Santlerville is home to (once) rich young professionals, crime was a relatively small problem and was given low priority. This means that the suburb has only one Police Department, Cotterrell Crescent Police Department (CCPD), tucked away in the northeast corner.

In post-zombie overrun Malton, this is a bit of a disadvantage as a long trek is required if you fancy venturing out for some fun with a shotgun but need to find some ammo. Fortunately, the same ammo can be obtained from Dowdney Mall, which is much closer for the rest of the suburb residents.

Newcomers to Santlerville and Malton will also be happy to find that CCPD is also a designated Entry Point, so you can have fun too! The local groups and residents keep the Police Department maintained, protected and above all, powered and lit to make searching for those bullets much easier.

If you find you like handcuffs and also shooting the undead, then being in the northeast corner of Santlerville by CCPD is the ideal place for you. Though it may feel out-of-the-way, it is never lonely, with many survivors also with a passion for shootings undead things; you will not be alone in keeping the zombies away from the donuts.

The Fire Department

There are two Fire Departments, both of which are in the southwest corner of Santlerville:
  • Burrough Row Fire Department before the quarantine.
    Burrough Row Fire Station serves as the head-quarters for the Northeast Division of the Malton Fire Department (MFD), so the maintenance of this building is their responsibility. This doesn't mean that no-one can help out though: they need all the help they can get trying to contain the zombie out-break.
  • Dennis Row Fire Station is also a designated Entry Point and is full of enthusiastic new firefighters searching for fire axes before going out and making themselves known to the undead in the local area, as well as rescuing cats stuck up tress. This Fire Station is actively maintained and regularly patrolled to ensure it stays as an entry point.

Both Fire Stations are adjacent to the two Hospitals in the southwest of Santlerville and as such are regularly visited by Hospital Staff doing Ambulance runs. If you are infected, injured and staggering towards southwest Santlerville, simply reach Dennis Row Fire Station and relax while waiting for a Doctor or Nurse to pass by.


It is all too easy to become caught up in the constant axe swinging, shooting and general zombie slaying in Santlerville without realising that there is a lighter side to life in the suburb, namely: shopping.

Santlerville has its own Dowdney Mall nestled on the southern edge of the suburb. Residents frequently make shopping trips to Dowdney Mall to restock on supplies such as first aid kits, ammunition and pastry forks. Though the sales don't seem to happen as often as they once used to, the Mall is still an exciting place to be as zombies seem to like it a lot too. Due to this, the survivors inside keep it well maintained and barricaded, enabling them to shop in safety and keep the cheap imitation designer clothes for themselves.

Santlerville Districts

Santlerville is split roughly into 5 districts. Each one has its own entry point and its own individual character and purpose. Each local group looks after at least one of these districts, with at least one group based in each.

Northwest Zone

This zone covers the buildings in the northwest of Santlerville, centered around the Junkyard entry point. Notable buildings include The Knight Arms, a satellite pub run by The Burchell Arms Regulars, who are dedicated to drinking. They help keep the beer cold and flowing in Santlerville. The northwest zone is overall a less populated area of Santlerville due to the lack of tactical resource buildings and profusion of streets that hinder free running.

Southwest Zone

The Southwest Zone includes the buildings around the Dennis Row Fire Station entry point and extends all the way up to St. Spyridon's Hospital. Though it can feel a little out-of-the-way, the southwest can regularly have its own zombie population to deal with. The zone sees flare-ups in activity and is hit first when groups of zombies migrate across from the zombie-overrun suburbs of central Malton.

Central Zone

The central zone is the heart of the suburb and includes buildings around the St. Columbanus's Hospital entry point. Aside from the Mall, this area is the most populated and the most lively with the Hospital, NT Building, and Revive Point all in close proximity, there can be a lot of activity that happens in the central zone. This is also the location of Heckworthy Towers, Santlerville's mobile phone mast.

Southeast Zone

The Southeast zone contains the buildings around St. Boniface's Hospital and also includes Dowdney Mall. This is a large area to patrol and several groups are required to keep it maintained and safe. There is always much work to do in the southeast because of the Mall, such as keeping the Mall supplied with generators and fuel, keeping the entry points at VSB+2 and keeping the NT Facility operational. Having a Mall in this zone means that this is where the zombies lurch towards and where the hordes congregate.

Northeast Zone

Slightly isolated in the corner is the Northeast Zone, which contains the only factory and Police Department in the suburb. Because of this, the northeast sees its own zombie action. The northeast zone contains the buildings around CCPD and it is vital that this is maintained and kept free of zombies so the survivors have the ammo they need for clay pigeon shooting, and for shooting other things.

Thank you for reading this Guide Book, and Enjoy your stay in Santlerville!

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