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Suburb History

Of the 2% of Maltonites who are of Jewish faith, over 3/4 of them once lived in this suburb. Most came to the city from Eastern Europe to flee from the Nazis in World War II. Before the outbreak, the largest synagogue of Malton could be found next to the Attwell Building and the Samuels Hotel, but the building was destroyed during the initial outbreak, leaving wastelands in its place.

After the Malton Mall boom in the seventies, the proximity to the Caiger and Ackland Malls lured several higher middle class families to the suburb. As a consequence, the average educational level of East Becktown significantly rose, which in turn attracted several high level employers: NecroTech built no less than 4 of their offices and before 2005, there were 6 well reputed hospitals. These Necrotech offices and hospitals joined forces with those in Eastonwood and Molebank, creating a strong network servicing north-west Malton.

This quick growth led to a sudden influx of auto repair shops, warehouses and factories scattered throughout the suburb, bringing with them a large populous of working class families.

Post-outbreak History

Almost immediately after the outbreak, the People’s Liberation of East Becktown (known as PLEB) emerged and decided they wanted to have almost the entire suburbs barricades set at extremely heavy. However this was met with much opposition from the rest of the suburb. Within two weeks, PLEB relented and released a barricade policy that was more suitable to the safety of the remaining citizens.

In November of 2005, the Ridleybank Resistance Front (RRF) descended on East Becktown preparing to wreak havoc, but at the last moment followed the call to Caiger Mall just outside East Becktown’s border. Over the years Caiger Mall became a battleground, and East Becktown’s two Necrotech buildings closest to the Mall became important fall-back points for survivors.

At the beginning of 2006, a mall tour was organised for the roaming zombie hordes. Due to East Becktown’s localised proximity to Caiger Mall, a great number of buildings were overrun, most notably Loney Row Police Department.

The start of 2007 saw the suburb almost entirely wiped, however this was not part of a Mall Tour. In July, a small group of zombies were found to be repeatedly breaking into the Daubeney Building and this was likely the beginnings of the Daubeney Resident Zambahz. Throughout August, Caigar Mall fell again, and buildings in northern East Becktown started slowly decaying as a result of being ruined. In September, the Dunell Hill Police Department pushed into the north-west of the suburb and fought back against the zombies holding The Attwell Building, an important TRP, allowing survivors to restock their syringe supplies. After Christmas was celebrated throughout East Becktown, it was reported that a large number of buildings (including many TRPs) were ruined.

As the new year of 2008 began, help arrived in the form of the 82nd Airborne Division. Their aim was to secure East Becktown in order to bridge the gap between Caiger Mall in Darvall Heights to the north, and Ackland Mall in Havercroft to the south-west. They repaired and powered important TRPs allowing the survivors to reclaim what was theirs. In February, a zombie hoard calling themselves the MOB moved in and slowly began tearing apart the suburb. The rest of the year saw the East Becktown see-saw between survivor and zombie hands.

The Mall Tour of 2009 hit Caiger Mall in February, leaving a wake of destruction throughout East Becktown. From March, Necrowatch began reporting scans from all four NT buildings, showing relatively high numbers of zombies within scanning range, with high concentrations around TRPs.

In January of 2010, the RRF invaded Darvall Heights, with the northern half of East Becktown suffering some collateral damage. Necrowatch reports in January from the Kening and Sugg NT buildings showed over 100 zombies within the scanning range, with both buildings ruined. The MOB moved into East Becktown again in June, with the suburb suffering from the after effects for the next couple of months. The mega-horde formed during the Big Bash 3 caused a high amount of damage, with one External Military Report showing up to 100 active zombies in the area. As the October Bash Pub Crawl drunkenly moved through, they reported that the suburb had been rebuilt by the end of September. But once again, the MOB came back seeking some more fresh meat and ruined the suburb once again.

According to External Military Reports, East Becktown appeared to have been reclaimed by survivors during the first few months of the year. However, throughout January the RRF sent strike teams to hit some of the important TRPs before moving onto Lukinswood. During the middle of the year, the suburb suffered some structural damage from the moderate numbers of zombies wandering the street. The Daubeney Building was out of action for much of the remainder of the year, no doubt due to the Daubeney Resident Zambahz. October 2011 saw the The Preston Arms being visited during the October Bash 2011 pub crawl. Also during this year, Firehound450 of the Malton Fire Department was assigned to Mitchell Drive Fire Station

External Military Reports from 2012 showed most of the infrastructure intact with only smaller zombies groups wandering the streets. During May, these reports showed a horde of 20 or so outside Loney Row Police Department. This is possibly the time that Thor Ellis of the Malton Police Department was assigned to that building. The fight for the Daubeney Building also continued with survivors reclaiming access for a short period of time before it fell back into zombie hands. Again at the end of the year, survivors appeared to have reclaimed the majority of the suburb.

During January of 2013, the Malton Civil Defense Unit are actively tending to wounded survivors and holding recruitment drives. Operation Home Turf, run by Charles Wipplebottom of the Department of Emergency Management falls back from Caiger Mall and instead focuses on rebuilding and maintaining the Greater Becktown area. In May, the Gore Corps of the RRF rampaged through the suburb creating havoc in their wake. August saw the Malton Marshalls being called in to help resolve and ongoing conflict with the PKing group The Flowers Of Decay.

The beginning of 2014 had External Military Reports showing a relatively safe looking suburb, with some of the NT buildings going back and forth between survivor and zombie hands. Between April and July, the DEM branches Malton Police Department, Malton Marshalls and Malton Forensics Unit used East Becktown's TRPs on a regular basis during their operations in Dunell Hills. The DEM remained in the suburb and the surrounding area maintaining revive points in both East Becktown and Richmond Hills. Several of their Academy members used Bennet Auto Repair and Barbara General Hospital in this time as well.

2015 started off relatively quiet, and during the first part of the year, First Responder of the MFD was assigned to one of the fire stations in the suburb. March saw Detective Crockett of the MPD moving around the suburb repairing, maintaining and scouting. The Daubeney Building was back in zombie hands in the last half of the year.

The entire first half of 2016 saw The Daubeney Building remaining in zombie hands. In May, a group calling themselves the East Becktown Defenders were established with the goal of maintaining the suburbs TRPs. By the end of June, most safehouses and TRPs were reclaimed, although the EBD left the Daubeney Resident Zambahz alone and even made careful contact once or twice.

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