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The Company


Randoms Enterprises was formed in April 2007 and since then have become well known for their best selling doll, the Angry Hamish, which has sold over 3000 units already. Their recent developments in Time Travel have also brought more attention upon the company. Other items in development include:

  • Samurai Cletus Action Figure with Kung Fu Grip
  • L'il Daisy May Undead Ballerina Doll
  • Lullabye Lovecraft the Tentacled Storytelling Bear
  • Tommy Trencher Commando Doll with Dual Wield Katana Action

These are due to be released later this year.

Angry Hamish the Cheese Eating Scotsman Doll with Kilt Lifting Action


On the Fourth of April 2007, and to commemorate the Mall Tour's epic journey, Randoms Enterprises released their first mainstream product, Angry Hamish. His arrival was met with huge enthusiasm by zombie and survivors alike, who rushed to Buckley Mall to try and purchase a doll.
Unfortunately, the dolls sold out in record time leaving many unhappy zombie who began breaking into the Mall to demand an explanation. Upon meeting the helpful Randoms Enterprises staff, some accepted the free Tommy Trencher toy prototype and went on their way. However, some were not so easily swayed and demanded to get a doll then and there.
The staff asked the customers to move on but, on their refusal, reluctantly had to resort to force to remove them from the Mall. Since then, Hamish has become a collectors item and highly sought after in Malton by many. Unfortunately, there have been no new shipments of Angry Hamish dolls but it is believed that there is a supply of them hidden somewhere in Ridleybank. However, a harassed looking Randoms Enterprises spokesman denied these claims.

Time Travel Developments


Late in the summer of 2007, Randoms Enterprises became the first non-Necrotech company to develop chicken casserole vending machines. Upon testing, however, the disappointed scientists discovered that the secret still remained so to them. As a consolation, however, it seemed that they had perfect time travel and wasted no time in zipping forward to August 2009 to find what became of Malton. When they reached this far off time, they met the unthinkable. The Ridleybank Resistance Front had disbanded and formed "Trench's R Us". They were even more shocked to discover that the siege of Buttonville in 2007 was what contributed the downfall of the RRF.
They hurriedly returned to the Butt, pausing only to bring back sunglasses and pimp hats to stop the zombies from making a huge mistake. And to inform them that their iPhones were giving them brain tumours. Luckily, the zombies believed the crazy story and pulled back to Ridleybank in order to avoid the catastrophe.
It was believed that these events were made up, but again the same harassed Randoms Enterprises spokesman denied this, insisting that it was all true.

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