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The Glorious Hegemony of EchoTrot
Abbreviation: EchoTrot
Group Numbers: ~
Leadership: Generalisimo zombie repellent
Goals: To abolish religion except where it concerns dancing gloriously and eradicate all communism because it gives to everyone. We believe it should all belong to one overlord; it's easier to keep track of that way.
Recruitment Policy: Open to anyone who wants to join, especially if you're a former evil Sithmunist
Contact: Post any comments and join requests on our Forum [1]. We're always up for a chat in our IRC, currently, #randoms

Glorious History

First there was Echo. Then there was no Echo. Then there was Echo again, along with Foxtrot. It was a time loved and remembered by all.

Under command of El Magnifico, El Guapo, Generalissimo ZR many eventful things happened within the first few weeks...we just can't recall them. However, when Delta Zealot Krae heard of a long-standing contest between The beneficent and honorable Generalissimo and dudemeister, he whipped up an intense frenzy of rhetoric, claiming the "Pointless Weapons War" (as it was then called) to be heresy. El Ingenioso Generalissimo attempted initially to explain things, but as Krae dislikes any form of logic as far as it is defined in any sane person's dictionary, and dude was enjoying the mess he had created far too much to admit that the "war" was in fact HER fault to begin with, The Great Generalissimo eventually just grabbed a tennis racket and called his squad to arms. This was the beginning of the long standing feud between Echo and Delta (later SEDS, then Delta again).

When the Civil War became official (due to dwindling Orange Julius supplies in Delta Sector), El General ZR snapped just a bit, thought he was Francisco Franco in a chicken suit, and insisted everyone refer to him as Generalisimo. After the War ended (in the face of a shiny new horde of zombies), Second-in-Command Daeryon took over while the "Generalisimo" underwent psychiatric treatment. The psychotherapy was, of course, unsuccessful. Besides, would the Randoms be the Randoms without at least one total psychotic in charge?

After Delta surrendered to Echo Squad, acknowledging Echo's greatness, awesomeness and superior skateboarding skills, Echo has ruled Delta with a kind but firm pimp hand. Only occasionally having to remind Krae of his place, they have been kindly to their mentally challenged cousins to the East. Later, Foxtrot Leader LCpl Hicks retired, creating a power vacuum in our Willy. Echo quickly moved to diffuse this situation, Protecting Ethnic Echoes in Foxtrot by annexing the area. We PEE'd very thoroughly throughout the region, and while the 'trotters were intitally resistant to our PEE, they eventaully consented to the rule of Mariscal de Campo Daeryon, who took Hicks' place.

Eventually Foxtrot and Echo merged into one Übersquad, Echotrot, but each with its own commander. Daeryon left to pursue a mysterious and enigmatic foe across the wastes, and Exile assumed his position. Echotrot soon found that the confines of one geographical area were beneath them (and they did have some unpleasant neighbors in Big Willy), so they headed back to diffuse around Buttonville, using the faithful Sheila as their new HQ. ¡VIVA ECHOTROT!

El Magnifico, El Guapo, His Glorious Machoness, Generalissmo zombie repellent

The Generalissmo patrollin'
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