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The Randoms - Hospitality Industry
HI Logo.jpg
Abbreviation: HI
Group Numbers: 8
Leadership: Angry Hamish
Goals: To ensure that the Hotels, Clubs and Pubs of Buttonville are comfortable and ready to receive guests who will be well-attended during their stay.
Recruitment Policy: Existing Randoms post in Faction Membership Application Thread. Non-Randoms must first join the Randoms by signing up on our forum and posting here.
Contact: Post any comments in our forum.


The Hospitality Industry was born out of the desire of ex-Bravo squad members for the spirit of Bravo Squad to live on after Operation:Metamorphisis. We are the Hospitality Industry and are here to ensure that the Hotels, Clubs and Pubs of Buttonville are comfortable and ready to receive guests who will be well-attended during their stay. While some may go back and forth, bickering about whether NT buildings or malls are more important, we KNOW that there's nothing that so fortifies a survivor as a stiff drink with some friends and a good night's sleep. Therefore, our number one priority is to keep these locations fully operational, with the lights on, the beds made, the glasses freshly washed, and the taps flowing.


Hospitality Industry was formerly announced at 09:53 AM on the 12th of August 2009 by Angry Hamish in a thread in the member's lounge entitled 'Bravo is Dead!, Long live artist-formerly-known-as-Bravo'. Four days later Hospitality Industry was officially recognized as a Randoms faction and was consequentially given it's own forum. The original wiki page was created by Zig13 on the 17th August.

Places of Business

The Hospitality Industry is responsible for servicing of a number of hotels, clubs and pubs in Buttonville


The Barret Hotel
Bt hotel.gif

As a luxury hotel on the Northern border of Buttonville, The Barret Hotel serves as the headquarters and primary responsibility of the The Hospitality Industry. The hotel is managed by chief consierge Angry Hamish.

The Bainton Hotel
Bt hotel.gif

Bainton Hotel is host to some of the most fabulous personalities in Buttonville. In addition a wide range of Randoms are well known for visiting it just to swing in and have some good booze, good beds, and wonderful kitten herding entertainment! There are many drawings and paintings across the wall as many of the residents and guests leave murals on the walls frequently. It is also well known for being an emergency rest area when the zombies come a-knockin! The Bainton hotel is managed by veteran Random Ruan


Club Bennett
Bt club.gif

This Club contains the specially imported Disco Drop Bear from Australia. While being extremely dangerous it is widely known for its talent in DJing. Twice Runner up in Malton's got Talent (on both occasions a baby that was crying won) is one of the Bear's many awards, another is the 2007 DJ Degovoted in which the Drop bear came first, a head of all other contestants with a whole 5.584 points.

Club Hunt
Club Hunt.jpg

A former nightclub and piano bar decorated in a fox hunt theme originally opened with the intent of attracting an upper crust clientèle. The club never caught on with the wealthy. It did, however, become somewhat popular with those who aspired to upper social circles but had neither the education nor bank accounts to mingle with the well-to-do. Ironically, the result was a collection of social climbers, all of whom were putting on airs in an attempt to mingle with the wealthy patrons they assumed were in attendance at the club. These faux rich would habitually mingle and date, each time thinking they may have found their ticket to affluent lifestyles, and each time eventually realizing that they had found each other instead and returning to the club to resume "the Hunt". Now serviced by The Hospitality Industry, the current clientele are neither rich nor faux rich but are wise enough to know the difference.

Club Dell
Bt club.gif

Sandwiched between the popular Club hunt and the Shickell Arms, Club Dell managed to survive by encouraging a totally different customer base. By specializing in disco-influenced dance music such as house music, techno, electro and trance, Club Dell ensured a good attendance by the youth of Malton. In recent times it's thick walls have been useful in assuring that major structural damage does not arise from Zombie attacks. Now serviced by The Randoms Hospitality Industry, the hope is that music can once again be played here. For now it's use is as a bar.


The Curtis Arms
Bt arms.gif

The Curtis Arms was one of the best Real Ale pubs in Malton and thanks to it's extensive store and dedicated team of staff it still is. If you are looking for a pub where grown ups can enjoy drinking & eating out, then why not give us a try? The Curtis Arms is especially popular for our selection of Cask Ales which you can try before you buy. We are extremely proud of our excellent range of affordable wines which complement a Pub Food Menu packed with freshly prepared, traditional pub favorites. 'Freshly prepared' refers to the fact that the food is removed from the freezer and microwaved shortly before serving. The Randoms hospitality Industry can not be held responsible for illness resulting from consumption of food served at The Curtis Arms.

The Shickell Arms
Bt arms.gif

Built around 1600, the Shickell Arms has long served the suburb of Buttonville as a pub while also hosting a cycling club, a lawn tennis club and a shooting club. Once the home of the Lord of the Manor, it now open to anyone who wants to come in and have a drink. It is a lively place full of interesting people most of which belong to The 3rd Waye.

Meet The Team Who Aim To Please

Chief Concierge

Angry Hamish

You thought he was just a doll? He's not a doll! He's an ACTION FIGURE! And he's here to provide all the action you need, baby. He likes long walks in Griffiths Park and nipping a pint with his fellow Randoms at The Curtice Arms. He has a specially appointed room at The Barret Hotel where, if you're lucky, you might spend some quality time with him. Find him. FAK him. Love him.

Concierge Staff


Mithos Yggdrasill

Da Ninja



Zig13 can usually be found behind the bar at the Curtis Arms. It's just for show however as he has no idea how to pull a pint let alone run a pub. Instead he covers the more important aspects of pub maintenance that are only applicable in a zombie apocalypse such as barricading and refueling the generator.