Battle for Nichols Mall

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Battle for Nichols Mall
Conflict Urban dead
Date July 18th
Place Nichols Mall
Result Zombie Victory
Zombies Survivors
Sonny Corleone, Petrosjko, Graull, etc. Major Grippy, Ron Burgundy (AWOL), Mockingbird, MRH

300+ zombies; The Ridleybank Resistance Front and The Big Bash

300+ survivors; New Malton Colossus, The Secret Six, and MRH

100 300+

This battle refers to the July, 2006 battle of Nichols Mall. For the RRF siege go here. For the Pwotters Mall Tour siege go here and read under January, 2006.

Events Leading up to the Battle

A day before the actual siege, The Big Bash had finished destroying Ackland Mall. On that day The Ridleybank Resistance Front made their way to Nichols Mall to meet up with the Big Bash

The Siege

Both hordes met at the Mall on July 18th, 2006. Together they broke through the North-East corner of the Mall and quickly overran it. In the next two days the Mall was gone, as well as surrounding buildings. The last survivor to die was Rabbi Bob in the South-East Corner.

Following Events

The day after Stanbury Village was cleaned of life both hordes moved into Roftwood to smash Hildebrand Mall. It should also be noted that on that day Tynte Mall in Pimbank also fell.