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Dead Dudes
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Abbreviation: DD
Group Numbers: DISBANDED
Leadership: Dikki

Our Goals: To kick out the zombie filth from our lands and unite Lamport under Dikkis rule

Goals: To be a real boy Mister Geppetto
Recruitment Policy: Human

group_contact=The Sidney Arms

Contact: We'll call you

Note to all readers of this document: Any material in this page is for role play purposes only and does not reflect our real life beliefs. Dead Dudes are not Pro-Hitler/Nazi or anti-semetic in game or out in any way shape or form

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.52 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: [57,8]

Dead Dudes


The DD Reich covers the SE and E side of Lamport Hills. With other groups forming the security of the other areas. Dead Dudes have two key goals. Purge Lamport of the Undead Filth and to protect the people of Lamport. Forming a minor government, Lamport does not answer to the council of Malton. Lamport is controlled by the LHC of which the Dead Dudes are its Medical, Social and Armed Forces.

Above everything DD offers a belonging. No matter what your trade.

One People, One Empire, One DD!

History Of Dead Dudes

Dead Dudes were originally a film company formed by directors Dikki and AdamKun2. Dead Dudes make low budget horror films usually consisting of zombies and a lot of gore, Dead Dudes films became very popular with the locals of Malton. Soon after the release of their film "Rise Of The Draugr" Malton became infected by the living dead. The founders lived in different parts of town so when the dead came to life they contacted each other and all their star rolls and arranged to meet in the suburb of Dulston as most of DD were on location scouting for next film. The Dead Dudes decided to make the company a defense group against the mindless corpses, and help human survivors out last this evil. With their knowledge of the zombie film genre how could they fail. Since forming this group DD have done a lot for Lamport hills as now DD see Lamport as their home and will do everything possible to drive all scum from our lands.Because of DD leaders nationalist beliefs they see the undead scum as immigrants in this land and have swore their life to Lamport and their fellow lamportians. As Dead Dudes have grown in numbers DD have moved forward and become a lot more organised with firm beliefs,divisions,running for Malton elections and forming alliances to unite all of Lamport Hills. At present DD well respected in the area and are offering potential members and citizens of Lamport many opportunities and supplies from shelter,food and most importantly beer. Dead Dudes now consider themselves not a film company or a defense group even though still making films, documentaries and short propaganda films but now are seen as a political/military/support Lamportian party.

Dead Dudes over the last few months has began to restructure and re-organise. They revived the LHC but no longer provide the majority of the leadership or Military support. The Dead Dudes field only one Division now. The 6th Lamportian Guards Division. whos motto: "Dikki in remembrance" After the original leader of Dead Dudes. Scientifically they head up a medium scaled revive clinic in Lamport and still have a strong Engineer Corps.

Thought to be dead Dikki returned to lead his mighty lamportian warriors to victory again.

Six Commandments Of Dead Dudes

1. All members of dead dudes must be human; we are superior to the zombie scum.

2. Thou shalt not kill another human or thou shalt be struck down.

3. All survivors shalt be welcomed until thou moves on.

4. Thou shalt not combat revive zombie scum; the dead should stay dead.

5. Thou shalt not endanger the rest of the group in any way.

6.Thou shalt fight the zombie where ever it be found. We shall fight them in the alleys, fight them in the malls, we shall never surrender until all those zombies get kicked straight back to hell.


Meet all original members in the suburb of Dulston (3 out of 6 members here) √

Find a suitable head quarters for Dead Dudes (Millen Hills) √

Clear and barricade The Sidney Arms for first Dead Dudes studio. √

Set up radio Dead Dudes and find an operator √

Secure a few of surrounding buildings around The Sidney Arms 3/3 √

Find DD forward post in a location at least 6 squares away from arms √

With the help of our allies make the suburb of Lamport Hills safe will be own main goal until told otherwise.

Never let the Arms and her bear fall.

Find the answer to the outbreak.

What DD offer

We at dead dudes offer the suburb of lamport hills and all its citizens and other local groups our help and knowledge in a range of ways which will help to make Lamport Hills the landmark of Malton

  • Protection
  • Freedom
  • Brotherhood
  • Honor
  • Dignity
  • Justice
  • Collaboration
  • Unity

Roles Within DD

If you become a member of Dead Dudes there are three trades you can choose from straight away.

*DD Stormtrooper- the stormtrooper divisions give you the chance do fight in DD's war on the dead with fire and metal.Get your own personal pay-back at the undead scum. Fight for your family, fight for your life and fight for Lamport. The Stormtroopers are the infantry of our cause. Charging home with knife and gun helping destroy the undead. Sent on aggressive security patrols and also to aid our allies.

Current DD Fighting Units:

6th DD "Dikki" Company

19th DD "Abwehr" Special Operations Guard

*DD Medical-The support arms of the people, and our armed forces. Medical teams scour our strongpoints for DD and Lamportians requiring Aid. Spreading the name of DD and our beliefs. Always there at the front line with syringe and FAK. People in this trade will be required to scout out furthur from Lamport in times of crisis to find FAKS and call in aid.

*DD Assault Pioneers-The Stormtroopers may be firing with everything they have. But someone needs to give them somthing to fire from behind. If its helping local Lamportians in basic needs, or keeping the cades up in an assault. The Assault Pioneers are there.

*DD Abwehr-Inteligence Service of DD. Numbers not on the DD members list. A state within the State. They deal with all the "clerical" requirements including inteligence missions. Under a shroud for years they have recentally been spotted more and more in the general populace. No one can join the Abwehr. They are picked by the Abwehr Command for special operations or permament membership.

DD Home Guard

The DD Home Guard is an operation set up by the Dead Dudes to unify the survivor effort in any suburbs.

It embodies the following points:

Chain of Command

First off the difference between DD and the DD Home Guard, in the Home guard there is absolutely no command structure, no orders for anyone. The Dead Dudes and the rest of the Home Guard supply the information over the Radio and such, you decide personally how to act on it. There may be calls for aid or requests, but again they are totally optional.


Try and use 28.52, it makes for easier communication between the DD and the Home Guard. The Dead Dudes are launching an operation to power and place transmitters in as many buildings as possible, to facilitate the use of radio to make reports on building that are in need, any buildings not just the resources. The DD have teams of men ready to answer emergency broadcasts.

Relation to the Dead Dudes

The DD Home Guard is made on the ideals that not everyone wants to be in an organised group,(in fact the Home Guard may well grow far bigger than the standing army of the DD) and would prefer to help out in there own way, the Home Guard just lets them cooperate in a loose fashion. The DD's role is to provide support, and the medium for communication.

First Day in the Home Guard

All the Home Guard asks is that you put "(SUBURB) DD Home Guard" e.g. "Lamport Hills DD Home Guard" into your group, use the Frequency 28.52 to start broadcasting building reports, and support all the buildings of your suburb in the way you know best. For NecroTechs revive points and Hospitals are being set up for efficient healing.


== Current Standing orders

  • DD Stormtroopers in the Arms, are to do one patrol around the immediate block area and report zed count, if patrol was more then 4 hours ago, do another sweep.
  • Those with low ammunition are to get a good amount of AP (30) and go the the police stations and bomb up.
  • Med Tech Division are to go to the local revive point and revive. Note: Must carry one FAK at all times. Martha and St. Dionysius are quite close.
  • As long as patrols are carried out, we wont be "bumped" like a few weeks ago.
  • On raising the alarm of zeds sighted. All Storm Troopers in Frankham are to engage the undead and report HP value upon their return.
  • Place propaganda and recruit as many as you can to the cause.
  • Kill Neice and Golllum on sight.

DD Abwehr Department



DD Medical

Medic 6.jpg

DD Medical support members of DD and citizens of lamport and are the most vital part to DD. DD Medical supply constant medkits,food,beer and in worst cases surgery. DD Medics also have the cure to zombification and so are asked to work local DD revive points and revive fellow Lamportians. DD Medical staff are forbidden to use their revive injection against the dead "The Dead Should Stay Dead".

On The Queens Shilling


DD Hauptsturmführer: Sir Alex Ferguson


DD Hauptscharführer: Zelda588

DD Oberscharführer: Kutteroff


DD Storm Troopers


The stormtroopers are the combat arms of Dead Dudes. Fighting hard to protect Lamport Hills from the undead scorge that has decimated all of Malton. Fighting to protect the people of Lamport they gladly give up their lives in the defence of DD Territory and the protectorates therin.

On The Queens Shilling


Waffen DD Hauptsturmführer: Judge Jase

Waffen DD Untersturmführer: MarineCoreDirector


Waffen DD Scharführer: Wasteoid

Waffen DD Unterscharführer: WahzTyaade


Waffen DD Sturmmann: Firekid

Waffen DD Sturmmann: NightTempest

DD Engineer Corps

A division built from lamportian builders, engineers, electricans and mechanics.The engineer corps barricades all the buildings, lighting the land, repairing the jukeboxes and beer pumps and in time of need supplying a wrench and a gun to any immigrant undead that enter of Sidney arms and our homes."Build Them Strong, Build Them High, The Lands Are Safe With You".

Active Members

Command Staff

Reichsführer DD: Dikki

DD Gruppenführer: Conan2

Waffen DD Standartenführer: St. Rafty


Waffen DD Hauptsturmführer: Judge Jase

DD Hauptsturmführer: Sir Alex Ferguson

Waffen DD Untersturmführer: MarineCoreDirector


DD Hauptscharführer: Zelda588

DD Oberscharführer: Kutteroff

Waffen DD Scharführer: Wasteoid

Waffen DD Unterscharführer: WahzTyaade


Waffen DD Sturmmann: Firekid

Waffen DD Sturmmann: NightTempest

Former Members

Here are former members that left our ranks for their own goals or personal reason but are still close friends of DD and still help at our call and vice versa.

AdamKun2 (One of the founders of DD and second in command will allways be missed)

demon master3 (fallen DD stormtrooper)

Doctor Jesus (fallen Mexican DD medtech member and radio Dead Dudes health speaker)

Dr Rem (fallen DD original)

Finn McCall (fallen DD youth)

JoshKun (One of the founders of DD and voice of radio Dead Dudes)

MajeLuma (fallen DD stormtrooper)

Mathias II (fallen DD stormtrooper)

punkorama (fallen DD original)

spittleBisquit (fallen DD original)

Usless Dave (fallen DD stormtrooper)

Wildcard5 (first DD recruit and commander of DD stormtroopers will be missed allways)

Kanji Fox (fallen DD stormtrooper)

soverytired (Fallen DD stormtrooper)

Talesin Stark (Fallen DD stormtrooper)

Private Elroy (fallen DD original and leader of CMC)

DrHalt (fallen DD medtech and Head Doctor of CMC)


We hope that all members will stay loyal to the Dead Dudes cause. Members can do this by fulfilling one task per day for Dead Dudesand stick do the donts. Here is a list of possibilities.


Tagging buildings with Dead Dudes recruitment propaganda, DD film quotes/advertising and locations of DD revive points.


Damaging or killing any zombie is the best task a DD member can do to help the cause.


Keep safehouses maintained, barricading to Very strongly so all survivors can enter. Keep all generators running with fuel. Record zombie numbers outside of safehouses then relay to the survivors in safehouse


If able to revive help out at DD revive points and other local points. Check numbers at DD revive points and spread the word to other DD members espically our NecroTechs, and if applicable heal any survivors that are infected or need healing.


The DD radio 28.52 should be used by survivors for telling location, reporting, zed counts, important orders but advertisments for recruits or DD films can be done by any member to the following frequencies:

  • 28.01 MHz - Newbie Radio
  • 28.26 MHz - Hospital Frequency
  • 28.35 MHz - Ackland Mall Civilian Radio
  • 28.80 MHz - Advertising Channel -- Guilds
  • 28.89 MHz - Advertising Channel -- Etc. Advertising

Wiki Page

The wiki page can be edited by any member of Dead Dudes but the leaders do ask to leave the DD film section, 6 commandments section and goals section left untouched. Edit character pages and since the infection sections just don't fill it with crap that happens all the time I.E. zed attacks unless of a large scale or charcters first death.


If you help out in the above you will be considered a Dead Dude if you do as you please and disobey the commandments of Dead Dudes without good cause you will be considered an outcast/scum or used within DD as an Ex-Dude.


Dead Dudes Films


Chimera was dead dudes first feature film. It is a story about a deadly virus named chimera set off by terrorists that killed most of the worlds population sending earth into riot. The film is set many years after where a group of survivors are on a scavenge mission but they set foot on the wrong turf.

Skelebob And His Gangstery Ways

A puppet animation series about a french skeleton gangster named "Skelebob". Skelebob goes on many adventures stealing, drinking, killing, doing drugs and getting laid. Skelebob works for a French crime lord name "The French Man". Skelebob is full of fun, parody, gore and the French.

Rise Of The Draugr

Based on viking mythology this film is about ancient viking zombies called Draugr. The film follows two groups of people, the group of teenagers partying and a army unit training in the same forest for the weekend. The dead rise infecting all in their path. Can anyone stop this terror?

Penguin Holocaust

A clay motion animation depicting the Nazi Jewish holocaust but in a zoo. Full of gore, Nazi's and more gore. A perfect way to teach your children history. This animation is so contraversal that it was banned from a college exhibition. This is a solo Dead Dude production created by AdamKun2.

Hitler Movie Mayhem

A stop motion lego animation. Hitler gets sucked into the TV flick back and forth between different films getting into a heep of trouble, how will he survive? A film full of laughter, tears and gore. Parodies of SAW, Silence of the Lambs, Superman, Rocky and many more. A solo Dead Dudes production created by Dikki.

Proper Meats

Set in the countyside of Cornwall. A group of surfers heading the Newquay stop in a quent village to try cornwalls finest meats produced by a company called Proper Meats, which has newly reopened. The group venture to see the factory and slaughter house only to find themselves on a meat hook. A gorey English inbred slaughterfest. "PROPER MEATS, FOR PROPER PEOPLE. IT'S PROPER GOOD." Coming to cinemas in malton soon.

Silence of the RAM's

An animation idea currently in the head of JoshKun. It's a Parody of Silence of the Lambs but with a twist. JoshKun came across the idea by changing letters around in names turning Hannibal Lecter into Lanable Hecktor, a play on Hannibal were Lanable is a phsycotic computer who has an obsession with "deleting" people (A play on Hannibal eating people) by using networks (where the idea to make LANable into a computer comes from). Clarice Starling has also been turned into Slarence Carling (a can of Carling with a wig), whom Lanable obsesses over. Other possibilitys include making a series of parodys on the films E.G: "Silence of the RAM's" "Lanable" "Red Diskdrive" "Lanable Uploading" This will be a solo Dead Dudes Production by JoshKun.

The Malton Crisis

A documentery horror being shot right now down in Malton.

                    aint a joke)

Now Showing In Malton

Adlam Cinema, Lamport Hills - 18 cer , Rise Of The Draugr

Beedall Cinema, East Boundwood - 18 cer , Proper Meats

Bagehot Cinema, Chancelwood - 18 cer , Chimera

Ford Cinema, Chancelwood - 18 cer , Proper Meats

Cembrowicz Cinema, Chancelwood - 18 cer, Proper Meats

Wickstead Cinema, West Boundwood - 18 cer , Rise of The Draugr



DD rules!!!

Like Money?? Join Dead Dudes

DD 4 Life

A gangster skeleton by the name of bob

"Marlboro Reds" (quote from Chimera DD first film)

"Zombies will rise in Draugr"

Like Beer?? Join Dead Dudes

Proper Meats, For Proper People, Its proper Good

Ein Volk! Ein DD!

Dead Dudes prevail

Got A Pulse?? Join Dead Dudes

Dead Dudes, we're here to help

Join Dead Dudes

A DD a day keep the zeds away!

DD Home Guard own rules own leadership

No Leadership //

EHB. Light Lamport With DD Fuel -get a can today

Dead Dudes Fuel - Light up Lamport!

Viva La Dead Dudes!

Dead Dudes - These guys make great films!

Dead Dudes Uber Alles!!

Berufen zum kampf huter des friedens

Dead Dudes- Gerade Du!!

Dead Dudes-Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein!


DD Posters

Group Alliances

Here lie the loyal friends and allies of DD

Lamportian Groups

The 23rd Inquisitorial Strike Team

The Communist Marine Corps

Imperial Guard Regiment 101

Smith Arms Regulars

Red devils

The Lamport Brewmasters

Local Groups

Clan Nosferatu

Philosophe Knights(under a peace treaty)

Got mhr ? (Raines Hills)

The FreeLancers

THEM (Chancelwood)

57th ADMI, North Group

Nomad Groups



Lamport Hills Confrence

Enemies Of Dead Dudes

All undead immigrant scum

PKers (those who kill without a cause),GKers and zombie spies

The traitor Neice and all his zerging alts (Golllum,Neicer)

Since The Infection

7th May 2007-Dead Dudes contact all of their major actors and arrange to meet in the suberb of Dulston.

10th May 2007-Dead Dudes member JoshKun raised as the dead he is now awaiting revival.

11th May 2007-Dead Dudes co leader AdamKun2 becomes infected but is now slowly recovering.

13th May 2007-Possible suburb for Dead Dudes HQ found by conan2.The suburb Millen Hills lays on the borders of a war zone giving us plenty of opportunity to do our part in this war on the rotten enemy.The group will now meet conan2 and Adamkun2 there ASAP.joshkun revived.

14th May 2007-Dikki,Joshkun and MajeLuma meet in dulston head out soon to meet others in Millen Hills.

15th May 2007-Dikki mauled by group of zeds.

16th May 2007-Millen Hills very active with attacks, both members in Millen hills Conan2 and Adamkun have almost been brought to death.Dikki revived in Lamport Hills near Millen hills.

19th May 2007-New member joins dead dudes a Necrotech scientist Real Denis who will be very useful to The Dead Dudes defense cause.

23rd May 2007-First Dead Dudes studio found in the suburb of Lamport Hills a small Aussie bar named the Sidney Arms.Next plan of action to secure and barricade the building.

27th May 2007-First Dead Dudes tags go up in the suburb of Lamport Hills.Dead Dudes revive point set up by member real dennis located at the The Classey Monument in lamport hills west of the sidney arms.

28th May 2007-Sidney Arms secure and now official HQ of dead dudes.Punkoroma sets up generator all that is needed is a transmitter then radio Dead Dudes will be under way.

31st May 2007-Official opening party held in the Sidney Arms lots of drinking, smoking, chatting and listening to queen.Also some entertainment - stand up comedian Gordon Springwater.

4th June 2007-Conan2 sets up radio transmitter in the The Sidney Arms.Radio Dead Dudes now set up on 28.52 frequance.

6th June 2007-Warehouse 55,7 west of The Sidney Arms clamied by Dead Dudes by Punkoroma. Warehouse now officially known as the "Dead Dudes Gore Effects Warehouse" Dead Dudes soon to conquer more surrounding areas.Local cinema in Lamport Hills infiltrated, Dead Dudes film "Rise Of The Draugr" put onto cinema film loop.

7th June 2007-generator and transmitter destroyed by zeds.Radio Dead Dudes currently down back on air soon. Newest member St Rafty goes for a walk around the surrounding area. Unable to break barricades he is infected and dies a slow death in the Dead Dudes HQ.

9th June 2007-Dead Dudes scout conan2 speaks with the smith arms regulars to try and form a pub alliance. DD revive point 7 Zeds and counting waiting for the "answer to infection"

10th June 2007-DD recruitment advertisement went up on local billboard hopefully gaining a few new members from this.

14th June 2007- Immediate area around the Arms is safe, and quiet. Lights are on in some of the buildings and a sense of...normality is sweeping through the streets. Looks almost like before the infection, except for all the rot, bodies and coagulated blood and feces on and around the streets. 3rd DD safehouse secured north west of the Sidney Arms another bar called The Hollwey Arms this way we wont run out of beer for a while.

15th June 2007-Lamport is safe in the immediate area around the Main DD HQ. All is quiet, a lone zobie here and there but the majority of blocks are safe. Scouts advised to go SW. Yagoton is heaving with zeds.The Little Motel secured and made another safehouse.

17th June 2007-DD Buildings were reinforced by nonmembers. Juden91 built up the barricades of the warehouse. One DD member on streets, life in serious danger.The streets are swarming with survivors for once, Dead Dudes members are now handing fliers to the survivors willing them to join DD.

19th June 2007-DD scout conan2 scouts ahead and finds a forward outpost at Factory 61,15 in Raines Hills this will be a safehouse for survivors of Raines Hills and a recruiting station for this suburb.Dikki forms alliance with a local group The 23rd Inquisitorial Strike Team and the first proper meeting is 2mora to come up with plans for secureing Lamport Hills.

20th June 2007- DD influenced territory is expanding. The Area around the Arms has become relatively safe, even for those that sleep outside.DD member Private Elroy forms his own group CMC but is still a loyal ally to Dead Dudes

22nd June 2007-DD day out 3 members go shopping in local mall for supplies for Lamport Hills.conan speaks to the leaders of the 23rd IST as the DD leaders unable to attend the meeting went well, IST have some good plan to keep lamport hills safe place for all they also want to ally other Lamport Hills groups to help in this cause.Today Dikki is speaker to the 23rd IST leader LTP for a longer discussion.

23rd June 2007-DD outpost Factory 61,15 abandoned by conan2 as he has set up a sentury scout tower at Liddiard Towers in Lampoert Hills as a watch point for his scout reports which will be posted on Conan2's page.The forward outpost Factory 61,15 will be used at a later point.

25th June 2007-Officer and scout of DD conan2 infiltrates cinema in East Boundwood and inserts DD film "Proper Meats".Reminder current goal to help allies to make lamport hills safe make most building VSB,all building to be lit and refuelled,more revives set up and advertised Thank you all DEAD DUDES.

28th June 2007-Very important meeting going on at Montgomery Towers to decide plans for Lamport Hills the meeting is between local groups these meeting will be know as Lamport Hills Conference meetings. St Rafty takes to the airwaves, spreading the word that infection is not with DD, otherwise we wouldn't be at the Arms getting totally smashed.

29th June 2007-meeting went well few attended but all high and part of different groups meeting will continue every Thursday.

5th July 2007-DD working well together with allies to sorting out Lamport second conference meeting this Thursday.revive points flowing need more Lamportians to help out.need a few volunteers to secure and hold PD in SW of Lamport.

7th July 2007-meeting went ok few members showed just DD and 23rd IST few points made check Lamport Hills Confrence page for details.The return of a zombie came to the arms today mualing us because of certan member(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) combat reviving THIS IS IMPORTANT DO NOT DO IT safe your revives for survivors.

9th July 2007-Dikki gone up for nomination for seat in Council of Leaders the government of Malton.Dikki asks DD members to try and vote so that DD have a say on how Malton is ruled.Vote here when voting is open Council of Leaders/Election tag up around Lamport to get Lamportians to vote.

11 July 2007-Lamportian forum set up all members of DD may use it for Lamport business later a DD forum will be set up.[1]

22nd July 2007-Council of leaders elections moved to tuesday the 31st.all DD members should vote for their leader Dikki so all Lamportians can have a say in the running of Malton.

28th July 2007-this week saw a number of DD members and allies assassinated by a PKer group called Philosophe Knights this has enraged DD members almost to the brink of WAR.Tonight will be a meeting for all DD members at the arms the disscuss the matter and action of what to do.

1st August 2007-PKnights have agreed to a ceasefire with all Lamport Hills groups. Let's hope they keep their word.Confrence members have set up a meeting with them on the 2nd at the normal confrence hall DD members are asked to attend in case all hell breaks loose.Council of leaders voting has started and will last for 2-4 weeks already Dikki has many votes but lots more are needed so DD members who haven't vote do so ASAP.

10th August 2007-small number of zombies have started returning to our great nation.scouts have reported back that nearby suburbs and swarming with zeds in particular Yagoton.alert level slightly but all is good but members are being asked to follow the patrol orders and be on watch.DD home Guard set up awaiting volunteers.

15th August 2007-scum are coming more and more DD members are asked to come back to the arms and watch it while a small DD kill team go into Yagoton to give a helping hand to let them know Lamport are here to help.Kill team move out tomorrow 20:00 hrs, anyone can join this party, speak to a DD officer in the Sidney Arms.

21st August 2007 -Yagoton trip delayed till Thursday.Council of leaders voting ends 31st all DD that haven't voted yet do so quick.Lamport looking quieter after the attacks of the other day still zeds at the two Lamport hospitals.

27th August 2007-Scouts noticed large horde of immigrant scum on the border of Lamport/East Boundwood.They are only a day away.DD asked to be aware of everything,constant patrol.

28th August 2007-Horde has moved into our mighty Lamport they have ruined the mansion and surrounding buildings.It is a sad day the mansion one of the eldest building in Lamport Hills.DD asked to advance and kill some scum.randoms from other zombie infested suburbs have relocated to Lamport to help out some hope.We Will Not Fall.

29th August 2007-We are falling ,NT has been broken into all is ruined,phones down.Many zeds outside the arms we have power and many people here.WE MUST HOLD.many people are fleeing the suburb DD will head to the hills north IF we fall.

30th August 2007-First time in DD history the Sidney Arms has fallen.Lamport lost DD to move to the north untill further notice.

5th September The DD Battle standard is raised in a Lamport Building. Elsewhere the CMC flag flies at full mast.

6th September AdamKun reclaims the Sidney Arms in the name of Dead Dudes, we're finally united at home again after being seperated over the weeks, now we just need to repair the area.

8th November St Rafty reporting. DD membership for the long term now looks low. The Sidney Arms Garrison is only 50%DD and not many members are bothering to aid in recruiting. 5 Members operate around the Arms. Dead Dudes needs fresh blood for its war of pacification in Lamport, and an organized Federalist Union in place of the weak LHC. I am therefore going to start operating a Federalist Union (FU for short :P) policy. All groups I come into contact with will be asked to join. Those that don't, marked for termination.

15th November "... twenty or so in Lamport Hills ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... lights are on across the suburb ... infrastructure looks intact too ... lights are on in the Lambley Building ..." I think this counts as a victory. LIGHT UP LAMPORT!

20th May 2008- Dikki returns to whats left of his Dead Dudes after wandering Malton as one of the dead.DD back on the rise.

4th June 2008- First time in DD history Lamport Hills is code green, the best it can be.Lights are on, building are secure and no real sign of the undead scum.

16th June 2008- DD hold a DD's first birthday in the Sidney Arms.Was a good night full of talking,games,story telling and lots of drinking.

18th June 2008-Reports of scum hordes moving in neighboring suburbs, DD send in squad to Raines Hills to help retake NT building and give general support to its inhabitants hopefully tying Lamport with other suburbs.

26th June 2008- Alliance made with Raines Hills group Got Mhr?.hopefully bringing lamport closer to its on the agenda to communicate with old Lamport allies and help them out.

2nd August 2008-Scum are still in Lamport after their swarming through our lands.DD back in the arms after its fall now rebuilding.

31st August 2008-Former prospective member and ally Neice has turned against DD, cowardly assassinating our leader Dikki and making frequent PK runs on the Sidney Arms. Even more disturbing, his last assault involved leading a group of undead scum in to arms and inciting them to "kill all the Dead Dudes, I will help". This individual must now be considered a death cultist,zombie ally and a threat to all survivors anywhere.

16th September 2008-Neice (as a zombie) invades the Arms with his zombie allies.

21st September 2008-Sidney Arms is once again in the hands of Dead Dudes.

23rd October 2008-Sidney Arms and all Dead Dudes territory under siege by the traitor Neice, his suspected alts Golllum and Neicer, and a horde of zeds.

14th December 2008-Dead Dudes territory has been overrun by a large horde. Many buildings ruined and members scattered. All reports that Neice is responsible are to be taken VERY lightly. DD will re-form and have the area back to normal in time for Christmas turkey at the Arms.

15th December 2008-Efforts to reclaim Lamport from the scum are proceeding according to schedule. Many ruined buildings have been repaired and survivor numbers are steadily growing.

28th December 2008-Lamport mostly back to normal as the Dead Dudes kick back and enjoy the festive season. Conan2 has returned to the group and contact has been re-established with the Philosophe Knights.

11th January 2009-Lamport recieves late christmas presnts from over the wall via military choppers, DD do well to scavenge a great deal of it.The street seem quiet zed count is low, lamport shines thanks to DD fuel.I Dikki thank you all my DD for your loyalty over these years and what you have all done for lamport you are true pure lamportians thank you all.Happy New Your May It Be Scum Free.

19th January 2009-Dead Dudes have sucessfully fought off a rather weak attack on the Arms by the small annoyance known as Malton Maulers. Large groups of zeds moving into the area from the southwest.

1st July 2009-Dead Dudes has been disbanded. It is currently combat inefective. From it's once proud roots and strong membership, through its couple of years as Lamports guiding light. It us but worn out and extinguished. Internal strife, external combat and the constant failiure of the the Lamport Hills Conferance has seen its demise. We set up the LHC to make Lamport safer. We lit up Lamport and fought LUE and succesfully survived the armageddon that they wrought. We held our standards high and we killed the scum that filled our streets. We made peace for Lamport with the knights a reality. But now its over.

A historic group in Malton? No. In Lamport? We shall live on in the hearts of the Lamportians we helped fight, live, and win.

Lamport Hills Uber Alles. RIP the valiant Storm Troopers, Med Techs & Engineers that died for Lamports freedom.

Those that betrayed us; Kutteroff, and others will forever live in shame.

Dikki had a dream. The original Dead Dudes studio is now a memory. The DD of today is all but gone. Its leadership left one by one adn today I hang up the DD standard. The LHC once had a strong combat arm in us. Now it has nothing.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
This user or group never stopped playing the UD; even when the group "the dead" and other zed groups, made the survivor stats fall all the way to 34%, and yes has this to say....WE ARE STILL HERE!
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Syringe crosshairs sml.jpg Fertilize the Land Policy
This user or group believes in regaining NT buildings at any cost!
No-Tolerance.GIF No-Tolerance
This User or Group supports the No-Tolerance Policy, and does not tolerate PKers, GKers, or zombie spies under any circumstance, and will attack them on sight. You have been warned.
Books.jpg Centers Of Learning Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Centers of Learning Policy & acknowledges that all libraries, schools, zoos, and museums in the city of Malton are considered safe places. No survivor in one of these locations may be killed for any reason unless that survivor is a specified enemy of this user or group.
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Dead Dudes

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