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Sarge Mart™
Abbreviation: Sarge Mart
Group Numbers: Employes Classified
Leadership: Founder/President Sgt Martinez
Goals: To provide all of Malton with reasonably priced equipment.
Recruitment Policy: Now Hiring! - Go here to apply.
Contact: LilJoeMeatHead

Year Round Sale: Barrett 50. Caliber 10% Off Ammo

Sale of the Month: Buy 2 guns, get 1000 rounds of ammunition FREE!

Weekly Special: Meal special - 1 Sarge Dog, Some Private Fries, and 1 Swamp mission cola 44oz - only 10 cookies

ACC Personel!

All ACC Personel recive 50% off ALL products!


Founded January 3, 2008

Tiny URL -


Sarge Mart was founded at the beggining of the year when Sgt Martinez had an idea. The idea was to create a chain of stores all over Malton that would provide top shelf weaponry, and explosives to the good people of Malton. He and his buisiness partner LilJoeMeatHead decided that Giddings Mall would be a good place to start. Everyone in the Sarge Mart family are currently military helping to get rid of the zed menace. (Zombies are welcome to shop at Sarge Mart)

Store Locator

We have yet to announce a permanent physical store, so carry on purchasing online !


Pitneybank - Giddings Mall [84,41] - [85,42]
Status - Grand Opening! (Feb. 26, 2008)
Current Sale - Grand Opening Sale! Buy one, Get one free!(On selected products)



Status - TBA

Current Sale - TBA


Founder/President - Sarge1.png SargeTalk|Home|ACC

Vice President - LilJoeMeatHead

Floor Managers - Smith/Alcatraz311

Salesmen - Xan, Osvajac, and Rooster

Marketing Media Director - Hhal

Sarge Mart Security Officer - Ace Sloggerson, and Woenderik

How to Buy

Please submit your purchases in the disscusion part of the Sarge Mart™ page. In order to keep the page clean and not cluttered, please submit your purchases in this format. You pay us in cookies!!!

Add the Sarge Mart™ Cookie Template with all the info required.

SargeMartLogo1.png Sarge Mart Cookie
Sgt Martinez has given Sarge Mart 1,000,000 cookie(s) for providing Malton with reasonably priced equipment.

To use just insert:

{{SargeMartCookie|1=Who's giving|2=how many|reason=for what}}

Of course, you have to decide what "1", "2", and "reason" are.

Be sure to include a wiki profile link.

You MUST post your Sarge Mart Cookie Template in the disscussion page. If you do not this will be seen as stealing Sarge Mart Products.

After you do this you may add the Sarge Mart Customer template to your page.

SargeMartLogo1.png I shop at Sarge Mart!
Sgt Martinez purchased 1 M4 Assault Rifle at Sarge Mart!

To use just insert:

{{SargeMartCustomer|1=User name|2=what was purchased}}

Of course, you have to decide what "1", and "2" are.


Suggestions? Please foreward all suggestions to Sarge Mart™'s Vice President, before posting them here.


M4 Assault Rifle - 1,000 cookies

AR-15 Assault Rifle - 1,000 cookies

G36C - 1,500 cookies

G36C - (Sarge Mart™ Collector's Edition) - 2,500 cookies

AK-47 - 1,000 Cookies

Remington 870 - 1,000 cookies

Remington 870 (Sarge Mart™ Collector's Edition) - 2,000 cookies

Glock 18 - 1,000 cookies

Glock 18 (Sarge Mart™ Collector's Edition) - 2,000 cookies

Barrett 50. Cal. M82A1 - 8,000 cookies

.357 Magnum - 500 cookies

Heckler & Koch G3 - 1,000 cookies

Heckler & Koch G3 (Sarge Mart™ Collector's Edition) - 2,000 cookies

SA80 - 1,000 cookies

AA-12 - 2,000 cookies

Raging Bull - 700 cookies

Antique Weaponry

Berdan Rifle - 1,500 cookies

M1 Garand - 1,000 cookies

Land Pattern Musket - 2,000 cookies


C4 - 500 cookies (per pound)

Fragmentation Grenade - 100 cookies

IMR 4895 - 900 cookies (8 pound canister)

Melee Weapons

Stuffed Crocodile - 2 cookies

Big Stick - 5 cookies

Flip Blade - 100 cookies

Crowbar - 75 cookies

Fire Axe - 150 cookies

Katana - 250 cookies

Chainsaw - 2,500 cookies


Exclusive First Aid Kit - 100 cookies

Satellite Phone - 500 cookies

Two-Way Radio - 300 cookies

Color Television - 400 cookies

Ipod - 200 cookies

Speakers - 200 cookies

Duct Tape - 10 cookies



Large - 15 cookies
Small - 10 cookies

Polish Sausage - 10 cookies

Sarge Dog - 5 cookies

Private Fries - 3 cookies

Cast Iron Banana's - 12 cookies

Hhal's Special Italian Bread - 15 cookies


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Swamp Mission Cola

General (64 oz) - 10 cookies

Colonel (44 oz) - 7 cookies

Sergeant - (22 oz) - 3 cookies

Private - (10 oz) - 1 cookie


Alcatraz311's Home Brewed Industrial Strength Alcohol

Vodka (1 litre) - 25 cookies

Cider (1 Litre) - 25 cookies

Beer (1 Litre) - 25 cookies

Lager (1 Litre) - 25 cookies

Alcopop (1 Litre) - 25 cookies

Corporate Brands

Miller (6 pack) - 15 cookies

Budweiser (6 pack) - 15 cookies

Gunniess (6 pack) - 15 cookies

Heineken (6 pack) - 15 cookies

Bulmers (6 pack) - 15 cookies

Please drink sensibly.

Customer Testimonials

When I heard that Sarge Mart™ had opened, I started dancing with the zombie that was clawing at me. Now I can feed my groups need of vodka and ammunition with ease, even though I now have zombaids.--Alcatraz311

It was just like Wal-Mart. My gun even had Lead paint it was awesome, now i have a M4 and Cancer --Garretjax

You've been to a Wal-Mart right? You know how there is a small counter of measely weapontry, well at Sarge Mart™, there are endless rows of guns, ammo, and high exposives, and MUCH MUCH more! Why shop at Wal-Mart, WHEN THERES SARGE MART?! --Anonomyous

I used to own a gun store, when Sarge Mart™ moved in down the street, it almost put me out of business. So I stepped up and sold all of my assests to Sarge Mart™, I received over 30,000 cookies! Thanks Sarge Mart! --Anonomyous

Sarge Mart™ doesn't use cheap Zombie labor like "other" stores -- Ace Sloggerson

When I wanted some food that didnt have, lets say, "certain undead flesh" in it, people thought I was crazy. Then I came to Sarge Mart™ and I was accepted for who I was, and what I liked. I now enjoy a nice Sarge Dog every day! --Anonomyous

There used to be a great big ugly billboard on my street. Now, thanks to Sarge Mart™ (and the five pounds of C4 they sold me), that billboard is history! --Hhal

"...a Zomburger, some Finger Fries and... wait, what? This isn't McZeds™?! But... no,sir... SHOTGUN?!
Best... store...ever..." --Private McKinley

"nah harm Mrrrggggh... Mrrrggggh bah garn... Mrrrggggh bab gab arn arz... bang! har har har..." --Mrrrggggh

They found me a Cheezgun Barrel. I've been looking for one for ages. Thanks Sarge Mart. -- Cheese

Sarge Mart™ helped me to blow my brains out with a shotgun! Thanks Sarge Mart! --Pvt Hawk

When they received that order of iPods, I went crazy. I bought an iPod with Paris Hilton songs already on it. And with some duct tape (Also from Sarge Mart), I taped the speakers (From Sarge Mart as well) to the iPod. And in the past 5 minutes, I found a new form of Player Killing. I turned on my iPod and threw it in a mall (Which had a few hundred people inside). Now, because of me, a horde of zombies can be found inside the mall. I expect to shop at Sarge Mart again soon. --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 00:31, 21 March 2008 (UTC)