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The List

They bawl about bouncing boobs, puke upon perusing pencil-prepared penis pictures and groan at gonad grabbings.

If the Statue of David came to their town they would petition the museum to speedily delete its genitalia. They hold to their prudish principals regardless of how absurd and unpopular they appear in the eyes of their peers. So here they are, in the order I witnessed their shenanigans:

User:Cyberbob240 - Tried to protect our youth from images that were not family friendly
User:BobBoberton - Went down flaming on the previously mentioned deletion votes. Final score: 38-3. The keeps win.
User:Poodle of doom - Took it upon himself to save us from the penis menace
User:DCC - Not putting up with any nonsense
User:Conndraka - Same as Bob and Bob.
User:Giles Sednik - Got up on his high horse and verbally scolded J3D for being an "ironic" racist.
User:Dezonus - Was grievously offended by reference to his mother.


Now that Conndraka is up for evaluation I've been thinking about my impressions on this user. All that came to mind was that every single edit I remember him making was with the intention of covering Cyberbob's ass during the month of July, 2009.

A quick biased history

In July, 2009, Cyberbob, drunk on his own sense of power, went on a rampage where he tried to smack down the wiki community with abusive rhetoric and a slew of hastily conjured A/VB cases. That's how it looked to me anyway, and I wasn't the only one. See:Cyberbob's Misconduct case (ended in a tie).

Anyways, my impression of Conndraka during this time was that he basically acted as cyberbob's bitch/minion. It seemed his only contributions to the wiki were to defend Cyberbob's actions and to back his ridiculous vandalism cases against other users. So I decided to look at the record to see if my memory was correct.

A Rundown of July

Actually, Conndraka wasn't as bad as I thought. In July of 2009 he made 43 edits. Of those 43, 5 were minor format edits and chit chat, leaving 38 substantive edits where he was expressing an opinion of some kind. By my count, half of his expressed opinions were in some way supporting Cyberbob. Here's the breakdown:


  1. [1]
  2. [2]
  3. [3]
  4. [4]
  5. [5]
  6. [6]
  7. Misconduct case
  8. Bob's A/VB against Wan Yao
  9. Bob's A/VB against Honestmistake
  10. Bob's A/VB against Hagnat
  11. Bob's A/VB against J3D


  1. [7]
  2. [8]
  3. [9]
  4. [10]


  1. [11]
  2. [12]
  3. [13]
  4. [14]

Final analysis

Conndraka was better than I gave him credit for. Some of his edits were positive and very well reasoned. He talked about dividing the wiki into administrative and game based areas, to cut down on drama. He fixed some blinking text without taking the user to A/VB. He explained why its best to sit like an archivist in the corner gathering dust than to stir shit unnecessarily. Good edits.

From this I conclude that he is well meaning and intelligent. However, he seems to have a knee-jerk defense of the sysops, even when one of them is behaving quite badly, and this is troubling. Until I hear his reasons for being so staunch a defender of cyberbob during a time when he was pretty clearly going over the edge, I'm not sure I can support him as a sysop. (Not that anyone cares).--GANG Giles Sednik CAPD 22:14, 25 August 2009 (BST)