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To Do


  • Gatcombeton-Malton Rangers, Mems, Solders of Crossman
  • Chudleyton-DHDP, Judgewood Vector Control, Solders of Crossman, Urban Anonymous
  • Darvall Heights-Malton Forensics Unit, Mems, Solders of Crossman
  • Eastonwood-Malton College of Medicine, Mems, Solders of Crossman
  • East Becktown-The Preston Arms, Solders of Crossman, U.B.C.S


Unmerge New Arkham Streets.

Create and file Images into subcategories based on their location type

Things Done

  • Unmerged Stanbury Hills (82 Locations)
  • Unmerged Dunell Hills (53 Locations)
    Streets, parks, monuments, FDs, Towers, Schools.

Old Stanbury Village

I keep this around for nostalgia.

The Malton Suburb of Stanbury Village
the Corfield Arms Rebus Plaza the Heard Building Whetcombe Park the Christie Monument Rumble Crescent wasteland Mannell Walk Guell Bank Gooden Street
the Higgs Arms Bunney Street Police Dept Axworthy Square Pound Place School Hillier Walk the Stollery Building wasteland Halsey Auto Repair Holdsworth Towers wasteland
wasteland Sheil Park Lyman Square a junkyard Club Brine Bently Towers Boyd Bank Brougham Way Nichols Mall Nichols Mall
the McCulloch Building Stanbury Place Toms Road St. Ambrose's Church a junkyard Bateman Way Brome Library Stribling Library Nichols Mall Nichols Mall
Clear Street Wickenden Grove the Modeford Building St. Eusebius's Church Duffill Alley Burgess Street Maxwell Walk
a warehouse Hatwell Place Anstruther Alley
Stampfordham Avenue the Carr Arms Markey Square a cemetery Lacy Cinema Beacham Cinema the Dann Hotel the Batson Museum Yeoman Park
the Went Building
Club Twycrosse Catherine General Hospital St. Augustine's Church Dorey Walk wasteland the Sertin Building Salvage Row Club Bartin Forse Walk School Frye Way
Maddaford Grove the Moseley Building
Dix Row St. Maria's Church a cemetery Skemp Road a factory the Sprackett Building the Cabell Arms the Betty Building
a junkyard Wiseman Place Rowson Cinema Daynes Alley Police Dept a warehouse wasteland Back Place School Kersley Mansion Kersley Mansion Lorenzo General Hospital
the Tomalin Building wasteland Templeton Crescent Johnstone Towers wasteland Youings Towers the Hervey Building Kersley Mansion Kersley Mansion the Higgs Monument