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Some stuff

An abortion of a page that got deleted

The ZombieJesus treatment

This treatment is named after the first zombie spy on which it is applied. The rules are simple, and work similarly to the suggestion page vote system: everyone who thinks someone is a zombie spy should take a shotgun hit at them (or equivalent damage); anyone who thinks he/she/it isn't should heal them once. The individual is deemed not to be a spy if he survives the ZombieJesus treatment.

Foulkes Village Beautification Project

This space is for Mallrat and myself to keep track of things we've done in Foulkes Village, including any notes for things to do.
I figure we can start with descriptions and images.
Some helpful links:

Sorted Location Images

Locations Needing Descriptions and Images

*a junkyard

Mallrat's Projects

Hi Giles, I may pop back and tick off another carpark or street or so, but basically I'm leaving the remaining locations for you to enjoy: I don't want to completely take over this project while you're kept busy elsewhere. I really like the additional descriptions and links you've added to what I've done. Meanwhile I've started tinkering with Pegton, Stanbury Village and other places I'm interested in.--Mallrat 13:48, 8 December 2009 (UTC)

The Tartan Slippers

In the chill sun she collapsed, weary amid the unkempt remains of humanity.
"You okay Suze?"
She couldn't say.
Chancelwood had changed her. The wails were there, the days without sleep. Tendons burning, she had felt her grip slipping along the wooden hilt of an axe. But she had grown dull to these sensations. It was the night of Curton Mansion. The clack of hammers echoed through the old building as the plush furniture was upended and broken into pieces. In the library she'd found a pair of tartan slippers. They smelled like a fireplace. They were soft.
"Suze? You comin?"
A spear thistle was growing in the middle of Hammerton Road, and as the earth tilted beneath her, the light of winter shifted imperceptibly.