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Important notice (for those who care)

Well, I don't know exactly where to begin. I joined Urban Dead little time after I lost someone very important in my life. There's a lot that I don't feel like saying to strangers, implied in that seemingly simple sentence. Anyways, my only intention was to help and be useful. I didn't care about the obstacles, or people that didn't like the help, I just liked to do what I did. At first, I commited some mistakes, but never acted in bad faith as a personal motto. Now, something really big happened in real life yet again, and I want to move on.

I was a gamer since I was little, but yet there's little that gaming fills inside me right now. The reward of having a saved game with 100%, everything accomplished it's nothing compared to what I lost. And I needed this time to realize. It's not like I didn't realize what I had when I had it: I did. But now I realize what I don't need... and that this won't fill some spaces that can only be filled in reality.

Now, I'm leaving. Not to some other game, or anything else, but just leaving. Leaving the seat in front of my computer if you want to call it like that. But before that I want to say something to two big groups... when I finished them they look a little like commandments, but feel free to call them what you like:

To the moderators

Stop getting carried by your sole instinct. I can't believe that the little power you all have can make you so bitter, and I won't. Stop hating, you have to enjoy, enjoy with a real smile every conversation with a newbie or even a noob that can't possibly be taught to sign properly. You have to enjoy every discussion with some pesky user, be it Gold Blade stepping where he's not called or MrAushvitz making a thousand suggestions. Don't be harsh, use the paternal voice whenever you teach and raise your ears whenever you learn. There's no disgrace in accepting that you made a mistake, or that other's ideas are better than us, even if you have to do it in front of an user you don't like. They're human and we're the same. Yeah, enjoy even a conversation with Amazing, I know that if you try you'll do it. Just enjoy. Don't make vandals of normal people, of people that didn't aim to do anything wrong! One MrAushvitz making 2 suggestions a day or some Mod banning and then reporting are not a sin! Remember that you always have to see things in the light of a good faith edit, and do it. And forget wordings! they all suck, no mather what, no matter who wrote them.

To the community

What can I say, for those that are the skeleton of the wiki? If you want to contribute, then put all your effort into learning. Never fear to do something because someone more powerful is going to target you: if you think it's right, then it is! In the same fashion, never target someone, even if you think that his behavior is all twisted: use the paternal voice. Look at things from a neutral POV, and speak on community pages only what and when it's neccesary. Never further the drama, never make a heated discussion go beyond a level 4 of indentation: you're not giving up, you're being the better person. Always be the gentlemen and not the troll. Be respected and not feared.

Those are my in-wiki advice. They could be applied in RL too, with some imagination. I have a lot of thinks to think over. I hope that you all enjoyed some, had a laugh, found a helping hand on me. For those that didn't like me that much, I'm sorry, but I have flaws too. You may never know what kind of man I am, but you had a grasp of it. Now I'll leave. Feel free to leave a message on the Talk page: I won't respond but someday I'll desist and read, raise a smile, even have a laugh if you make me. I'll leave my characters behind, one to sleep in the Blackmore Building insides, and the other one to rot outside some Huntley Heights building, where I dragged a guy to keep him company. Bye...

Thank you all

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Welcome to my userpage! I'm a pretty old (but not of the oldest!) users of this wiki, and you may be asking what is this solemn slab of text hanging on the right (or you may not care at all =P). Well, in its time it was my form to say goodbye: I was out of the wiki for some months and I wanted to be as honest as possible, because I felt that wearing a mask (these social masks that everyone wears) for my last statement was just silly. Coming back after saying that can be considered as social suicide, altough there still those that consider what I said as dismissable bullshit so there IS some room for appeareances, but I don't plan on keeping any. I'll continue to do my best in helping on the wiki, and maybe start a bid for moderator status again ^_^, but always in the best of faiths, because what I said before and you can still read in the box next to this text still stands more so now than when I first wrote it just to say goodbye.

The Man

I'm Matthew Fahrenheit Conqueror (I suppose it's pretty obvious that that's a name I made up when I was 10). I'm a Castlevania junkie, and found out about Urban Dead a daily comic than I'm very fond off: Castlevania RPG, more specifically this comic. I Made like 5 characters in 2 days and after a week just 2 survived: OnlyMatt and JustMatt. Now I mostly help at the Suggestions page, where I try to be helpful to all those newbies that post their suggestion over someone else's posts. I'm a little overly strict when enforcing rules, but it's a matter of time and getting used to the wiki.

The Character(s)


OnlyMatt started as a firefighter (like all my characters) somewhere near Darvall Heights, I don't remember too well. As any newbie, died sometimes before getting his first levels (and got lucky revives), but after a while he was already at Vinetown (he was a wanderer indeed) with all the military skills, Diagnosis, and Mall Skills too.

It was damn easy to get 150XP per day, given that I invested 1 day searching for ammo each 3 days of hunting, and that was I was doing until The Shining Ones showed up. My first encounter with a big horde turned to be disastrous, and in no time I was shambling on the streets, on an area overrun with unlife.

About that time I was pretty aware of the wiki, and the best revive point I could come up with was the Yagoton Revivification Clinic, so in 2 days of wandering I was at the clinics entrance, stepped in, and... almost instantly got revived. I was most moved by the effectiveness of the revive, so the day after I took my guns, shot a couple of zombies that were trying to break our barricades, and bought Necrotech Employement and Lab Experience. Since then, I proudly wear "Yagoton Revivification Clinic" on my profile.

As a YRC staffer, I made tons of revives, and after months found out that it was too easy: every other day I made 4 revives, and invested the subsequent day to search for syringes. There were some breakouts on the Necrotech at first, lead by the Minions of the Apocalipse and their "M!N!ANZ" battlecry, but soon enough they were crushed. As of July 2006, Yagoton was probably the safest suburb in Malton, and safe means boring.

Then I found out about the existence of clinics entirely dedicated to the revivification of Brain Rotters. I volunteered myself for one of them, the BRRC, and so I left Yagoton. I was currently zombified at South Blythville: again TSO, while following The Big Bash, scrambled the place all over. But now to be zombified is fun, the challenge is worth it. And no zombie status last too long, as I'm most of the time alive and helping as much as I can.


After some time I grew bored of the rotters clinic overcomplicated ways, and then I heard of some classy people starting a little something on The Blackmore Building in Ridleybank I went there too, just to prove that the RRF was falling apart, with those "Papa"s constantly changing and all. It resulted in some of the greatest fun I had on the game. The Blackmore Bastard Brigade knew how to do their job, either by sheer numbers (at later stages) as with the correct tactics (at the begining). After a time of holding the necrotech, I went to form part of the survivors controlling the whole NW and part of the NE quadrant of the suburb, with great success in mantaining 2 different entry points, people informed of break-ins, and the majority of buildings barricaded. The claims of the RRF that it was just "a building occupied and the rest of the suburb strafed" was a joke in my eyes, as it is a fact that the Blackmore Building held a lot of people, but even more were dispersed across the suburb, with rare break ins and even rarer survivor deaths (I just died once in almost two months because I revived Ron in Margery Avenue with 4 AP, because I tought he was more important for the collective morality than me). Anyways, I got off the game and wiki before the siege ended, leaving me pretty much invict. I even axed down Petrosjko once, but I generally conserved the AP for revives unless I needed some XP.


After a couple of months of inactivity I returned, and as expected I was a corpse in front of the Blackmore Building. In less than 10 minutes I walked to my beloved St Swithun's Church in Yagoton and got revived and back in action, with enough AP to salute everyone. Everything seemed to run so well that I made a silly objective: to keep a Christmas Tree lighted for the festivities in The Whatmore Building. The miracle was that, even tough my original generator did get beaten and remplaced after some time (several times), the three remained, not only for Christmas, but a full week trough the New Year festivities and it's still (as of 1 Jan 2007) standing there with the red and white lights that I originally used on it when I installed it. It lays undisturbed, as some kind of holy icon, without even a survivor daring to add another set of lights or a griefer tearing it down, and griefers are common for the YRC. It's the magic of UD!


JustMatt started as a Firefighter near Barrville. That's all I need to say for you to figure out something else: he died misserably on his first day of life. Heading to Lukinswood, he made his firsts 4-5 levels, by chomping on fellow zombies. Then, more prepared, went to Darvall Heights's St. Isidore's Church.

On Darvall Heights I learnt of the selfishness of man, and of all kind of vice and vile. PKs and bounty hunters, people arguing over nothing, paranoics claiming every person they don't know to be a zombie spy, trenchies (big numbers of them), zombie farmers... Petrosjko was extremely right when he called Caiger "The Magical Kingdom of Bots and Zergs". And so I decided to live this character as a zombie.

Temporally I joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front, but I'm mostly a feral than anything else, roaming more or less in the same direction that The Big Bash, so I took off that lie out of my profile. Then the Bash lost momentum and credibility, so I'm a loner now. I'm killing more or less a survivor per day, serenading them a little every time I break in and sharing the love 4 HP at a time! The zambah side is really fun!

Reason for defecting the RRF

As most their numbers must have (I guess so) I joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front because of how awesome a zombie group they seemed: great in numbers, "undefeated" according to the history written by them in every battlefield but Caiger Mall (and in that ocassion against big bad zergers), and with a good fun factor behind them. It just seemed a great group. Then, inside their forums, you see that they are kinda fun... until they start losing on something. The main personalities just can't stop complaining against zergers and bots, seeing them wherever they head. If a place offers a greater resistance than expected, greater organization or just bigger numbers, they immediately jump to the "they cheat" conclussion, no favors done even to the fairest Survivor groups. Taking the BBB in example, in their whole staying the RRF didn't neither recognize their achievements or stop any of their actions, simply giving blind eyes to the fact that Ridleybank was for 2 months more survivor friendly than the Caiger suburbs, and even now most of them reach the conclussion that we only held the necrotech when we were at Ridleybank and we did because we zerged. Or when the Big Bash hitted Giddings Mall, more exactly the Latrobe Building, they complained and hypercomplained about bots when it was fairly obvious that even if there were some their contribution was minimal: Maybe the necrotech had only 100 or so guys, but the mall beside it had almost a thousand survivors inside that daily went to the building, barricaded it and then fleed back to their refuge. "Barhah" for a RRFer doesn't hold any value anymore, and it's further proved as how much did constant changes of leaders, bad policies taken and seconding other groups actions out of necessity erode their numbers.

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