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Important issues

Modlike important messages

This place is reserved for mods to make official statements (warnings, bannings... I dunno what else!).


Have you got that censoring software on again? -- boxytalk • 13:10 26 November 2007 (BST)

Since you're online...

I just mentioned it to Vista, along with the DEM Roster, but I noticed you put it up. Could you look into this impersonation as well? --Akule School's in session. 22:16, 20 September 2007 (BST)

Well, "impersonating" a nonexistant user in your friend's page... that may not be ruled as bad faith, or start some drama like "oh no, but my friend allowed me, it's my friend's personal page and we can do whatever we want and I dunno what else". I'd rather avoid that. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 22:20, 20 September 2007 (BST)
I included it to the case, if just to complement it. Now let's wait until someone jumps in saying that I'm defending you =P. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 22:30, 20 September 2007 (BST)
It's not like I don't have a good reason. The reason why I thought it was vandalism, is that Neon God is a subpage of Quagmister. I looked into it deeper on Quagmister's special contributions page and saw this post and this template that Quagmister created. I figured this is probably why boxy had to revert a vandalism that Gregg had done to Quagmister's user page. So, after seeing all of that, I assumed they were not friends. --Akule School's in session. 22:39, 20 September 2007 (BST)
Even the better for the case. He may not get more than a single A/VD escalation, but at least it's something... guys like these can get annoying. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 22:42, 20 September 2007 (BST)
It doesn't look like he is going to stop his behavior anytime soon, without some sort of firm statement. Because of how Boxy worded vandalism report, I figured that I should report the other instances as well, since he didn't do it. Enforcing unofficial policies (like Max stated that you could apparently get around criterion six of the speedy deletions page by putting it up on your user page) is just going to make things worse. I mean sure, you can put almost anything on a user page, but I figured it was bad form to put up stuff that passed a deletions vote. --Akule School's in session. 23:12, 20 September 2007 (BST)
Oh No, Matt's Helping Akule?!? The World Is Going To End! Just Kidding. Look At Me, I'm Typing Every First Letter In Caps! Am I Dumb Or What? Sorry, just got bored for a moment. :).-- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 00:16, 21 September 2007 (BST)
Not really. I just mentioned it to Vista but Matt got to it first. I figured I'd ask the question and then explain why I thought it was. Although the ruling did not surprise me. --Akule School's in session. 01:46, 21 September 2007 (BST)
As long as you know I was joking, whateva' man. Don't worry, I wasn't surprised either. :P.-- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 02:07, 21 September 2007 (BST)
I figured you were. No worries. :D --Akule School's in session. 02:15, 21 September 2007 (BST)

Misconduct 2.0

Please retract the warning or a Misconduct case would be mandatory. 

-- You, on the vandal banning page.
My response is "No, Put your money where your mouth is." I eagerly await the forthcoming misconduct case against me. --The Grimch Mod-U! 06:21, 25 August 2007 (BST)

:P --The Grimch Mod-U! 23:40, 25 August 2007 (BST)


You have been brought up on charges of moderator misconduct, and i have to say, things dont look like they will swing your way. Im holding off on ruling on the case until you have had a chance to defend yourself. --The Grimch Mod-U! 18:08, 23 August 2007 (BST)

I'm disappointed, hardly a drop of drama in the whole proceedings! Oh, and thanks for reminding me of the promotions votes ending. R/L is very busy for me at the moment, and for the next month or so... so things that drop off my watchlist tend to get forgotten The preceding signed comment was added by boxy (talkcontribs) at 15:20 24 August 2007 (BST)


Gee Matt, I didn't touch the template, I just told him to test before adding it to the template. Obviously he didn't test, otherwise I would have advised not adding it. Again, I didn't touch the template. I really don't get what Kamden's comment means either. I was a little confused about the whole 'friendlier appearance' thing. I meant to ask him what he exactly meant by that actually. So, both you guys, cool down! --Ducis DuxSlothTalk 00:11, 15 July 2007 (BST)

Double vote

Rules concerning voting. 1. All users have only one vote per bureaucrat position to be filled.

You currently have 2 votes while there is only one position. You'll have to remove one, or both will be struck.

(For shame matt! You're tampering with elections here! :P)-- Vista  +1  23:18, 30 June 2007 (BST)

Look at your talk page. Who leaves then? --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 23:21, 30 June 2007 (BST)
Only boxy's postion is up. There is only one election at the time.-- Vista  +1  23:19, 30 June 2007 (BST)
Thanks! --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 23:27, 30 June 2007 (BST)


what is wrong with you ? Labine vs SooP was already solved, i was about to archive it and because of you we now are back to square one and have to deal with all the bureaucracy of the arbitration page. Hello, is there any common sense in here ? --People's Commissar Hagnat [cloned] [mod] 23:23, 24 June 2007 (BST)

His Holiness doesn't have time for common sense. He's too busy adhering to due process so he can shout from the rooftops that he's the perfect moderator. After all, we wouldn't want to harm our chances at that 'cratship, now would we? --Cyberbob U! 01:55, 25 June 2007 (BST)
Um...wasn't it Max who restarted the case? Shouldn't you be whining at him?--Lachryma 02:02, 25 June 2007 (BST)
Thanks Lach. Defending me while I'm out, I'm most moved T_T. The other two... your comments speak for themselves.- --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 17:21, 27 June 2007 (BST)

Yer up

Congratulations on your promotion -- boxy T L ZS Nuts2U DA 15:24, 16 June 2007 (BST)

Cool!! I tought I was going to get promoted later, but the surprise is nice =). --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 18:35, 16 June 2007 (BST)
pff.. welcome to madness. --People's Commissar Hagnat [cloned] [mod] 17:49, 16 June 2007 (BST)
I'll try not to get so affected by the extra tabs on the screen, thank you. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 18:35, 16 June 2007 (BST) la la, what was I here for...ah yes, something about power being given to those who desperately seek it. Wait, no, it was to congratulate you! I look forward to many underhanded favors in the future!--Lachryma 20:43, 16 June 2007 (BST)

Talking about seeking power and underhanded favors huh? Now that I'm all done, I suppose that if I throw a bouquet you're the first one in line to catch it. Want the bouquet Lach? =) --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 20:53, 16 June 2007 (BST)
While the wedding metaphor is after my own heart, I must clumsily miss your bouquet and thus trip the bridesmaid next to me with her tacky dress. Whoops. Anyway, I prefer to get other people to do stuff for me, and not actually get my hands dirty with, you know, work. So a mod's life is not for me. But your kindness is so lovely, and I thank you.--Lachryma 21:00, 16 June 2007 (BST)
It's all cool, but I just wanted to tell you that you didn't had to fall over Seb!. This wedding party is becoming so messy! --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 21:06, 16 June 2007 (BST)
Well, you're the one that insisted on roleplaying a wedding for your promotion party! Although roleplaying is always lovely...;)--Lachryma 21:11, 16 June 2007 (BST)
This was starting to be fun until you mentioned that and made me feel so... wrong and... dirty? --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 21:26, 16 June 2007 (BST)
I am your conscience, reminding you of your naughtyness, you sicko.--Lachryma 18:35, 18 June 2007 (BST)
IMMA BAD BOYZ!!! --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 12:33, 19 June 2007 (BST)

So, How's your promotion working out for you, any inclinations to go corrupt and abuse all your special powers yet?-- Vista  +1  11:03, 20 June 2007 (BST)

if he tries anything funny he knows that there will be several people making a line to report it >:D --People's Commissar Hagnat [cloned] [mod] 04:28, 21 June 2007 (BST)
Aaah, just like the good ole days, eh? Haven't had a good miscontribulation case in ages >:) -- boxy T L ZS Nuts2U DA 04:35, 21 June 2007 (BST)
My dark side may be kinda obstructed by a busy agenda. Let me promise you this: You'll never have the opportunity to start a valid case against me. Hagnat, you better wait for something else, because that won't happen, and I'm saying this knowing that a lot of people went off the wiki still waiting that to happen. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 01:00, 24 June 2007 (BST)
Ah go on Matty, be a sport... the youngsters these days don't know the true meaning of wiki-drama ;) -- boxy T L ZS Nuts2U DA 03:01, 24 June 2007 (BST)
If things continue the way they are now, newbies can expect their own share of drama and misconbitration, altough totally opposite to the way Hagnat expected :p. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 03:08, 24 June 2007 (BST)
Exxxxcellent >:) -- boxy T L ZS Nuts2U DA 03:31, 24 June 2007 (BST)
You say that now... --Cyberbob U! 03:02, 24 June 2007 (BST)
My prediction has been proven. The cherry has been popped. There is no turning back for you, now. --Cyberbob DORIS CGR U! 13:43, 28 August 2007 (BST)

Userlike important messages

Use this if you're convinced that what you want to tell me, tough not an official statement, is of great concern to me.

Welcome Newbie

For when you deem it worth coming here again; My "Criticism" have always been because none of you actually tried helping the newbies you welcomed, otherwise you would have actually considered reducing the size of the template when people were complaining or started addressing any of the numerous complaints about the welcome newbie system you set up. If you felt I was too mean on you too bad, I was concerned with the lack of helpfulness and problems in the project that weren't addressed.

That being said the report had very little to do with that, the report was about preserving Welcome Newbie as something meant to help users not an excuse for users to spam 10,000 pages for the sake of it, the project looses what little value it has when it ceases being given to the people that need the information in favor of people who are long gone. Don't worry I won't tell if you don't reply, I don't expect you to but maybe you'll eventually read this and come to your senses, you were a good user once upon a time but if this is how you're gonna be then we're better off if you never do.--Karekmaps?! 01:10, 25 August 2008 (BST)


Hop to it, you've been accepted.--Karekmaps?! 05:43, 5 January 2008 (UTC)

RE: Needed? Maybe. Wanted? Seems like not

Kevan did say that we could define what a trusted user is and possibly better define the criteria under which the sysops operate, and that he would support that sort of action. That should avoid introducing new policies and get things working under current systems, like misconduct, vandal banning, and/or arbitration. --Akule School's in session. 20:00, 26 November 2007 (UTC)

I was thinking myself about a change on the Misconduct page, maybe including better terms in order to define "abuse of authority", and maybe a "Bureaucrat only decission" abourt Misconduct rulings. Currently, guys saying Misconduct and immediately another claiming Not misconduct is pretty dramatic, isn't it?.
Anyways, I'm not a fan of "using" somebody's words in order to utilize them, even the less with Kevan (someone I respect even when I do feel somehow dissapointed with his inaction and general lasser-faire style of management), so I'd rather get community support (through A/PD) than use Kevan as an ever-silent, never-complaining standard and sail through these kind of waters.
That said, if you want a purist change on Sysops deffinition affecting every page, then A/G is the place for the change. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 14:33, 28 November 2007 (UTC)
I figured that simply defining what a trusted user is and how they should act would be a good step. I do agree with your thoughts about the Misconduct page, but I'd also apply it to the Vandalism page, as it was that very thing that caused Vista to get frustrated enough to want to leave. --Akule School's in session. 20:05, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

Re:Your belligerence

Im not exactly sure what sparked this latest relapse of yours, but i would like to ask that you please confine it to either the promotions talk page or my talk page, rather than the gnomes promotions bid. It is not the place for your little quarrel. If you have anything actually on topic with regards to that discussion, by all means post it, however please leave the conflict elsewhere. I dont want to mess up his bid by having to publicly destroy you again. --The Grimch U! E! WAT! 16:13, 11 November 2007 (UTC)


I assume this might give you a good insight into Sonny's reasoning for creating the DEM Roster in the first place? You might notice that this will kill further arguments, as it comes from the horse's mouth. --Akule School's in session. 15:58, 29 October 2007 (UTC)


I outta blame you for stuff more often. :P. --User:Axe27/Sig 04:56, 14 October 2007 (BST)

Regarding your edit to the Misconduct case

Vista said:
Do not clutter up this page any further if you are not Hagnat, Seventythree, Nalikill or a sysop.

You may wish to move it to the talk page before someone else does it for you. --Cyberbob DORIS CGR U! 14:29, 16 September 2007 (BST)

I readed that part of the case before, and I understand why was it done: while guys kept inputing senseless posts Vista wanted a clean case thus "barred" people to edit the page, something I'm certain he's not entitled to do but I actually support... now, my post is just a couple of sentences and I did out of concern of Karl's ruling being contested as invalid. Plus, I won't add anymore. If the Sysops want to delete it, it's ok, I just wanted to hint them so they make an informed ruling. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 14:38, 16 September 2007 (BST)

hey, quick question

could you reply to this on my page please. what can be done about spastics who are posting false information about me and my group? getting on my nerves now, especially since i try to tell this person that they are lying, but they just delete any comments i make on their talk page.

not looking to start anything major, just sick of this and dont want it to turn into something again.

yeah its about Finis, he just hasnt grown up and im pretty sick of having shit thrown around by an obviously retarded being.

thanks!--MichaelRead 07:49, 3 September 2007 (BST)

this is the link

its on both the mainpage and the talk page. its more the delting, and i know hes probably doing nothing illegal.

but hes such a douche there has to be some way to get something back at him.

he even jumps out of buildings after killing people in-game.

yes, lamer. haha. thanks for any help you can give x--MichaelRead 08:36, 3 September 2007 (BST)

I completely messsed up the fort perryn template! help!

I have no idea what just hapepned, I was just trying to edit the description template of fort perryn and everything went wrong. help! The man 10:29, 18 August 2007 (BST)

nevermind, kevan fixed it :) The man 10:48, 18 August 2007 (BST)


Hi there. I think I will use this {{Welcomenewbie?}} stuff (new layout for it), because somtimes I really don't know to put the WN template on sy's talk page or not. It's a good choice when I can't decide... And a Question, where are you get those newbies? I set Recenctchanges list to 500, but I can't find more than 10 people at one time... Or is this a secret? =P -- goebi oo oooo 18:49, 17 July 2007 (BST)

That has never been a secret, even less for a friend =). I have Special:Recentchanges set to 500 (the max), but in order to see more when welcoming newbies I always press "50" and change the number on the Navigation bar to "2500" (it's around the max number this wiki supports, or my PC supports, or something). That way, I see 2500 edits, (It's around 2 or 3 days worth of edits). Any other hint you want? --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 18:56, 17 July 2007 (BST)
And one more thing, out of case. I have problems with my sig again. =P I stole the code from Jedaz, but when I edit a page, the timestamp is updating at my late edits... I don't know what to do now. (I have {{subst:User:Goebi/sig4|subst=subst:}} in my preferences) -- goebi oo oooo 19:07, 17 July 2007 (BST) o style up!
AAAAA fu*+ I don't want to flood your place with my code, it's too long. sorry.-- goebi oo oooo   19:10, 17 July 2007 (BST)
OMG, you really need a templated sig =P. About your timestamp, it looks OK: every sig you leave has it's own time and all, am I wrong? Anyways, It would be fgreat if you used a templated sig instead of the huge bunch of code you're currently using, even if you have to stop trying to have CEST time on your sig: take in account that a sig's time is used by everyone to figure out when you made an edit, and it would be misdirecting to have your timestamps in a different format than everyone else. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 19:26, 17 July 2007 (BST)


* hagnat pokes Matthewfarenheit with a pointy stick. "you still alive ?" --11:22, 17 March 2008 (UTC)

* Matthewfarenheit pokes Hagnat with a pointy stick. "are you ?" --03:44, 21 March 2008 (UTC)


Still around? I thought you should know that someone has passed you. --  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 23:17, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

I don't think he's around...And I don't think he'll care if it's me who passed him. Oh is... --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 23:23, 25 March 2008 (UTC)
Matt, are you going to be fine with letting a mudkip pass you? --  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 23:29, 25 March 2008 (UTC)
Um...he can't hear you. I have him tied up somewhere. --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 23:41, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

Group issues

In-wiki groups

Use this space to add comments about in-wiki groups that I belong to, or you think that concern me, such as Project Welcome, Project Mentor, Coalition for Fair Tactics, etc.

Wiki Code Stealers

Do you wanna join, then? :P--Cap'n Silly T/W/P/CAussieflag.JPG 09:46, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

Won't be a bad thing considering that my (half stolen) work has been some of the founder member's playground, but just as long as membership doesn't imply responsibilities XD. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 14:19, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

In-game groups

Use this space to add messages about in-game groups such as the ones I belong or any other you want to.

The Abandoned's talk page

I understand that you recently removed alduck's comment from our talk page, for reasons still unknown to me. Would you kindly explain why? It seemed to me that he was right in asking for what seemed to be a call for help.--Private Mark 23:28, 13 August 2007 (BST)

He spammed the same exact message on something like 20 other pages, both of groups and nongroups.--Karekmaps?! 01:11, 14 August 2007 (BST)
Was he spamming, or was he attempting to gain support for a battle? In any case, Matthew should've at least asked us first before removing it. Furthermore, you are not Matthew, but thanks for the reasoning regardless.--Private Mark 03:17, 14 August 2007 (BST)
Be more polite please, Karek was just trying to give you an answer or, if you only wanted an answer from me, at least a hint of what happened. Al duck spammed a page with a message obviously aimed at gain support for a battle, but in a way that is quite unnaceptable: the same preset message on all pages that were not of his personal friend's groups but other groups and even non group pages as well. There's precedent of considering such actions bad faith when they surpass the dozen or so spammed pages, and as everyone knows vandalism (bad faith edits) get reverted ASAP. Asking every group and expect an answer on the issue would be ridiculous and I would be causing spam as well (i.e. pasting myself on every spammed group's talk page an extra line that says "your page has just been spammed by a vandal, do you consider the message spam as well and want the changes reverted?"). Did you understand just now? --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 04:26, 14 August 2007 (BST)
I believe this is part of an unwritten rule called the "Codename V Rule". You spam on a lot of talk pages, it get's removed. --Sonny Corleone RRF CoL DORIS CRF pr0n 04:48, 14 August 2007 (BST)
I understand now. I apologize for the blunt rudeness of my earlier comment, I suppose I was just being a little overzealous in my attempt to find out what happened to the post.--Private Mark 18:06, 14 August 2007 (BST)
It's ok. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 18:46, 14 August 2007 (BST)

Wiki issues

Suggestions page

This space is for discussions that have something to do with the suggestions page.

Mark Scent

Hi again. Thanks for the comments on my suggestion. I've noticed most people complained about the same things and I've changed them, I hope it is better now. ~m T! 16:44, 15 June 2007 (BST)

Some suggestion

Scientists may need a way to attack better than an axe, but this isn't it. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 03:09, 10 June 2007 (BST)

I am interested in discussing this. --Magentaine 05:12, 14 June 2007 (BST)

I'm not into suggesting things at this point of my wiki life, but I can tell you what sounds cool and workable and what doesn't (or the greatest approximate my experience can grant). Point me to any discussion or suggestion projects you might have and I'll be glad to tell you if they're perfect, workable or really flawed in my POV. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 05:38, 15 June 2007 (BST)

Deleting old suggestions

I was wondering if it's ok to delete old suggestions(The really old ones that just take up space)on the developing suggestions page? --El Rose 17:08 23 August 2007

I'm not a suggestion's page specialist, but I'm pretty sure they are archived. Try to ask someone that is around the Suggestions page more than myself: Swiers, User:Jon Pyre, etc... --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 22:34, 23 August 2007 (BST)


For discussions about anything that has to do with editing the wiki that doesn't fit the other sections, but the less important chatter.

Slow down

Heh, I think you need to slow down on giving out those welcome newbie templates. You got one on a users page rather then their talk page. =P - Jedaz
12:25, 11 June 2007 (GMT)
Sorry, I'm not on my PC and IE6 at 640x480 is starting to affect me. I'll put the page up for deletion, if you didn't already. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 13:29, 11 June 2007 (BST)
May I also suggest that you confirm the user's newness? It's not that I don't appreciate being welcomed... good to know that it's okay to be new. But it's about a year late. ;) I have to admit, I initially felt a bit insulted, since I thought it was a somewhat dramatic response to a mistake I made recently in clothing suggestions, but looking at my talk history I imagine it's simply because nobody ever posted that before. I've heard that some other folks are having the same experience, though. Might behoove you to exercise more prudence.--Father Thompson 22:22, 21 June 2007 (BST)

Slow down is correct! Save some of the newbies for me!!! --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 22:07, 1 July 2007 (BST)


Hi. I want to ask you as sysop, can this be count as impersonation? --~~~~T''' 17:27, 25 August 2007 (BST)

It counts as impersonation big time. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 17:31, 25 August 2007 (BST)
PS: Report it please =). --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 17:31, 25 August 2007 (BST)
Ow, forgot. Anyway, he's already permabanned for other deeds... --~~~~T''' 15:22, 27 August 2007 (BST)


May I make some grammar edits to your Civility Sandbox? --Max Grivas JG / M.F.T. 10:04, 3 September 2007 (BST)

Please do =). --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 11:04, 3 September 2007 (BST)


A whole section just for unimportant chat.


Should this page considered as vandalism, or something else? (Check the yellow box)--  Savant  Chit-Chat  12:18, 2 December 2007 (UTC)

Arbitration Committee Discussion?

Matthewfarenheit said:
I don't think a comitee would be the greatest idea if you don't want that "kangaroo court" effect (that I do not personally understand otherwise than as another way for Grim to discredit his current arbitration case validity, but I wish to maintain that out of discussion).

What is it you wished to discuss, I'm not sure what you mean exactly.--Karekmaps?! 02:43, 2 December 2007 (UTC)

I'm actually thinking what to respond to your reply on that page right now. Anyways, in that sentence I point out that if avoiding drama, lenghty processes and fear for arbitration is your goal, then having to elect a whole arbitration comitee and having them disagreeing the same as the arbitration parties themselves will act against that objective. The rest of my argument goes on your project's talk page... just let me think for a while on your question there... it's quite an interesting one! --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 02:49, 2 December 2007 (UTC)
Ah, no no, they aren't elected. The arbitration committee is exactly the same as the current arbitration system in how you volunteer to arbitrate, add your own name, make the offer to the disputed parties, etc. Except instead of 1 arbitrator being chosen for each case 3 are. The point is partly for them to have drama so they have to find something they can all agree on as the solution(although I think that goes back into the project page).--Karekmaps?! 02:56, 2 December 2007 (UTC)
There might be something to changing how they are chosen though, I just added a quick thing in an attempt to make it a fair process.--Karekmaps?! 03:04, 2 December 2007 (UTC)


Sorry about the cock up I made... I'm still relitively new to this. To be honest, The best thing that can be done, I guess, is I just make a bit more of an effort to read stuff, and If I cock up again, just message me. I do learn, eventualy!--Seventythree 21:27, 14 July 2007 (BST)

Don't worry, I understand =). --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 21:54, 14 July 2007 (BST)


Thanks, I just can't believe I beat you to a newbie. Woo hoo, go me ^^. Anyway, so it looks like your gonna go ahead and take this guy up, if there is anything I can help with, I'm on pretty much all day. Also, I saw the user inactivity template, so thats why I thought you wouldn't be as active. Another thing, I already have enemies? Man, not even a month without pissing someone off. XD. Anyway, a dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 02:55, 9 June 2007 (BST) Oh I almost forgot, go vote yes for my hoodie idea in the clothes suggetion. =)

Oh, the less active thingie is some days. Currently I'm at my house, but usually I'm getting inactive from Sundays to Wednesdays. Clothes suggestions? I didn't vote for or against any of those as I'm not really interested in clothes, sorry =P. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 03:06, 9 June 2007 (BST)
You didn't beat him to me I had just removed the previous post he made because all it was just the welcome newbie thing. :) --Sephikus T03:09, 9 June 2007 (BST)
Well darn, I was trying to make my hoodie Sug. the most popular one. Even if oyu didn't vote on any of them, you should advertise mine ^^. Just kidding. A dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 03:29, 9 June 2007 (BST)
I think the reason you spelled welcome wrong was 'cause you edit conflicted me. That was my newb, you dirty newb stealer. :P, a dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 04:11, 10 June 2007 (BST)
It's because I type it the first time and copy/paste it all the following ones. I repeat to you that this is not a competition, so I can be as dirty as I want =P. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 04:20, 10 June 2007 (BST)
My problem was I was adding a comment about his user page. Competition? I never said anything about a competition. Matt, your memory is failing in your old age...;). A dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 04:30, 10 June 2007 (BST)
I repeated to you what I said to JudeMaverick here. I won't deny my old age, but it's not affecting my senses at all Lach. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 04:36, 10 June 2007 (BST)
(In his best "imitate the scary Russian leader lady") I is not the Czarina, you silly feth head. I should have you whipped for your insolence. (in his "imitate his normal idiotic ramblings") So two things. Do I sound like the Czarina or what? By the way, the only answer to that question is yes. And two, when'd you guys make this a contest? :P. Also, I never said you're old, your sense must be failing due to old age. A dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 04:40, 10 June 2007 (BST)
I'm so confused right now. You talk for several people, you contradict what you say over and over again, and, the worst of all, you indent SO BADLY that it makes me cry! God, save me! --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 04:44, 10 June 2007 (BST)
I indent badly outta boredom. If you don't want me to on your page just say so. It's so hard to tell if your being serious or not on your last comment (disadvantage to talking on the internet, though the God reference makes me think you weren't) so I'll explain. I get bored. Fast. Thats when I start confusing people for fun. I don't talk for several people, I talk for all people. You kinda have to when your as Amazing as I am. Oh, and thank you for pointing out that you were the one messing up my indenting, for a second there I thought I was actually doing something right. A dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 04:53, 10 June 2007 (BST)
No, I'm not changing the indents </sarcasm>. Pal, don't worry, the only kind of guys that I wouldn't want on my talk page are those that want to provoque/insult/bait me into something else. I always get a laugh or two with everyone's else comments, and I'm having the fun that I didn't have the past 6 months on this wiki, by actually having E-friends and all that instead of lots of useless arguments. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 05:19, 10 June 2007 (BST)
Yeah, I saw a lot of those. I wasn't actually a user of the wiki, but I followed the drama pretty closely. I was basically reminding my self by looking at the stuff that happened here that I'm not as much of an asshat as I use to think I was. At least Amazing/God/Whatever-sock-puppet-he-decides-to-use-next (and I pray he doesn't) was banned a long time ago. And also, thats what the wiki is for, info and a community/friends. If it wasn't, I would'a gone back to encyclopedia dramatica. Or the Halo wiki. A dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 05:29, 10 June 2007 (BST) Oh and I wasn't meaning on your page altogether, I was meaning if you didn't want me to crappily indent on your page. You're too much fun to annoy to leave your page forever =P.
While hawk eying the recent changes, I saw your discussion about the AP increase suggestion. On June 10, at 19:11(BST) you said, and i quote:"In the same logic I should vote keep on a really good suggestion with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it". Let me ask you this. When should you not vote yes on a TMNT suggestion? You should be banished to Level 8 of purgatory for even thinking of voting kill on a TMNT suggestion. Just kidding. And the real reason I'm here is to ask you this. Is there anyway to keep all the "six almost random letter vandals" from even coming to the wiki? I've seen two in the past half-hour. A dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 21:38, 10 June 2007 (BST)
The reason I would kill a TMNT suggestion is 'coz the last time I trained ninjitsu with an huge rat named Splinter my parents locked me up on an institute for five years. And about the vandal, if he were a bot then the latest change made by Kevan to the wiki (adding CAPTCHA to the account register form) would have stopped him, but he seems to be a human, and... these kind of guys that want to attract attention always find a way around. You saw two, I reported around 20 :p (altough Hagnat stole the credit, the bastard!). --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 13:11, 11 June 2007 (BST)
Wow five years...maybe thats why your so pissy. Just kidding, yeah I was thinking the adbot was actually human, but it's hard to tell. My friend made one and attacked the StarCraft wiki a few years ago. Somehow he figured out a code that removed all block powers of us mods, making his bot all but unstoppable. It took a while for us to fix the damages he caused, the silly asshat. Hmmm, you reported twenty when I only saw 2? Man I think my senses are starting to fail due to old age. That or the constant head injuries. -- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 00:53, 12 June 2007 (BST)
Hol-e crap. That was a lot of newbies you welcomed.-- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 06:26, 8 July 2007 (BST)
Comes with the experience =P. Nah, it's because when I'm out you guys don't seem to look farther than the latest 50 changes, so there are a lot of holes in "newbie welcoming". --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 14:54, 8 July 2007 (BST)


Nomas felicitarte por el ascenso, te lo venias mereciendo desde antes-- Che -T GC X 11:34, 17 June 2007 (BST)

Je, gracias. Había olvidado que vos tambien hablabas castellano XD. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 16:53, 17 June 2007 (BST)


I am not insulting,flaming, or anything of the above, I am just curious. Does it make you feel more important to be on every single page of the wiki, or what is that about? --SooP 00:06, 21 June 2007 (BST)

Yes it makes him feel important. Band with me brother, and together we'll have put the {{Welcomenewbie}} template on many more pages then he can! Thus ending said contest in my favor. ;)-- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 03:56, 22 June 2007 (BST)
Hehe. Nah, it doesn't make me feel really important at all. I guess that it does affect my... proudness level a little bit, but this is more because I feel like helping than the power I get being in everyone's talk pages. Really. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 01:04, 24 June 2007 (BST)
(lies). Don't we all get that warm fuzzy feeling when we help newbs?-- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 01:50, 24 June 2007 (BST)


Arrrr, this be the Cap'n, thankin' ye fer the handy tips and advice ye sent me way. I hopes ter see ye around in-game sometime - good luck, and don't get eaten, harhar! Captain Crooks 04:20, 21 June 2007 (BST)

A pirate in the city. You must be lost. --SooP 06:04, 21 June 2007 (BST)
Another Cap in town huh? Looking forward to see yah too! --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 01:04, 24 June 2007 (BST)

Matthew matey! Thank'ee fer the tip regarding that little error I made about me user-page clone thingy - at first, I thought i'd forgotten to save my userpage, and made another - then, I realised me mistake, but couldn't delete it! I'm glad it's been sorted though, and thanks for letting me know, arrr! Captain Crooks 15:49, 18 July 2007 (BST)


Hello. i really don't know where exactly to ask this, but i noticed you help newbies alot so i thought, i'd come to you. as you may or not know i recently got into an edit war with another user over danger levels. that problem seems to be at it's end however. in anycase i feel that currently the danger levels have to much "wiggle room" is there someone you could point me too, to help me change them and get them more specific.--'BPTmz 00:54, 28 June 2007 (BST)

Yeah, I noticed the A/A case. The problem with danger levels is subjetivity, not accuaracy: there's always a different interpretation of what's happening of the suburb. In that sense, Jorm's "common sense" solution would make something like this worst, giving space to even more interpretations, but making it more accuarate doesn't seem a solution as no one usually can't take a picture of the whole suburb, inside and outside buildings, in order to have all the necessary info available. The only able to would be Kevan, but I don't expect him (or want him to) give away that kind of info. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 17:54, 29 June 2007 (BST)

May I ask?

How do you locate all these newbies so fast? --User:Axe27/Sig 04:36, 1 July 2007 (BST)

Special:RecentChanges. I usually make a quick check of the latest 2000-2500 changes. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 05:46, 1 July 2007 (BST)

Thanks for the Note

Though I've been a member of the UD Wiki since september of last year, I appreciate the efforts you are making to contact and communicate with new users about the basics of community wiki maintenance. Hell, I'm still terrible at it. Keep up the good work! ZeroTwo

Thanks for your support pal! It's a good thing that you didn't feel automatically insulted because I tought you a newbie, and speaks great things of you ;) --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 17:42, 5 July 2007 (BST)


Well, I tried to "steal" your tabs for an userpage of mine in the wiki of another game I use, and got completely lost in the process (I'm felling like quitting the WCS in shame, and disapear into the darkness). Se que ni lo tendria que pedir, pero... me darias una mano?-- Che -T GC X 02:58, 19 July 2007 (BST)

No te preocupes, es un placer ayudarte. Si me das una pista de donde está la página que queres modificar te ayudo. Además, mis mismos tabs tienen muy solidarios tips para poder robártelos (es que soy taaan bueno), fijate User:Matthewfarenheit/Navigation. Señalame tus dudas puntuales y yo te ayudo, sino no sé en donde empezar. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 02:31, 20 July 2007 (BST)
No me anime a dejarte el link de una, sin pedirte permiso. Por esos "tips" arranque, pero me queda esto. No se que estoy haciendo mal. Por las dudas deje en mi pagina de usuario links a todas las paginas que fui creando. Gracias-- Che -T GC X 07:59, 20 July 2007 (BST)
Esta bien hecha la de tu sandbox. El problema es la version: comparala con la version de esta wiki =P. Creo que esa versión no deja usar templates adentro de templates, o algo así. Vas a tener que reclamar que updateen, pero sino no se puede hacer más, a menos que quieras que cada una de tus páginas empiecen con dos hojas de código extra sensible y susceptible a ser... arruinado XD. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 22:38, 21 July 2007 (BST)
Bueno, que se le va a hacer. Gracias por la ayuda y disculpa la molestia-- Che -T GC X 05:35, 22 July 2007 (BST)
Nunca fue ni será una molestia. Lo que si es que vayas considerando esa renuncia al WCS: pensa que no fallaste por mérito propio, fue por razones de fuerza mayor! ;) --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 06:18, 22 July 2007 (BST)

Please fix

I recently added my suggestion to the suggestion talk page(The one used for developing suggestions)and for some reason it's screwed up, the suggestion is Status Conditions and I would be thankful if you fixed it, I'm not sure whats wrong with it. --El Rose 1:51 EST 23 August 2007

I'll check right away. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 06:53, 23 August 2007 (BST)
You missed the final }} to close the template call. When you use the suggestions template, you open it with {{ and have to close it with }}: the template itself comes with both, but you must have deleted the final }} at some point of your suggestion's making. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 06:57, 23 August 2007 (BST)
Oh, it looks that you didn't only miss that but the whole final line on the template call. I'll bold the line for your understanding:
===Suggestion Name===
|suggest_type=Skill, balance change, improvement, etc.
|suggest_scope=Who or what it applies to.
|suggest_description=Full description. Check spelling and be descriptive.
====Discussion (Suggestion Name)====
Just be more careful next time! --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 07:06, 23 August 2007 (BST)


I saw your post on his talk page and let me say your not the first,he thinks if anyone wants to do something not to his liking that its an act of war.he is childish and makes no true points for an argument so bets to ignore him.--Seloth 03:17 (GMT) 24 August 2007

Thanks anyway!

Just wanted to thank you for the new user template on my talk page. It wasn't really needed, but I appreciate the thought. --FunnyMan 13:04, 26 August 2007 (BST)


Thanks for the support man, but I just haven't been active enough for the community. I'll try and stay here as a regular sysop, but getting back into the swing of checking things out here will be tough. --Darth Sensitive Talk W! 04:46, 15 September 2007 (BST)

re: Arbitration Shit-Talking

About your "we can't ban all comments" to arbitration, that is a good thing, in that only Bad Faith comments are punished & comments that are helpful can be allowed. Seeing you take pot shots at Grim over what ammounts to his disagreement with your pet Policy tells me that if you attempt to fuck with the Arbitration it will be considered bad faith. --Karlsbad 20:53, 19 September 2007 (BST)

Thanks for deforming my comments so they are beyond recognition even by me, the author. Now, I can't find where I said "good thing". Let's see...
Well, first thing I have to say is that I was saying those things to Jedaz, Grim just happened to jump in because, well, if it's me that is making the comments he can't resist to take pot shots. I just replied, he started with the pot shots.
About my "pet policy" (HA!), it does adress the "no outsider comments" loophole, but I was commenting on the A/A page as it is now, not promoting my policy (I didn't even mention it!). You can see how "biased" I am against Grim when I adressed his concerns of "illegibility" in my policy, altough I refused to talk to him because he will just try to rebut me somehow, or say that what I did "isn't good enough" yet again.
Finally, about me butting in the Arbitration case, you are proving how much you don't know me: as I said I AGREED with Jedaz, but just wanted to tell him that not he nor anyone on the wiki had powers to enforce what he implied as rules, so he was overstepping his place a bit... whenever I talk to Jedaz I treat him as one of my favorite persons, because he IS. Can't see how any of my "attacks" directed towards what I consider a wiki friend affected you or Grim in any way. I was just making a point ("jedaz, you're overstepping your place") and you just seem unable to rebut it. I won't butt in the A/A case once it's started, I never do these kind of things... --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 21:15, 19 September 2007 (BST)
So i couldnt have popped in because i am a listed participant in the arbitration in question, or because it was me who proposed that the arbitration discussion in question be locked down to only those actively participating, so as to prevent it from being swamped with drama, and it wasnt because i said that once the arbitrator enforces this, and has said so explicitely on the page that any attempts to interfere would be considered bad faith and thus be subject to vandal banning, and that this was certaainly not because a method was proposed that allowed outside insight to be communicated directly to the arbitrator on his talk page, and then the arbitrator (Agreed by both sides), would determine the validity and repost it if it was valid. No. The real reason i posted an answer to your comment there was not because of any number or combinations of the aforementioned valid reasons, but because i disagree with you entirely, think you are the antichrist, and obsess over you day in and day out, cackling like a lunatic as lightning cracks in the distance. Oh wait a minute... --The Grimch U! E! 22:02, 19 September 2007 (BST)
"just wanted to tell him that not he nor anyone on the wiki had powers to enforce what he implied as rules" and "(My Pet Policy) does adress(sp) the no outsider comments loophole". Trying to prove how needed your policy is by shitting up an ongoing Arbitration case will be seen as Bad Faith. As to the rest? tyfyc --Karlsbad 22:24, 19 September 2007 (BST)
As I said Karl, I didn't even mention my policy... I fail to see when did I made notorious how it's needed to the public, as I just wanted to give Jedaz a tip. Please if you believe my edits are in bad faith post them on A/VB, altough I can't see mine to be nearly as bad as these =) --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 18:02, 20 September 2007 (BST)

Wan Yao reply

I didn't take your replies in any bad way... we're just talkin'... :) but thanks for the message! good luck. --WanYao 21:03, 19 September 2007 (BST)

=D --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 21:15, 19 September 2007 (BST)


Oh all right, I suppose that makes sense.

On another note, I plan on passing you for the most welcome newbie templates. It may take a few years, but I'll get there.--  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 18:42, 21 September 2007 (BST)

Free Speech Policy

Hi Matt. I'm freely going to admit, after reading your comments, that I don't understand the position that you are taking or the argument that you are making on the Free Speech Policy. I just want to understand what it is that you dislike in the policy itself. It is probably my fault, as I have re-read your comments several times and still don't understand your position. If you don't want to discuss it further, just let me know and I won't press the issue further. Cheers, --Ryiis 17:05, 27 September 2007 (BST)

No need for extreme politeness here, I'm perfectly capable of realizing that yours is a genuine interest in constructive criticism so I'll be most pleased to address it. Keep in mind that, as I have said before, the ones I point out are just some of the multiple holes the policy has, so it's quite useless to address them alone. Anyways, my concerns are:
  • The policy itself was first designed as a counter to the civility policies first submited. As such ill conceived one, it still contains some vestiges in the form of weak wording, lack of clear definitions of the concepts there mentioned and other small holes. That by itself makes the policy unworkable unless it's started again from scratch. You can see this mostly on the "things that are allowed" section, or the short introducting sentence to the policy.
  • The slander/libel section was first designed to cover lots more. When I told Grim how unworkable would this be, instead of reworking the whole wording he included a limitation at the end, in the form of "this covers only in game conduct and forum accusations", and then yet again he took off "forums", leaving only "in game conduct accusations". The result: the policy treats with iron fist what can't be seen as more than a minor problem in the wiki. Also, the lack of rewording gives room for a lot for interpretation due to lack of definition of most concepts mentioned therein (i.e. the "evidence" concept is really loose). I can see a hundred ways this section could be abused in those places of the wiki where in-game conduct is most exposed (group and suburb pages), yet I do not see any benefit for the wiki carried on by following this rule.
  • When you look at the policy as a whole, you realize that it basically enforces a particular editing style: Grim's style. It's designed so people that doesn't know his way throughout the wiki is a lot more likely to be treated as vandals for that. Aditionally, it was made to get some kind of victory over Extinction members (the slander/libel section was virtually cut up until it covers just that). Note that it covers most editing practices that someone could consider "bad" but those that Grim makes use of. His own accusation towards civility policy supporters like me is that "our policies are designed to allow only what we consider kosher and get rid of users that we don't like", a false accusation if you ask me, but his policy does exactly what he complains of. I'm getting tired of this two-face attitude.
These are the main concerns I expressed on my vote. Ask me again if you need clarification. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 17:47, 27 September 2007 (BST)

what do you

i hate those things what do you think of my revolution?--Darkmagic 04:32, 30 September 2007 (BST)

What are you talking about? your group? Please don't disrupt the format when talking to me. Anyways, care to explain yourself? --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 04:40, 30 September 2007 (BST)
The revolution of malton This one, the one i lead for the first. What you think, had to add a pker leader group supporter to the enemies to, such a shame since they have nice goals.--Darkmagic 04:42, 30 September 2007 (BST)
Well, I guess it's ok. I'm not greatly involved with ingame groups, mostly going solo under YRC's name. As an FYI, when it's about you I'm mostly concerned about the ammount of people your new reports hassle =S. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 04:48, 30 September 2007 (BST)
Huh?--Darkmagic 04:50, 30 September 2007 (BST)


psst! Jace is male name --~~~~ [talk] 19:35, 15 October 2007 (BST)

WTF! It sure sounds as a girl's name... I guess my second name being Joan is the same as well XD. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 20:06, 15 October 2007 (BST)


waht mods are on right now, i need ot get them to tell the mercenary elite that group tempaltes are free to use if your not a member.--Darkmagic 03:00, 25 October 2007 (BST)

Please, I don't mean this in a derogative way, but you have spell better if you want me to understand... and use proper grammar as well. I'm not a mod BTW, and I have no way to know for certain wich ones are on right now. --Matthew Fahrenheit YRCT+1 03:08, 25 October 2007 (BST)


I didn't really mind about the chatter and such but apology accepted regardless. Although it does seem Grim has invalidated his argument about my ineptness to stay on topic, on this promotion bid and other places. Anyway, I'll be seeing you around too! and eating your brains--  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 00:43, 16 November 2007 (UTC)

Your brains taste like caramel.--  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 01:03, 16 November 2007 (UTC)
It's probably because I poured a bucket of caramel on your brain before chomping down. Meh. Did I also mention there's a hint of coconut?--  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 04:17, 16 November 2007 (UTC)


Please accept my apologies for this attack on your policy. I don't agree with it, I don't usually agree with you, but I think that was too far. And sorry for the delay in this... Jonny12 talk 22:49, 3 December 2007 (UTC)

Well Said

To quote you, "It's just fair for willing users that gained community's trust to be able to use the Sysops tools." I wish this was the official policy for determining sysops, as I feel it would result in more sysops and therefore (hopefully) more getting done. Oh, and you popped the welcomenewbie template on my page when I first started, so I figured I'd (finally) give you a quick hello anyway: "Hello." --PdeqTalk* 08:58, 6 January 2008 (UTC)

Thought You Might Like This --MikhailA 01:03, 22 January 2008 (UTC)