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In the grim darkness of Malton there is only war. And rats.

xensyria is a survivor soldier who was initially sent to St Silverius's Church in the Gatcombeton suburb on the 21st of December 2006.

He joined Ghetto Cow during a Caiger siege in January 2007, and left after the mall sadly fell.

In April 2007, he joined MCDU, after gaining all suitable skills for survivors. He graduated from the Academy (Red Thresh Campus) with Honours on the 25th of July and was assigned to Unit Two: The Black Knights on the 29th of July, as a Lance Corporal.

After a number of promotions, and spells working individually with various local groups, he became one of the founding operatives for a short spell in the MCI.

Returning to the MCDU, he was assigned to Unit Seven: The Red Storm with the disbanding of the Black Knights, where he rose to the top NCO rank (and was granted honorary membership of Axes High).

He disappeared with the fall in zombie numbers, but has occasionally been seen in the doomed city since then.

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Revives: 14

Ideal Inventory

  • Spray Can (2%)
  • Fire Axe (6%)
  • Binoculars (4%)
  • DNA Extractor (4%)
  • Flak Jacket (2%)
  • Flare Gun (2%)
  • Toolbox (16%)
  • 2 × NecroTech Revivification Syringes (2×2%)
  • 6 × First Aid Kits (6×2%)
  • Pistol (Fully Loaded) (4%)
  • 7 × Pistol Clips (7×2%)
  • 5 × Shotguns (Fully Loaded) (5×6%)


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