April Fools Massacre

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The following groups took part in this event::

Flowers of Disease . Philosophe Knights · Creedy Guerilla Raiders · Columbine Kids . Browncoats . Brotherhood of the Reckoning . Spartans . The Skorpions . GENTLEMEN


All Fools Day.


Who's doing this?
PKA & it's associates.

Kill everyone we see that day.

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a PKer.
2. Be willing to slaughter every soul in the Mall.

3. Only one PKer per player.

Giddings Mall, Pitneybank

When: Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Coverage of the Event

This poem was broadcast over the radio just prior to the celebration.


In the times of yore, the Celtic peoples of the British Isles celebratedHalloween a very different way. Instead of candy and costumes there was vast amounts of feasting, harvest, and huge fires. Livestock were slaughtered and preserved in preperation for winter, people and livestock were purified by fire, and vast pagan worship was observed. Today, the world has commerciallized and bastardized glorious Samhain. To cleanse the sacred day of Samhain, we have slaughtered in Hildebrand Mall and given back to the glorious pagan gods in October of 2007. Bonfires were lit that night and the festivities were merry. The PKA used the flames of these fires to light their own individual hearths from a common flame, thus bonding our families together for a stronger future.


Mrpunch.jpg April Fools Massacre
This user or group pranked survivors in Giddings Mall on April 1st, 2009.
{{April Fools Massacre}}

List of Practical Jokes

The following unhappy survivors got a bit of cheer upping.

Kill Reporting

Begin each kill report with a new number (#). Post the Screenshot of the kill, or if one is not available the profile of your victim, then sign it using your user page. This will assist us in keeping tabs on the running total of kills.


  1. survivor by Denver Randleman
  2. skin head by Denver Randleman

Kills, April 2009

  1. perfectionist by Denver Randleman
  2. Dunkan Maklaud by Denver Randleman
  3. CaitlynArison by Denver Randleman
  4. medico4 by Bobby Pegleg
  5. Redfields by Bobby Pegleg
  6. Brashnard by Unhappydisgustingwow
  7. niteshad by PsychoKinesis
  8. BewilderedBystander by PsychoKinesis
  9. randomcause by Your Own Guilt
  10. BigNorm by urban slayer
  11. Milroy by C Whitty
  12. Rabbit Bunny by C Whitty
  13. DVR by clancy82
  14. Joshua Whale by clancy82
  15. DNoob by Blanemcc
  16. birdsfromspace by Blanemcc
  17. Chuck Norris 3030 by Blanemcc
  18. Jeremy Daniels by Blanemcc
  19. Major Baine by Blanemcc
  20. Mastuh Chief 007 by Blanemcc
  21. SuperSalad by Blanemcc
  22. Charlie Sing by Aidan Benet
  23. kal kay by Aidan Benet
  24. JonnySwain by Aidan Benet

Reports still coming in...