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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Shining Ones
Abbreviation: TSO
Group Numbers: 150+ and rising...
Leadership: None
Goals: Riots, Chaos, Partying
Recruitment Policy: Stick "The Shining Ones" in your name & Shamble towards Pegton & Vinetown!
Contact: [1]

=][=Current location: Around Pitneybank participating in the Big Bash =][=

The Shining Ones mainly consist of Zombies from Mall Tour '06 who are planning on starting off a huge after party in various locations of Malton. We're currently growing in numbers at a good rate, and Humans have noticed. If we get really lucky, the Human groups of Malton will eventually start realizing that there's another major horde around, and knowing that trouble is definitely going to happen wherever we are. Our aim wasn't to be an Uberhorde, but to give the Zombies stuck with nothing to do after Caiger a group that they could attack with in a nearby location (Dunell Hills), but as time passed, things snowballed. . .

What's the plan, Stan?

We started with a suburb party! "In the land of the Police, a bright light emerged." Dunell Hills, of course. After that, we hit two additional Police Departments, then now two classic Mall smashes (Calvert, Bale) and another suburb party Yagoton. We then heard the news about C4NT and we traveled to Stickling Mall and trashed the surrounding area, and then we traveled to Roftwood to hit up Hildebrand Mall and eat the suburb there as well. After thanking the MotA, we took over Edgecombe, then Fort Creedy, Vinetown and Pegton laid siege to Giddings Mall, trashed the suburb of Pitneybank, trashed Lumber Mall, helped the Ackland Abattoir at Ackland Mall in Havercroft, gathered together at Clapton Stadium to help celebrate World Cup 2006, and now at Buttonville participating in the Big Bash, assisted in the clearing of Buckley, Tompson, and Ackland malls.

What the hell is with that name?

Taken from the forums : "The whole 'Shining Ones''s mainly to wind the Harmans up. So many of them look down on us and treat us like filth so much, that I thought it'd be funny to have some Shining Zombies instead."


"Before I joined The Shining Ones, I was a lowly level one zombie, shambling aimlessly, no goals, no ambition. I couldn't get any dates. I was an undead slacker nagged by my parents to do something with my life, I mean death. My belly empty, I spent most of my days in the gutter, and most of my APs getting out of the gutter.

But since I joined The Shining Ones my death has taken on a whole new purpose. I have helped to sack two malls, and recently I broke into Stickling with several zombie mates. Each day I feast on fresh brains and my belly is full. I'm gaining weight and experience. No longer do I have to take 15AP to wake in the morning. My parents are proud and brag about me to all their friends, and must importantly, the chicks dig me.

So what are you waiting for join The Shining Ones today." --TatteredButt

"So many brains to eat, too little AP." --Cherie Blair

"It, *sob*, really *sob* helped my zombah to reach the brainz it never thought possible before.." --Wireddeath

"TSO captured Crossman Grove PD amid CDF disarray. A formidable force that we would *like* to some day defeat in a massive bloodbath. Every boy has a dream." -- Amazing 05:33, 12 April 2006 (BST)

"Mall Tour, Schmall Tour! Am I right? Not only am I full all the time now, not only am I a stronger and more rotting zombie than I've ever been, I'm now also GLIMMERING like the proverbial silver lining that we're all bringing to the undead of Malton. This is TRULY unliving the good unlife." --Matt Cruea

"What fun is a zombie apocolypse when the zombies are losing!? None at all! Zombie wants you!... to Join the Shining Ones."

Prime targets/locations

=][= Current surburb(s): With the Big Bash in Pitneybank, visiting Giddings again =][=

-It should be noted that the current info is only being given in daily suburb chuncks because of the journalistic savy of our arch-rivals, C4NT. To get the full list so as to prepare your moves in advance, join the forums!


All zambahz participating in the Big Bash!

Map of The Zombie Bash! Munching with The Big Bash!

See Big Bash

Suburb(s) we are currently recruiting at / munching brains in coloured in red

The Trail Of Destruction

The list of buildings striken by the Trail of Destruction, the first thrust of The Shining Ones post-Caiger ran from March 21 until May 7th and can be viewed Here


As of June 9th, 2006: The Shining Ones are no longer at Pitneybank as we have gotten bored with sieging Giddings.

As of July 24th, 2006: The Shining Ones are back in Pitneybank along with some friends, The Big Bash to tour Giddings and say hi to the CDF.

As of July 31st, 2006:

Due to concerns with the human defenders using bots, and lack of funess, the Big Bash participants including the RRF and The Shining Ones have decided to move south to better pastures.

Penny Heights:

Volunteers from the Shining Ones successfully helped the Feral Undead in clearing Lumber Mall.


Maria General Hospital - [35, 46] - open & ransacked

Adey Plaza Fire Station - [35, 47] - open & ransacked

Saltrow Alley Fire Station - [36, 47] - open & ransacked

Spurdell Walk Police Dept - [32, 47] - open & ransacked

Yapp Square Police Dept - [36, 48] - open & ransacked

Shore Hills

the Poulter Building - [39, 55] - open & ransacked (since retaken)

Maul Row Police Dept - [36, 56] - open & ransacked

the Pittman Building - [33, 57] - open & ransacked

Teek Boulevard Police Dept - [37, 57] - open & ransacked

James General Hospital - [39, 57] - open & ransacked

Galbraith Hills

Burdekin Alley Police Dept - [40, 54] - open & ransacked

Aires Crescent Fire Station - [41, 55] - open & ransacked

Hollester Boulevard Fire Station - [41, 57] - open & ransacked

Kingslake Walk Fire Station - [42, 57] - open & ransacked

Pigitt Square Fire Station - [43, 57] - open & ransacked

Mockridge Heights

Anne General Hospital - [43, 60] - open & ransacked

Club Record - [45, 59] - open & ransacked No Record of Harmanz!

Wheaton Avenue Police Dept[45, 60] - open& ransacked

Lay Road Police Dept - [48, 60] - open & ransacked

Alphege General Hospital - [41, 63] - open & ransacked

Grandfield Row Police Dept - [42, 67] - open & ransacked

St Perpetua's Hospital[41, 69] - open & ransacked


Swithun General Hospital- [43, 72] -- open & ransacked

St Matheos's Hospital - [40, 73] -- open & ransacked

St Luke's Hospital - [46, 73] -- open & ransacked

Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station - [47, 72] -- open & ransacked

Haag Plaza Police Dept - [48, 74] -- open and ransacked

Byfield Museum - [47, 73] - open & ransacked

Morrhall Drive Fire Station - [46, 74] -- open & ransacked

Priestly Street Fire Station - [47, 78] - open & ransacked

the Chaffin Building - [41, 78] - open & ransacked

the Wagner Building - [46, 72] - rumored brain-den

Kinch Heights

Lambourn Walk Fire Station - [45, 80] - open & ransacked

the Luscombe Building - [41, 82] - Open & ransacked

Urban General Hospital - [45, 83] - Open & Ransacked

Gleeson Square Fire Station - [49, 82] - open & ransacked

Milverton Place Police Dept - [45, 84] - open & ransacked

Giverd Drive Fire Station - [46, 88] - empty & ransacked

Honeybone Boulevard Fire Station - [46, 87] - open & ransacked

the Nevill Building[45, 85]- open & ransacked

the Sharman Building[41, 86]- open & ransacked

St Hubertus's Hospital[43, 87] - open & ransacked

St Agatho's Hospital[42, 89]- open & ransacked

Nelmes Walk Fire Station[47, 89] - open & ransacked

Gibbes Drive Fire Station[48, 86] - open & ransacked

Wyke Hills

Cockayne Grove Police Dept - [52, 91] - Open, ransacked

West Grayside

Telfer Cinema [52, 87] empty (ransacked now as well);

Club Garwood [53, 88] opened up and ransacked

Ambrose Bank [52, 89]

Dampney Grove Police Dept [56, 84] - open & ransacked

the Topleaf Building [55, 84] - open & ransacked

Barter Road Fire Station [55, 83] - open & ransacked

the Copeland Building [56, 82] - open & ransacked

Hodgkinson Row Fire Station [56, 85] - open & ransacked

Holly Crescent Police Dept [56, 81] - open & ransacked

Egbert General Hospital [56, 88] - open & ransacked


Ranson Boulevard Police Dept [47, 92] -- open & ransacked

the Fort Building [47, 90] -- open & ransacked

the Brazey Building [48, 91] -- open & ransacked

Cabble Alley Railway Station [48, 90] -- open & ransacked

a factory[49, 91] -- open & ransacked

Northup Avenue Railway Station [47, 91] -- open & ransacked

the Mechel Museum [49, 92] -- open & ransacked

a warehouse [47, 93] -- open & ransacked

a factory [48, 93] -- open & ransacked

the Bainton Hotel[49, 93] -- open & ransacked

a junkyard [49, 94] -- open & ransacked

Hutchin Bank[48, 95] -- open & ransacked

Wadley Bank[49, 95] -- open & ransacked

the Tebbett Building[48, 96] -- open & ransacked

the Knapton Building[49, 97] -- open & ransacked


Thompson Mall was cleared as part of the Big Bash.


We're back and we brought some friends!

=][=Current location: Pitneybank, heading toward Pegton and Vinetown; Big Bash =][=

Future Actions

Go to the discussion page / the attack thread to talk about our next targeted suburb.

Contact Us

Shining One Attack Thread

Official Shining One Forum

TSO Recruitment Thread

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