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The Devils Promenade is a tour of malton, that draws out the shape of the pentagram. Designed by Section 13, to test the mettle of Maltons survivors, this challenge crosses the entire city 5 times, and travels though more than 44 different Suburbs.

In order to complete the challenge succesfully, a team of three people must complete the length of the course and reach the finish point with out any member of the team having died.

The main waypoints of this tour are listed from start to finish below.

Assemble your team to begin at Waypoint 1. in Wyke Hills

Stop-overs in Edgecombe and Pescodside to;

Waypoint 2. in Dulston

Stop-overs in Roachtown, and Molebank to;

Waypoint 3. in Grigg Heights

Stop-overs in Shore Hills, and Pegton to;

Waypoint 4. in Starlingtown

Stop-overs in Roachtown, and Judgewood to;

Waypoint 5. in Dakerstown

Stop-overs in Lukinswood, and Kinch Heights to;

Return to finish at Waypoint 1. in Wyke Hills

Good luck, and good hunting --Jack13 04:39, 22 October 2007 (BST)

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