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This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki pages are preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history. Please do not edit this page or the corresponding talk page without good reason.

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First Caiger Trip

Well, we ditched Caiger Mall and left it to the new zombie tenants, and the whole thing wasn't very fun, but we can still tell of our exploits!

Caiger Area Stuff

Any members wanting to tell of their journey or experiences in the Caiger area can go on about it here. Or not.

  • Jamm26er is getting lonely sitting all by himself at Darvall Heights and is wondering if any GC members are nearby so he can be revived and start killing things.
  • I went to the Laimbeer Building in Richmond Hills, but there were a couple rotters there (I assume one of them is Jamm26er?) and I didn't have enough AP to build up any cades since I had already done so elsewhere in Darvall (before I read this page, doh!). I also don't have any revive skills. I'm currently in the Nurcombe Building in central Darvall Heights. The barricades are at EHB and there are two others here, so it's probably a decent place to chill until Laimbeer gets caded or something else happens. I'll be dancing here collecting ones and AP until further notice. --Skitchipoo 05:34, 28 November 2006 (UTC)
Update: Skitchipoo is now a zombie hanging out in the Laimbeer Building. Muscles too stiff for any shuffling, soft shoe, or pelvic thrusts.
  • Jamm26er is now sitting outside the Rhoades Building in Richmond Hills, he congratulates Skitchipoo for finally joining his fellow GCer in waiting for the other lame peoples of GC to revive them (ahem, cough... aka. Dag00 & Lachryma) However, Jamm26er is happy right now with smashing in the faces of other zombies...Note: The 'lame peoples of GC' would like to remind Jamm26er that he never even saw the inside of the Blackmore Building, much less the 'bank. So there.
  • Zombie slay3r is slowly making it to the Laimbeer Building. He thinks patience and taking it slowly are the keys to getting to the location alive and unharmed, because it isn't very safe in these parts of town...
  • [In Lachryma's heavy Russian accent]: I is in Laimbeer. Is nice, zombies allegedly there apparently die of old age. I go through zoo to get there, see Siberian tiger. I wish I is back in Motherland, but Laimbeer is okay for now, no? I look for needles, but I only find stash of scotch. Is better then needles, a little.
  • Jamm26er is alive!!!!!! LETS GET TOGETHER AND KICK SOME ASS!!!! Note: The rest of GC is happy to see you too, Jamm26er.
  • [Radio message from Skitchipoo] "There's a lot of survivor activity around Dunell Hills right now. It looks like everyone around here is getting ready for the invasion of Caiger. There are about 15 people in YDPD right now, and the generator has recently been setup. I went to the nearest hospital and grabbed a few more FAKS, then killed a straggling zombie and created a straggler out of another. I am awaiting you all. END TRANSMISSION."
  • Jamm26er is once again shambling around eating other zombies brains... maybe Lachryma will find a "safe gathering point" again..Note: Real funny Jamm26er.
  • Ethelred IV is sitting in Dunnell Hills, trying to get enough XP to learn how to handle a gun and waiting to move on Caiger. He's also happy to finally meet his team members, after a month of trekking over Malton.
  • [In Lachryma's usual Russian accent] Is boring in Dunell place, so I go join friends in West Becktown. Is good idea at time...But being in only powered building in dangerous suburb is bad for health. I see Caiger from roof, so is worth it.
  • Ethelred has placed himself in a building in sight of Caiger Mall so he in a forward position when the time comes.

Second Caiger Trip

Brand new Travel Journal!

Members wishing to tell of their perilous journey to Caiger Mall may speak of it here.

December 16, 2006

  • Skitchipoo is currently resting his hips at the Trick Museum in Ketchelbank along with members of AlQilya, D'Oh and Manning. The Sex Education Exhibit ends soon, so all survivors are encouraged to move their asses if they want to learn how the male and female reproductive systems evolve during adolesence...
  • [In Lachryma's heavy Russian accent]: I is in Trick Museum, and I see exhibit on glory of Soviet Union, no Sex Education. Stripping is bad for Skitchipoo's mind, for he see phantom things in museum. I also look forward to see fellow members, for I is out of rats and stripper-man refuses to share. Is nice museum though.

December 27, 2006

  • [INCOMING TRANSMISSION]: "HQ, this is agent 699234, code-name Skitchipoo, reporting in from the battlefield. I just arrived here and it looks like the war is still waging. The Latrobe barricades were at VSB so I grabbed a few toilets and reinforced the doors. Dag00 is here passed out next to a half drunken bottle of scotch. I tried to wake him up but he didn't respond, so I drank the rest of his bottle... that way the alcohol won't spoil. I am now sending you a crude map that I drew of the surrounding area. I'm running low on supplies... please send more booze! I'll report again later if I find any liquor. Over and out!" [END TRANSMISSION]
    • [*static*].... 3:45PM CST.... Latrobe is under attack! Barricades are low and there's 13 zeds in here! Killed 2 and brought the cades to EHB, but it's NOT gonna last long! Send backup! Call Aquaman! Avoid the Noi.... [*static*] --Skitchipoo 22:08, 27 December 2006 (UTC)
  • [In Lachryma's usual accent]: I arrive at Latrobe place, not too long after Skitchman's transmission. There is only one zombie, lots of living ones, and zombie is dead (more dead?) quickly. I heal some, then look for fuel. But SUV-loving Malton people take all fuel, is annoying. I revive dead ones tomorrow, and maybe decorate with Soviet flags too. Is going to be lovely.

December 28, 2008

  • I woke up today and found the doors wide open in the Latrobe building. I brought the cades back up to VSB (while they were being attacked) and ran out of AP with 20 zeds still inside. There's a good chance I'll be dead by the end of the day, so get those syringes ready! --Skitchipoo 21:59, 28 December 2006 (UTC)
    • ... Kudos to Dag00 for reviving me with that warm syringe! --Skitchipoo 07:15, 29 December 2006 (UTC)


[Start Transmission]Agent Ev933n:

  • Directives:
    • [Success]Day 01: Obtain all necessary travel supplies. Engage in transport from 85X94Y to 60X60Y. Locate hospital. Find point of entry. [Success] [FAILURE!: entered dormant state. re-obtain objectives]
    • [Success]Day 02: Locate revivification station. Wait. [Success] Current position: (somewhere in Tollyton) 64X60Y [FAILURE: Recieved excessive deterrents while in dormant state waiting at revivification station. Re-evaluate...] Exit dormant state. Enter @ 64X62Y. Relocate Hospital. Barricade. [EOD]
    • Day 03: [Failure!: Attain orders and re-deploy...]Recruit support unit from local survivor contingent.[Failure] [Success]Obtain all necessary travel supplies. Engage in transport from 60X60Y to 28X21Y. Find entry point. Barricade. [Success] [Pending] Heal survivors. Heal self. Report. [EOD] [End Transmission]
  • Re-evaluation of Day 02 Directives:
    • Day 02: [Success] Exit Tollyton. [Success] Current position: (somewhere in Barrville) 49X46Y. Research current area. Locate revivification station.[Success] [EOD]
      • [INCOMING TRANSMISSION] "[*STATIC*] Glad to have you on board Ev933n! We could use some more GC people here at the Latrobe Building! If you want action, come here. I've died about 4 times in the last week because the 'cades at Labtrobe always falls for a few minutes everyday, but I always get reivived within hours. You can find an entry point at 23X27Y (St. Isidore's Church). BRING MONEY AND BOOZE!!! Also, if you don't want to die while traveling here, make sure you ...[*STATIC*]... and then wedge the cat into ...[*STATIC*]... and milk the ... [*STATIC*]... that way, you'll never run out of ammo. Over and out!" [END TRANSMISSION] --Skitchipoo 09:36, 9 January 2007 (UTC)


  • Report and attain orders:
    • "Agent Ev933n, Codename: 'Rediculous Robot' AKA 'The Naked Zombie' reporting for duty, Sirs! Well, hello there, Lachryma! Someone is looking mighty fine ... *hiccup* ... today! I think I have been hitting the sacramental 'skins' a little hard over at St Matthias's Church, but that was just a little nip to tide me over till I got to the scotch. So... Where has the Scotch gone? ...oh, yeah! Dag00! Whazzzzzzzzzzzzup! *passes out*"

January 23, 2007

  • Che13 speaks: After the revive Lachryma gave me (gracias, che) i managed to stand, and barely get to St. Isidore's Church, where i found Cap'n Silly, the graffiti on the wall is quite demoralizing "Keep cades @ VS+2! DO NOT SLEEP HERE! -MFD" as the Church is actually lightly barricaded, i'm totally exhausted, and apparently i'm also too stupid to move a piece of furniture. all that added to the 2 zeds i saw in my way in, make me think there's another syringe in my near future. need some advice on which police station should i try to go tomorrow to get some ammo, that is if i'm still in the ranks of the living

January 24, 2007

  • Che13 speaks: Well, after going to Halse Crescent Police Department this afternoon, to get some ammo, and findind it completely ramsacked I returned to the Church, and took a nap. sometime later I was woken by a group of zeds who had broken into. Still unable to figure out how to barricade I did the only thing i could do, and emptied my guns on one of them. At that moment i had two options: staying there and die or risk it all and try to do one of those "crazy rope walks" to the nearest building. I risk it, and it paid off, I'm now at latrobe. I have to learn how to do a good barricade soon, I feel quite useless...

Not-So-Current Caiger Activities

Members wishing to brag about what they are doing at Caiger can do it here.

January 11, 2007

  • "Let there be light!"
In case you didn't hear... I turned the lights on at Latrobe.--Ev933n 19:39, 11 January 2007 (UTC)
And dead again... lol! --Ev933n 21:20, 11 January 2007 (UTC) Note: The rest of Ghetto Cow does not advocate the use of 'lol' to kill zombies.
  • [In Lachryma's Russian accent]: I do usual life-saving things at Latrobe. I seal breach from minor (3 zeds) breach, I heal random man, then I trek to cemetery and revive poor fool. I then search for medkits, for zombie eat my last ones. Is annoying. I also throw stale scotch out window, then drop match. Zombies no notice fire, and smell is horrible. Tomorrow, I find new use for stale, old scotch, for burning no work.

January 12, 2007

  • [As you finish off the last of the scotch, you find a small note at the bottom of the bottle that reads...] Hey there fellow GC members! These seems to be less and less action here at Latrobe these days (at least whenever I'm awake). It's not due to the amount of zombies outside (which is always increasing) but due to the fact that those guarding the building are doing a STELLAR job of keeping the barricades up (even though there's a break-in or two everyday). So, I've been working out of the other buildings directly around Latrobe like Holloms Auto Repair and the revive points to try to make the most out of my AP. I always visit Latrobe everyday though to make sure things are okay. So, if you need me, make the sound of a dying giraffe and I will appear shortly. And welcome to the group Cap'n Silly! --Skitchipoo 20:38, 12 January 2007 (UTC) Note: The rest of Ghetto Cow is vaguely disturbed by the thought of dying-giraffe calls floating over the streets of Malton
  • [Lachryma seems rather tired for just living in a zombie apocalypse]: I find lovely use for old scotch. Turns out that it works as good fuel for generator. However, I no can tell stale scotch from new scotch, so all gets put in generator. In other news, survivors at open bar of Latrobe glare at me. Is strange.

January 13, 2007

  • There was a break in at Latrobe today! 30000 zombies came in and I killed them all with only my fists! Then I revived everyone in Malton, and healed everybody for 50HP, gave all the newbies 200 XP, because I'm generous. Disclaimer- The previous story by Cap'n Silly is probably a bit of a lie.

January 14, 2007

  • Why didn't anybody tell me about the open bar? Here I am at Hollums stripping for creepy old men who smell like hydrogen peroxide and mothballs, and I find out that there's an open bar next door! I'm there... --Skitchipoo 09:52, 14 January 2007 (UTC)
I finally made it to Caiger! It is nice to see some familiar faces. --ZombieSlay3rSig.png 21:33, 14 January 2007 (UTC)
  • [Lachryma seems unusually happy]: I welcome Slay3r to Mall, is about time. In other news, horde outside Latrobe drop to 128. Is lovely, but where zeds go? Is there back door to Caiger that they plan to sneak with? Or maybe they get bored and go away!
  • (As you try to relax and take a nap, Cap'n Silly starts talking to you. You punch him but he talks to you anyway.)
Haha, the zombies are getting scared, and running away! They make me look brave! And that's saying something! OH MY GOD, DUCKLINGS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

January 18, 2007

  • Is it a crime to kill zombies, because a gang of three broke in and attempted to steal my squid, and it kinda turned uhh, violent... you know the kind of violent where you kill three zombies? Well, that's the sort. But they tried to steal my squid and bit me! Okay, I bit them. Are you happy now? --Cap'n Silly 00:37, 18 January 2007 (UTC)


January 19!

  • Game updates! About time! Some nifty little ones they are too. --Cap'n Silly 03:24, 20 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Latrobe cades @ EHB2 thanks to me @ 04:15, 20 January 2007 (UTC) - Ev933n / Talk
  • A couple of days ago, I had nothing to do (cades at EHB2, nobody to revive or heal) so I decided to venture outside of Latrobe to chop up some zombies like I used to do before that one female zombie got a restraining order against me.... anyways, I managed to bring down a zombie to 3 HP. I had 5 AP left and pure determination surging through my body, so I HAD to finish it off. Guess what happened? 5 fething misses and I pass out! I come back half an hour later to find my corpse on the ground and that damn zombie with 3 HP standing over me, covered in my blood and grinning a stupid grin. ARG! That's what I get for trying to fight with gusto! --Skitchipoo 23:45, 20 January 2007 (UTC) Note: The rest of Ghetto Cow does not encourage breaking restraining orders, as bad stuff happens. Skitchipoo's story is merely the tip of the iceberg.

January 22, 2007

  • [Lachryma's Russian accent never leaves her]: I revive two members, heal some others, then search for needles. I put story of revives in Funniest Moments, as it was comedy of errors. Maybe one day we do better...or zombies eat us.

January 25, 2007

  • EHB1 because of me at 02:41, 26 January 2007 (UTC) --Ev933n / Talk
  • Grr.. stupid hit limit. I had a zombie on 2hp and then it was all like: "You have hit your hit limit! You're screwed fool! I AM KEVAN DAVIS BWAHAHAHAAHAHAA! -Cap'n S.
      • If anyone (in our group) needs to borrow the $5, I will gladly pay it. --Ev933n / Talk PPGC 18:21, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

Jan 28, 07

  • Yeah, so ... I am zombified. Or not. Whee. --Ev933n / Talk PPGC 18:21, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

Jan 29, 07

  • [Lachryma appears to be calculating how much the NT computers would sell for in the Motherland]: There is minor break in today. I try to barricade and save lives, but zombie strength is too much. Luckily, one man kill both zombies, is impressive. But other person is killed by zombie before it die, I no could save man. Is sad. Where is scotch?
  • [Cap'n Silly is lugging a huge bag labeled 'Scotch' out the door]: Well, I searched a lot and found nothing, Karmageddon slapped my head today, and I revived some zombies. Go figure.

Jan 31, 07

  • I barricaded. Then I healed. Then, for good measure, I barricaded some more. After that I made sure the still is still pumping out plenty of home-brewed Scotch for all the defenders. A little while after that, I barricaded a tad again just to be on the safe side. With all the 'cading I'm doing, I might as well turn it into some kind of art form... Feng shui barricading... "All bookshelves must be stacked symmetrically in the shape of a crane!" "No, don't put that table there! You'll disrupt the room's natural energy!" "Someone kill that zed! His 'cade-smashing is draining our karma!" "Gah! I'm infected! I told you this would happen!" --Specialist290 01:45, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

Feburary 1, 2007

  • [Lachryma has found a portable DVD player and is watching "Enemy at the Gates"] This movie is interesting, in Western way. Ah, zombies, of course. I heal very hurt people in church place, is like old times. One new survivor was at 5 HP, but is healed now. Also, I revive random zombie, is good for clearing mind of distractions. After all that, I come back and destroy feng shui of barricade by adding extra plastic trees, to keep out dead ones. I is better at barricading then Specialist290, is proven by barricades in shape of hammer and sickle.

Febuary 2, 2007

  • The Cap'n is talking about things. You hear: "..and that is why "Enemy At The Gates" sucks compared to "Saving Private Ryan". Anyway, I died, bought some zombie skills, and revived 3 people. Go figure. On a sadder note, Penelope ran away. Which raises the question: "How the hell can a squid run away?"
  • Ethelred IV speaks: The cowardly slayers of their own race continue to ravage the noble defenders of Fort Latrobe. Nevertheless, wielding their metal wands and rebuilding the fallen walls, they continue the foul dead-spawn back from whence they came. I hope to see more of my noble comrades that I might share the joy of battle with them. To arms! Note: You can take the man out of the Middle Ages, but you can't take the Middle Ages out of the man

February 3, 2007

  • You see the Cap'n running around screaming. You don't need to listen to him to know there 45 zeds in Latrobe.
  • Ethelred IV speaks: The violence of the previous day has taken its toll upon our noble defenders. The fell spawn pour forth as the Norsemen fell upon Fair Alfred's Kingdom, and I sit with my wands empty. As the Venerable Bede did, one must doubt whether there is a happy outcome for any child of man. Nevertheless, if I must fall, it will be swinging my axe and crying out the name of my foe. Summon all the men we can! To arms!

February 5, 2007

  • It appears that my ignorance of my AP count has saved my life yet again. After running out of AP going to Caiger to get some faks, I passed out and avoided a grizzly death. Upon returning to the Latrobe Building I killed 2 zombies, but 29 and a ransacking still remain. I saved a syringe so hopefully someone will get revived later. I think it would be in our best interest to organize an attack once all our members are revived and packing some serious heat. Best regards, ZombieSlay3rSig.png 16:44, 5 February 2007 (UTC).

February 6, 2007

  • I woke up to find the NW corner of Caiger falling so I tried my best to find as many discarded "Chicago Bears: Superbowl XLI Champs" signs as I could. There were enough in the garbage to build a castle, but I just didn't have enough energy. Be sure to keep an eye out for the NW corner. --Skitchipoo 23:34, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

February 7, 2007

  • You see the Cap'n looking through a pink toy telescope. He tells you he's seen 183 zeds outside the NW corner of Caiger, and 33 inside Latrobe. You wonder how he did that with a cheap Happy Meal toy.

February 8, 2007

  • Caiger has fallen as did the Danelaw. On to Stickling; there, vengeance shall find its home. User: Ethelred IV
  • I ran ahead to do some recon in the Stickling Mall area. After some scouting around, I found 96 zombies outside of the NW corner of the mall and 172 outside of nearest NT. There are 102 humans in Whippey (NT) and about 400 in the mall. The Bridle Museum seems to be the standard entry point, even though you can freerun to the mall. Good luck with the revives. --ZombieSlay3rSig.png 17:44, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Here's a bit of advice for everyone: don't play Urban Dead while on the phone. I got caught standing around at the cemetery while chit-chatting, and within 2 minutes I was dead... again. Many thanks to Dag00 for reviving me. Even though your effort was ultimately fleeting, it will not be forgotten. --Skitchipoo 00:04, 9 February 2007 (UTC)
  • [Lachryma looks a touch under the weather] I revive 3 dead ones, then come back to chaos in Herman. Is not lovely.

February 9, 2007

  • The Cap'n is sitting around at Stickling, throwing bricks at a Gameboy display.

Our Cadence

Note: This cadence is based on one by the U.S. Marine Corps. Ooo Rah!

I can get to Caiger *clap* like that
I can get to Caiger *clap* like that
When I get to Caiger, survivor gonna say,
'How'd you get to Caiger in just one day?'
and I reply with a whole lotta anger,
'Dealing with zeds and much danger'
I can get to Ridleybank *clap* like that
i can get to Ridleybank *clap* like that
When I get to Ridleybank, RRF gonna say,
'How'd you get to Ridleybank in just one day?'
and I reply with a whole lotta violence,
'Using barricades, so I want silence'
I can get to Latrobe *clap* like that
I can get to Latrobe *clap* like that
When I get to Latrobe CRF gonna say,
'How'd you get to Latrobe in just one day?'
and I reply with a whole lotta zeal
'I was here already, so deal'
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