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Back in 2006 and prior, people had no sense of humor. Also, twittering was something birds did.

The Malton Neighborhood Watch

The Malton Neighborhood Watch is a growing movement to create awareness and motivate action toward Griefing and Player Killing.

In the most extreme cases, a lone griefer or group of griefers can devistate any given user or group's enjoyment of Urban Dead and even the associated Wiki.

Below you will find a space in which you may report Griefers and PKers. This should be used only in cases where the griefing and killing is ongoing and attempts at stopping it have failed. In other words, getting shot a couple times is not worthy of a report. Being killed many times with the promise of more to come without end is worthy of a report.

This is not a PKer list. This is a page on which users may report those who are willfully destroying gameplay for another user or group.

Reasons you may make a report:

  1. A user targets you excessively, but is not on the opposite side of the game. (IE: Human vs Zombie)
  2. A user is impersonating you or has "joined" your group for the purpose of damaging your gameplay.
  3. A user makes actual threats or demands that go outside the realm of gameplay.
    "I'm going to kill your sister while she's at Joe's Coffee House!" - Dangerous Threat
    "I'll stop if you delete your website!" - Unreasonable Demand
  4. A user makes any large-scale effort spanning a long time-period with the sole intent of ruining you or your group's gameplay.

You may not make a report if:

  1. You or your group are reasonably targetted by a group on the opposite side of gameplay. (IE: Human vs Zombie)
  2. A user kills your character a handful of times.
  3. A user says something mean to you.
  4. A user constantly says things you disagree with.
  5. A user simply won't comply with a demand you've made.

The spirit of this movement is not to destroy the gameplay of those who are legitimately playing. This movement is, however, seeking to halt the excessively damaging activities that have been heretofor unchecked.

Show Your Support

Mnweye.gif Malton Neighborhood Watch
This group or user supports the
Malton Neighborhood Watch.
Stoned.gif Malton Neighborhood Watch
This group or user is too stoned to support the
Malton Neighborhood Watch.
{{MNW}} {{Stoned}}
Do you support the Malton Neighborhood Watch and want to show it? Then you may wish to add this template to your user or group's page. Do you support the Malton Neighborhood Watch in principle, but are too lazy to actually help? Then you may wish to add this template to your user or group's page.

Neighborhood Watch Council

Any established group with more than 10 members or a long-standing history may choose to elect one member of their group to serve on the Neighborhood Watch Council. Once a representative is chosen in whatever manner said group may choose, the name of that representative may be added below in alphabetical order.

Council members will, in effect, have no real authority until the council reaches ten members, each from different groups. This ensures a certain amount of fairness for all parties involved, regardless of their orientation.

Council Members

If you are supported by your group, and that group contains more than 10 members, you may add your name to the council list below.

  1. Council Member - A Group

Current Listing

  1. Undeadinator - Red Rum
  2. Toast Boy - Crossman Defense Force

Council Accountability

The goal of this page is to highlight and prevent abusive behavior. As such, abusing this system itself will not be tolerated. Every member of the Neighborhood Watch council should adhere to the guidelines and spirit of this system.

Once the council reaches no less than ten members, any given user of this wiki may petition for removal of a council member if they abuse their position in any way. These petitions will be placed on the Malton Neighborhood Watch Discussion page and will be open to a vote for one week. A clear majority must be achieved to remove a council member, at which time the group they represent can elect a new member if they so choose. Each petition will be decided by the patrons of this wiki, but a majority of council members may overrule this verdict only in extreme cases of vote rigging or other such "illegal" behavior.

Petitions for removal may be posted by other council members, but no member is to go outside of this process in order to remove another.


Please place the user or group you are reporting below. Provide a link to that user's profile and a short(!) description of why you are reporting them. Reports without screenshots, believable statements, linked evidence on this wiki, or a respectable reporter may be removed without notice.

Please be sure to include all important information in the most civil way possible. Please be sure to make note of the location offenses have taken place (if in-game) or provide links! (if not in-game)

Rebuttals and Discussion should be placed within this page's Discussion area only. Anything posted below that is not part of a report may be moved to the Discussion page by any wiki user.

Any listing may be petitioned for removal by any user at any time. Petitions for removal will be considered by any Counsel members willing to "arbitrate". Counsel members may cast their vote as to weather or not a case should be removed. A clear majority of votes from counsel members is needed in order to remove a report, as long as it is otherwise valid as per this page's rules.

    Admitted griefer and PKer group. Evidence of this provided by the members themselves on their own group page. Reportedly requested payment in return for ceasing their griefing on this wiki as well as in-game. The actions of GANKBUS members are specifically comitted to ruin the gaming experience for members of Crossman Defense Force and those who assist them in any way. GANKBUS has used this wiki itself as a podium to defame and insult the group and its membership, often bordering on complete and total disregard for all semblance of ethical behavior.
    DerekJeterWiki Page
    rueful2Wiki Page
    Ozno Axe
    Ozno Zombie
  2. Heathers
    A secretive group with unknown motives, they first appeared several weeks ago and repeatedly PKed one of my characters, claiming bounties for "the Heathers". Repeated inquires and searches have found no usable data on the group, although the victims of Heathers have created and are helping to maintain the information page this report links to. Right now, the leader of FedCom is their primary target (one of my characters), and they use bounty hunters to kill him repeatedly. So far, the entire FedCom group has declared war against Heathers, and we are doing our best to track them and eliminate them wherever they are found. They are a slippery bunch, and so far, it looks like the war is not ending any time soon: they continue to PK my character, and the rest of the group hunts for revenge.
    There have been no replies to any attempt to make contact. Never has the "crime" my character has committed been revealed. He is a model citizen, killing zombies, wanted PKers (through the DEM's rogue's gallery), and revived members of enemy groups only. He condemns GKing and RKing, and pretty much everything else that could be considered "bad" in the game. In effect, his only crime is that of leading a survivor group against the zombies and occasional PKer who try to call the deep south-east "home".
    All information you require may be found in the Data/Heathers and FedCom pages. It is quite a bit...
    --Terminator 484 FedCom | DEM 05:04, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

Malton's Most Wanted

Malton's Most Wanted is basically centered around this template:

Mnweye.gif Malton's Most Wanted!
The user below is currently #1 on Malton's Most Wanted list, and should be terminated on sight without mercy.
hagnat - Zombie Player

Wanted for crimes against humanity, including directing his zombie group to attack another while it was down. This was done simply to claim an easy victory in an area the target group barely inhabited.

For these crimes, the penalty is repeated PKing.

Last seen in Darvall Heights.

Code for your page:

{{:Malton Neighborhood Watch/Enemy1}}

(Help spread the word using your Wiki page!)

Mnweye.gif Malton's Most Wanted!
The user below is currently #2 on Malton's Most Wanted list, and should be terminated on sight without mercy.
Sonny Corleone - Zombie Player

Wanted for crimes against humanity, high treason, espionage, slander, grand theft auto of M1 Abrahm Tanks, murder, assault and battery, breaking and entering, and jaywalking.

For these crimes, the penalty is Pantsing.

Last seen in Central Malton.

This template will be updated from time to time as needed. An archive of past "Most Wanted" listings will also be created. To submit a request for an addition to this template, please lodge a report below concerning the offensive party. Keep your information factual and avoid drama at all costs.

Submissions that are deemed insulting, inflammatory, or false may be removed without notice by MNW "staff".

The Malton Neighborhood Watch reserves the right to report (future) reports that violate our simple, straight-forward, easy-to-understand rules in extreme cases. This will most likely take place through arbtration or requested Mod intervention, unless actual wanton vandalization takes place.

Please feel free to post this template liberally.

Most Wanted Submissions

Place your request below the line. Number, sign, and timestamp it.

  1. Sonny Corleone - Harman traitor that sold out on his comrades. Bitched several people with quick and snappy comebacks. Has a template list that's most likely longer than your genitalia. To top it off has own group desgined to make fun of harmanz trying to take Ridleybank. Sonny Corleone WTF 03:54, 26 May 2006 (BST)
  2. Sonny Corleone - Agreed. He turned his back on the Mall that he helped build. He's an overall douchebag. Just kill the bastard over and over again. -- Tirion529 03:59, 26 May 2006 (BST)
  3. Amazing - For wanting to destroy good smut. "…though I suggest launching this fleshy, pale, blur of homoerotic lust into the sun.", also wanted for writing about bike riding. –Xoid STFU! 05:00, 5 June 2006 (BST)
  4. Amazing - Agreed. Sonny Corleone WTF 01:05, 8 June 2006 (BST)
  5. Amazing - Makes sense to me! --Jimbo Bob ASSU! 02:35, 8 June 2006 (BST)
    Above reports obvious jokes. Denied. -- Amazing 04:31, 8 June 2006 (BST)
    No, I seriously meant it. Heck, I've already preemptively taken up the task of PKing you repeatedly for your crimes. --Jimbo Bob ASSU! 04:34, 8 June 2006 (BST)
    First one's a joke, at least. Second and third are from senseless trolls, so I don't suppose they matter anyway. *shrug* Should've erased them flat-out as per this page's rules, but I figured I'd be nice and spell out why they're not valid. Guess that went unappreciated. -- Amazing 04:39, 8 June 2006 (BST)
    Heh. Amusing that in a conversation with a supposed troll you're the only one being insulting. Regardless, you're not worth any more of my time. Ta. --Jimbo Bob ASSU! 05:13, 8 June 2006 (BST)
  6. Suggesting MaulMachine Member of a PKer group, helped Mall Tour 06 as a brain-rot zombie, general Wiki trolling, has harassed people off both UD and the Wiki. Seems like a good candidate given the PKer/Zombie/Nerd trifecta. -- Amazing 04:50, 8 June 2006 (BST)
    Amazing, due to your long and involved history with MaulMachine, it would be better for you to not nominate him. If he actually did do anything, people won't believe it simply because it is another case like Legend X vs. Denzel — a lot of people hate you and won't take that report seriously. It will need verification from a neutral 3rd party.
    Also, are you like, undead now? (I didn't think people could inflict atomic wedgies that fast…) –Xoid STFU! 05:43, 8 June 2006 (BST)
    If you'd like to change the processes of this page/group/organization, feel free to open discussion on the talk page. -- Amazing 05:59, 8 June 2006 (BST)
  7. Reptileus--Being annoying (As seen on the wiki), threatening the DHPD and the city (See on Confederacy of Malton page, killing people, creating plots to destroy both the city and the DHPD, and committing acts of terrorism (Destroying generators, destroying barricades, etc). Lt Potter 17:01 August 27 2006.
    What thats abserd, nobody in there right mind would put me on this list, they would noly be aiding me User:Reptileus
    I'm sorry But i think this kid is right, dude you need to be in chains--Apex 00:14, 13 November 2006 (UTC)
    Funny guy, yeah. Regulary destroys generators.--PoisoN 13:47, 15 November 2006 (CET)
  8. Amazing - For obvious reasons... well... if he stills plays UD... --WOOT 00:18, 31 October 2007 (UTC)
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