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This is my private sandbox. Please don't edit anything here. Maybe you're looking for the public sandbox?

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Much of what makes a suggestion humorous is frivolous and irrelevant detail. Any actual utility here should be incidental. Remember the rule of Dr. Seuss: "consistent nonsense". If a zombie were to have two heads, it should take two head shots to bring it down.

Making a Humorous Suggestion

Unlike the Suggestions page, the rules for this page are substantially more lax. Most anything goes in a suggestion. However, be sure to read and understand the following rules:

  1. Look for your suggestion on this page and on the Peer Reviewed Humorous Suggestions page to avoid a duplicate suggestion (Use the Ctrl + F function to search for keywords).
  2. New and sensitive users should be aware that voters will not always treat their ideas kindly. It may be helpful to wait a few days to get a feel for the place and the other users before subjecting your idea to any possible criticism.
  3. All Suggestions must use the Humorous Suggestions Template. Suggestions that do not use this template may be deleted without warning by any user.
  4. Once you have posted your suggestion, it is considered complete. Altering the suggestion mechanics after voting has begun nullifies existing votes, and is considered an abuse of the suggestions page. Doing so will result in your suggestion being removed.
  5. "Notes" added for clarification purposes, and correcting spelling/typos are permitted. When considering adding a clarification note, it is often better for all parties involved, for the author to remove the suggestion and resubmit it with the clarification included for the voters who have already placed their votes.
  6. Each author should not make more than three suggestions per day. This limit does not include suggestions which the author has removed for the purpose of revision. Suggestions must be removed prior to revisions being posted. Frequent removal of suggestions to avoid having them voted down is considered abuse of the system. Frequent removal of suggestions in order to post non-revision suggestions the same day is also considered abuse of the system.

Suggestion Template

To use the template, enter the following, but remove emboldened text:

==Humorous Suggestion Title==
type=New Class, New Item, Satire, Stereotypes|
tally=0, +3, -5|
description=enter your humorous suggestion description here|



  1. You are voting on Suggestions, not Users. The text of your vote should not personally attack or degredate the user who has submitted it... no matter how ridiculous the idea. Flaming and/or Trolling will not be tolerated.
  2. One vote per user. No exceptions. You cannot use multiple wiki accounts to vote on a suggestion.
  3. To Vote, use the [edit] button next to the suggestion you wish to vote for. Then enter your vote in the Votes field. Please ensure that your vote is placed before the double brackets of the particular suggestion (ie the "}}")
  4. Votes must include a signature in order to be considered valid votes. To sign a vote, use --~~~~. Please remember to sign your votes! Unsigned votes will be deleted after 30 minutes or when found.
  5. Each Suggestion will be open to voting for two (2) weeks, measured from the suggestion's Timestamp. If, at the end of that time, there are at least 15 votes, and there are two thirds (2/3) more Funny votes than Unfunny votes, the Suggestion will be moved to the Peer Reviewed Humorous Suggestions page. Otherwise, the Suggestion will be removed.

Rules for Discussions

Votes are NOT the place to discuss Suggestions. This page and archived suggestion pages only to be used for the Suggesting and subsequent Voting of these suggestions. If you wish to discuss any of the suggestions or votes here, please use this page's Talk page (Talk:Humorous Suggestions). Suggestions do not have to be submitted in order to discuss them. The Suggestions talk page can be used to workshop possible suggestions before they are submitted.

Valid Votes

  • Funny, for Suggestions that you believe are funny.
  • Unfunny, for Suggestions that you believe are not funny.

Invalid Votes

  • Votes that are not either Funny or Unfunny will not be counted and will be struck out or removed.


  • Re may be used to comment on a vote. Reing every unfunny vote is considered abuse of the Re comment. A Re does not count as a vote.
  • Note is used by moderators to invalidate trolling-based votes. Only moderators may remove troll-based votes and they do so with a strikeout <s></s> in order to preserve the trolling removal for posterity. The voter may contest the strikeout with the moderator that struck their vote out on the discussion page. Only a moderator may remove a strikeout.
  • Tally is used to provide a count of votes up to that point and should be formatted like this: # Funny, # Unfunny, # Total.

All Caps

Try to avoid YELLING, writing in bold, or using italics, except when emphasizing a point which has escaped other voters.

Humorous Suggestions

Add new suggestions to the bottom of this page - duplicate suggestions WILL be removed.

Suggestions go here.