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einexile began his Malton career as a part-time Firefighter and jack of all trades before stumbing one day into Cornelius General Hospital in Spracklingbank. After a moderately successful period serving as head surgeon despite the passionate efforts of some very, very important people, he went on extended sabbatical somewhere out of state. Upon returning, he joined up with the Mad Craskers for a brief period during which they and their friends The Dribbling Beavers fought the Undeadites for control of the infamous Craske Triangle. In the wake of that sad contest, einexile packed his belongings and traveled south to join up with Rotter's Relief in Wyke Hills, discarding his cellphone and GPS unit along the way in an attempt to avoid his less reputable alter ego whom we shall discuss next.

Vacuos, formerly of Greater Tir County, relocated to Malton following the initial outbreak. Making his home in South Blythville, he fought with the mighty Emerald Guard until Melanie Booth's mysterious disappearance in mid-2006. Following a prolonged period of NaBarhah in the neighborhood of Marven Mall, Vacuos became restless, and left east in search of the mythical Survivor Security Zone. Only he didn't realize it was mythical at the time, and it was following this journey that he learned to love his fellow man not only in brotherhood but for dinner. Alas, it was not to be, as one well-placed needle put poor Vacuos, still chewing on the delectable gristle of Necrotech employees, back into the service of humanity, and the dream was over. Vacuos once made his home in Kinch Heights, where he was founding and sole member of the Feral Electricians, but lately has been at Ackland Mall, fixing stuff and shouting at people.

einexile the meek (no relation) is an amateur electrician with Galaxy News Radio in the lovely town of Borehamwood. He is a beloved advocate for peaceful coexistence among survivors, and is best known for negotiating a bloodless ceasefire with obscure unpleasantness enthusiasts Game Over. (In truth, there may have been a tiny bit of blood, but no testosterone was spilled and nothing of value was lost.)

some goth kids used to hang out at Giddings Mall, but there isn't anyplace cool to shop at Giddings. They would be over at ackland if their lame physics teacher weren't always creeping around there tinkering with the PA system. Lately they've been seen in a dark corner of The Godson Arms. They don't card there and there aren't any skaters asking you to hide their weed in your lunchbox.

Miss Zarves lives on the 19th floor of Pole Mall. There is no 19th floor of the The Whitenoll Building. There is no 19th floor. There is no Miss Zarves.]

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