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The Nominees

Most Inept
MisterGame - xxxxx - winner!
Matthewfarenheit - x
Conndraka - xx

Most Overzealous Wiki Janitor
Swiers - x
MisterGame - x
The Rooster - xxxx - winner!
The General - xx

The Grim Award for Excellence and Pure Concentrated Evil
Grim s - xxxxxxx - winner!
Conndraka -
Zaruthustra -

The Anger Award
Cyberbob240 - xxxxx - winner!
MisterGame -
DanceDanceRevolution - xx
Misanthropy - x
Suicidalangel -

The Invasion of Privacy Award
Yonnua Koponen - xxxxx - winner!
J3D - x
Suicidalangel -
Grim s - xx

The Bureaucrazy Award
most UDWiki: contribs
Hagnat - xxxxxx - winner!
Linkthewindow - x
Conndraka - x

The Meh Award
least UDWiki: contribs
The Rooster - x
Mobius187 - xxxxxx - winner!
Seventythree - x

Most Stupid Sys-Op Mistake
Odd Starter, for promoting Amazing
Darth Sensitive, for deleting A/VB
DanceDanceRevolution and Rosslessness, for promoting Thad - xxxx
Nubis, for the Iscariot banning fiasco
Nubis, for handing his account to another user - xxxx
Krazy Monkey and A Helpful Little Gnome, for promoting J3D
Grim s, for overacting over a Historical Group voting and eventually triggering Grim's Coup

Most Stupid A/VB Ruling
Grim s, for banning Izumi Orimoto
Spiderzed, for banning the reporting user, rather than the spambot
DanceDanceRevolution, for banning the reporting user, rather than the spambot
Revenant, for banning a user despite being told not to
Nubis, for the Iscariot banning fiasco - xxxxx - winner!
MisterGame, for being MisterGame - xxx

Most Stupid A/M Ruling
Grim's Coup Misconduct Ruling - xxxxxx - winner!
MisterGame being the only one to vote misconduct on Spiderzed case
Revenant for citing other people's arguments to back his own - xx

Most Hilarious Reaction To Iscariot Drama
Nubis, for his "thank you for your input" response to Iscariot - xxxxxxxx - winner!

Best Drunken sysoping Award
Suicidalangel, for deleting every admin pages -x
Misanthropy, for being irish - xxx
Krazy Monkey, for banning self for more than seven hours after "rolling in the door about half 3 in the morning" - xxx - winner!
DanceDanceRevolution, for being Australian - x
Misanthropy, for unknown reasons

Best Burn
Hagnat, for this - xx
Rosslessness, for this
Rosslessness, for this - x
Cyberbob240, for this - xx - winner!
Cyberbob240, for this - x
Boxy, for this
DanceDanceRevolution. for this - x

Shortest Term
Amazing - x
Katthew - xxxxxxx - winner!

Longest Term
Boxy - xxxxxxxx - winner!

The Cat Award
Longest Term As Bureaucrat
Boxy - xxxxxxxx - winner!

Most Passive
Red Hawk One - xxxxxxx - winner!
Daranz - x
The Rooster

Most Shallow/Superficial
MisterGame - xxxxxx - winner!
Cyberbob240 - xx

Biggest Wikicat
Note: This award is about about cat (wiki fauna), not about cat (bureaucrat).
DanceDanceRevolution - xxxx
MisterGame - xxxx - winner!
Yonnua Koponen

Biggest Grudge
Amazing vs. Everyone
Cyberbob240 vs. The General
DanceDanceRevolution vs. Karek
Grim s vs. Akule - xx
Grim s vs. Conndraka
Grim s vs. Everyone - xxxx - winner!
MisterGame vs. Everyone
Yonnua Koponen vs. Meatpuppets
Yonnua Koponen vs. Misanthropy - xx

Most Ignorant
Cyberbob240 - x
MisterGame - xxxxx - winner!
Yonnua Koponen - xxx

Most Persuasive
Boxy - xxx - winner!
Grim s - x
MisterGame - x
Rosslessness - x
Xoid - xx

Best Text-Wall
DanceDanceRevolution - xxx
Grim s - xxxx - winner!
* Revenant

Most Flame Retarded
This means the sysop most susceptible to flaming, not most flame resistant (to help with the confusion)
Cyberbob240 - xxx
Katthew - xxx - winner!
MisterGame - x
Yonnua Koponen - x

The "I didn't even know he/she was Sysop?" Award
for all the little sysops that avoid drama and just keep this dump running - needs a better name
Red Hawk One - xxxx - winner!
Swiers - x
Spiro - xxx

The "If At First You Don't Succeed, Skydiving Is Not For You." Award
most unsuccessful/withdrawn/unaccepted bids before an actual promotion
MisterGame - xxxxx - winner!
Krazy Monkey - xxx

The "This Guy Again" Award
most total bids. Current three-way tie between Hagnat, Cheese and Cyberbob
Cyberbob240 - xxxx
hagnat - xx
Krazy Monkey - xxxxxx - winner!

The Self-ASSurance Award
Most Self Nominations
Cyberbob240 - xxxxxx winner!
hagnat - xx
Krazy Monkey

Most Misconduct Cases
Greatest number of misconduct cases
hagnat - xxxxxxxx - winner!

Toeing the Line Award
Greatest number of misconduct cases ruled Not Misconduct
Grim s
hagnat - xxxxxxxx - winner!

The "Line is a dot to you" award

Greatest number of misconduct cases ruled Misconduct

hagnat - xxxxxxxx - winner!

The Most Asian Axe Award
Axe come back!
Axe Hack - xxxxxx - winner!
Katthew - x
Max Grivas - x

Most Humorless Humourless Unfunny
Karek - x
Matthewfarenheit - xx
Xoid - x
Yonnua Koponen - xxxx - winner!

Biggest Whoremaster
Sysop who uses their position to promote their in game group
Conndraka - xxxxxx - winner!
Yonnua Koponen - xx

Propaganda Minister
The truth is subjective award
Karek - x
Revenant - xxx
Yonnua Koponen - xxxx - winner!

Most Paranoid
Grim s - xx
Katthew - xxxx - winner!
Yonnua Koponen - xx

Biggest Attention Whore
DanceDanceRevolution - xxx
Grim s - xxx
MisterGame - x
Yonnua Koponen - xxx - winner!

Gayest WikiCop
VB at the drop of a hat award
J3D - xxx
MisterGame - xxxx - winner!
Yonnua Kopponen - x

Best Puppet
Sysop most easily manipulated into doing exactly what you want them to do.
DanceDanceRevolution - xx
Misanthropy - x
Revenant - xxxxx - winner!

Biggest Potential Pedo
Conndraka - xxxx
Spiderzed - xxxx - winner!
It's Always One Of Those Days
sysop always on their perpetual period
DanceDanceRevolution - xx
Katthew - xxxxx - winner!
Suicidalangel - x