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Creedy Guerrilla Raiders

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When the zombie outbreak occurred in Malton, we all did what we could to survive; we were all ordinary citizens and civilians. We stood back and watched as larger groups formed to protect Malton from the chaos, devastation, and zombie hordes. We took a sigh of relief as we placed our trust and hope in these groups; we believed they would do what was right. Soon, however, corruption gained the better of these groups. They began to seize territory as their own. They began to drive other groups out of their suburbs, and destroy anyone and anything that opposed them. Refusing to respect other groups and individuals, they began to make their own law and force it upon others by penalty of death.

As time goes on, every scarred zombie hunter realizes that it is the corruption that lies in the hearts of men that is the true plague. Human life is uncannily hardy; it will always continue, regardless of the undead threat. However, when darkness begins to creep into the hearts of those in power, the very world in which this life has struggled so hard to exist becomes threatened.

This is when the sparks of Resistance are struck. It is then that individuals realize it is not the zombies they must truly fear. For there is a greater evil threatening Malton: the indifference of good men to corruption and abuse of power. It is this realization has led the Creedy Guerrilla Raiders to become a haven for many veteran zombie hunters. Many Ex-ACC and even CDF have come to call the Raiders their own. As ordinary people caught in the middle of the chaos surrounding the zombie catastrophe, and the grip of corrupt decadent groups such as the DEM, we knew we had to do something to free the people of Malton from the iron grip of fascist rule! We gathered to form the Creedy Guerrilla Raiders. People from all walks of life, we were no longer mere civilians. We became something else, something... more. We became Revolutionaries, and we will not stop until the fascists are crushed, and freedom reigns supreme in Malton!

To all those who believe that blood must be shed to ensure the freedom of themselves and their fellow man: you have a home in the CGR.

History of Infamy


The February-April 2006 fall of Fort Creedy

Having contributed to the fall of Fort Creedy during this time, we are partially responsible for the fall of Fort Creedy. This was our first major and glorious victory against the awful Creedy Defense Force. Over a period of several weeks, zombies from the RRF horde attacked the fort and commenced a full siege. During this period, our CGR members overbarricaded the fort, smashed the fort barricades down, and killed CDF members inside. After a number of days of constantly doing this, we opened way for the zombies to enter and rummage in the guts of the oppressive Creedy Defense Force. Many CDF members fell and died, and this served as an example of the CGR's capabilities. The fort continues to be overrun with zombies, and we intend to make sure it stays that way. The Creedy Defense Force will never enter the fort again.

April 2006 Raidings on Giddings Mall

Giddings mall is currently being attacked by us, and is currently attacked by zombies as well. The CDF has left us no choice but to bring the fight to them in this hour of attack. Many signs of the mall's fall are in vision, and it is only a short matter of time before the corrupt and decadent Creedy Defense Force loses it's secondary headquarters. Long live the CGR!

Bovig Slaughter

During a raid on Giddings mall on the 25th of May, Franz Molotov slaughtered the Creedy Defense Forces sacred animal, the Bovig. The Commissar charged through the crowd, shotgun blazing, towards the Bovigs. Two CDF members were killed in the crossfire and several were severely injured by the beasts entrails and body parts as they were ripped away by shotgun fire. Thus is the fate of any who would turn upon the CGR.

PKA Signup

The CGR has officially joined PK Alliance We now stand shoulder to shoulder with allies prepared to bring death to the oppressive hordes that wish to throw shackles onto the masses. Long Live the Resistance!

The Summer 2006 Fall of Creedy

The Raiders and The PKer Alliance have struck the fort with a tremendous fury! The Shining Ones provided the footsoldiers whilst we ate the Fort away from the inside like a fiendish virus. The united efforts of The PKer Alliance and The Shining Ones left the fort in shambles. As of now, a few random survivors stand as zombie food. The CDF has fled. The Raiders and they're allies rave "Creedy Retreat Force!" over celebratory drinks.

The Liberation of Pitneybank

Pitneybank has become the frontline in our latest struggle against the Fascist Menace. We and our Allies strike with renewed strength and fury as we fight to hold the suburb.We will no longer stand idly by while The CDF oppresses the good people of Pitneybank. Fear not, citizens of Pitneybank, your hour of liberation is at hand!

The Guerrilla Olympics

The fighting in Pitneybank has died down. The CGR and it's allies have started to grow bored. In response, The CGR is holding the Guerrilla Olympics in the area surrounding Pitneybank! Come to the Forums and play along! Let the games begin!

Hacker Hunt

The CGR headquarters was recently bombed by an intruder. The full force of the Raiders will be thrown against the perpetrator and any who would stand beside them. Woe unto those who oppose the resistance!

The Great Rebel Campaign

On December 12, 2006 it was the beginning of what would be Pitneybank’s Utter Destruction. The CGR had begun talks of defending Giddings against The Shacknews Zombie Army. Franz Molotov attempted to establish Giddings mall as a safehouse for all, PKer or otherwise, during this time of crisis. The CDF would agree to cease fire against the CGR, but would not stop the aggression towards our PK Alliance allies. The CGR does not leave it's own hanging in the wind. The CDF grew arrogant and began to disregard the offer of peace and assistance. With that being said CGR leader, Franz Molotov sorrowfully appointed Johnny Reb as the CGR Siege Commander. Johnny Reb took command of his duties and formed a plan to weaken the CDF by having his comrades perform constant Pking, Gking and Rking within the mall.

On December 18, 2006 a horde of 180 zombies broke down the barricades and ran loose in Giddings mall. Survivors became trapped with no hope of survival and 400 survivors are eaten within a matter of hours and the mighty Giddings Mall fell siege to the Army of Shacknews and the CDF staged a retreat from the suburb while the CGR tearfully accepted victory and bravely looked forward to rebuilding Pitneybank and defending the suburb.


Operation Sneaky Cobra

January 22nd 2007 marked the day the Creedy Guerrilla Raiders initiated a bold maneuver that made an even bolder statement. As the CDF were bickering about how they could battle the Resistance and the wrath of the many groups they've angered, the CGR, Urban Guerillas and Malton Death Dealers blazed into Fort Creedy and have began battling the Undead Legions within. It has been a grueling fight, but the United Guerrillas and Soldiers have managed to push the zombie plague back. Momentum is growing and soon the fort will be Clear. The Resistance has shown that it will not allow the New Pitneybank to be plagued.

Operation Clever Mongoose

On March 30th 2007 The Raiders attacked the Fort and cleared it of all CDF. At the same time,a zombie hoard was striking the Fort. With all the gun fire in fort, the zeds capitalized and salted the earth. The CDF could have held the fort had they decided to cooperate with the CGR, instead they chose to bicker and paid the ultimate price for it.

CGR Warhawks


The CGR Warhawks were a band of elite revolutionaries for hire, prepared to take on large foes, wreak utter havoc, and spread the Resistance throughout Malton. Only seasoned The CGR Warhawks were allowed this responsibility, and were led by an individual known as The Knockoff -- a cunning and deadly man with great ambition.

The CGR Warhawks Offer

Are you a member of a small group being oppressed by a larger group? Do you have evidence of a group spying, zerging, or any other misconduct of the sort? Are you a PKer Group looking for a secret weapon? Are you a small survivor group that wants to liberate your suburb from the imperialistic hands of the DEM, but don't want to get your hands dirty? If you answered yes to any of the above, then maybe you can contract the CGR!

Upon Benzin's return, the Warhawks were officially disbanded, but their legacy lives on.

Team Zombie Hardcore

In early June, 2007, the CGR Warhawks were contracted by the Malton Skeet Club, to help them with a griefer problem in North and South Blythville. After moving in on the target, strong evidence of TZH zerging was uncovered, and the Warhawks began to attack with zeal. After less than a month, TZH had completely abandoned the Blythvilles, and scattered to the four winds. In fact, TZH members were spotted as far away as Tapton. Long Live The Resistance!

101st Airborne Unit

On July 7th, 2007, due to forum griefing, zerging, spying, and hacking, the Warhawks set their sights on the 101st Airborne Unit. On July 20th, 2007, 101st Airborne Unit formally disbanded. Their leadership knew that the hell they had faced in that short time would not subside and would instead, only burn brighter. The Fires of The Resistance cannot be quenched. However we did salvage one soul from the wreck that was the 101st, our long time member Wesker.

The Summer 2007 Fall of Pitneybank

On July 10th, perhaps after learning from past mistakes, the CDF agreed to a cease-fire with the CGR, in order to combat the onslaught of the LUE horde. Despite the valiant efforts of all citizens of Pitneybank, Fort Creedy and Giddings Mall, but the mall was overtaken. On July 18, 2007, after a grueling week, the CGR managed to remove the last of the zombies from Giddings, repair, barricade, and power the mall. Pitneybank was devastated by the battle, but the rebuilding has begun. However, the CDF had violated the cease-fire the day before it expired, thereby ending said pact. Throughout the truce, the CDF also failed to alert their allies of the cease-fire.

The Treaty of Creedy

August 16th marked a glorious day for The Resistance and the Good People of the Creedy Area. The CGR and the CDF agreed to a lasting peace. In light of changing politics in Malton and the tremendous success of the Cooperative Efforts of both sides during the LUE Siege of Giddings, we realized that our two forces could work for the good of the entire area. Now and forever the Creedy Area will be protected by both the CGR and our new brothers and sisters in arms, The CDF. We Protect the people from Fascist Invaders whilst The CDF protects them from Undead Invaders. The Resistance now blazes on into it's greatest hour!

The Great Red War

With Redrum's departure from the PKA in early Fall of 07, the Raiders are now extracting revenge for the wrongs Red Rum has committed against the CGR and all the peoples of Malton. The origins of the conflict date back to the Hacker hunt. Sirens Discord hired the special agent to steal information and to destroy the old headquarters of the CGR. During that time Red Rum publicly stood behind Sirens as their leader for 3 months until she stepped down. Her special agent also assaulted our founder, Benzin Devil, beyond the quarantine walls of Malton. To this day, this traitor to the cause is revered and honored by Red Rum, an act that shows open and blatant disregard for Red Rum's former allies: Red Rum's use of a satellite tracking system, similar to that of the Cursed DEM, is also at the heart of the War. True Warriors need only their instincts and the Fires of Resistance to kill their enemies. Death to those who would try to extinguish our Fire!


Fall 2007. An encounter with headless gunner led to bodies piled up on both sides. But these folks handled themselves admirably, and, in the end, it's kind of hard to hate guys like that.

The Silent Night Slaughter

The CGR helped deck the halls with the blood of it's enemies on Christmas 2007. We blazed into the fort with our allies from the PKA and began a systematic slaughter that was truly the stuff of legend. It would seem that the Christmas Spirit was felt by all as they were showered in gifts of lead, steel, and brass!


The ACC Scuffle

Spring and Summer 2008.

The Return of Benzin Devil

In the Summer of 2008 the CGR was blessed by the return of our glorious founder, Benzin Devil! Like a Phoenix from the Ashes, he emerged from an assassination attempt. An agent sent by sirens discord shot Benzin through the eye. Miraculously, he made it over the quarantine wall and nursed himself back to health in the nearby country side. Once he had regained his strength, he returned to Malton so that his vengeance could be had. With our founder in our ranks, nothing can stand the heat from the fires of resistance!


Out of this conflict rose the bounty hunting group The Saints.

Finis Valorum

We journeyed to Santlerville to aid the Dribbling Beavers in their fight against a notorious zerger.

The Malton Uprising

In Summer/Fall 2008, we took the largest group in the city to task for corruption and oppression. A lot of folks joined in for a short time, and during that week alone, over 270 corpses of the oppressors littered the streets.


The Crushing of Caiger

On October 1st 2009, The Raiders aided by their longtime allies The Philosophe Knights and The Spartans, brought Caiger Mall to it's knees and fed the fattened capitalist sheep to the Zombie hordes less than a week later on the 6th. This was a major victory for the assualt coordinator, Wesker. He gave the flames of the Resistance a great deal of fuel that day.



The Second CDF War

In January of 2011, we determined that we had been in error to allow an incipient fascist threat continue to thrive in Pitneybank. Aware of the magnitude of our decision, we fired upon the CDF and ended the Treaty of Creedy. The battle continues to this day.

Tears for the Fallen

The CGR is a close knit group of Freedom Fighters. We honor our fallen brothers, so that when the Movement has succeeded they can be remembered as the heroes of The Cause they were. Every Drop of blood we spill is for our fallen friends and Comrades.

B.D. McSkeets

A lovable street fighter that came to the Raiders with a heart full of fire. He later went on to form his own gang, but he and his men were captured by MPD. He is rumored to be locked in a cell somewhere in Malton. We pray for his escape.


One of the founding members of the CGR. This man was loyal guerrila fighter. Jamba was one of the first into the fray and the last out of the firefights. He always had a needle for a zombified comrade and words of friendly encouragement in the darkest times. He was appointed Commander of the CGR Honorguard and reluctantly accepted. Shortly after the Treaty of Creedy, he disappeared into the city, never to be seen again. We fight on hoping that the blaze from the fires of revolution will help guide him back home.

Dr. Jock

This man began as an enemy of the CGR during the war with the CDF. However, after a falling out, Dr. Jock came to the CGR. We allowed him in and he quickly proved his worth and gained everyone's respect. He even rose to lead the Resistance, but sadly time wore him down. He took his last breaths in Pitneybank and never rose again. We mourn his loss deeply.


Idesofmarch.jpg CAVETE IDES MARTIAE!
This User or Group Participated In The Ides Of March Killings In Ackland Mall

MMA.JPG Malton Murder Award Nominee
This User or Group has been nominated by the general populace for engaging with in the murderous ways of Malton. Be sure to vote here for your choice by 23.00 GMT on the 15th!

Samhain Slaughter pic 1.jpg Boo!
This user or group dressed up and trick-or-treated at Hildebrand Mall in Oct 2007.


151 Silent Night Slaughter
Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho! This user or group caroled and celebrated with the residents of Fort Creedy on Christmas Eve in December 2007!!!


Fortcreedyruined.PNG Destroyer Of Hope
The Creedy Guerrilla Raiders had a hand in the First Ruining of Fort Creedy since Kevan fixed the forts. 'Twas a great day. Survivors screamed, zombies feasted, and murderers bathed in the blood of the innocent. Barhah! Praise be to Zeko!


Zombie Pitneybank Seige.jpg Battle of Giddings
This user or group was among the dead that fought in the Battle of Giddings and conquered the building after a month long siege.

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