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The following is an abbreviated history of the founding and actions of the Dribbling Beavers (with the exception of entries penned by Evils, who is wont to bloviate at length).

January 2008

The new year started out with a Bash! But not in Santlerville, at least not yet. After destroying Fort Creedy, the Second Big Bash ended up with a real battle on their hands at Giddings Mall. So we bounced down to join in the fray. All was going smashingly -- and the Bash appeared to be ready to admit defeat -- when suddenly the zombies learned a new dance step. Oh, a fun time was had, and the Bash cha-cha-cha'ed to victory. We scrambled back to Santlerville expecting a quick party, but the Bash brushed us by. But we know they'll be stepping on our dance floor very soon. --Sexy Rexy Grossman 11:02, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

December 2007

After securing the suburb from the MOB's attacks, many of the Beavers bounced back out to take on the The Second Big Bash. We spent considerable time trying to rally the defenses of Tollyton and Roftwood when it looked like the Bash would be heading north. Instead, they turned south towards Fort Perryn, at the behest of the one and only Ron Burgundy. We Beavers streamed in to support the defense of the fort by protecting a secondary NT and running revives. Unfortunately, the combined strength of the Bash was too much for the fort and both NTs. The Beavers retreated back to Danversbank for revives. It was a most excellent attack by the Bash, and they deserve a lot of credit for nailing all of us pretty good.

Once the Bash started high-tailing it north, closer to our Santlerville, we rushed back and rallied the burb. Would we have another glorious chance to withstand the Bash? --Sexy Rexy Grossman 01:50, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

November 2007

The Bouncing Beavers repaired Tompson Mall in Lockettside, which had been steamrolled by The Second Big Bash for the second time in only a few short days. They then headed to Buttonville, hoping to help The Randoms hold an embattled Ranson Boulevard Police Department and possibly hold the suburb against the Bash. When the Bash turned to West Grayside, the Bouncers decided to head home. Meanwhile, the Beavers who stayed home in Santlerville battled the Militant Order of Barhah. While the MOB posed no real threat to the suburb as a whole, they certainly left their mark on Cotterrell Crescent Police Department. The MOB never was able to take the building, however, and turned away to greener pastures. Days after their departure, The Beavers and Santlerville recieved high praise in Episode 13 of Radio Survivor for their defense of CCPD. Well done, everyone!--Iphoenixsongi 16:44, 26 November 2007 (UTC)

October 2007

In the announcement that a number of hordes would once again band together and ravage the city in a second installment of the one (well, at the time) and only Big Bash the Beavers saw an opportunity to more closely familiarize themselves with the more distant suburbs and survivor groups of Malton and began organizing a travelling road show of their own (and of various esteemed allies) with the intention of following in the Bash’s wake in order to help the affected suburbs recover as quickly as possible and, hopefully, to help further unify the survivor cause.

And let’s face it...we love the attention and haven’t had a good horde of our own for some time.

Indeed, October found the Beavers and company bouncing like never before as they repaired, barricaded, healed, revived, blathered and blasted their mighty way through the only briefly ruined (if we may say so ourselves) remains of Barrville, Galbraith Hills, Stanbury Village and Tapton.

Following a short break (if such could be thus called) spent securing some troubled areas a little closer to home in Huntley Heights, the Beavers regrouped and departed once again to resume operations in the recently Bashed suburb of Lockettside.

To be continued…Evils Presley 23:40, 5 November 2007 (UTC)

September 2007

At the beginning of the month, an expedition of Beavers sauntered northeast. Helping secure Dulston and Treweeke Mall with the Dulston Alliance and the Burchell Arms Regulars was a fun time for all. But back home, trouble was brewing. A small zed mob of about 30 was terrorizing the southwest section of Santlerville. A handful of dedicated Beavers rallied the locals and kept pressure on the zombies while reinforcements returned from Dulston. At the same time, a larger horde of about 50 zombies (some being members of the Killer Zombie Tomatoes) tore through north Santlerville. By the time they lay siege on Cotterrell Crescent Police Department, we had organized a stout enough defense to stop them. This month, pinkies 2, greenies 0.

August 2007

The Battle of SantLUEville ended with a victory for the zeds, despite the well-organized and valiant efforts of Santlerville and our allies. Once LUE had moved on, Santlerville was quickly recovered. We then ran to the aid of our allies. To the south, we returned to Corneilus General Hospital in Heytown to assist our buddies the Mad Craskers. At the same time, efforts were made to recover Vicari NT building, which had fallen again.

July 2007

The Beavers put it back into gear, helping Huntley Heights defend their troubled Vicari NT building. After a close call involving LUE coming near the suburb, the Beavers kick their plan to institute a new indoor RP at St. Emelia's Church into overdrive. After realizing that Giddings is capable of recovery without their help, the Beavers take off to Spracklingbank to assist there instead. In late July, LUE strikes suddenly, devastating Downdney Mall. Additionally, both Gore Corps and Angels of Mercy reappear in the suburb to join the fray. The Beavers work tirelessly to secure Santlerville and get survivors back on their feet.

June 2007

Everyone in Santlerville seems to be taking a well deserved break from the action. However, some of the DB's answered a call from Heytown's Mad Craskers to help out with a small group of zerglings sieging the Usher NT Building. Zombies with names like Dolphin1, Dolphin2, Dolphin3. The Usher siege was quelled quickly. The Beavers have also been busy maintaining the barricade levels and continuing the fight against the griefers. Who are like little gnats. We slap at them. Go away, gnats.

May 2007

The Battle of Santlerville raged on at an epic level. The horde changes plans and tactics several times. They staged attacks in the SW sector of the suburb to try to draw some strength away from the Mall, and planned highly coordinated surprise attacks on the Mall and both NT buildings in Santlerville. The Battle culminated with a week long siege of the Hall Building, the Beavers own treasured home NT. The situation was dicey for a day or two, but once again, Santlerville's citizens worked as one to protect our fair suburb.

Finally, on Friday, May 25th, the leader of the RRF, Murray Jay Suskind, called off the siege and ordered his troops home, after some well-earned R&R, including the Club Birch dance party co-hosted by the Dribbling Beavers and the RRF.

The Dribbling Beavers wish to thank all of our allies and independent friends in Santlerville and from all over Malton, who pitched in to help us in this fight.

And also, once again, thank to Murray Jay Suskind and all the other RRF members who made this encounter challenging, entertaining, and inspiring. This was so much better than fighting off another nameless touring horde. You may not have had the numbers, but your tactics nearly outdid us a few different times. I have much respect for the RRF, something I cannot say for all of our enemies. --AquilaUng 05:41, 26 May 2007 (BST)

April 2007

Our griefing friends, full of fun and mischief, dropped their guns and ran at the first sight of a worthy foe, the Ridleybank Resistance Front. At first RRF was all like, "RAWR WE WILL DESTROY YOU IN A WEEK". But a funny thing happened. Dowdney Mall and Santlerville rose to the challenge.

The Beavers, as usual, helped lead the counter-attacks and defense planning. We also made a whole bunch of new friends, breathers and shamblers alike! At the time of this writing (23:39, 26 April 2007 (BST)) the siege continues, with RRF calling in other zombie groups, and survivor groups sending reinforcements. Everybody's having fun tonight! Everybody Wanging Chung tonight! (Poor Chung.)

March 2007

March came in like a lamb, but our fair suburb has begun to attract the attention of a less savory sort of survivor as of late. Seems that uninterrupted shopping 24/7 in one of this City's finest shopping centers is not enough for some survivors. Santlerville became Griefer Central. Gen-killing's out, and Overbarricading Entry Points is in for Spring among Santlerville's nihilistic youth counter-culture!

February 2007

WTDB 26.06 -- The Dancing Beaver radio goes live to help coordinate and assist Santlerville residents. While the Mall Tour '07 is stopped cold in nearby Stickling Mall, the Beavers (along with the Nintendorks) organize and implement the Tourist Welcoming Committee.

The Tour, once finished at Stickling, caught the Dowdney Mall defenders with their pants down and the mall fell quickly. The Beavers worked quickly to secure resource buildings in the suburb, maintained an almost-up-to-date status report of EPs in the area, and kept the revives going. The Hall (NT) building and St. Columbanus's hospital never fell to the Tour, which allowed Santlerville residents to regroup and quickly retake the mall. Within a week, Dowdney was back to "safe" level.

January 2007

The Big Bash targets the Beaver's beloved Dowdney Mall. While the BB leadership starts probing the area, the Beavers develop a defense plan and hinder the BB attempts for chaos. The Bash is called off due to lack of interest, and word comes down that the Mall Tour '07 horde plan to make Dowdney their next stop.

December 2006

The Dribbling Beavers in conjunction with the MFD create an updated barricade plan currently under review for approval under the Uniform Barricade Policy.

September-November 2006

These months flew by in a bit of a blur. A few members left, new recruits signed up. The Big Bash hit Santlerville and pretty much wiped us out. A few alliances were made, we cleaned up the suburb and The Big Bash moved on. Some zombies still linger, but we are back in control and monitoring the suburb all day and all night.

August 2006

16th August 2006 - Currently split into 4 sections and are cleaning up each section successfully.

16 August 2006 - Due to constant dis-regard for our barricade plan we are forced to take drastic action and implement our Entry Point Policy. (see above)

July 2006

30 July 2006 - Became allied with The Burchell Arms Regulars.

28 July 2006 - Became an official group.

23 July 2006 - Very little zombie activity around Dowdney Mall, the mall and all survivors successfully defend the mall from the RRF.

9 July 2006 - The RRF said this on the Santlerville page: You're all going to die screaming, as the RRF has come to chew on Dowdney Mall as a farewell to Grim. We plan on eating you slowly.

2 July 2006 - Became allied with Newgrounds in a bid to prevent zombie infestation of Rolt Heights.

June 2006

1 June 2006 - Revive point set up at The Finch Monument.

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