Mall Tour 2009

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Mall Tour 2009
The Mall Tour 2009
Abbreviation: MT, MT2009, MT09
Group Numbers: Zambahz and PKers!
Leadership: Head Tour Guide Johnny Bass, assisted by the Mall Tourist Board
Goals: Fun, fatalities and the taking of each and every mall in Malton
Recruitment Policy: Sign up at the recruitment thread
Contact: Through the forum
IRC Channel: #MallTour

Behold! The third coming of The Mall Tour!

After the great successes of Mall Tour 2006 and Mall Tour 2007 this landmark event returns for a third time. Again, the harmans will quake, cry and whine and we will reign victorious and pull down their temples of consumerism! The global economic depression has finally hit Malton, what better to stimulate the economy than a raging torrent of undead fury?

When did The Mall Tour 2009 start?

Shockingly in 2009. We were going to bring it forward, but our market research showed that the breathers wouldn't get the irony. The tour started on the 9th of January 2009 and the tour concluded on the 4th of May 2009

Where did The Mall Tour 2009 start?

The tour began with a gathering in Eastonwood and finished with a party in Pitneybank.

The Tour is Concluded!

Mall Tour 2009 is officially over with the ruining of Fort Creedy! Harmanz ran away, cried, and died. Zambahz made new friends and rediscovered old ones. It was truly a beautiful tour! There was squaredancing, rattling, shooting, groaning, and all of the fun that only a big rolling ball of death can bring to Malton. The tour visited 17 of Malton's malls in search of only the best bargains, missing only Ackland Mall, Blesley Mall, and Treweeke Mall. All of which were ruined for much of the tour. Keep an eye out on this forum as it will host Malton's newest horde, springing out of the Mall Tour's Midnight Snack Attack, Batshit Insane! -- Johnny Bass

All announcements from throughout the duration of the tour are placed in the archive, which can be found here.

Path of Destruction

  1. 10th January 2009 - Calvert Mall sacked. The breathers last less than 24 hours. - Dedicated to Xyu, leader of the first two Mall Tours.
  2. 12th January 2009 - Bale Mall ruined. All shall fall before the mighty Mall Tour. - Dedicated to the Eastonwood Ferals, gone but not forgotten.
  3. 18th January 2009 - Stickling Mall devastated. Even the strongest corner could not hold us. - Dedicated to LUE, in sure and certain hope of their resurrection to the force they once were.
  4. 23rd January 2009 - Dowdney Mall falls. The hope of a bastion of resistance against us lies defeated. - Dedicated to Sexy Rexy Grossman, bring back the Sex Cannon!
  5. 30th January 2009 - Tynte Mall faints when we approach. Its reputation as the most feeble mall in Malton remains. - Dedicated to The Big Bash!
  6. 1st February 2009 - Hildebrand Mall is devastated by our onslaught. For one day, the glory of Rotwood returns. - Dedicated to The Second Big Bash!
  7. 2nd February 2009 - Woodroffe Mall returned to economically viable status. For something called the Survivor Security Zone, this area doesn't appear all that secure. - Dedicated to Jorm, True Prophet of Barhah!
  8. 6th February 2009 - Nichols Mall is out of kilts. Amusing customer service does not prevent the inevitable. - Dedicated to Papa Petro.
  9. 17th February 2009 - Caiger Mall capitulates. The title of Barhah Mall is officially revoked. - Dedicated to Mall Tour 2006!
  10. 27th February 2009 - Marven Mall seems to just give up. After time in the wilderness, the Mighty Mall Tour returns to its true purpose. - Dedicated to Mall Tour 2007!
  11. 4th March 2009 - Tompson Mall wrecked. Proof positive that shooting zombies outside does not lead to victory. - Dedicated to Fiffy's outstanding ass!
  12. 19th March 2009 - Buckley Mall smashed. Antics are not an effective defence strategy. - Dedicated to M!N!ANZ!, long may they roll!
  13. 31st March 2009 - Pole Mall crumples. Less corners does not make a more effective defence. - Dedicated to the harmanz of Hall NT, Thompson Mall, and Pole Mall! You fought well!
  14. 10th April 2009 - Joachim Mall felled. The flimsiest defence so far. - Dedicated to The Shining Ones!
  15. 12th April 2009 - Lumber Mall annihilated. Midnight Snack Attack cross an entire suburb to score the ruin on their own and in a single strike.
  16. 16st April 2009 - Mitchem Mall crushed. Less than 24 hours from initial entry to total ruin - Dedicated to the Undeadites! Rnrarrrh!
  17. 29st April 2009 - Giddings Mall goes down like a two dollar whore. Ruined in Mall Tour's traditional less than 24 hour manner - Dedicated to you, the ever valiant Mall Tourists. Each of you made this tour into such a fun and successful experience.

Groups on Tour!

Where do I attack?

This thread will always contain the currently designated target, which is now nothing. With the tour having concluded, there is no current target.

How do I join The Mall Tour 2009?

That's easy, change your group affiliation to Mall Tour, sign up here and head over to our current target.

You can also add the following template to your own or your participating character's wiki page by adding the code {{MallTour2009}}

MTTemplate6.JPG Mall Tour 2009
This User or Group was a member of the Mall Tour 2009, and came to your local mall! Thanks for having lots of fresh brains ready when they arrived with all their friends.

This will automatically add you to the Mall Tour 2009 Category!

When do I attack?

Whenever you can. This is all about fun.

However, it's lots of fun to strike with other zombies to maximize your damage dealing capacity to the harmans.

Therefore we have brought back one of the great Mall Tour traditions, the guided tour groups! All guided tour groups are led by an experienced zambah who will help you find the very best barga!n bra!nz in the mall and will help our younger tourists grown up on a fresh diet of mall cuisine.

The Japanese Tourists

The Japanese Tourists are the group designed for Europeans playing in the afternoon and North Americans playing in the morning. They are led by Murray Jay Suskind. Sign up to this tour group at our forum. Join them for the strike through our IRC channel.

Malls Ideally Liberated by Force (MILF)

MILF is the group designed for a our North American tourists. They are led by DJ Deadbeat. Sign up to this tour group at our forum. Join them for the strike through our IRC channel.

Midnight Snack Attack!

Midnight Snack Attack! is the group designed for Europeans playing in the morning, North Americans playing late at night, and Australians playing in the evening. They are led by Fiffy. Sign up to this tour group at our forum. Join them for the strike through our IRC channel.


We're all about fun here on the Mall Tour, but certain rules are needed in order to maintain fair play. All participants, whether zombie, death cultist or PKer are expected to abide by them whilst representing the Tour. Breaking these rules could result in that player being publicly asked to leave the Tour and their actions being revealed to the community.


  • One alt (character) per player interacting with the Mall Tour at any time. No exceptions.
  • Any other characters you have must maintain a distance of one full suburb between themselves and your tourist. Having characters in neighbouring suburbs, even with a 10 block gap, is unacceptable. One full empty suburb at all times. No exceptions.
  • You may have more than one character participate over the Tour (fighting either for or against us as you please) but a reasonable amount of time must be left between the the characters participating. 24 hours is the minimum time you should leave. Longer is better.


  • Any information NOT in a public forum or a public IRC is not usable. Anything that is open to the public is fair game.
  • 'Zombie spying', passing on information gained by going into buildings after gaining a revive is entirely legal.


  • The Mall Tour follows the legacy of classy events and classy players. The tourists are expected to behave in a similarly classy manner and encourage both side's enjoyment.
  • Speeches or radio broadcasts that can be classed as 'text rape' are forbidden.