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Since August 15, 2005, the Scourge have terrorized humans in Shuttlebank, West and East Boundwood, Santlerville, and Central Malton in general.


The Scourge led the massacres at Club Brookeman and Wild Walk Police Department in Shuttlebank, causing several dozen casualties. Their first highly-publicized attack occurred at Ackland Mall in Havercroft, reportedly killing several members of the controversial human resistance group the Council of Leaders, as well as other high-level zombie hunters. Total human casualties during that raid have been estimated at anywhere from 40 to 200, utilizing two GMT Teams, Blue and Gold. A small unknown group of zombies also claimed to have taken part in the attack.

The teams would dissolve after a hacker attack destroyed the Scourge's forum, but they regrouped their member list within a few days and continued to terrorize survivors in Malton.


Early September 2005 - the Scourge decimated the Blomfield Grove Police Department, a safehouse in Ridleybank. Also started around that time was the re-establishment of GMT teams and generals, consisting of: The Army of the Twelve Monkeys (Brainwrong) The Polka Dot Gang (Qwako) DJ Skribblez and tha Funkee Bunch (Jayatthecat)

Mid-September - Pimbank survivors suffered from the group's attention. Safehouses at the Rowley Boulevard, Applegate Alley, and Hewett Place police departments were breached, while casualties at nearby Tynte Mall were estimated around 40-50.

Late September - the Council of Leaders reported that the Scourge led "a massive attack (in Barrville)...[m]ost of the local safe houses have been cracked, [a]nd cleaned out, left with one Z keeping guard." More specific reports cite attacks on the Gerrish and Derryman Police departments there, with estimated human casualties around 20-30. Starting approximately September 21, DARIS fled Shearbank after the Undying Scourge attacked. At the time Sniperwulf believed the members of DARIS were responsible for obscene spamming in the old Urban Dead forum that lead to it's closing by Pro-boards. After finding out that DARIS had nothing to do with it, Sniperwulf apologized for the accusations and attack.


Early October - Sniperwulf announced that he wanted to a break from leading the Scourge, temporarily handing duties over to Kytaira, citing that he felt he had lost the passion in managing and leading the group at the time.

October 11 - survivors reported that Dowdney Mall in Santlerville had fallen to the Scourge. Over two hundred zombies were distributed across the suburb with almost every building completely emptied of humans. Estimated casualties for survivors between 150-200. Kytaira is credited as leading this attack.

October 14th, 2005 - Sniperwulf resumed his leadership duties at the Scourge, and directed it to its largest victory since Ackland Mall. While skirmishes in other parts of the suburb had been occurring in the preceding days, the October Battle of Fort Creedy began in earnest on October 17th, when survivors reported that the heavily guarded armoury at Fort Creedy in Peppardville was under siege by the Scourge and the Shambling Seagulls. Despite the presence of over 250 defenders inside the armoury, Cowboy Up, leader of the Creedy Defense Force, conceded defeat almost immediately, and the fort was completely lacking of warm bodies less than a day later.

The final estimate of human casualties at Fort Creedy proper runs between 100-250. Additionally, dozens more killed during battles for adjoining safehouses leading up to and following the siege of Creedy.

October ~18 - 21 - the week following the October Battle of Fort Creedy saw a slew of activity for both the Scourge and Malton's history books. The Scourge continued its alliance with the Shambling Seagulls and joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front in hunting down Fort Creedy survivors who had fled to Roftwood; in total, over four hundred zombies took part in the assault. While most of the RRF besieged Hildebrand Mall, the Scourge destroyed the nearby safehouse at Herbert Building, followed by an invasion of Rawlins Row Police Department; the cumulative Scourge kill estimate during these two coordinated attacks is between 20-40.

Meanwhile, the CDF, the Scourge, and the Seagulls were engulfed in a controversy after the CDF claimed that spies and PKers aided the zombies during the earlier battle for Fort Creedy. The CDF has since retracted all of these claims as they apply to the Undying Scourge. See the October Battle of Fort Creedy, for more details.

Late October - The Scourge spent the last week at Woodroffe Mall in Tollyton. The defenders there were numerous and organized, hampering Scourge raids almost daily. However, by October 29th, the mall had been cleared of survivors, with confirmed human kills at 34, but total kills likely closer to 80. Toward the end of the operation, the Hambargar Halparz joined in attacking the suburb and continued to finish cleansing the suburb after the Scourge had begun to depart on the 30th.


November 1 - the month started with a bang as the Scourge took part in the historic Dia de los Muertos massacre, joining forces with the Ridleybank Resistance Front and the Minions of the Apocalypse, among others, to assault the famed survivor stronghold of Giddings Mall in Pitneybank. Combined zombie forces on hand were estimated at 700, while total human casualties--including members of the PA Rebel Alliance, the Army Control Corps, and the Stanbury Renegades--also numbered in the hundreds.

November 11- The Undying Scourge start a lengthy assault upon Caiger Mall Other hordes taking part in this siege include The Minions of the Apocalypse, the RRF, the Anti Celebrity Taskforce, the Church of the Resurrection and others.

November 18- Jayathecat retires as the general of the Funkee Bunch squad. Armourmeado takes his place.


December 1- Sniperwulf steps down as leader leaves to start his own group, the Order of the Wulf, after conflicting interests in leadership and inner turmoil occurred.

December 2-19- The Scourge continue to raze human infested suburbs, moving from area to area removing life with ease, under the leadership of Kytaira. The Scourge quickly wiped out any resistance in Peddlesden Village, and then moved on to fight the DHPD in Dunell Hills.

December 19- This is posted by one of the leaders of the Scourge on the main boards. "As of 1730 gmt on December 19, 2005, The Undying Scourge will be joining the strike started by the RRF." (On Strike)

January 2006

January 2- With the implementation of Feeding Groan and the large building modification, The Scourge comes off the strike and returns to what it does best. After laying waste to Mornington, The Scourge receives a request from The Plague for assistance in securing their territory in the Arkhams. The Scourge responded by clearing many safehouses in Old Arkham, and ended up teaming up with the Shambling WAAGH to cleanse Safehouses in Ruddlebank and Lockettside.

January 5- Scourge co-leader Zilly Bavos negotiated an alliance with the leaders of the Minions of the Apocalypse, the Shambling Seagulls, da Shamblin' WAAAGH, The Dark Order of Armageddon and the Church of the Resurrection to attack the Malton Confederacy. Acting as skirmishers, The Scourge's Funkee Bunch would scout the mall. Meanwhile The PDG strike team would combine with the Seagulls to clear out the nearby safehouses. The Minions and da WAAAGH turned their attention onto Marven Mall and Frossard PD, home of The 'Sards. With these safehouses cleansed, the hordes once again reunited against a new target...

January 11- Attacking in waves, a combined horde featuring The Scourge, Minions of the Apocalypse, and the Shambling Seagulls suceeded in claiming Tompson Mall in under 48 hours. Tompson is the most recent in a growing list of malls to fall to undead claws in recent days. While not officially being a part of the tour, The Scourge would like to give a friendly bite of encouragement to The Mighty Warlord Xyu and all others on the Mall Tour '06.

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