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Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency
Abbreviation: APFD
Group Numbers: unknown
Leadership: Lt Potter Comissioner. Possion for 5 more leaders
Goals: To organize both Old Arkham and New Arkham provide relief to survivors, and fortify the area in preparation for Zombie invasion.
Recruitment Policy: Please contact us at the APFD Recruitment Office
Contact: We don't have any yet.

The Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency or APFD was founded on October 15, 2006 by Lt Potter, An ex-Member of the Dunell Hills Police Department. He hoped to bring the same protection and help he gave as a DHPD officer to the rest of Malton. He used both Old Arkham and New Arkham as the base to begin his dream. He also hoped to bring both Arkhams together so a new stronger Suburb would be born.


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File:APFD.jpg Arkham P/F Department
This user is a member of the Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency

October 15 2006- Founding of the Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency.

Current News

October 23, 2006- Iocaine Powder is no longer one of our allies, we also have Impersonators hangging around.

October 22, 2006- I have just learnd that Iocaine Powder attacked an area nearby even after they siad that they will stop killing. We have warned them that continueation of this will result in thier removal from our ranks.

Our Current Status

We are currently still trying to set up office, we ask anyone who can help us out to please do.

Radio Transmission

Currently We don't have one, But we will be trying our best to get one up soon. Keep Checking here to get info.

Now Playing

We like to watch movies, so check out wwhat is Now Playing at the Cinemas in Arkham.

Current known Members

  • Lt Potter- "I'm here to help, whats the problem"

What We are up for

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Suburb Maps

The Suburb of New Arkham
Noake Grove Club Bratt Sayer Towers Denning Bank Carrington Park Attrill Drive the Heard Arms a junkyard St. Hormisdas's Church a cemetery
Gervais Bank Axe Grove Trebley Place Zephyrinus General Hospital the Franklin Museum Club Gellard Espin Alley the Stickling Building wasteland Swaine Library
Marchetti Bank Sly Grove Horton Square Fire Station Woof Grove Fire Station the Orlando Arms Tintiney Park Farnworth Alley Harries Towers the Barratt Hotel Glessell Avenue
McEwan Grove Care Bank Amory Lane Mildon Square Wale Place Dinovan Alley a junkyard Gregg Library wasteland Durling Road
Shervord Place Starkey Row Dane Drive Lathey Drive Halliday Lane a carpark Lawrence Auto Repair the Gulliver Building the Vick Arms Edgington Way
Cottingham Drive Fire Station the Mitchener Building Blunden Walk Painter Street School the Parr Building Comitty Row Fire Station Hinkes Auto Repair Raggett Row the Fullaway Building Newmarch Avenue School
Jukes Walk Maxwell Avenue a warehouse Redpath Place Tilke Bank a carpark wasteland Tope Alley Railway Station the Wagner Building the Court Building
Purchas Towers a warehouse the Tebbet Building wasteland Small Street Fire Station Payton Square Drury Street Woollcombe Plaza Purvis Library St. Timothy's Hospital
Ashfield Alley Railway Station Gigg Road Club Chester Allwood Drive Weatherhead Lane the Wreford Building the Woolven Building the Curtis Building Methringham Grove Sartain Road
Pritchard Grove Railway Station the Keyford Museum Hersant Avenue Judd Cinema the Connors Motel wasteland the Parkhouse Monument the Denty Building the Harford Building wasteland

The Suburb of Old Arkham
Church Bank wasteland Loweth Alley a factory Gait Bank a factory Chafy Towers Shew Library Club Bousfield Gyles Bank
Cockburn Plaza Railway Station St. Humphrey's Hospital the Baldwin Hotel Cobley Walk Bagnall Way Glanfield Street Vines Auto Repair Merryweather Row Draper Lane School Blanchflower Cinema
a warehouse Horditch Auto Repair Miller Library St. Neot's Church a cemetery Hillyer Park Rawkins Plaza Author Avenue a junkyard Aris Road
Smithfield Alley Kelley Library the Durston Building Leman Boulevard Newmarch Square Fire Station Emma General Hospital Tredaway Way Langridge Drive Crew Walk Clavey Walk
Rayfield Bank Cary Towers St. Daniel's Church a cemetery a factory Edgell Road Margery Avenue Damon Row School Wilton Drive Kelreher Square
Elder Alley a carpark Haley Street a warehouse Club Hunn Brain Boulevard Railway Station the Flambert Motel Large Row Police Department Bendells Row Fire Station a junkyard
Pridmore Way School McKay Lane Police Department St. Luke's Hospital Pridmore Way School Basket Avenue Messiter Alley St. Alda's Church Nettleton Towers Question Place Bulmer Cinema
Malpas Grove Tatler Lane the Hardy Building Kingman Alley St. Daniel's Church a cemetery Cradock Grove Railway Station Pillinger Boulevard Gwinnall Walk the Button Building
Bicknel Way Edbrook Walk Fire Station Statham Walk Railway Station Seaman Boulevard the Edbrook Building the Woodforde Building Gomer Boulevard Howes Row Androwes Towers Dickin Park
the Leggatt Building wasteland Perryman Park Bray Square the Paffard Building Edgcumbe Drive Fire Station Woodbridge Plaza Club Yeeles the Hawley Motel Theobald Library
Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency

APFD Main Page

APFD Offices: Comissioner's Office|Recruitment|Field Operations|Public Relations|Resource|Medical Services

APFD Police Departments: Large Row Police Department|McKay Lane Police Department

APFD Fire Departments: Newmarch Square Fire Station|Bendells Row Fire Station |Edbrook Walk Fire Station|Edgcumbe Drive Fire Station|Horton Square Fire Station|Woof Grove Fire Station|Cottingham Drive Fire Station|Small Street Fire Station|Comitty Row Fire Station

APFD Affiliates:

APFD Allies: Dunell Hills Police Department

Other: APFD/Arkham Most Wanted