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F/Sgt MarcusFilby, RAF No. 22 Squadron, C Flight

Listed MIA in Malton: 6 Oct 2008

The Past

Prior to a forced landing in Clapton Stadium during the initial stages of the Malton outbreak, F/Sgt Filby happily served as a RAF Sea King crew chief out of Anglesey, Wales. Presently, his only involvement with his past employer is throwing empty beer bottles at any of the choppers foolish enough to fly low over Malton around Christmastime, refusing to pick him up. As an avowed bachelor with little in the way of surviving family, F/Sgt Filby's M.I.A. status aroused little uproar after the disappearance of his flight in Malton, and the Ministry of Defence has subsequently classified him as presumed deceased. While some might consider this a setback, Mr. Filby has come to see the bright side of the matter as he is apparently absolved of all his standing debts (of which there were many) and can finally live free from the harrying persecution of speed cameras and traffic wardens.

In His RAF Days
Upon coming to terms with the fact that he was stranded in the quarantine zone and realizing that there was little demand for career chopper crewmen, F/Sgt Filby put his military training to good use and signed up with the Malton Police Department in hopes of seeing some semblance of order returned to the decimated city. Enrolled in the KoTD campus of the DEM Academy, he experienced the usual baptism by fire typical of Academy cadets, leading a small team of MPD and MCDU recruits during RRF incursions into the Roftwood area and a Mall Tour 09 visit to Nichols in Stanbury Village. Upon graduation he received his Sergeant's stripes and was posted to Holly Crescent PD in West Grayside, though more often than not this period found him up in Kempsterbank, opposing the MoB's thrust through that suburb. After this action he was promoted to Chief Inspector of DEM's SE-4 district, just as Mall Tour rolled through Wyke Hills on its way towards Pole Mall in West Grayside, bringing Filby's Malton journey full circle. The police element of SE4 was soon incorporated into MPD's Counter-Terrorism Command, and CI Filby and his team began a roaming tour of the entire SE division, putting out fires in Whittenside, Stanbury Village, Roftwood and elsewhere. During this time he became closely allied with the Knights Templar and other survivor groups working in these suburbs, making many new acquaintances. It was a happy, if busy, time for him.

Ultimately, however, strife from within his own organization would undo this contented stretch. Some time after the lengthy and convoluted investigation into the MPD SW's Instructor DobermanGuy for infractions against DEM policy, another expulsion - that of one of the Firsts Among Equals of Axes High, Hardcore Rockabilly - conducted in summary fashion prompted the MPD Southeast Superintendent CheckeredOne and Marcus to resign their offices in protest of the perceived unequal treatment of these two DEM personnel. The majority of the MPD's Southeast field personnel soon followed suit, sparking a firestorm of criticism and unrest within the ranks.

After giving up his badge, Marcus sought new purpose and new license to protect his second home, the neighboring suburbs of Kempsterbank and West Grayside where he'd first entered the city. He found both in an old ally, and was soon inducted into the ranks of the Militaris Templi, becoming a Knight of the order of the Cleansing Fire of Saint Charles shortly thereafter. While finding himself once again among close allies did good his heart, the knightly, monastic lifestyle didn't sit well with Marcus. Though he became 2iC of one of the CFSC's fireteams, the Redeemers, in time he decided to strike out on his own. He drifted for a while, running down bounties on some of Malton's most wanted to make ends meet, but eventually fell in with an eclectic crowd of card sharps and malcontents that fell on both sides of the fence, where the law was concerned.



Knights Templar (Knight Emeritus)

Mf-knight.png Bandfpatchemb.png

DEM Service Record (Former)

DEMacadSElogo.jpg MPDShRank3.png MPDShRank5.png
Enrolled 30 December 2008 SE-4, 28 February 2009 SE-4, 22 March 2009
Graduated 24 February 2009 Operation Ronda Operation Pole Dance
Weekend at Perryn
Roftwood Kempsterbank West Grayside
Resigned Commission July 12, 2009

MPD - Chief Inspector
SE4 156
Chief Marcus Filby (MPD)
WeaponMaster HandSpecialist Fitness
Sniper Community Support Radio Operator
Engineer Field Medicine Science
Resident Surgeon Mallrat Recon



Member of the Gore Corps

Ridleybank Resistance Front


LittleCaesar may or may not be the foretold prophet who would bring a variety of cheap and at least mostly edible recipes for doughy, pepperoni-infused brah!nz to the zambah Homeland - some say he is the one, others just a dead harman delivery boy with a little too much dedication to his job (that might explain the toga and the olive wreath, anyway). Whatever the case, these days he works door to door in quite a different capacity, knocking down hateful barricades to get at all the chewy, tasty bits inside wherever the Ridleybank Resistance Front's Gore Corps comes calling (frequently shoulder to shoulder with his first and former outfit, Team America). Still a babah zombie by most reckonings, he strives to do his horde proud, improve the flavor of found brains with a variety of questionably-hygienic additives, root out the taint of harmanity wherever it be found in the Homeland, and spread holy barhah wherever he shambles.

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