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This page is about the database of PKers. For Red Rum's database of bounty hunters, see Rogues Gallery (Red Rum)

The Rogues Gallery is the front end developed by Kyle the Feared for a public list of reported PKers in Urban Dead. It is no longer active or accessible. PK and bounty reports reviewed and accepted by the list's moderators are entered into a database, which records the URL of the posted report, screenshots, assigned bounty, etc. The Rogues Gallery tool allows you to view, sort and search the bounty list, as well as download a UDTool list of all reported PKers. PK incidents and bounty claims should be entered here. PKer sightings should be reported to the appropriate thread in the Rogues Gallery forum at The moderators will review and approve all reports before they affect any rapsheets.

Main Page

By default only individuals with a current bounty are displayed. As of a recent change, individuals without a current bounty are not displayed in searches, but their rapsheets can still be accessed directly with a profile ID number. The 'UD Tool' button will download everything in the format for Shadowlord's UD Tool group coloring, with those individuals with a current bounty a different color than other past PKers. There is a quick link for search options that brings you to the bottom of the page where the form for searching is located. The 'Download' button at the bottom of the table will download all information in a format suitable for importing to a database or spreadsheet.

Table Columns

  1. Name: Clicking on cells in this column will open a new window with the PKers profile.
  2. Bounty: The current outstanding bounty penalty on the PKer.
  3. PK Reports: The number of PK reports ever filed against the individual. Clicking on cells in this column will open a new window with details on every PK and Bounty report in the database for that individual.
  4. Comment: Any comment the moderators felt appropriate for that individual.
  5. Last Location: The last known location of the PKer, if reported. Clicking on cells in this column will load the map of malton, with the PKers last known location highlighted.
  6. Last updated: The date and time the record was last modified in the database.


Currently you may make two types of searches against the PKer database. If you are looking to see if someone in particular is in the database, you can search by UD ID or Name. You may optionally search for all PKers whose last reported location is within some range (2 suburbs away at most) of a specified location. The results of the search on range are bookmarkable so Bounty Hunters can easily check for PKers in the area they patrol.

The Rules

This section briefly describes the rules of the RG. For more detailed information, please refer to the PK forum FAQ


Reports must include a screenshot and the profile of the PKer!! (Note: Profile is entered into the report itself. You do not need to include a screenshot of the profile.) If reporting for yourself, the screenshot of your death must show that 'you were killed'. If the 'You were Killed' statement and the last blow from the PKer can't fit on your browser at the same time, you can supply multiple screenshots, just be sure they overlap by at least 30%. If you're using firefox, you can also download screengrab, or a similar extension, to produce a single, large screenshot of the entire game window. If reporting a PKing you witnessed you only need the 'PKer killed Victim' line, including the timestamp, but minimum size requirements for the screenshot still stand. For both first party and eye witness reports the profile ID of the PKer (preferably a link) is required.

If you don't know how to take a screenshot, here are instructions on how to do this in Windows and Macintosh. There are also free tools available online specifically for taking screenshots. You can crop your image so it only includes the browsers view of the event with all the pertinent text, but DO NOT resize your image. You should host your screenshot at ImageShack, as they do not resize submitted images and the record is permanent. Screenshots that have been cropped too small (< ~ 400x300px), have been scaled (resized) making the text fuzzy or are too low a resolution (<~72px/in) will not be accepted! If your screenshot is large, you may post a link to the screenshot as text or thumbnail instead of including it in the body of the report (this is actually generally preferred). Screenshots for claiming a bounty can be somewhat smaller than those for PK report, but must include the 'They Die' line and some of the UD form elements. As there is no timestamp on the kill line, including your system clock in the bounty reports screenshot is very helpful.


The penalty a PK incident carries depends directly on how often the perpetrator has had PK reports filed. A bounty of 1 + the number of times a report has been filed in the last 31 days (including the new one) will be assessed against the perpetrator. So, the first incident carries a penalty of 2 points, the second 3 points, the 5th 6 points etc. It was felt this would both give an opportunity for first time offenders to take a few lumps and learn from their mistakes as well as provide a way for large penalties to be levied against serial killers. Penalty assignment is automatic and handled by the reporting tool based on information in the database.

Overall bounties of 15 or more are instead displayed as the letters KOS in the search view, however the total bounty can still be viewed in the detailed rapsheet. Currently under discussion is a suggestion to completely conceal KOS bounty totals, to prevent PKer competition for high bounties on the list.


Every time a PKer is killed by a survivor, 1 bounty is claimed against their standing penalty. When claiming a bounty you should announce what you are doing and why, and provide a link to the online database (preferably, the rapsheet of the PKer whose bounty you are claiming). Here's a link for the Rogues Gallery (database) -, and the Rogues Gallery forum - Note: It is not required to announce the bounty claim beforehand but it is a courtesy to do so. We want the victims to understand why they are being killed so they don't think they are a victim of a random PK.

Error Corrections

We strive to maintain the PK reporting and bounty lists as objectively as possible. Our sole interests are in cautioning survivors and detering PKing. If you believe you have been listed in error, please let us know right away and we will review your case ASAP. Also, please do not report the same PK event to multiple lists, as that could result in redundant bounties being placed on them.

Spread the Word!

Don't let PKers get away with murder! Let people know they should take a screenshot and report the perpetrator! In Malton, anytime you see someone killed by another player, tell them where to go report it. Tag links to the Rogues Gallery, the PK Reporting list or this page.

On the wiki, we have handy templates you can add to your pages:

Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery. (Dead Link)
To use it, just add:
{{PK Reporting}}

or for;

Mpd.png PK Reporting
This User or Group supports PK Reporting. Don't let Player Killers get away with murder. Report them on the Rogues Gallery.

just add:

{{PK Reporting2}}

Also there is:

Mpd.png Report PKers!
This user or group supports PK Reporting.
Don't let Player Killers get away with murder. Report them on the Rogues Gallery.

{{PK Reporting2sm}}

Revivification Requests

As an additional penalty, the PKer database has been tied into the Revivification Request Manager, giving NT trained survivors the option of not reviving those with a bounty on them. Past PKers will get a thin dark red border around their entry in the RevReq tool. Those with a current bounty get a thicker red border, allowing those with a current bounty to be easily identified. Serial killers get a wide, bright red border.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request! (Dead Link)


If you or your group support the PKer Database please enter your name below. For groups, supporting this tool means not maintaining a separate PKer list on your own, whether public or private, and encouraging members to report PKers; it does not mean you can't keep other lists of people you don't like for whatever reason.



History & Controversy

There is no official Urban Dead PKer list - PKing isn't even officially an in-game concept but is rather a meta-gaming concern among players. PKer lists have been around for a long time, and have frequently been a topic of much controversy. Read the history and disclaimer sections of the bounty hunters page for background.

Please note that while members of the DEM were the creators and first moderators of the Rogues Gallery PK list, the Rogues Gallery PK reporting forum is an independent entity run by its own set of moderators. The DEM Council has no control and does not direct PK/bounty reporting policy. As such, many eminent pro-survivor groups, such as the Creedy Defense Force, have rejected the list due to the bounties sometimes placed on independent bounty hunters and Pker killers, and instead maintain their own lists. Ironically, this often leads to mutual inaccuracies, as the lists record different events at different times, resulting in hunters from one list being reported as PKers on another.

The Rogues Gallery also did not differentiate between different kinds of PKers, or assess reports as they were submitted. For this reason, people were sometimes placed on the Rogues Gallery for killing dedicated zerg accounts, and were subsequently hunted down and killed by bounty hunters as a result.