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Crossman Defense Force

I'd like to work with a Moderator to move discussion areas to the talk page (like the "Current Status" areas) and have the entire page protected. Just check the history. Scinfaxi is using alts to edit the page nonstop, and MaulMachine and others think the front page is their own messageboard. So I'll move all "living" areas of the page to the Talk page and if the front page could be protected in full, I'd appreciate it. Let me know if this is approved and I'll move stuff that still needs to be updated off the main page. (Status of buildings, etc.) -- Amazing 01:41, 8 March 2006 (GMT)

What a whiney bitch you are Amazing. First off, I didn't edit your gay wiki. I did that stunt with visual once, it was funny, but the second time it wasn't me (to be fair though, I do know the guy that actually did it). I checked the page and that particular line (yes that's right, Amazing is bitching about one line of text) was only changed like once. What a crybaby. - Scinfaxi

You're not the only one I mentioned, Scifimaxie. Plus you've done it again and again. - And Mods: What's up with the shiftlessness? At least deny my request or SOMEthing. -- Amazing 17:48, 14 March 2006 (GMT)
Bullshit. At the time you made this claim, I had not edited it. Nor did I change the name to Visual. Once again, you've been exposed as being a stupid internet douche who spends WWWAAAYYY too much time on urban dead. When I DID start changing the page, it was mainly in the talk page, and no content was removed (but if you look at the time of my edits, it was after you lied about it). I have not disrupted your CDF page, nor have I removed any content. I did clarify I was not using alternates to kill your sorry ass (maybe someone else besides me thinks you're an obsessive beardo?). I also added that I killed you a second time. That was accurate, and I didn't remove your precious content. Once again I'd like to point out Amazing is bitching ABOUT ONE SENTENCE. That's right, HE IS GRIPING ABOUT ONE SENTENCE. - Scinfaxi
I mentioned more than just you, liar. Also, you simply used an alt to change your name - unless someone just loves you so much that they wanted to cover your ass on the PK list. Other baloney will not be addressed in the interest of preventing more stupidity.
This case is retracted in the interest of preventing more clutter and the fact that the page has a 0.00% chance of being protected anyway. Had to ask in the interest of my group's page. -- Amazing 23:37, 14 March 2006 (GMT)
What a fucking annoying asshole. Anyways, no I don't use alts. I don't think anyone loves me either, as it's pretty obvious being on your PK list does NOTHING outside of crossman (and even in crossman, I've killed you twice). You're lying your ass off and griping about ONE SENTENCE I CHANGED.

Explain to us, amazing, how would YOU edit this page once it is protected ? --hagnat talkwcdz 15:49, 8 April 2006 (BST)

User:Amazingrules must be banned, anyway. --hagnat talkwcdz 15:49, 8 April 2006 (BST)
I said in my report that all info needing to be updated could be moved to the talk page. Then the main page would exist strictly as a bare-bones info page. Boy, what an old report. -- Amazing 18:16, 8 April 2006 (BST)

The RAF's Profile Template

people have changed it and this is an important page for new members to the RAF.RAF Lt.G Deathnut 07:19, 3 March 2006 (GMT)

Bale Mall Elite

The BME wiki page [[1]] has been defaced and vandalized by Denzel Washington too many times to count over the last few weeks. BME is an anti-PKer security force that is also anti-zerg, anti-alias, and anti-multiple acct player. Denzel Washington, one of the guilty parties, has taklen a personal vendetta against us and is defacing our mission statement to say WE are zergers, pkers, aliases, multipl acct, players, etc. Odd Starter (a moderator)has warned him but he continues to do it. I have advised Denzel to bring problems to the "Talk" page or email me personally but he continues to deface our page which causes problems for prospective member and other non-member visitors as he is lying about us. He has changed our page literally 50 times and we';ve asked him not to about 51 times - lol. Please ban him or advise him to stop changing our page. It is very annoying. -- Legend XLegend X 19:42, 1 March 2006 (GMT)