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Hospitals in Malton.

A private hospital in the Lerwill Heights area.
A private hospital in the Lerwill Heights area.

Hospitals used to provide healthcare to Malton's residents. Now they make excellent places to find First Aid Kits, a vital resource for survivors and as such hospitals are Tactical Resource Points.


Hospitals are one of the more important tactical resource points. They are relatively numerous and provide First Aid Kits (FAKs) which survivors can use to heal themselves and fellow survivors. Initially a FAK restores 5HP, once the First Aid skill is acquired then 10HP can be restored. This also opens up access to the Surgery skill which allows characters to restore 15HP when working in a powered hospital.

Hospitals often benefit from having a generator installed in order to maximise the search odds for a FAK. Additionally, those with the Surgery skill can heal 15HP at a time, which means injured characters will often head to a hospital in hopes of getting healed. Players who have been revivified for the first time often resort to this tactic as they do not have any FAKs, and when they stand up they find themselves with half health and often an infection necessitating quick treatment.

As an area of congregation for all survivors to restock on FAKs, and as an area for injured players to seek treatment, hospitals can often be rewarding targets to zombies players who break-in. Newer players especially benefit if they chance upon targets with low health which are easier to kill.


first aid kits


a <colour> medical facemask1
a doctor's headband mirror
a white nurse's cap
a <colour> short-sleeved shirt2
a nurse's gown
a <colour> jacket3
a straitjacket
a white doctor's coat
a hospital gown
a pale green surgical gown
a <colour> dressing gown4
a pair of <colour> trousers5
a <colour> skirt5
a pair of <colour> shoes6
a pair of <colour> leather shoes7
a pair of pale green surgical shoe covers
a pair of <colour> slippers8
a pair of tartan slippers
a toe tag


  1. limited to white and pale green.
  2. limited to grey, white and pale blue.
  3. limited to black, grey and dark blue.
  4. limited to white, green and blue.
  5. limited to black, dark blue and white.
  6. limited to dark red, tan, brown, dark brown, black, grey and white.
  7. limited to black, brown and red.
  8. limited to red, blue and green.

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