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E.N.D. are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 10:47, 4 May 2009 (BST) Not Inactive?

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Group Info:

Table of Content:

About E.N.D. - Code Of Conduct - Joining - E.N.D. Goal - Allies in Survival - Policies - Malton Map - Accomplishments


Contact Us:



Or, speak to one of us in game.

E.N.D. Motto:

"Never waiver, never falter - REMAIN DIEHARD!"

Group Numbers:



Three commanding officers, in a loose military structure


To help out where we can doing whatever is lacking, revives, barricading, healing, killing zeds indoors, your basic survival.

Recruitment Policy:

  • Have the ability to be an active member helping out wherever needed throughout Malton.

  • Have the survivors' best interests in mind, and don't get them in any (more) danger.

"E.N.D. is sad to say that we have disbanded as a group as of April 2008."

We want to thank all of our friends, members and allies for all the good times we had together. We are keeping this Wiki page up for historical purposes.

Keep up the good fight!! ~Typical Survivor~

'Evil Never Dies in Malton but we here are driven to at least keep it at bay. All of Malton is our home and every helpful survivor that aids in the return of Malton's previous glory is our family. We will respect and honor our family and help them in any way we can.

We at E.N.D. are all for Pro survival, and anything negative to survival will be a enemy to us all.

This is your town! Take it back from the Undead and those that wish everyone harm by fighting back with force, courage, and teamwork!


About E.N.D.

We here at E.N.D. are a nomadic survivor group that would like to help Malton by traveling through every town taking out any threat to returning our beloved city to its old glory. If we are in need, call upon us and will give our lives if we must, heal the sick, and return your loved ones to their living bodies. E.N.D. asks for an alliance with every survivor group. If all survivors can work in harmony, Together, our children will grow up to think zeds are only a ghost story.

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Code Of Conduct

  • All members of E.N.D. will conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a proper survivor
  • All members of E.N.D. will protect all allied survivor groups
  • All members of E.N.D. will do everything in their power to save, protect, revive, and, help survivors in need
  • All members of E.N.D. will not slander, harass, threaten, or harm in any way any other character, or player
  • All members of E.N.D. will not attack any other survivor unless attacked from them first
  • All members of E.N.D. will not give out information pertaining to private matters
  • All members of E.N.D. will not random revive
  • All members of E.N.D. will fight to the death if needed, to protect those in need
  • All members of E.N.D. will not endanger a fellow member, ally, or survivor
  • All members of E.N.D. will adhere to local Revive Points
  • All members of E.N.D. will adhere to local barricade plans, and check the suburb wiki page for any relevant information
  • All members of E.N.D. will work with other survivors groups to ensure the safety of a suburb
  • All members of E.N.D. will not Zerg
  • All members of E.N.D. will not Grief
  • All members of E.N.D. will not PK

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We at E.N.D. are proactive in training survivors to become all they can possibly be. We provide a training camp, and a forum to have you converse with other members, to get the basics of the game for those new players, as well as some advanced tactics, strategies, and the like, for the veteran looking to have a place to belong that can make a differance.

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E.N.D. Goal

The dream is to have teams (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta etc.) starting in separate areas of Malton, and working our way through every town helping in any way we can. In the end, we can say we did our part to help those still alive.

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Allies in Survival

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Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
TT4W01.jpg (To The) Four Winds Ally
This user or group is an ally of
(To The) Four Winds.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
River.gif River Tactics Supporter
This User or Group supports River Tactics.
RadioSurvivorLogo.JPG Radio Survivor
This user is a listener and fan of the Buccaneer of the mike, the Corsair of the airwaves and Brigand of the radio band: Uncle Zeddie of Radio survivor.
Beatbejesus.jpg Beat The Bejesus
This Person or Group Knows That Sometimes You Just Gotta Beat The Bejesus Outta Somethings...
Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward
This User Pays It Forward.
DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance (Allied)
E.N.D. is a staunch supporter of the Dulston Alliance.
FortressMAIN.jpg Fortress Trusted Ally
The Fortress officially recognizes this pro-survivor group as a Trusted Ally.

ACCsmall.gif Army Control Corps
This group works with and supports the Army Control Corps.
ENDlogosmall.jpg Evil Never Dies
This user supports E.N.D. in their quest to bring life and hope to Malton.
Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery. (Dead Link)
BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
E.N.D. is an ally of the DEM
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Survivor giddings stand.jpg Battle of Giddings
This user or group was among the living that fought honorably against the Big Bash 2 in the one month long Battle of Giddings.

Syringe crosshairs sml.jpg Fertilize the Land Policy
This user or group believes in regaining NT buildings at any cost!

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XxCannon FodderxX


In charge of ally affairs / Overseeing duties

Typical Survivor


Deligates orders / Overseeing duties

Eragon Dragon Rider

Drill Sergeant:

Training of new members / Giving basic & Advanced gameplay


  • Elle Angelika
  • Deus-X-Machina
  • 12 Shot Man
  • Ryogo
  • Anjel
  • Joachim Doom

Malton Map

Dakerstown Jensentown Quarlesbank West Boundwood East Boundwood Lamport Hills Chancelwood Earletown Rhodenbank Dulston
Roywood Judgewood Gatcombeton Shuttlebank Yagoton Millen Hills Raines Hills Pashenton Rolt Heights Pescodside
Peddlesden Village Chudleyton Darvall Heights Eastonwood Brooke Hills Shearbank Huntley Heights Santlerville Gibsonton Dunningwood
Dunell Hills West Becktown East
Richmond Hills Ketchelbank Roachtown Randallbank Heytown Spracklingbank Paynterton
Owsleybank Molebank Lukinswood Havercroft Barrville Ridleybank Pimbank Peppardville Pitneybank Starlingtown
Grigg Heights Reganbank Lerwill Heights Shore Hills Galbraith Hills Stanbury Village Roftwood Edgecombe Pegton Dentonside
Crooketon Mornington North Blythville Brooksville Mockridge Heights Shackleville Tollyton Crowbank Vinetown Houldenbank
Nixbank Wykewood South Blythville Greentown Tapton Kempsterbank Wray Heights Gulsonside Osmondville Penny Heights
Foulkes Village Ruddlebank Lockettside Dartside Kinch Heights West Grayside East Grayside Scarletwood Pennville Fryerbank
New Arkham Old Arkham Spicer Hills Williamsville Buttonville Wyke Hills Hollomstown Danversbank Whittenside Miltown
Suburb Danger Level Colors

Structurally intact and inhabited by survivors, with numerous lit buildings, and few to no zombies.

Moderately Dangerous

Active zombies and break-ins, but no major hordes.


Structurally intact with few zombies, but a very low survivor population and few to no lit buildings.


Zombies inside many resource buildings and/or significant hostile mobs.

A Ghost Town

Mostly or entirely ruined, and devoid of significant survivor or zombie populations.

Very Dangerous

Most buildings wide open or zombie-infested and/or massive hostile zombie mobs.

Suburbs listed in boldface contain notable locations, groups, or events.
Factors beyond the scope of this map may affect the situation on the ground.

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All good things must come to a E.N.D.

May 1 2008 E.N.D. has offically disbanded due to internal issues, as well as lack of membership. I thank all survivor groups that E.N.D. has had the honor fighting along side of, as well as all those who we have fought. Without either, this would have been a very boring game.

Thank you for the laughs, the fantastic fights, as well as the memories. Hopefully in the future this group will rise again. Although this group is gone many if not all of us are still fighting on in one form or another to assist all that are in need.

Never waiver, never falter - REMAIN DIEHARD! Our goodbyes http://z15.invisionfree.com/Malton_Resistance/index.php?

~ XxCannon FodderxX


Feb 5 2008 The Hazeldine Committee, has merged with E.N.D. to form a subgroup of medical/revive personnel.

Feb 1 2008 After a long hard battle Pitneybank has finally seen the end to the standoff. However The Second Big Bash had help unknowingly from a zerger.

I am ashamed at the zerger that used massive amounts of alts to strike at the mall in a unified effort. This makes the whole battle less of a win for the zeds, and less of a fight for the survivors. To DAVYWAVY, or whatever you want to call yourself ... I WILL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO SEE YOU BANNED AND/OR KNOWN AS A CHEATER! All of these profiles are in a group called "Christ you're stupid" their was a similar issue roughly 5 months ago with them, and he still continues to use these to zerg.

I have spent time passing this along to as many survivor, and zed groups I can. Don Tickles, as well as Bullgod have taken a stand against this as well as many survivor groups as well.

Dec 5 2007 - Feb 1 2008

Messege & Broadcast from Radio Survivor[1] says it all.

Nov 5 2007

  • E.N.D. worked with FANNY, to reclaim Crowbank in the names of all survivors.

Oct 9 2007

Sept 30 2007

  • By request heading out to assist DEM.

Sept 25 2007

  • Survivors are returning to the NW of Malton, and aiding in the survivors efforsts. will reamin in Darvall Heights until the threat level has dropped to at least moderate.

Sept 24 2007

  • Operation: Knowledge is in full effect, and will continue till at least the end of the month.

Sept 7 2007

  • Going into the redzone allied with many survivor groups to take back what is ours, in the name of Malton!

Sept 03-7 2007

  • In the works of organizing the largest survivor takeover to counter the mass amounts of redzone suburbs.

Sept 01 2007

Aug 25 2007 - Aug 27 2007

  • Constant raids on the Blesley Mall has brought it back to life. There is hope yet.

Aug 19 2007

Aug 7 2007

Tommy Crowbar - "I have to say we had not been able to do so without the successive waves of preliminary assaults by E.N.D. and other Anaconda members."

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