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Fortress Allies

The Fortress forms many alliances with other pro-survivor groups. We welcome communication with anyone loyal to our cause. Because of the different relationships we have with allied members we categorise each group into one of the following three distinctions.

NB. The purpose of the following divisions is generally to categorise the similarity between the ethical asprirations between us and our allies, however The Fortress is honored to be linked to each group with which we cooperate.

FortressMAIN.jpg Working Partner
The Fortress officially recognizes this UD group as a Working Partner.

Working Partners are groups that do not necessarily share the fundamental ethics of The Fortress but still wish to be allied to the group for friendship, diplomatic, or tactical reasons. Alternatively, groups in this category may be a new addition to the Chain of Allies and we have not yet solidified our partnership with a cooperation in-game.

Because of the possible conflict in interests, The Fortress cannot guarantee that a Working Partner will have forum access, an Ambassador to their forum, or that we will always be able to assist in morally-gray operations, but the Working Partner will be officially recognized by us and the alliance will be beneficial in terms of diplomacy and coordination.

FortressMAIN.jpg Friend and Partner
The Fortress officially recognizes this UD group as a Friend and Partner.

Friends and Partners are pro-survivor groups that are allied to The Fortress. Members of the F&P will share The Fortress's basic ethics. This essentially means they will not be overly aggressive to other players, nor cheat in UD by zerging, and they will condemn the common use of dirty tactics such as spying and griefing. Additionally, The Fortress does not condone Combat Reviving, but we respect other groups who choose to use such a potentially dangerous tactic. Combat reviving will not exclude Allies from F&P status, although we obviously discourage its use.

When The Fortress' Director of Communications has ruled that a group may become a F&P, an Ambassador, or Ambassadors, will be set up on each parties forum and the alliance will be officially recognized.

FortressMAIN.jpg Fortress Trusted Ally
The Fortress officially recognizes this pro-survivor group as a Trusted Ally.

Trusted Allies are Friends and Partners that have formed a close working relationship through time by sharing information, building trust, and working together with The Fortress in operations around Malton.

The Fortress' Director of Communications will judge whether a Friends and Partner should be elevated to the status of Trusted Ally (usually after a long working relationship) and we will officially notify and recognize the group as such.

How to become an ally

If you wish to form an alliance with The Fortress make your request on either the main talk page or this page's talk page. Please include a link to your Wiki. The Head or Director of Communications will be with you shortly.

Our Official Allies

Trusted Allies

The Department of Emergency Management and their subsidiaries:
-- MCDU (Malton Civil Defense Unit) -- MEMS (Malton Emergency Medical Service) -- MFD (Malton Fire Dept) -- MFU (Malton Forensics Unit) -- MPD (Malton Police Dept) --
-- Army Control Corps -- Boardsies -- Cannonball Crew -- DK13 -- FANNY -- Paradox -- The Randoms--

Friends and Partners

Ackland Mall Security -- 10 Minutes From Hell -- 82nd Airborne Division -- BAR -- Bastion High -- BMC (British Military Corps) -- CDF (Creedy Defence Force) -- Caiger Mall Survivors (Caiger Mall Survivors) -- The Crimson Clan -- The Dribbling Beavers -- DRRP (Danversbank Relief and Reconstruction Project) -- DA (Dulston Alliance) -- DHPD (Dunell Hills PD) -- Fort Perryn Defense Force (Fort Perryn Defence Force) -- FUACK (Fabulous Underground Acoustic Corner Kids) -- Garniss Border Patrol -- Hard Knock Life -- The Kilt Store -- Knights Templar -- Lumber Mall Security -- Mad Craskers -- Malton City Zoo -- Malton College of Medicine -- Malton Medical Staff -- Malton Restoration Society -- MUM (Malton Urban Milita) -- Phoenix Security Services -- PHPD (Penny Heights Police Department) -- The Regiment -- ROACH Klips -- Skynet Defense Network -- THEM -- Tikhon Medical -- U.S. ARMY INFANTRY

Working Partners

41st Death Com. -- The Abandoned -- Anti-zombie squad -- Buckrell Arms Troops -- Church of Static -- CORAM -- The Cryptkeepers -- Detulux Inc -- Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers -- FOXHOUND -- Malton Defenders -- Malton Mob -- Olney Militia -- Preston Staff -- Reddit_survivors -- Tactical Assault Containment Service -- Umbrella Corporation -- Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service -- USSR

Historical Alliances

Tynte Mall Union (F&P until Dec 08; group became inactive)
Malton Response Team G (F&P until Jun 08; group became inactive)
E.N.D. (Trusted Ally until Apr 08; group closed)
The Hazeldine Committee (F&P until Feb 08; merged with END)
The Black Berets (Trusted Ally until Feb 08; group became inactive)
The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team (F&P until Nov 16; group became inactive)
Team Zombie Hardcore (Working Partner until Jan 09; group no longer appears to fight as survivors)
Dragonhead (F&P until May 09)
Grayside Demons (F&P until July '09, inactive)
Lepers of Malton (F&P until July '09, inactive)
The Blackhearts (F&P until Sept '09, inactive)
(To The) Four Winds (F&P until Apr '10, inactive)
STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) (F&P until Jun '10, group disbanded)

Ally Templates

Ams.jpg Ackland Mall Security Ally
This user or group is an ally of Ackland Mall Security.

Anti-zombie Squad
This user or group supports the Anti-zombie squad

ACCsmall.gif Army Control Corps
This group works with and supports the Army Control Corps.

BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
The Fortress is an ally of the DEM

CDF.jpg Creedy Defense Force
{{{X}}} is affiliated with the Creedy Defense Force and fully supports the destruction of all zombie unlife in Malton.

Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.

DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance (Allied)
The Fortress is a staunch supporter of the Dulston Alliance.

TT4W01.jpg (To The) Four Winds Ally
This user or group is an ally of
(To The) Four Winds.


Green-beer.jpg Garniss Border Patrol
This group or user has had the pleasure of drinking with the Garniss Border Patrol.

RealHammer.jpg It's a Hard Knock Life for us
This group is an ally of Hard Knock Life

MadCraskers small.jpg Mad Craskers
The Fortress camps out at the Craske Museum and defends SE Heytown from wandering hordes and feral zombies.

Thinkingmonkey.jpg Friend Of The Zoo
The Thinking Monkey brings luck to friends of the Malton City Zoo!

Olney t2.png O.M Ally
The Fortress is an ally of the Olney Militia

Insignia(final).png Phoenix Security Services
This User or Group is Allied with Phoenix Security Services

New Badge.jpg Random Member
The Fortress is a member of The Randoms.

RSconceptNTSyringe.png Support the Reddit Survivors
This user/group is a proud ally of the reddit_survivors.

54315.jpg Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service Ally
This User or group supports The U.B.C.S. in their fight against the undead.