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Wanderer is a special character. I am using him as a guinea-pig. He shall be going around the suburbs of Malton, without the help of the meta game, finding groups and those similar to himself, in his quest of finding out how survivors work.

The map below shows his progress.

I have not visited this suburb.
I am in this suburb currently.
I have been in this suburb in the past.
I have been in this suburb in the past, and it was notable.

~50AP to kill an 11HP zombie. :'( I hate low levels.

Oooh. 65 exp. Come one level 2.
Boom. HTH. Now I can actually get a kill in a day. Interesting note: Only seen people in groups in Rolt Heights. Strange.
Kapow. Got everything I need for an axe-wielding killing machine. Now to flatten those 23 pesky zombies.
I really hate waiting for revives. I remember now why I chose to be a career zombie.

Yet onwards with my migration.

Got there. And I got my first kill! Nice one. Cheers for that.
The suburbs i've been in are making a pretty picture.