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November 29th - After the departure of The Scourge, the suburb has come under sustained assault by the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Key resources, including Hildebrand Mall, Eligius General Hospital and the Herbert Building have consistently been ruined and/or occupied for over a week now. With ruins spreading across the suburb and into neighbouring Edgecombe, danger status has been updated to 'Dangerous'. --LordMoloch (talk) 19:56, 29 November 2018 (UTC)
November 1st - The Scourge are once more ravaging Roftwood. Yesterday they had a smashing appearance at the Herbert Building and today they have breached Hildebrand Mall. Both spots are heavily contested. Survivors bring your FAKs because these zombies are bitey. --ZombGG (talk) 15:11, 1 November 2018 (UTC)
September 15th - NecroTech stock has sky rocketed this summer as Roftwood survivors can't seem to get their hands on enough of those precious NecroTech Revivification Syringes. Lives are short lived as intense fighting between the Roftwood Coordination Center and the Ridleybank Resistance Front continues rocking the suburb and packing the local Swansborough Park RP. --ZombGG (talk) 14:51, 15 September 2018 (UTC)
August 30th - Suburb remains focus of heavy combat. RRF with Gore Corps spearhead support involved in fierce fighting. Herbert NT sacked as of 8/29. Sniper4625 The Malton Globetrotters#4625 - You rated this wiki '1'! Great job, go hog wild!|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| TMG 17:32, 30 August 2018 (UTC)
July 10th - Roftwood is still a battleground, with survivors facing overwhelming pressure from zombie forces, spearheaded by the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Groups associated with the Roftwood Coordination Center are fighting to recover ground, but with the Gore Corps bringing even more numbers into the suburb, the wave of destruction appears to be spreading out from Hildebrand Mall to the rest of the suburb. --LordMoloch (talk) 22:41, 10 July 2018 (UTC)
July 6th - Hildebrand Mall and the local resource buildings have come under sustained attack by zombie forces. The mall, Herbert NT and several other buildings have been sacked by the Ridleybank Resistance Front's Gore Corps. --LordMoloch (talk) 01:27, 6 July 2018 (UTC)
June 29th - 25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, about forty on the streets ... a horde of twenty or so outside the Herbert Building ... lights are on across the suburb ... some minor structural damage though ... Hildebrand Mall has power ..." --Emot-siren.gif LABIA on the INTERNET Emot-siren.gif Dunell Hills Corpseman The Malton Globetrotters#24 - You rated this wiki '1'! Great job, go hog wild!|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| TMG 06:32, 29 June 2018 (UTC)
February 23rd - The Northwest corner of Hildebrand Mall is presently under attack by a mob of 16 zombies. Intel gathered by the Roftwood Coordination Center concludes the mob is mostly feral, with a light mix of Ridleybank Resistance Front and The Scourge.
Aside from this action, Roftwood is enjoying peace after nearly four weeks of total war. It took the collective effort of local survivors, the Malton Medical Staff, the Roftwood Elite, ENVY, and the Malton Civil Defense Unit to keep The Scourge from dragging the suburb into complete ruin.
Today the suburb is powered, barricaded, and has a healthy survivor population. --ZombGG (talk) 18:04, 23 February 2018 (UTC)
February 3rd - Zombies again control all four corners of Hildebrand Mall. Survivors had briefly reclaimed the mall on the eve on January 31 in honor of the ten year anniversary of the famous Malton Medical Staff/Last Stand. They maintained authority until the later hours of last night. Tension had been building outside the SW corner for a couple days until finally a horde of ~25 zombies composed of both the Scourge and the Ridleybank Resistance Front busted in quickly laid ruin. The event has been the biggest of the new year for the suburb.
Never before in recent history have both zombie groups smashed the mall simultaneously nor have so many survivor groups banded together in defense of the SW corner of the mall. Both survivor and zombie factions had great turn out for what looks to be just another round in a series of ongoing "struggles for hildebrand mall". Records from this event are presently being compiled by the participants at the Roftwood Coordination Center, which is largely sponsored through the efforts of the Malton Medical Staff and Quartly Study Group, and will be released soon! --ZombGG (talk) 20:17, 3 February 2018 (UTC)
January 18th - Hildebrand Mall's north east and south west have been broken into and the doors have been ripped off, two zeds inside and much more outside. It seems they attacked from both sides as they have been reported in the masses outside Eligius General Hospital as well making me think that it will be there next building to fall in their conquest in Roftwood. Good luck survivors and allow strength of the gods be with you. Hildebrand Mall cannot fall!
January 17th - Roftwood is now unstable. From both the East and now the West there are zombies... Just overnight the famous long standing Herbert Building fell to the zombies spreading an increasing feel of distress within the district. With the regular raids in the East of Roftwood (mostly aimed at the hospitals) and now this new attack many of the residences have grown concerned for the numbers of zeds attacking in this area and whether there will be much more.
With Roftwood seemingly being attacked from both sides a great deal of the live population have found refuge in Hildebrand Mall because of it's high cades and resources... they know that they cannot allow it to fall they depend on it for food, shelter basic requirements as well as power.
Also today the Blackmore Bastard Brigade made their appearance on the Central Malton Radio statementing their intentions of pushing back the Ridleybank Resistance Front, which could give us some leeway here in Roftwood.
Catch you on Central Radio. --Tess Eks (talk) 11:47, 17 January 2018 (UTC)
January 11th - Roftwood has peace in the east and war in the west. Zombie leakage from the ruined neighboring suburb of Stanbury Village and it's Nichols Mall are causing chaos and destruction for western Roftwood, particularly centered around the Greenhow Building.
Survivors in the east are rallying at the Herbert Building and dutifully maintaining the revive point at Swansborough Park. The Hildebrand Mall has been under a minor siege since this past Christmas. Survivors are holding onto the mall making quick disposal of any zombie.
The Malton Medical Staff, Quartly Study Group, and Ridleybank Resistance Front are all quite active in Roftwood and are doing a wonderful job making this suburb a fun and interesting place to be.
This has been my monthly briefing. --ZombGG (talk) 00:32, 12 January 2018 (UTC)



December 13th

Recently reclaimed Hildebrand Mall has power and barricades but could use survivor numbers inside. Eastern Roftwood is mostly powered with revive operations running smoothly from the Herbert Building to Swansborough Park. Lastly, zombies are lightly scattered across the suburb with no heavy concentrations in any particular area. --ZombGG (talk) 19:53, 13 December 2017 (UTC)


October 30th

MMS is struggling in the St Ethelbert's Hospital, lots of patients are in there and they seem to not being too quick on their feet. One patient turned just as they were being treated...There is blood and gore smeared everywhere. The barricades have not been touched. It looked like a victim had scrawled a message in his blood on one of the walls, I inferred that they were accusing the MMS of acting as a catalysis to the disease instead of curing those infected. I recent days my radio has also been warning me about them also claiming that they are a danger to the resistance, saying they should be shot on sight. I barely made it out with my life. I was making my way to Pimbank but I see that what is going on he deserves more attention. --Tess Eks (talk) 14:15, 30 October 2017 (UTC)



August 19th

25.96 MHz: "... can see twenty or so on the streets of Roftwood ... all stragglers, no groups ... only one building with lights on ... most of the buildings are ruined ... the Greenhow Building has definitely fallen ..." -- Jen T | SFHNAS | PK 16:12, 20 August 2014 (UTC)


July 15th

  • Come join the Block Party being held in Roftwood! Dedicate one character exclusively to the Roftwood area for a month, July 15 to August 15, and raise havoc or defend against the endless dead. --  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 01:08, 16 July 2014 (UTC)



23rd October

  • The Great Suburb Group Massacre 2013 is in full swing! If your group is listed in this suburb's infobox, you should have received a message detailing how to confirm your activity. Please see this page for more information.



December 20th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, maybe a dozen on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a lot of lights on, looks the area's been reclaimed ... only a few buildings damaged though ... Hildebrand Mall has power ..." Son of Sin 04:31, 20 December 2011 (UTC)

December 14th

25.96 MHz: "... can see thirty or so on the streets of Roftwood ... maybe a dozen outside Hildebrand Mall ... power's on across most of the area ... only a few buildings damaged though ... some survivor activity in the Herbert Building ..." Son of Sin 03:56, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

December 12th

25.96 MHz: "... can see a couple of dozen on the streets of Roftwood ... maybe a dozen outside Hildebrand Mall ... power's on across most of the area ... infrastructure looks intact too ... some survivor activity in the Herbert Building ..." Son of Sin 07:05, 12 December 2011 (UTC)

December 8th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe a dozen on the streets of Roftwood ... all stragglers, no groups ... lights are on across the suburb ... infrastructure looks intact too ... the Herbert Building is being held ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." Son of Sin 10:03, 8 December 2011 (UTC)

December 4th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe a dozen on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... lights are on across the suburb ... only a few buildings damaged though ... the Herbert Building is being held ... looks like the Greenhow ..." (11 hours and 35 minutes ago) Son of Sin 21:15, 4 December 2011 (UTC)


November 29th

...Roftwood may not be moderately dangerous, but it's probably more accurate than safe for survivors ...survivors are actively defending/reclaiming Hildebrand Mall ...the revive queue at Swansborough Park is long (13 scanned zombies in line). Zombies aren't the only threat ...i saw a GKer/PKer and another PKer in a (dark) bank. -- Will I Eat You? 04:23, 29 November 2011 (UTC)


October 3th

The Ridleybank Resistance Front is in town for its sixth birthday party. Quartly Library fell first on the 2nd. Hildebrand Mall was utterly destroyed in under an hour and The Herbert Building has been badly mauled on the 3rd. Singing was reportedly heard at both sites during the festivities. --Papa Irishmen 00:43, 3 October 2011 (BST)


Sept. 29th

stood outside 3 ruined buildings & saw 1 zombie...went inside one ruined building & saw no zombies...the rest of Roftwood looks safe...many survivors & powered buildings


July 3th

"... can see maybe a dozen on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... lights are on across the suburb ... infrastructure looks intact too ... the Herbert Building is being held ..." Sukyanti 15:49, 3 July 2011 (BST)


June 4th

"... Roftwood is still active, about sixty on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... no lights on down there ... the whole suburb's wrecked ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." Sukyanti 13:30, 4 June 2011 (BST)


May 18th

"... Roftwood is still active, maybe fifty on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... no lights on down there ... the whole suburb's wrecked ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." Sukyanti 02:46, 18 May 2011 (BST)

May 16th

"... can see about sixty on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... can't see any signs of life ... it's a wasteland down there ... the Herbert Building is out of action ..." Sukyanti 20:35, 16 May 2011 (BST)

May 15th

"... Roftwood is still active, about sixty on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... can't see any signs of life ... it's a wasteland down there ... Hildebrand Mall is in bad shape ..." Sukyanti 23:50, 15 May 2011 (BST)

May 14th


Harman Conservationists reported in from 61,50. The scentoral evidence revealed several zombies within olfactory range of the location. The zombies are spread fairly evenly throughout the scanning area with a single large group 5S3W. Noticeable carnage 1E2S of the scan site.
For more information, please see The full migratory map
Field agent:--Albert Schwan Albert Schwan  20:25, 14 May 2011 (BST)


No news


March 30th

The RRF has indeed mounted an attack on Roftwood. This attack has thus far been carried out with several waves of coordinated PKing and GKing by RRF members. Zombie numbers do not appear to be very high, though the damage caused by human RRF members has gutted the suburb's infrastructure. Also, some buildings in the area have been turned into pinatas. Mr Bighead 04:27, 1 April 2011 (BST)

March 28th

Seems the RRF has staged an incursion. They're attacking key resource points including the Greenhow building, Eligius General, and several police departments. Updating to Dangerous. --Trendiggity 03:13, 29 March 2011 (BST)

March 14th

I walked around the suburb and used most of my 50AP trying to find something to shoot. I ended up finding one zombie to revive. Hildebrand is in good shape and 99% of the buildings are rebuild. Changing status to safe. --Trendiggity 05:28, 14 March 2011 (UTC)

March 7th

Roftwood is in good shape with many resources lit and caded but PKers are amassing in Quartly Library which likely portends a zombie attack on Hildebrand Mall. --Bad Attitude BarbieSDN 23:47, 7 March 2011 (UTC)


No news


January 24th

The Great Suburb Group Massacre has commenced. Check your group's talk page to confirm in which suburbs you are active.--†hana†ologis† (talk) 06:53, 24 January 2011 (UTC)



December 6th

NecroNet scan reports an alarming 16 zeds outside the powered and 'caded Herbert Building. Only the NE corner of Hildebrand Mall is ruined.
--Nick dG 23:00, 6 December 2010 (UTC)


November 21st

NecroNet scan reports an alarming 17 zeds outside the NW corner of the Hildebrand Mall and 6 zeds outside the 'caded and powered Eligius General Hospital. Source: The Herbert Building. Survivors are holding strong inside Hildebrand Mall.
--Nick dG 02:49, 22 November 2010 (UTC)

November 20th

Survivors and zombies are clashing for control of the suburb. NecroNet scan reports 9 zeds outside a 'caded Eligius General Hospital, 12 outside the powered and 'caded NW corner of the Hildebrand Mall, 8 outside Dempsey Grove Police Department, and 5 outside the powered and 'caded Herbert Building. Source: The Herbert Building.
--Nick dG 04:05, 21 November 2010 (UTC)

November 16th

NecroNet scan reports 22 zeds outside Eligius General Hospital. Source: The Herbert Building. All four corners of the Hildebrand Mall are powered and 'caded with 5 zeds outside the NW corner. The Summer Building is also powered and 'caded.
--Nick dG 12:45, 16 November 2010 (UTC)

November 12th

NecroNet scan reports an alarming 15 zeds outside Eligius General Hospital. Source: The Herbert Building. All four corners of the Hildebrand Mall are powered and 'caded.
Nick dG 00:48, 13 November 2010 (UTC)


October 28th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, maybe fifty on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a few buildings with lights on ... most of the buildings are ruined ... Hildebrand Mall is in bad shape ..." --Immortal 18:02, 28 October 2010 (BST)

October 1st

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe fifty on the streets of Roftwood ... all stragglers, no groups ... can't see any signs of life ... it's a wasteland down there ... the Greenhow Building is out of action ..." --

SDN 04:54, 2 October 2010 (BST)


September 28th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe fifty on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... can't see any signs of life ... the whole suburb's wrecked ... the Herbert Building is out of action ..." --Immortal 22:18, 28 September 2010 (BST)

September 18th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe seventy on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... only one building with lights on ... most of the buildings are ruined ... the Herbert Building has definitely fallen ..." --Immortal 16:22, 18 September 2010 (BST)


August 23rd

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, maybe seventy on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... a few buildings with lights on ... heavy structural damage ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 15:18, 23 August 2010 (BST)


July 30th

The majority of buildings in the suburb are completely ruined. Noticed quite a few lone survivors hiding around the suburb as well as many feral rotters who probably wandered into Roftwood via the derelict suburbs in the surrounding area. Any repair work on buildings seems futile as it is instantly attacked by the wandering zombies. Attempts at re-populating this zone would be extremely difficult. -- TadhgF 13:31, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Repaired buildings are starting to pop up all over the suburb. The Revive Points are running at much lower populations than the previous month, and there seem to be many more breathing survivors around the place. Major TRPs are back up and staying that way for days at a time; this is the first time in weeks for such occurrences. Increased zombie numbers outdoors are also noteworthy. Roftwood's native survivor and zombie populations seem to be returning to the scene, ready to resume their eternal struggle of life and undeath. Lelouch vi Britannia is helping make Ridleybank green_ and gives Achievements 22:39, 30 July 2010 (BST)

July 29th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, maybe fifty on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... no lights on down there ... the whole suburb's wrecked ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." -- Kittithaj 21:42, 29 July 2010 (BST)

July 25th

25.96 MHz: "... can see about forty on the streets of Roftwood ... all stragglers, no groups ... the Herbert Building is the only building with any lights on ... it's a wasteland down there ... Hildebrand Mall is out of action ..." -- Kittithaj 04:13, 25 July 2010 (BST)

July 2nd

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, about sixty on the streets ... a horde of twenty or so outside Hildebrand Mall ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... serious collateral damage ... Hildebrand Mall has power ... the Greenhow Building is in bad shape ..." -- Kittithaj 19:52, 2 July 2010 (BST)


June 19th

25.96 MHz: "... can see about forty on the streets of Roftwood ... maybe a dozen outside Eligius General Hospital ... several buildings with power ... serious collateral damage ... the Herbert Building is being held ... Hildebrand Mall has definitely fallen ..." -- Kittithaj 17:47, 19 June 2010 (BST)

June 11th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe fifty on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... some minor structural damage ... power's back on at the Greenhow Building ... Hildebrand Mall is out of action ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 10:51, 11 June 2010 (BST)

June 8th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, about sixty on the streets ... maybe a dozen outside the Herbert Building ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... only a few buildings damaged ... Hildebrand Mall has power ... the Herbert Building is in bad shape ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 12:48, 8 June 2010 (BST)


May 9th

Just about (if not) every building in Roftwood has been repaired and barricaded. Survivors are enjoying safety and the convenience of lit TRPs, while the zombies are undoubtedly massing for another wave to retake a section of the suburb and topple the harmans once again. Lelouch vi Britannia is helping make Ridleybank green_ and gives Achievements 16:08, 9 May 2010 (BST)


April 26th

25.96 MHz: "... can see about eighty on the streets of Roftwood ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... several buildings with power ... heavy structural damage ... the Herbert Building is being held ... Hildebrand Mall has definitely fallen ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 12:53, 26 April 2010 (BST)

April 18th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, maybe seventy on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... serious collateral damage ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 16:39, 18 April 2010 (BST)


March 25th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, about sixty on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... lights are on across the suburb ... some minor structural damage ... Hildebrand Mall has power ... the Herbert Building is down ..." -- Kittithaj 19:56, 25 March 2010 (UTC)

March 23rd

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, about forty on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... serious collateral damage ... lights are on in Hildebrand Mall ... looks like the Herbert Building has ..." -- Kittithaj 13:30, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

March 18th

NecroWatch reported in from the Greenhow Building today. A recent NecroNet scan revealed that there were 82 zombies within scanning range of the facility. Of these numbers, 10 zombies were at both Joyner Boulevard PD and Vere Cinema, while 5 zombies were at both Eligius General Hospital and (not surprisingly) Quartly Library, with 4 zombies at Dempsey Grove PD. Meanwhile over in Stanbury Village there were 16 zombies at the Went Building facility. The remaining detected zombies numbered 3 or fewer at any other given location. --Mobius 12:26, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

March 11th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe seventy on the streets of Roftwood ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... power's on across most of the area ... serious collateral damage ... some survivor activity in the Greenhow Building ... Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 07:03, 11 March 2010 (UTC)

March 3rd

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe seventy on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... some minor structural damage ... power's back on at the Greenhow Building ... Hildebrand Mall is out of ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 04:29, 3 March 2010 (UTC)

March 1st

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, maybe seventy on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... lights are on across the suburb ... some minor structural damage though ... Hildebrand Mall has power ... the Herbert Building is down ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 02:46, 2 March 2010 (UTC) (broadcast March 1)


February 25th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe seventy on the streets of Roftwood ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... power's on across most of the area ... only a few buildings damaged though ... some survivor activity in the Greenhow Building ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 01:09, 26 February 2010 (UTC) (broadcast February 25)

February 23rd

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, about eighty on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... some minor structural damage ... Hildebrand Mall is in bad shape ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 13:12, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

February 19th

External Military: "... Roftwood is still active, over a hundred on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... several buildings with power ... heavy structural damage ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." Laitaine 03:39, 19 February 2010 (UTC)


January 25th

External Military: "... can see a hundred or so on the streets of Roftwood ... a horde of a couple of dozen outside Eligius General Hospital ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... some minor structural damage ... the Greenhow Building is being held ... the Herbert ..." Laitaine 20:07, 25 January 2010 (UTC)

January 18th

External Military: 25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe seventy on the streets of Roftwood ... a horde of about forty outside Hildebrand Mall ... power's on across most of the area ... can't see a single ruined building either ... the Greenhow Building is being held ..."

January 10th

NecroWatchDevice-Shadow.png NecroWatch

NecroWatch reported in from the Greenhow Building. The scan revealed 83 zombies within the scanning range of the facility. 11 zombies were at The Went Building NT and 19 more outside Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village. Western Roftwood generally has few zombies.
Necro Technician:--Mallrat The Spanish Inquisition TSI The Kilt Store TKS Clubbed to Death CTD 14:33, 10 January 2010 (UTC)

January 3th

Update: Roftwood is only slightly dangerous at this point. Hildebrand is fully powered and running well, survivors number quite a few (exact figures withheld for intel reasons) and it looks like the suburb is slowly getting back on it's feet. Total number of zombies unknown, however, I am currently gearing up for a scouting mission around the 'burb to get more accurate info. I think it's safe to say however, that the suburb remains in survivor hands. --Redeker 15:22, 3 January (GMT)

External Military: "... can see maybe seventy on the streets of Roftwood ... a horde of twenty or so outside Hildebrand Mall ... power's on across most of the area ... only a few buildings damaged ... some survivor activity in the Greenhow Building ..." Laitaine 16:23, 3 January 2010 (UTC)



December 28th

With almost every Tactical Resource Point in the suburb powered and free running lanes open once again, it seems that Roftwood has returned. There is still a significant zombie presence in the area, but for now the suburb appears to be returning to survivor control. Lelouch vi Britannia is helping make Ridleybank green_ and gives Achievements 23:35, 28 December 2009 (UTC)

December 22th

Survivor population has had a huge boost! Hildebrand mall is up and barricaded and decently defended. Many buildings are reparied but still without power. Could it be an early christmas miracle? All signs are go for a decent Malton christmas in a lit building for the people of Roftwood. --Mastergeneral 20:42, 22 December 2009 (UTC)

December 13th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, over a hundred on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... can't see any signs of life ... it's a wasteland down there ... Hildebrand Mall is in bad shape ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 15:54, 13 December 2009 (UTC)

December 10th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, around a hundred and fifty on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... only one building with lights on ... most of the buildings are ruined ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." --Ryan Rocksmith 16:58, 10 December 2009 (UTC)

December 4th

25.96 MHz: "... can see a hundred or so on the streets of Roftwood ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... several buildings with power ... serious collateral damage ... the Greenhow Building is being held ... the Herbert Building has definitely fallen ..."--Laqueefa 16:08, 4 December 2009 (UTC)

December 3rd

25.96 MHz: "... can see a hundred or so on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... serious collateral damage ... power's back on at the Greenhow Building ... Hildebrand Mall is out of ..."--Laqueefa 08:51, 3 December 2009 (UTC)


October 26th

First-hand account broadcast:
26.17 MHz: "Nearby 70 zeds total in Roftwood. 4 large groups - 10+" --Ryan Rocksmith 22:44, 26 October 2009 (UTC)

October 24th?

Eligius General Hospital is ruined. - Emily Prentiss —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Spaz (talkcontribs) at an unknown time.


September 2nd

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, maybe seventy on the streets ... a horde of twenty or so outside the Herbert Building ... lights are on across the suburb ... some minor structural damage though ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..."

The suburb is recovering. It's still Dangerous, but not very dangerous. -- Kittithaj 19:29, 3 September 2009 (BST)


No report during this month. The suburb was still considered Very Dangerous, with main bulk of the MOB attacking nearby suburb of Stanbury Village and Pimbank. Perhaps survivors were too busy staying alive to report anything.


July 29th

With Hildebrand Mall and multiple TRPs ruined, the RRF has steamrolled the suburb. Updating status to Very Dangerous to reflect that. --User:Axe27/Sig 09:04, 29 July 2009 (BST)

July 17th

25.96 MHz: "... can see about sixty on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... several buildings with power ... serious collateral damage ... power's back on at the Greenhow Building ..." --Rat of Steel 11:03, 17 July 2009 (BST)

July 5th

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, about eighty on the streets ... a horde of twenty or so outside Eligius General Hospital ... lights are on across the suburb ... some minor structural damage though ... Hildebrand Mall has power ..." --Rat of Steel 09:55, 5 July 2009 (BST)

25.96 MHz: "... can see about eighty on the streets of Roftwood ... a horde of twenty or so outside Eligius General Hospital ... power's on across most of the area ... some minor structural damage though ... some survivor activity in the Herbert Building ..." -- Kittithaj 16:29, 5 July 2009 (BST)


June 8th

25.96 MHz: "... can see maybe fifty on the streets of Roftwood ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... serious collateral damage ... power's back on at the Greenhow Building ..." --Rat of Steel 19:50, 8 June 2009 (BST)


May 12th

Most of the suburb is wrecked as far as I can tell. The Hildebrand Mall is ruined and most building have suffered the same fate. Looks like the RRF doesn't like late fees... --The Argonauts 06:05, 13 May 2009 (BST)


April 22nd

A squad of 5 is in Northern Roftwood, They've been holding several builings in an attempt to retake nicolhs mall. The recent zed population is decreasing in the ruined buildings because of the more rapidlly poping up EHB+4 buildings. The zombies have a fight on their hands now.--Jerrel Yokotory 23:54, 22 April 2009 (BST)


March 29th

NecroWatch reported in from the ruined Herbert Building. A recent scan revealed that there were 109 zombies within scanning range of the facility. Of these numbers, 14 zombies were at Swansborough Park Revivication Point, 11 zombies were at Quartly Library (even if it is probably closed on sundays), 9 zombies were at Hildebrand Mall, 6 zombies were at Chinnock Auto Repair, 5 zombies were at the Copeland Building, and 4 zombies each were at Chalderwood Road Railway Station and the Kirkland Arms. The remaining zombies were scattered across the area in groups of 3 or fewer. -- -Alka Selzer- [ Talk - Map - Stuff 10:19, 29 March 2009 (BST)

March 22nd

Scouted south & central Roftwood: the mall is ruined, many other buildings ruined, large number of zombies with small groups sleeping outside many buildings. Very few buildings with power. Changing to Dangerous. -- Grogh 19:56, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Update: NecroWatch reported in from The Greenhow Building. A recent scan had revealed that there were 141 zombies within scanning range of the facility. Of these numbers, 9 zombies were at both Guilford Avenue Fire Station and Vere Cinema, 8 zombies were at the neutral Quartly Library, 7 zombies were at St. Ethelbert's Hospital, and 6 zombies were at the Whale Building. Meanwhile over in Stanbury Village, there were 45 zombies at Nichols Mall, 19 zombies at the Went Building, and 6 zombies at both Guell Bank and the Spring Building (in Ridleybank). The remaining zombies, which were in small groups of 4 or fewer in number, were scattered across the area, with higher concentrations south of the facility. --Mobius

March 12th

Hildebrand Mall is in a delicate situation, roughly 20 survivors huddle in its mostly darkened shops, Herbert NT is shuttered and also without power and many strategic buildings including Rawlins Row PD and Guilford Avenue FD lay in ruins, corpse's rotting in there doorways, Quite an interesting 'burb for those willing to get there hands dirty and who don't mind a little risk --Alf 07:06, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

March 6th

Maynard King reported in from Dempsey Grove Police Department, "10 zombies are sighted outside the Eligius General Hospital. 13 zombies are sighted inside of it. Some buildings have been ruined. Zombies' number is increasing at Roftwood.".

March 2nd

NecroWatch reported in from the Greenhow and Herbert Buildings today. Recent scans had revealed that there were 154 zombies within scanning range of the two facilities. Of these numbers, 16 zombies were at the northeast corner of Hildebrand Mall, 13 zombies were at the Swansborough Park revive point, 11 zombies were at the Herbert facility itself, 7 zombies were at the Gregors Building, 6 zombies were at Rawlins Row PD, 6 more zombies were at Forward Cinema, 5 zombies were at Philpotts Towers, and 3 zombies were at Eligius General Hospital. The remaining detected zombies were either fewer in number than these mobs or located in adjacent suburbs. --Mobius 14:51, 2 March 2009 (UTC)


February 24th

25.96 MHz: "... can see about sixty on the streets of Roftwood ... a horde of thirty or so outside Hildebrand Mall ... power's on across most of the area ... infrastructure looks intact too ... some survivor activity in the Greenhow Building ..." --AxisKiller 22:31, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

February 19th

NecroWatch reported in from the Herbert Building. A recent scan revealed that there were now 77 zombies within scanning range of the facility. Of these numbers, 30 zombies were at the northeast corner of Hildebrand Mall, 14 zombies were at the very neutral Quartly Library, and 8 zombies were at Chalderwood Road Railway Station. The remaining zombies, who numbered in the 1's and 2's, were scattered across the area and posed no significant threat, in and of themselves. --Mobius 15:45, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

February 18th

NecroWatch reported in from the Herbert Building today. A recent scan revealed that there were 88 zombies within scanning range of the facility. Of these numbers, 18 zombies were at Chalderwood Road Railway Station, 17 zombies were at the illustrious Quartly Library, 13 zombies were at Rawlins Row PD, 5 zombies were at the northeast corner of Hildebrand Mall, 4 zombies were at Vivian Cinema, and 3 zombies were at the Nicks Arms. The remaining zombies were fewer in number than these mobs and scattered across the area, with fewer zombies farther north. --Mobius 14:04, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

February 12th

NecroWatch reported in from the Herbert Building today. A recent scan revealed that there were 98 zombies within scanning range of the facility. Of these numbers, 44 zombies were at the northeast corner of Hildebrand Mall, 16 zombies were at Quartly Library, 10 zombies were at the Swansborough Park revive point, 6 zombies were at Rawlins Row PD, 5 zombies were at Eligius General Hospital, and 4 zombies were at the Somerton Building in Edgecombe. The remaining zombies were in small mobs than these and scattered across the area. --Mobius 13:22, 12 February 2009 (UTC)

February 8th

Remarkably, Hildebrand Mall has already reopened for business after the Mall Tour's depradations. Western Roftwood still looks like postwar Coventry, however.--Mallrat 18:34, 8 February 2009 (UTC)

February 4th

Mall Tour 09 has rolled on out of Roftwood, leaving most of the burb a smoking ruin, with zed stragglers stumbling off their brainz hangovers with a little hair of the dog as survivors struggle to clean up after the party. -- Marcusfilby 10:01, 4 February 2009 (EST)


January 29th

Herbert NT building falls to ruin almost daily now, and is brought back to working order. But only for a short time. Everything else working fluidly. -- KrisBoondock Saints

January 18th

Mall recaptured, and most buildings repaired. Few zombies remain. --Goron40 16:02, 18 January 2009 (EST)

January 5th

Roftwood is destroyed. Most buildings have been ransacked. A few fools have spilt blood in the Quartly Library. Have they no respect for a no-kill zone?!--XxFear ItselfxX 04:35, 6 January 2009 (UTC)



December 31st

The start of 2009 in Roftwood appears bleak for survivors, with the Ridleybank Resistance Front and assorted ferals having ravaged the suburb.--Papa Moloch 03:02, 31 December 2008 (UTC)


October 20th

The Greenhow building has been ruined by zombie raid. --Kuji Muji 22:29, 17 October 2008 (EST)

October 16th

It appears the RRF have gone on a roftwood, hmmm... --Angusburger 17:13, 17 October 2008 (BST)

October 13th

The zombies have been doing a terrific job killing us. The suburb is very dangerous. Good show. Sir Fred of Etruria 05:32, 13 October 2008 (BST)

October 12th

Eastern Roftwood is heavy with zombies. At last check, at least 2 or 3 of the police stations have been wrecked. Any unprepared players should avoid Roftwood until further notice. Tr1cky 11:35, 12 October 2008 (BST)

October 8th

Hildebrand Mall has fallen. Multiple zombies in and around the mall area. Zombies spreading to outlying buildings around the mall. -- jesusowns 8 October 2008 1652 EST

October 5th

At least 75 zombies on the streets, with 22 besieging Hildebrand Mall. Breakdown of the Tactical Resource Points:

  • Hildebrand Mall: south powered, north not.
  • 2 NecroTechs & 2 hospitals: not powered.
  • 6 Police depts: 1 powered, 4 not, 1 ruined.
  • 4 factories: 1 powered, 2 not, 1 ruined.
  • 4 auto repairs: 1 powered, 1 not, 2 ruined.

Upgraded to Dangerous. --Funt Solo QT Scotland flag.JPG 19:51, 5 October 2008 (BST)

October 2nd

Small groups of survivors operating in the suburb, but nothing too organized. Break-ins still frequent, but getting rarer. Goron40 2 October 2008 (EST)


September 28th

Most of the suburb ruined.Grouping of 3-7 zeds in the streets.Hildebrand Mall ruined.Survivors just east of Roftwood in Edgecombe waiting to retake the mall.Need backup. Mousey66 28 September 2008 (BST)

September 15th

At least 76 zombies on the streets, but spread out across the suburb in small groups of about 10 at the most. Of the 19 Tactical Resource Points in the 'burb, 5 are ruined, 5 are powered and 9 are not powered (although 'caded). Most of the heavy damage is in the west of the suburb. Here's a breakdown:

  • Mall: all squares powered and 'caded.
  • 2 Hospitals: both ruined.
  • 4 Auto Repairs: 1 powered, 3 not.
  • 4 Factories: 1 powered, 3 not.
  • 2 NecroTech: 1 powered, 1 not.
  • 6 Police Depts: 3 ruined, 1 powered, 2 not.

That does fit the given description for a Moderate danger level, although I could understand if someone marked it as Dangerous, given the ruination in the west of the suburb, and the lack of power to many of the TRPs. --Funt Solo QT Scotland flag.JPG 16:31, 15 September 2008 (BST)

September 14th

Active zombies and break-ins, but no 50+ hostile hordes. - Sir Fred of Etruria 05:44, 15 September 2008 (BST)

September 9th

Rumor has it that The Big Prick is returning to the suburb to finish what it started a few months ago. Asheets 20:30, 9 September 2008 (BST)

September 6th

There are still some representatives from the neighboring zombie horde, but Rotwood has been through a lot worse than this. There are still some industrious survivors reclaiming territory and lighting their revive factory. So, it isn't really that bad. Anyhoo, the library is still occupied, and hopefully still edutaining you. - Sir Fred of Etruria 05:28, 6 September 2008 (BST)

September 2nd

The MMS are trying to keep the hospitals open for you, despite the RRF's insatiable appetite for Hot Nurses and Delicious Doctors. They apparently don't mind finding a bandaid or two in their food. --Maisy Queen of the Ziggurats 15:58, 2 September 2008 (BST)

Rawlins Row Police Department has fallen. Two Zeds inside. --User:Grantis45 19:20, 2 September 2008 (BST)


August 20th

External Military: "... Roftwood is still active, about eighty on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... a few buildings with lights on ... most of the buildings are ruined ... Hildebrand Mall is in bad shape ..." Laitaine 04:24, 20 August 2008 (BST)

August 13th

After recent requests solicited no response, the following group links have been removed from the suburb.

If any of these groups are still active, please add them again. --Adavastor 21:25, 13 August 2008 (BST)

August 10th

External Military: "... Roftwood is still active, over a hundred on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... only one building with lights on ... it's a wasteland down there ... Hildebrand Mall is in bad shape ..." Laitaine 16:19, 10 August 2008 (BST)

August 7th

28 standing in the revive queue at Swansborough Park. the Herbert Building is down. There are 11 zombies inside and 2AP of damage. The adjacent corner of Hildebrand Mall is still operational, though unlit.   --cuio (talk) (NW) 13:33, 7 August 2008 (BST)


July 31st

External Military: "... Roftwood is still active, a hundred or so on the streets ... mostly just stragglers, no organised groups ... no lights on down there ... it's a wasteland down there ... looks like Hildebrand Mall has fallen ..." Laitaine 18:49, 31 July 2008 (BST)

July 1st

Herbert NT is experiencing regular zombie break-ins every few hours, and at the moment I'm typing this update, an organized strike by brain-rotted members of the RRF's Auxunit 10. Hildebrand mallgoers and other Roftwood citizens are encouraged to assist in keeping Herbert in survivor hands by participating in the NT's defense. --Aeon17x 17:31, 1 July 2008 (BST)

After twelve hours since the RRF's initial strike, the Herbert NT has fallen. --Aeon17x 03:11, 2 July 2008 (BST)


June 30th

Herbert NT NecroNet scan as of July 1, 2008

25.96 MHz: "... Roftwood is still active, around a hundred and fifty on the streets ... a horde of thirty or so outside the Herbert Building ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... serious collateral damage ... Hildebrand Mall has power ..." Laitaine 01:46, 1 July 2008 (BST)

June 29th

Higher than usual zombie activity in the suburb. A few ruined buildings near the mall, but those which are in good condition are lighted and caded. There are some GKers around like this guy, concerned citizens are advised to stay vigilant and watch who they are combat reviving if they want to keep the lights on. --Aeon17x 17:54, 29 June 2008 (BST)

June 27th

the mall is in survivors hands and the fortress is currently in the suburb in aid to get the suburb back up and running,herbert building is up and running all mall corners EHB and powered.tho most of the buildings are rnscaked the only powered 1s are the police dept,mall and herbert building.--Jame334 10:00, 27 June 2008 (BST)

Nope, Crooker Bank is powered too, it's a safehouse for a few survivors that are slowly repairing the surrounding buildings. They're doing a great job. --Bruce77Willis 11:23, 27 June 2008 (BST)

June 19th

Both hospitals, ethelbert and eligius are down, both are ruined and full of zombies. the suburb is full of ruined buildings apart from a few factories and pubs. don't go outside with little AP left you're more than likely to get trounced. a lot of people evacuating and rvive points full with nobody reviving. my next move: going southwest towards buttonville and williamsville, looks pretty safe there. --Rozspanner

June 17th

Pratley Road P.D. is down. Appears the suburb is being hit hard. Surrounding building have clusters of Zeds still.User:Geekzilla

Hildebrand is GONE. 32 zeds in SW, 2 in NE, 1 in SE. Where is the RCC when you need it?Also, I don't think it's June 17th yet.--Jallus 01:48, 17 June 2008 (BST)
72 zeds in SW, 16 in NW, 6 in SE, none in NE. Those who had the sense to evacuate are gone. Everybody is infected. --Vandurn 14:28, 17 June 2008 (BST)
The RRF Gore Corps have been striking survivors inside the Herbert Building. --Nick Nitroz 17:26, 17 June 2008 (BST)
Hildebrand is DOWN with zombies occupying every corner in force. Except, for you thrill seeking idiots out there, the NW corner, holding only some poor graffiti and 13 zeds.--Vandurn 23:04, 17 June 2008 (BST)

June 16th

Eligius General Hospital has fallen. I counted 57 zombies inside. This of course means they are right next to Hildebrand. --Saralan Talk 404 ZHU 06:05, 16 June 2008 (BST)

June 11th

Greenhow NT and Grimshaw PD are ruined, with a gang of undead waiting at Turpin. Doesn't look like that defence went very well.. --Jaydig 04:39, 12 June 2008 (BST)

June 10th

The Greenhow Building has been recently experiencing much undead activity. There is currently a battle in process as a group of survivors attempt to fend off this morning's break in. Anyone and everyone is advised to come and assist! --Nick Nitroz 17:11, 10 June 2008 (BST)

June 7th

St. Ethelbert's Hospital breached multiple times. Survivors mostly intact, but door is wide open and some survivors infected. A couple of zombies inside the hospital were dispatched. 11 zombies outside, a couple dead bodies inside that were promptly disposed of. --Kagami 11:14, 7 June 2008 (BST)

June 2nd

Zeds ruining buildings in NE corner of suburb. Zeds seem to be carving a path from the recently ransacked Tynte Mall in neighboring Pimbank. Some action at the Hildebrand Mall seems likely in the near future. Stay alert, stay alive Roftwood. --Saenz 08:22, 2 June 2008 (BST)


May 31st

The Greenbow NT has 17 Zs in it. We should clear them the heck out. "Slim Flegg"

The Pker group Angels of Mercy has been cited in western Roftwood. They have assisted with the fall of the Greenhow Building and seem to be working on clearing out survivors from the Joyner Boulevard Police Department. --Nick Nitroz 19:52, 31 May 2008 (BST)
We did no such thing. We are not pro-zed in the least. Check out our mission statement. --Aom 21:27, 31 May 2008 (BST)
Your "mission statement" suggests that the Angels of Mercy only assault "wounded" survivors (less than 30 hp). This was not the case with any of the screen-shotted situations. Roftwood survivors, best beware. --Nick Nitroz 23:07, 31 May 2008 (BST)
Take it to the talk page. --DTPraise KnowledgePK 23:44, 31 May 2008 (BST)

May 30th

Roftwood is a wonderful place to be. Its buildings are well 'caded, many, if not all of its resource buildings are lit, and the mall is filled with people. Of course, there is the occasional pking...but from the Herbert Building Necrotech, one can count only 30 zombies, and all scattered except for a 12 zed group at Quartly Library, which is mostly contained (only 1 zed has breached the area). --Vandurn 01:35, 31 May 2008 (BST)

May 17th

The Greenhow Building has been ruined and held by 5-6 zeds for at least the past two days; the three buildings south of Greenhow are lit and caded, though.--Jen 03:19, 18 May 2008 (BST)

May 3rd

Alert! Quartly Building is broken, no barricades. 2 inside, 6 outside, and unknown number of dead bodies piling up. About a dozen survivours holding. gabdewulf 16:23, 2 May 2008 (BST)

Do you mean Quartly Library? It is generally held to be a no-kill, no-barricade, everyone-welcome zone. --Evan Cord 22:09, 2 May 2008 (BST)

May 2nd

  • External Military Report: "... can see maybe fifty on the streets of Roftwood ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... power's on across most of the area ... can't see a single ruined building either ... the Herbert Building is being held ..." --Dr Cory Bjornson 03:05, 2 May 2008 (BST)

May 1st

Mall and hilbert EHB. 38zs on scan. gabdewulf 15:07, 1 May 2008 (BST)


April 27th

Most resource points and the library have been reclaimed and secured. Sir Fred of Etruria 22:05, 27 April 2008 (BST)

April 19th

Almost all buildings have been destroyed. Every block has around 8-25 zombies on it, the town has been totally ransacked.--Chad Johnson Jr 04:41, 20 April 2008 (BST)

April 16th

The Mall and surrounding buildings have fallen.

Actually the north half of the mall has not yet fallen. However it is only a matter of time. --Omegaomnus 14:24, 16 April 2008 (BST)

April 15th

A mob of 48 zeds and rising broke into the Herbert Building today. 40 bodies outside... ohh the carnage --Bebopking69 21:46, 15 April 2008 (BST)

The Herbert NT is toast, and there are signs of undead visitation in the mall. Brian mercat 23:42, 15 April 2008 (BST)

April 12th

I recommed it be taken down from very dangerous to dangerous at the least, not many zombies. A few groups of 4-12 zombies but fairly a safe suburb.--Chad Johnson Jr 05:43, 13 April 2008 (BST)

April 10th

As far as I can see, theres a persistent group of 30 zombies or so near the Eligius General Hospital and the Guilford Avenue Fire Station. The mall is up and running with many survivors inside. --John Danesi 02:13, 10 April 2008 (UTC)

I insist that this area is not even dangerous anymore. --John Danesi 14:25, 10 March 2008 (UTC)
I second John's statement. I've been in Roftwood two days, and it seems at most to be orange. --gogoicarus 23:19, 10 March 2008 (EST)

April 3rd

External Military:"... Roftwood is still active, around a hundred and fifty on the streets ... a few big groups, but they're spread out ... can't see any signs of life ... most of the buildings are ruined ... Hildebrand Mall is in bad shape ..."--Scott Timewell 00:06, 3 April 2008 (BST)


March 28th

There are just a few zombies on the streets but the mall is empty... All building are ruined and the Swansborough Park has 53ppl waiting for revive. In a few days this will be a ghost suburb. JohnDanesi 22:00, 28 March 2008 (UTC)

March 27th

There are many zombies on the streets but the mall is almost empty....26 counting inside and out. All building are ruined and the Swansborough Park has 52ppl waiting for revive. JohnDanesi 22:37, 27 March 2008 (UTC)

March 22nd

The RRF have designated this suburb for destruction and the suburb is falling. Danger level upped to red (unless I'm wrong). The man 17:24, 22 March 2008 (UTC)

You're not. --Saralan Talk 404 ZHU 05:22, 24 March 2008 (UTC)
Well that was certainly a polite pile of three to four-hundred zombies. Sir Fred of Etruria 16:48, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

March 21st

The Mall and other resource buildings are standing, including Herbert. The revive point at Swansbrough Park is very low on zombies. The largest threat in the suburb remains a group of 30 zombies attacking the mall and being repulsed by resident survivors.--Rockby Quickfoot 00:08, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

March 17th

The majority of important resource buildings in Roftwood are up and running again. Both hospitals are now up and 'caded, Hildebrand mall is up but not powered, The Herbert building is up and powered with over 50 survivors inside and Swansbrough park's revive point is completely empty Bonner - Speak!. 07:45, 17 March 2008 (UTC)

March 16th

Hildebrand is tentatively up with all corners powered. The queue at Swansborough Park is (finally) minimal. --Saralan Talk 404 ZHU 10:24, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

For the case of Jack Neon vs the Malton Medical Staff: the Wiki user, Jack Neon has henceforth been banned - permamently - from editing the Urban Dead Wiki after being reported for several counts of vandalism, including - but not limited to - spreading mis-information on news boards such as this one. False news entries and counterclaims by both Jack Neon and the Malton Medical Staff have now been removed and it finally remains for me to say (to clear any remaining confusion) that the Malton Medical Staff are still an operational, running, pro-survivor group that have not disbanded. The case and final verdict can be read here.--Sunil 14:53, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

March 13th

Though the Greenhow NT building is ruined, Hildebrand Mall still appears to be open to shoppers with 2 corners powered, though it could use more people to make it more secure. Revives are working - as the Herbert NT building appears powered and operational - though with 28 zombies standing at Swansborough Park, the revive line is busy and moving very slowly.--Sunil 23:19, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

March 11th

Most buildings in Roftwood ruined, scattered groups of zeds all over the place, many massing at revive points Bonner - Speak!. 07:44, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

March 8th

Zahmbahz are browsing the newsagent in Hildebrand mall for Brainz Monthly, perusing the fruit stalls for limes, and harrassing the free samples lady in the grocery stall. This suburb is pretty much under Big Bash II control. All remaining survivors are likely to be forced to embrace Barhah immediately or use river tactics to find a safe haven. --Danalov 16:17, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

The Herbert NT has fallen.--Kingofallpie 19:00, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

March 6th

Zombies are coming in from the North, St. Ethelbert's Hospital is ransacked once more as are one or two other buildings along the northern zone. Many resource buildings are still powered but with the increased zombie activity, this may not last long. Quartly Library has also been ransacked by illiterate zombies. Revives are coming back online as Herbert NT is powered but the NE corner of Hildebrand mall is under strain with nearly 50 zombies in that corner and just a few in the others, despite this, it remains powered.

The Big Bash has arrived. Cower all ye in its path. Upgraded to Very Dangerous. --Kingofallpie 20:55, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

March 3rd

Hildebrand in survivor control, but barely. cades remain up, with frequent break ins. at last check, 6 zombies inside.--Themonkeyman11 03:48, 4 March 2008 (UTC)


February 27th

A correction to the previous correction: St. Ethelbert's Hospital is once more, ruined, though other buildings in the area remain in survivor hands.--Sunil 23:47, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

The Greenhow building has been emptied and barricades have been built. Send help. --Sandsun 07:58, 28 February 2008 (UTC)

February 26th

Correction, St. Ethelbert's Hospital is now powered and operational, as are several other buildings in the area, including the Factory next door and Chinnock Auto Repair. Fuel and generators can now start flowing (for now).--Sunil 09:00, 26 February 2008 (UTC)

February 24th

After a brief period in harman hands, St. Ethelbert's Hospital has once again been ruined, as have several other surrounding buildings, including Neal Cinema, Chinnock Auto Repair, Pratley Road PD and others. The whole area is dangerous and unstable.--Sunil 13:28, 24 February 2008 (UTC)

February 20th

After a brief period in human hands, Hildebrand Mall is in ruins and belongs to the zombies once again. The barricade situation in the southeast portion of the suburb is extremely unstable. --Brian McStay 22:28, 20 February 2008 (UTC)

February 14th

St. Eth's has 30+ standing outside at last count. Break-ins are frequent and it's ruining our Valentine's party. Send help! Sexy help! --Morgueasm 14:39, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

The Greenhow NT is in the process of falling to the horde, but the PD's to its south are still holding. --McWaffle 20:44, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

February 10th

Whole of Hildebrand ruined, Herbert NT is EHB but unlit, 32 zeds outside and 50 survivors inside, while Greenhow NT has apparently been retaken, lit, EHB, 16 zeds outside. --LH779 07:48, 10 February 2008 (UTC)

February 7th

Need surviors to report to Hildebrand Mall. Already under attack, need assistance now! Horde of 40+ attacking SW corner, 3 zeds inside. Need Help now!!

After yet another attempt (my 3rd after the fall of Hildebrand) to regian The Greenhow Biulding (NT)has ended up in failure. After another effort by the Surviors the zombies finnally broke through and killed all inside. I fell reltively shortly in the battle, but took two under with me in a last ditch effort for the surviors to regian their hold. The biulding is currently riuned with around 12 zeds outside. Congrats the people who stood their ground and not let the zeds have an inch until the end. -- RAF Dromar 3 Greenhow Biulding NT Defense Cordinator, 4:33 PM (EST)

February 5th

The mall has been retaken and all corners are lit. Survivors are rebuilding and barricading ruined buildings. The population of the suburb is lower than it was, but it is somewhat safer now that the RRF has moved to Stanbury village. Erik 15:05, 5 February 2008 (UTC)

February 3rd

Greenhow NT was completely overrun. The battle was a short one, only 6 surviors verses a mob of 20 zeds. NT is trashed with 11 zeds camping with marshmellows and bananas. It could be a while before we caputre Greenhow Back. -- RAF Dromar 3 Greenhow Biulding NT Defense Cordinator, 12:40 PM (EST)

February 2nd

Greenhow NT needs people, generators, fuel, and radios to help keep their foothold in the biulding. Currently VHB, no radio or gen, 5 people inside(including me), six zeds outside. This biulding will become key when Nichols is attacked and during the rebiulding of Roftwood.-- RAF Dromar 3- Greenhow Biulding NT Defense Cordinator 2 Feb 2008, 7:25 PM (EST)

February 1st

It's all gone to pieces, with St Ethelbert's Hospital in ruins and the MMS in exile. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. A page on the MMS group section has been created about The Last Stand of Roftwood (under construction).--Sunil 23:21, 1 February 2008 (UTC)


January 31st

55 zeds inside St Ethelberts Hospital. --Vitaliy 03:04:51 UTC.

St. Ethelbert's Hospital has been ruined. --McSkullcracken 03:56, 1 February 2008 (UTC)

January 30th

Joyner Boulevard Police Department has been ruined and its inhabitants thoroughly snacked on. --James Ennis 07:19, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

Co-ordinated RRF Strike teams and tactics are taking heavy tolls on the MMS Staff, patients, fans, animals and residents inside St. Ethelbert's Hospital. The disrupted revive lines due to the ruined NT buildings mean that fallen defenders are not returning to the fight as quickly as they can. The games of naked twister are now constantly interrupted by falling barricades and downed lights. More survivors are desparately needed to help fight the horde.--Sunil 23:54, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

January 29th

St Ethelberts Hospital still stands despite being under seige for 16 days. To combat the stress of holding off the RRF the survivors began a game of naked twister, which has now entered its 4th day, and exotic pet racing. Newton pippin 11.37, 29 January 2008 (GMT)

Frustrated at the dozen zombies occupying their homestead, the Quartly Librarians reclaim the mall. This allows the brave Literates a chance to loot all the book stores for rare copies of Atlas Shrugged. As the local NecroTechs are in zombie hands, the suburb of Rotwood is still quite entertaining. --Sir Fred of Etruria 20:37, 29 January 2008 (UTC)

January 28th

Maiden is also trashed. Reviving is still on at Cake Walk, as I was just revived there. -- Bartholomew 11:43, 28 January 2008

The Greenhow Building was ruined just a few minutes ago. -- Mordac the Refuser 19:47, 28 January 2008 (UTC)

January 27th

Much of the eastern side of this suburb is trashed, including the Herbert Building, Dempsey Grove PD, and Eligius Hospital. -- Mordac the Refuser 19:11, 27 January 2008 (UTC)

January 26th

15 zeds outside Eligus at last count. Power is back and cades at HB.--Bartholomew 20:35, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

Most if not all resource building around Hildebrand mall are ruined. Zombies have taken over Roftwood. Snipingkid 18:56, 27 January 2008 (UTC)

January 25th

More harmanz are needed at Herbert NT. We're almost out of snacks here.--mmmmBrainssssRRF 02:47, 26 January 2008 (UTC)

The cades at Elgius is down, zombies are inside. Only one, and I closed the doors. Was infected again. --Bartholomew 20:35, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

January 25th

The mall has fallen and ransacked,but Eligius is still holding out, with 79 survivors there. --Bartholomew 20:35, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

January 24th

The mall is under heavy fire, 20 zombies inside at last count, SW completely in zombie hands.Slapped Faks around, but zeds killed faster than I could heal. Was infected on healing run.

January 23rd

The siege at St. Ethelbert's Hospital, on the northern border of Roftwood continues. The RRF are attempting to scare the Staff, Fans and patients inside with sheer numbers, but this has instead resulted in an outbreak of karaoke. Currently playing are "Natural Woman" by Ms. Morg, the MMS Hospital Administrator, and "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" by the Head Administrator. Zombies may think they have driven the Staff mad, but this is in fact, normal. Currently have lights, power, EHB+ and cocktails. --Sunil 20:35, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

January 21st

There's a horde of 70+ knocking on our doors day and night. If any of you fine survivor groups out there would like to at least pretend it's as important as a mall siege or an attack on an NT, the help would be greatly appreciated! St. Ethelbert's needs you! --Morgueasm 18:10, 21 January 2008 (UTC)

January 18th

Northern Roftwood under massive zombie attack. So far survivors holding their own. Greenhow NT has been retaken by survivors at last radio report. St Ethelberts is giving stiff resistance to zombie attackers, 6 inside at last report. Currently sieged areas are managing to hold out.--E harmon 21:01, 13 January 2008

January 18th

The St. Eth hospital has come under heavy attack by a horde of Zeds. 50 outside, with 13 inside. Bodies everywhere. Cades rising and falling rapidly. Notable force of survivors inside, but they're struggling to maintain control over the rising tide of death heads. Lights are off. Last report was requesting immediate assistance before they take the hospital and move on. Roftwood slowly becoming unsafe without enough survivors showing an interest.

January 14th

With the RRF's hit on Tynte Mall in Pimbank, some zombies have trickled down into the NE corner of Roftwood. Pratley Road Police Department has 7 zombies inside with most of it's survivors infected.--Morgueasm 18:08, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

January 7th

Almost all buildings have light there are almost no zeds, and I actually spotted 3 survivors sleeping in the street! This 'burb' is safe.--Nemesis Omega 17:15, 7 January 2008 (UTC)



December 26th

Revival points are fairly successful with two exceptions: while you are waiting as a zombie, survivors come and kill you, zombies in the RP are killing anything thats standing.--Jackson 16:21, 26 December 2007 (UTC)

December 17th

External Military reported: "... Roftwood is still active, twenty or so on the streets ... a few outside St Ethelbert's Hospital ... lights are on across the suburb ... infrastructure looks intact too ... power's on at Hildebrand Mall ..." --WanYao 04:45, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

December 12th

A group of about 10 zombies have been trying to get inside St. Ethelbert's Hospital. --Morgueasm 00:57, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

December 1st

A current report of the status of a roftwood hostipal can be found here roft wood is getting much safer. --Novascotia 19:04, 1 December 2007 (UTC)


November 25th

Roftwood is now considered a safe place with only 7 zeds at last check. Congratulation Hildebrand mall defenders. --Kazaha 06:07, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

November 23th

Looks like the horde has moved on, no zeds around save for those waiting at the revive point. As soon as I'm stocked up, I'm outta here, in search of more xp rich killing grounds. JD 21:01, 23 November 2007 (UTC)

November 19thth

Just saw 78 zombies clustered outside Hildebrand Mall SW corner

November 13th

I've seen no sign that defenders are getting bored. Numbers aren't decreasing, and chatter is fairly regular. Situation hasn't changed with Hildebrand. Eligius is ransacked, but not ruined. One zombie inside it. --Xshu 21:43, 13 November 2007 (UTC)

November 12th

Despite zeds numbering in the hundreds. The Mall remains in human hands. Zed forces appear to be splintering. Attacking the mall, Eligius General, and outlying buildings. Strangely zeds appear to unable to hold Eligius General despite it being caded to vsb at most times. Revive queues remain in the single digits. Defenders are getting bored. 23:00, 12 November 2007 (UTC) (The previous unsigned entry was posted by Surloc. --WanYao 16:03, 13 November 2007 (UTC))

November 9th

External Military report: "... Roftwood is still active, nearly two hundred on the streets ... a horde of nearly a hundred outside Hildebrand Mall ... a lot of lights on, though, there are still people down there ... infrastructure looks intact too ... lights are on in ..." --Vandurn 14:58, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

November 5th

Updated to "red" based on External Military report. --evilbob 16:53, 5 November 2007 (UTC)

November 4th

External Military report: "... can see about two hundred on the streets of Roftwood ... a horde of over a hundred outside Hildebrand Mall ... a lot of lights on, though, there are still people down there ... infrastructure looks intact too ... the Herbert Building is being ..." --WanYao 03:11, 4 November 2007 (UTC)

November 1st

The SW corner of the mall is under attack by 133 zeds last I checked. Also, a large amount of PKers have entered the neighborhood and have been killing since Halloween. Keep your guard up, as plenty of PKs have happened. Lifevirus

Mall is under constant attack with multiple break-ins an hour. Zombie numbers are reported to be: "lots." --evilbob 17:51, 1 November 2007 (UTC)


October 28th

Greenhow NT Building ruined with 1 zed outside and 2 inside.--Sazahn 16:32, 28 October 2007 (UTC)

October 27th

Hildebrand Mall is holding strong. NTs are fine. Many buildings destroyed and bout 120 in this area. Sockem 04:21, 28 October 2007 (UTC)

October 26th

After a long siege, Hildebrand Mall is holding strong. There is a constant crowd of around 80 zombies outside the SW corner, but breaches are systematically repaired and the mall is lit and caded nearly 24/7. Zeds have attempted sieging nearby Eligius general hospital, also to minimal effect. Overall, although there are large numbers of zeds roaming the suburb, most buildings are in good shape, caded and many are lit. -Aidan Swart 14:38, 26 October 2007 (BST)

October 22nd

Hildebrand mall about to get destroyed by about 150 or so zombies.--User:ottotorrens 4:38, 22 October 2007 (BST)

Out of the frying pan ad into the fire. Looks like zed activity has gotten outta hand many of the survivor groups are in disarray. Pray that everyone will find shelter soon.--Sazahn 00:49, 23 October 2007 (BST)

October 14th

Many buildings ruined in the Northwest Roftwood area. St. Ethelbert's Hospital is in need of help with 6 zeds inside. --Morgueasm 19:18, 14 October 2007 (BST)

In other news, the group once considered heros to some groups within Roftwood, the Hellfire club has been making killing runs throughout Roftwood wreaking havoc and despair to everyone. A warning to all, please be careful of them.--Sazahn 23:55, 14 October 2007 (BST)

October 12th

It looks like Zeds that have recently ransacked Nichols Mall are heading to Roftwood, luckily most of it's former defenders also fled this way, but most of them still need to get revived before they can help.--Evan McMilan 21:37, 12 October 2007

greenhow compromised, 26 zeds standing vs 3 survivors. long waiting line at turpin. about 20 zeds sieging nearby buildings. --Zokolate 12:41, 12 October 2007 (BST)

Roftwood is experiencing a moderate zombie infestation. Its status should be changed from green to orange. There Are 16 zeds at the Greenhow NT building, 6 at Grimshaw PD, 17 at Tetly Rd, 13 at the Sage Building, and I counted over 45 zombies in the immediate vicinity of Joyner PD. The revive points all are overcrowded, and long waits are being experienced. I recommend going to other sectors for revives.--Grinkov 09:24, 12 October 2007

14 zeds outside of St. Ethelbert's some of which are staff members. Careful revives would be more than welcomed! Eligius, Send more paramedics!--Morgueasm 18:58, 12 October 2007 (BST)

The Big Bash in Galbraith Hills has ruined most of the Western side of Roftwood. --User:Axe27/Sig 20:04, 12 October 2007 (BST)

October 7th

Zrmbrrh hra grh-grh! announces plans to pay a visit to St Ethelbert's Hospital --Benigno SSZ RCC 10:16, 7 October 2007 (BST)

A few random break-ins though nothing serious as of yet. --Morgueasm 18:02, 9 October 2007 (BST)
Heard over the radio: "... Roftwood is still active, twenty or so on the streets ... all stragglers, no groups ... a lot of lights on, looks the area's been reclaimed ... infrastructure looks intact too ... power's on at Hildebrand Mall ..." --Mozai


September 24th

Most of the groups that were once within Roftwood seem to be returning to their homes and headquarters. Zed numbers are a lot lower than before, but they still pose a threat to the survivors.--Sazahn 00:27, 25 September 2007 (BST)

September 16th

Hildebrand Mall is in human hands and both nectrotech buildings are fully restored. Short lanes at Moon Way. Tico 13:41, 16 September 2007 (BST)

September 6th

Roftwood lies in Ruin. No harmanz seen at all today and 50+ Zeds standing in RP's waiting for something that might not come. The Mall and the NT's belong to the Zed. --ZSandmann 21:01, 6 September 2007 (BST)

September 5th

A somewhat surprising attack during the night has found the morning with the entirety of Hildebrand Mall ruined - though only a few tens of zombies remain. This is because in the early hours, they all headed for The Herbert Building in a massive semi-co-ordinated attack of over 150 zombies against 100 survivors found 85 zombies inside and about 70 outside by the time the sun rose. Only a small handful of injured and infected survivors remain. It is unknown how many of these zombies are the risen defenders of Herbert NT and how many are the horde. The revive point at Swansborough Park is gathering a crowd of over 60 zombies waiting for a poke that may never come now that the NT is on the verge of ruin. Additionally, two other landmark buildings: The Quartly Library and St. Ethelbert's Hospital are ruined. Some other buildings remain barricaded and even lit (such as Maiden Auto Repair) however, it is known that some of the zombie groups present do not leave until every building in the suburb is in a state of ruin. Perhaps the horde should consider how they plan to pass the time away when there isn't a single survivor left to hunt and munch on..?--Sunil 09:25, 5 September 2007 (BST)

September 4th

WHOLE Hildebrand is ruined and 100+ zombies inside and a bit more outside... well, someone gotta think of a good retaliation plan. - Noddeg Amrac

The southern half of Hildebrand is ruined with 80 zeds and a couple dozen survivors inside. It is recommended that you fall back to Herbert NT if you are able. -ILoveAmp

September 3rd

Situation in SE corner of Hildebrand mall becomes dire, more and more zombies break in. Now approx. 150 zombies are outside and 30 inside. Survivor, if you read this, know that HILDEBRAND NEEDS YOUR HELP! - Noddeg Amrac

Against our outmost worries the attack on Hildebrand was again thwarted, only 4 zombies remain inside. Thanks to anyone who shared trench with MSC and all other vigilant survivors. - Noddeg Amrac 0:01 +2GMT 4th September 2007.

September 1st

Me and my men are still busy at Tynte Mall with the Retake The Mall Tour. I have however sent a scout with 2+ troops to spare down to help you out. We are having a hard time here, but once its under control, I'll be making my way there as well. - Wesk

Necrotech Mobile shall be heading into the Roftwood area to help setup a safe zone for all survivors. Any friendly survivor groups interested in helping NecroM, please post on the discussion page for NecroM or contact: We will setup Rillie Bank as EHB and maintain it. We shall also assist in helping re-barricade the suburb of Roftwood. -- BlackReaper 22:11, 2 September 2007 (BST)


August 30th

The battle for Hildebrand Mall continues with 130+ Zombies outside and 70+ Harmanz inside on each of the 4 quads. Generators rise and fall as do the barricades in the SE quad. Going to be a long one here. -ZSandmann 17:30, 30 August 2007 (BST)

Now more than 150+ zombies outside, and 210+ Harmanz in the Mall. -ZSandmann 00:48, 31 August 2007 (BST)

August 29th

Now more than 130 zeds are concentrated on the SE corner of Hildebrand Mall, frequent break-ins are seeing generators being installed and destroyed and the lights go on and off fast enough to constitute strobe lighting. The Mall requires more defenders. The Herbert Building is relatively safe with a large number of survivors inside and the secondary NT, The Greenhow Building is reporting difficulties with large horde numbers and high casualties. Eligius General Hospital and Maiden Auto Repair pass between zombie and survivor hands. Roftwood has become just another red suburb to join the continuous mass of red suburbs spreading from the NW. There has been a sharp rise in PK'ings from Death Cultists moving into the suburb, particularly from the RRF Gore Corps. Survivors are encouraged to take a moment to think and read before reviving zombies at the revive points. There have been some cases of poetic justice where survivors have been killed by the very people who they revived and this serves as a favour for both sides of the battle.--Sunil 12:51, 29 August 2007 (BST)

August 27th

100+ zeds have been bashing the barricades outside the SE corner of Hildebrand Mall. Break ins are frequent, but for the time being, survivors seem to be holding the upper hand. It proves to be a difficult battle for both sides.--n dG 16:06, 27 August 2007 (BST)

August 26th

The strain of 40 zombies hammering on the VSB+2 barricades of St. Ethelbert's Hospital became too much the other day and the MMS Staff, Fans and residents - once again - had to flee before the horde and escape to the relative safety of The Herbert Building NT facility. Now that the zombies have ruined the Hospital, they have spread to the surrounding buildings along the northern border of Roftwood and look to be taking them down piece-by-piece.--Sunil 11:45, 26 August 2007 (BST)

August 22nd

Zombie numbers are once again growing outside St. Ethelbert's Hospital, but the survivors are managing to contain the frequent break-ins for the time being. The RRF and other ferals are involved in the current attack on the Hospital. In central Roftwood, the SE corner of Hildebrand Mall is seeing a large build up of zombies (over 60 at last count) and survivors desperately require help to contain the break-ins and repel the horde there. The Herbert Building (NT facility) is powered, providing a fast and efficient revive operation at the adjacent Swansborough Park revive point, however The Greenhow Building (other NT facility) was last reported to be under some strain. There has been no contact since. Other buildings towards western Roftwood are also reporting difficulties as survivors try to clear, regain and hold them. It is recommended that survivors - once again - abandon the outerlying buildings of the suburb and return to central Roftwood (where the survivor population is greater) to protect the Mall.--Sunil 12:03, 22 August 2007 (BST)

Hildebrand Mall now has almost 80 zeds in the SE corner and about a dozen others nearby, although some are waiting for revive. --Kazakum 01:45, 23 August 2007 (BST)

August 19th

St. Ethelbert's Hospital is now powered and operational and will resume medical operations across the much neglected northern part of Roftwood as soon as it is safely secured. Meanwhile, Hildebrand Mall is under stress from the large numbers of zombies attacking it and the all-too-few numbers of survivors are having a difficult time keeping them out. The suburb may need to revert back to Code Red because of the considerable numbers of zombies in the area - around central Roftwood in particular.--Sunil 11:03, 19 August 2007 (BST)

August 16th

Survivor confidence is growing in the suburb and more buildings are being reclaimed. Generators and fuel are also being used to restore power to many buildings in central Roftwood. The Quartly Study Group are back in the Quartly Library to restore their base and to try and cope with all the Harry Potter loans and some survivors are beginning move towards reclaiming the buildings in west Roftwood along the free-running lanes. The Mall, Herbert NT and Maiden Auto Repair continue to be safe and stable however, there is a large group of zombies reported to be outside one of the south corners of the Mall, as usual, survivors there could use an increase in numbers to secure the building further.--Sunil 11:26, 16 August 2007 (BST)

August 13th

It appears the surviviors have regained their foothold in Roftwood. Hildebrand Mall has been reclaimed (again) and now has at least one section powered and The Herbert Building is secure with a great number of survivors inside (over 70). In addition, the fuel supply at Maiden Auto Repair is in survivor hands. Numbers need to increase inside the Mall and Maiden Auto Repair to keep these buildings safe for the survivors. The revive point at Swansborough Park has been attended to very efficiently with the NT back online. Some of the librarians have even returned to the Quartly Library to begin processing the returns of overdue books. With central Roftwood much safer than it once was, the status of the outer lying parts of Roftwood (particularly north and west) is still unknown, but many of the buildings may come back under survivor control as survivor numbers increase.--Sunil 17:17, 13 August 2007 (BST)

August 9th

Eligius General Hospital has fallen into zombie claws. So far, Herbert NT is still holding out well with many active defenders.--IMacThere4iAm 18:58, 9 August 2007 (BST)

Hildebrand Mall has a small number of zombies in the SE and SW corners while the NE and NW are clear. Eligius General Hospital is under heavy attack since it is maintained as an Entry Point at VSB+2 and may fall without assistance. Meanwhile, zombie numbers grow outside The Herbert Building (NT) but so do survivor numbers. The building is currently powered, operational and well barricaded and well staffed.--Sunil 11:41, 9 August 2007 (BST)

August 8th

Hildebrand Mall has fallen, with zombies in at least two corners. Although they are not all powered, the surrounding buildings are still barracaded. Regroup and retake. --Allenj81 07:37, 8 August 2007 (EST)

August 6th

The Herbert Building is well barricaded, powered and operational. Power has also been restored to at least 1 section of Hildebrand Mall. Additionally, Maiden Auto Repair also has power. This means survivors can now find all their resource needs in a safe, lit environment, with all these buildings acessible via free-running. Survivors are encourages to come, stock up and help boost numbers in central Roftwood.--Sunil 10:37, 6 August 2007 (BST)

August 3rd

The combined forces of the Roftwood Coordination Center used X:00 tactics to reclaim the Herbert Building from a horde of zeds. The Liberation of Herbert was a huge success for survivors.

August 1st

Greenhow building (NT) is in dire need of assistance ,fuel, FAKs needles, and anyone who wants to gian some exp killing zeds. 10 zombies outside.Please give a hand up here. And im a zombie so please refrian from putting a bullet in my head. -- Dromar 3 1:01 PM (EST) August 1 2007


July 29th

The number one fan (:P) of the Malton Medical Staff managed to get the last couple of zombies out of the hospital. After cleaning the mess they had made in the hospital, Cloderic started baricading the hospital and St. Ehelbert's hospital is now ready to welcome it staff... For now...! :) --Cloderic 23:22, 29 July 2007 (BST)

July 27th

St. Ethelbert's Ransacked! A hostile mob of over sixty zombies, comprised mainly of LUE members, broke down the normally stoic barricades of St. E's and killed all inside in another one o their co-ordinated attacks. Another zombie group that frequently harasses the hospital, Zrmbrrh hra grh-grh! (or Zombie A Go Go, in the parlance of the humans), got into the action too, with one of their more active members, zombie1188 getting the final blow in on his long-time friend/food source/rival, the Hospital Administrator, Greenwing. The normally chatty corridors of St. E's have fallen deathly silent, with naught but quietly swaying zombies occupying the once bustling survivor stronghold. Only recently back from exile, the MMS are once again forced from their beloved home.--Inkfingers 09:05, 27 July 2007 (BST)

The Greenhow Building (NT Facility) has also been similarly attacked by LUE and others and is now emptied of survivors and ransacked.--Sunil 11:02, 27 July 2007 (BST)

July 24th

Today marks the fourth day of the Summer building siege. Once more, survivors are encouraged to join the action.--n dG 20:43, 24 July 2007 (BST)

July 23rd

St. Ethelbert's Hospital is now powered, lit and at the correct (VSB+2) barricade level with an increasing number of survivors inside. The St. Ethelbert's Hospital Staff and Fans have returned, secured and retaken administration of the building. In addition, they have now become a formal, pro-survivor group called the Malton Medical Staff. As always, vocal contact with this group will result in comedy.--Sunil 13:44, 23 July 2007 (BST)

The Summer Building (64,55) remains in survivor hands after two days of intense fighting. Acid War Templars request that all available survivors head to the building and help defend it against a horde of 27+. For more information check the RCC forum.--n dG 20:42, 23 July 2007 (BST)

July 22nd

The barricades of many buildings are not following the Uniform Barricade Plan and finding an entry point is risky. Currently, two entry points are Chinnock Auto Repair and St. Ethelbert's Hospital, though there will be others (apart from the Mall entry points). Staff returning to St. Ethelbert's Hospital are advised to save as many AP before returning and be ready to toss out the zombies again upon their return.--Sunil 10:55, 22 July 2007 (BST)

The Wotton Building (69, 54), next to the NT building is also an entry point. Tico 19:56, 22 July 2007 (BST)

July 17th

The mall has been retaken and we are currently rebuilding the surrounding area. Stay Vigilant! --Stark Senap 20:00, 17 July 2007 (BST)

Edit: Roftwood suggested to drop danger level to Dangerous. --Sazahn 02:19, 18 July 2007 (BST)

July 16th

While all the survivors who attended Biertag this year have already shaken off their hangovers, those that wished the day would never end, or those who missed it, can now relive the drunken glory by viewing the Biertag '07 historical event. So sit back, grab another beer, and have a laugh at the expense of very drunk people. The BAR insists!

July 15th

The suburb is a bit of a mess, with zombies loitering inside most buildings, though in fairly small numbers. The mall has a total of 12 zeds inside. --Irritable Tom 08:35, 15 July 2007 (BST)

July 9th

After ransacking Hildebrand Mall, this evening members of the LUE horde breached several nearby buildings and devoured the brains-on-toast contained within. They then shambled over to Swansborough Park and gave several of the nearly 60 mrh-cows there wet-willies, before retiring back to the Mall for the evening. --Vito Mortis 1:24, 9 July 2007 (GMT)

July 8th

The Hellfire Club is coming......

The Roftwood Coordination Center is making a come back. All survivor group leaders and members are encouraged to register and participate. -- N dG 12:05, 8 July 2007 (GMT)

It's to late for making a come back. A horde of close to 200 Zeds burst through the mall doors at two locations and are currently dining on the inhabitants. Close to 50 bodies of former survivors are laying about, soon to arise and join in the melee. And there are more Zeds moving up from outside. Right now, unless some major revives start occuring, the Zed's outnumber the survivors by a far margin. --Wke235 02:50, 8 July 2007 (BST)

Mall update -- NE portion of mall has no survivors, instead consisting of 60+ dead bodies and 200+ Zed. NW Corner has 50+ Zed, 40+ dead bodies, and around 30 survivors waiting their turn to die. Zombies have started moving into SW and SE sides of the mall. Anyone in those areas should flee unless you wish to join the zombie ranks. With all of the new recruits pulled into the ZED ranks due to the mall collapse, most of Roftwood should be cleared of barricades and survivors over the coming days. --Wke235 06:27, 8 July 2007 (BST)
Mall Update -- NE, NW, SW portions of mall devoid of survivors and are instead filled with dead bodies and zombies. SE portion is still VSB (lol) and is where 25 survivors are huddled. Only 15 Zeds in that area so far (but of course hudreds surround the spot and will move in soon). The mall fell quickly to a well coordinated mass of death (see the times of my posts). If you are in Roftwood, leave. The total dead bodies and active Zed in the mall now comes to just under 500 (which includes my newly dead firefighter). --Wke235 14:45, 8 July 2007 (BST)

Eligius General Hospital and the Rawlins Row Police Department cleared of survivors and ransacked. There are few areas left in the suburb for survivors to consider safe especially around the mall.-23:56, 8 July 2007 (BST)

July 7th

Eligius General Hospital has now been cleared of zombies and has been heavily barricaded. I suggest entrance to it should be via Hildebrand Mall. However the building has no generator as of yet. -- Petrelli- 02:59, 7 July 2007 (GMT)

July 6th

Today the LUE horde, joined by several RRF members and several feral zombies, gave the 60+ survivors inside the Herbert Building the gift of Barhah. --Vito Mortis

Roftwood is very nearly lost. Zeds are laying seige to almost all tactically important buildings. I updated the status to "very dangerous". -- Stinerman 05:15, 6 July 2007 (BST)
Many survivors holding up in Hildebrand Mall. However, many zed sightings north of the mall, outside and around the Herbert Building. -- Petrelli- 07:40, 6 July 2007 (GMT)

July 5th

All is not lost! We need to hold out! DO. NOT. ABANDON. THE. MALL. OR. NT. BUILDINGS. If you leave, the suburb is truly, totally lost. If it is totally impossible, the mall is lost, and no safehouses left- RUN! BUT UNTIL THAT HAPPENS, I WILL STAY AND FIGHT FOR HILDEBRAND. That felt good. --Jallus 18:10, 5 July 2007 (BST)

Quartly Library is clear of zambahz and barricades are in place. Order is being restored, books are being shelved, and natural history exhibits are being collected for display. All peaceful residents of Roftwood are invited to come by, get a new library card, check out a book, and have refreshments with the Quartly Study Group. Donations of a generator and fuel, first editions, and interesting taxidermy artifacts are most welcome. --Goolina Gore Corps 20:19, 5 July 2007 (BST)

July 4th

The Herbert Building currently occupied by zombies, and destroyed by LUE. Eligius General Hospital currently occupied by zombies. Hildebrand Mall still standing, although receiving threats via radio.--Petrelli- 05:41, 4 July 2007 (GMT)

St. Ethelbert's Hospital is still operational despite coming under heavy attack, there are a reported 40 zombies on (not in) and around the building. Frightened patients have now won the vote to raise the barricades to EHB+x so the Hospital is no longer an entry point. This was a difficult decision but there is no choice with such large number horde numbers.--Sunil 10:02, 4 July 2007 (BST)
There are 15 zombies in St. Ethelbert's Hospital, some of the patients are still holding their ground.. and some of us are hugging the ground. All seems lost, but what do I know? We've bounced back from the bottom a few times. Anybody still alive and willing to help out? Now would be a good time. ----Morgueasm 17:26, 4 July 2007 (BST)
All is lost for you. Run to your malls and hide! Hope is gone, throw yourself from a window and rise to fight alongside the undead hordes! This break in brought to you by the RRF, the letters A and U, and the number 10. AHGZAN!H ZAN, HAMMAR AH BARHAH!! --DonTickles 19:44, 4 July 2007 (BST)
St. Ethelbert's Hospital is on the verge of being ransacked. The principal staff have been munched and there are only a few remaining survivors with 16 zombies inside and a further 41 outside. The Staff are asked to evacuate and regroup.--Sunil 21:11, 4 July 2007 (BST)
Hey, it was fun. Too bad that they won in the end. If you ever want to try reclaiming the hospital, drop me a word and I'll be there to help. --Trehkan 18:12, 5 July 2007 (BST)

All hope is lost in Roftwood. All locations around the Eligius General Hospital have from 10-20 zombies, busy smashing on the barricades. Stepping outside is a bad mistake. Even inside is not safe as twice they've entered the neary Police Station, smashing generators and killing survivors. The zombie horde is growing as it kills, and moving towards the Mall with meal time on their mind. All survivors should consider heading SE as fast as possible. --Wke235 05:16, 5 July 2007 (BST)

Dempsey Grove Police Department went from 15 healthy defenders to clear and ransacked within the span of 2-3 hours. This is how the RRF rolls...thank you for your suburb!--Judgend 07:07, 5 July 2007 (BST)
That's it, I'm getting out of Roftwood. --Raja Ram 09:13, 5 July 2007 (BST)

July 3rd

St. Ethelbert's Hospital has been under constant attack for over a month by the group, Zrmbrrh hra grh-grh! (Zombie a Go Go!). They failed miserably to take the Hospital and so they have called in the Ridleybank Resistance Front, the GMT Breakfast Club and the Feral Undead to have a go. This is a somewhat heavier force and there is a major break-in in progress currently, assistance is required otherwise medical services into Ridleybank, the Quartly Library and South Pimbank and North Roftwood will fail. Feeding groans and flares have been seen and heard but so far, it appears only the zombies have responded.--Sunil 14:01, 3 July 2007 (BST)

The Greenhow Building was sacked by zombies from the RRF seeking a meal now that the homeland has been cleared. -- Murray Jay Suskind 17:44, 3 July 2007 (BST)


June 27th

Surprise: St. Ethelbert's Hospital is still under attack. While the Hospital staff have been fighting the zombies there, some also went to help in the evacuation effort when Pratley Road Police Department came under attack and more recently, The Copeland Building. The status of these buildings was last reported as "critical" with zombies outnumbering the remaining survivors. More information will be posted as soon as it is gathered.--Sunil 13:08, 27 June 2007 (BST)

June 24th

And the beat goes on, down at St. Ethelbert's Hospital, with 14 zombies hammering on the barricades. The Hospital staff are doing a commendable job of barricading, defending, healing and tossing out rotten corpses but we still need people to help us because the zombies are not going away, please come down and give us a hand! Everybody loves a good party and this one has been going on for almost a month! Despite all the action, we are still a designated Entry Point, kept at VSB+2 and always have been.--Sunil 11:56, 24 June 2007 (BST)

Small breakins, newbies being morons, radio spam- It's like the beginning all over again! But seriously- Someone educate the newbies. They're being a hazard. --Jallus 00:04, 25 June 2007 (BST)

June 22nd

Action still continues at St. Ethelbert's Hospital with frequent break-ins that are still being repelled by the Hospital staff. The group Zrmbrrh hra grh-grh! are here along with a few from the Feral Undead too. Please come and join us for rounds of "zahmbah zlapping" (involves lots of shooting and the throwing of fire axes), barricading and healing. There's lots of XP to be had and you never know: you might just have a load of fun!--Sunil 20:31, 22 June 2007 (BST)

June 20th

Action continues at St. Ethelbert's Hospital. A group of 20 zombies from Zrmbrrh hra grh-grh! are attempting to break down the barricades and eat the Hospital staff inside, however, all they're eating at the moment are shotgun shells and pistol bullets. A most fun and exciting time is being had by both groups. However, if you would like the Hospital to remain in survivor hands, please come down to help us, it is uncertain how much longer the remaining staff can hold out. Despite the building being under attack, it is still a free-running entry point. There's none of this "safe-over-barricading to EHB++++" and "river-tactics" lark.--Sunil 17:42, 20 June 2007 (BST)

June 19th

After several initial skirmishes, all of which were successfully repelled, St. Ethelbert's Hospital in north Roftwood is now coming under a much heavier attack, with a reported 15 zombies outside the building and several in the area, they appear determined to bring the Hospital down. Everyone loves a challenge, please come to the Hospital and help the staff defend it against the Horde.--Sunil 18:23, 19 June 2007 (BST)

June 18th

Went outside today and counted about 20 zombies and 15 survivors out on the street. Also when visiting some of the buildings near Quartly Library, most of them said "Free brains in Quartly Library". Us survivors need to pull together and restore order to Roftwood. I've seen an alarming increase in zombie activity around here.--NPCUSER 08:00, 18 June 2007 (BST)

June 16th

All Roftwood Assualt Force members are to report to Wadham Library (63,51) for further instrution. Anyone who wants to jion the RAF (NO zombie skills or ever commited a crime aginst the RAF) head to Wadham Library for Instrutions. Tell them Dromar 3 sent you. RAF Private Dromar 3

June 15th

Break-in at St. Ethelbert's Hospital in the middle of the night. Bit a few of our patients, took out some equipment, and killed our head administrator, GreenWing.--Morgueasm 05:21, 15 June 2007 (BST)

Indeed the break-in was quickly contained and medical services and equipment had been restored within the hour. This is just the latest in a series of attacks on the Hospital, all of which have been repelled. The Administrator coud do with a revive (doesn't project a good image to the staff).--Sunil 11:04, 15 June 2007 (BST)

June 14th

Suburbs pretty empty. Haven't noticed any zeds at all. And, the news about Eligius General Hospital isn't true... No breakins for a long while. Yep- I think the Militant order has clared out. Hope I'm not proven wrong. --Jallus 20:42, 14 June 2007 (BST)

June 5th

Constant raids on Eligius Hospital we're being trashed. I fled. We need strong survivors to select a safehouse and gather forces and blow out some zombie guts.

June 1st

The Militant Order of Barhah celebrates its time in Roftwood by stopping by the Quartly Library to say hi. They then rounded out the evening by butchering all the unbelieving heathens inside of the Dempsey Grove Police Department.--Jorm 04:35, 1 June 2007 (BST)

The Militant Order of Barhah continues to spread the "good news" of Barhah in Roftwood by clearing out the Wadham Library and camping out. Included destruction of the running generator there along with nasty harman books.----User:Drag'n'Feast 06:18, 1 June 2007 (BST)
Minor break-in at St. Ethelbert's Hospital, patients appear to be sleeping through it. The head nurse, an incredibly busy, Ms. Morg is the current casualty. Also reporting a large break-out of infection in the Quartly Library about 80% have been healed but more FAK's are needed to contain the bug.--Sunil 13:11, 1 June 2007 (BST)
The DEM is now running the Real life Blood Drive '07 --BC P4X639, MFD 20:19, 1 June 2007 (BST)


May 31st

The Militant Order of Barhah has entered the suburb, announcing their presence by slaughtering everyone within The Greenhow Building. --Jorm 04:52, 31 May 2007 (BST)

Grimshaw PD and The Greenhow Building have fallen to zeds. There seem to have been 27 zombies involved in the attack and the bulk of them are now swaying mindlessly in the Greenhow Building. The attack claimed the lives of over 20 it seems, exact numbers are not known. - Atomicswoosh

May 30th

There seems to be a mob of zombies running around destroying the police stations and getting inside. I saw there was about fifteen in the last group. Don't know how serious people want to take this. -Andrew Von Dirigible

May 27th

I don't know what to think of it, but we seem to be having a pest problem involving at least 2 zeds (probably Ferals) in the surrounding area of the Mall. Try and check outside if you're going to stay anywhere other than in the mall or in the NT (although the NT was attacked at one point, they seem smart enough NOT to attack the mall). Just thought that those of you wanting experience from legit zeds might want to know. Note that this is only news because it's Roftwood we're talking about. If it's outside a building, and not at a revive point; It's free game.-User:Driaquer

May 26th

Be on the look out for the PKer TrenchMeat. He is currently in St. Ethelbert's Hospital but Im sure he will be visiting your safe house soon to kill you. -Monkey22210:10[PST]

Dear sir, you are incorrect. Trenchmeat performs his experiments in creating the New Perfect Human at St. Ethelbert's only, and only when he is combat revived :) --Runtothetrenches 22:57, 26 May 2007 (BST)
I love experiments as much as the next person but TrenchMeat has killed me twice. How about next time experimenting on bringing me back from the dead? --Monkey222 17:59[PST]
Cake Walk is a revive point, so please dont attack people that are there to help others.-Monkey22218:15[PST]

May 25th

A few zombies waiting for revives on Cake Walk, including me. I'm sure we'd all be grateful to the person who would do us the honor of returning us to the land of the living. --- spankmaster

I don't know how it happened, but a pair of Zeds caught us sleeping and got inside & ransacked the Wotton Building Entry Point. I have fixed the entire thing up to Quite Strongly, dumped the bodies, and have returned to the mall. PAY ATTENTION, PEOPLE!!! It Could happen here, but our bullets can stop it! -User:Driaquer

May 23rd

To avoid misinformation once I saw Driaquer's message I thought I should explain what it was accurate until he got to "So, he's currently in a bodybag outside of Edgecombe's Moon Way (RP)" the way I got there was while I was sitting in the mall proving I was done GK'ing, a person named Ziru killed me (check rogues gallery) and I broadcast twice since then that Ziru broke the deal. I just want to say if the people in Hildebrand Mall are willing to NOT KILL ME then I too am willing to stop GK'ing. --- Betaguy

RE: When I posted that, you WERE a dead body at Moon Way (I had just dropped you from a Zed). You must've stood up later that day, and THEN checked the Wiki. -User:Driaquer
RE: Will you guys let me live? also I see in your profile you think I PK'd you haha, nope you have a bounty on your head, for PK'king and it's not just on my list you have been reported for your nasty deed. I grow tired of being pk'd by your little group there. --- Betaguy
RE: I'm sorry, but the only survivor I've EVER killed was you, and that is merely because I (along with MANY others) don't tolerate GKers (OR people who claim membership to Red Rum). After that one time I killed you, I didn't do anything to you, other than kill you in Zombie form (once). I would have let it rest after you dropped me to 1hp. Then you had to go and PK someone. Smooth. Oh, and I noticed you're back in Red Rum. You're welcome for the help to get back in there. -User: Driaquer
St. Ethelbert's Hospital is fine, at VSB+2, powered and lit with a good number of people inside. Medical services and Ambulance runs have resumed. In fact, the Hospital responded to an emergency call due to the break-in at Joyner Boulevard Police Department. All persons inside were healed to full health over 2 days using over 25 FAK's. Please remember that zombies can be bad for health.--Sunil 17:20, 24 May 2007 (BST)

May 22nd

Someone please revive me. I am outside the Herbert Building. --- Stefan Briggs

May 18th

Watch out for a really annoying GKer by the name of Betaguy. We killed him for GKing, he comes in, GKs, says not to kill him, and we tell him we won't kill him if he won't GK. So, he's currently in a bodybag outside of Edgecombe's Moon Way (RP). Don't revive him if you please, he's destroyed the generator in the NE corner of the mall at least 3 times, and droped me to 1hp for avenging the generator once. --User:Driaquer

May 17th

Zombie horde attacking St. Ethelbert's Hospital! A clean-up crew will be required immediately!

TrenchMeat pked many in St. Ethelbert's Hospital! The hospital is now lost. Monkey222
Word on the street is that the way to stop him from PKing you is to stop combat reviving him. Call it a hunch. --Runtothetrenches 00:03, 23 May 2007 (BST)
Says who? My team and I are there right now, along with 13 other survivors. Dis-information much? --Benigno SSZ RCC 00:31, 19 May 2007 (BST)
St. Ethelbert's Hospital (66,50) is overrun. Where are you Benigno? Monkey222
I was standing in it, until right before I checked the wiki. The count was up to 14 survivors, plus myself. I have a few allies in nearby buildings as well. There are no zeds standing outside. --Benigno SSZ RCC 04:24, 19 May 2007 (BST)

May 10th

The Drama Club staged a performance of "Apocalypse Now" in The Summer Building for the 3 survivors there as part of their Outward Spiral Tour of Malton. The group plans to travel in a counter-clockwise expanding spiral from the center of the town to the outer edges. See their group page for performing groups and schedules.

May 9th


Please, all-caps means you are shouting. Yes, Awantameat, the Quartly is barricade free... still. Sir Fredof Etruria <nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here</nowiki>


April 25th

Safe enough to sleep under the stars. The biggest threat to humans in Rotwood are the trenchcoaters who are too bored to hunt legitimate zombie. This makes revive points dangerous, but it's not an undead threat. --Sir Fred of Etruria 13:22, 25 April 2007 (BST)

April 18th

As of late a PKer known as AxeHack has been killing people in the Greenhow Biulding [NT]. ANYONE whos sees him is asked to kill him on sight and DO NOT REVIVE HIM! Roftwood Assault Force

April 17th

Rawlins Row is heavily barricaded, and it's supposed to be accessible for ammo and shelter. What's with the overbarricading? --Kali Magdalene 20:35, 17 April 2007 (BST)

April 15th

Didn't want to have to do this.... but the constant pking and the death in revivification zones in roftwood has been horrible, my character that was going to use 50 ap a day to revive as many survivors as possible, is going elsewhere... I tried to stay, but I was headshotted and pked multiple times....(and most buildings are over barricaded anyways...) i cannot stay here any longer, as a low level character, with no ankle grab or lurching gait I lost ap constantly from headshots... there is no point staying here... anyways... this town has been blacklisted... goodbye... -Benjerman 07:38, 15 April 2007 (BST)

April 14th

Mayo Row PD has 3 zombies in it, VHB. Not alot of Survivors --Fire Marshal P4X639, MFD 00:12, 15 April 2007 (BST)

April 13th

PEOPLE!! Read the barracade plan. Don't over 'cade. Mayo Row PD is currently EHB. People need ammunition!! -Longshot7 April 13 16:06 MST.

Hildebrand Mall has zero zombies attacking the mall. Yay! Also there are hardly any zombies in the 2 blocks out from the mall dromar 3RAF
The Quartly Library has finally been double-ransacked by it's zombie guests. Alas, the QSG can no longer keep this horde of zambahz occupied any longer. There has already been a break-in at the Herbert necrotech. Sir Fred of Etruria 13:43, 13 April 2007

April 12th

Hey... guess what! There's someone called philfly headshotting zombie survivors waiting for a revive in Swansborough Park.... I have a few screenshots, which I will upload later, but heres a link to their profile... Philfly -Benjerman 04:07, 13 April 2007 (BST)

Oh and, I've been waiting a few days for a revive, and the revive request tool isn't working for me, or my friend... so if anyone could revive me, heres a link to my profile... Sorry if this doesn't fit news, but everywhere else I've asked has been ignored... Rollbuster -Benjerman 04:13, 13 April 2007 (BST)
No zeds on Hildebrand. Major concentrations are: 45 zeds 3 blocks north (66,52) and 12 zeds at 68,53. Total zeds on area: 108. --naoliv 20:58, 12 April 2007 (BST)

April 9th

Hildebrand Mall has a mob of over 50 zeds surrounding it. This cannot be good. Grinkov 12:46 9 April 2007 (CST)

But not on mall land. --Fire Marshal P4X639 [[MFD|MFD]] 01:17, 12 April 2007 (BST)

April 8th

Hildebrand Mall is on survivors hands! All corners are barricaded, but there are still hordes of zombies scattered about but breakins are becoming rarer and rarer.--Douggers F 17:20, 8 April 2007 (BST) It's almost impossible to believe, but Roftwood is a green zone now. The mall tour's battle scars have faded and this should be used to retake the remainder of the survivor safety zone -Officer Kain

April 6th

Hildebrand Mall is on survivors hands! All corners barricaded. --naoliv 03:26:11 UTC 2007

April 4th

Around a dozen or so zombies on Hildebrand mall right now. A small cordinated attack could take it back into human hands. ----Dromar 3 RAF 02:26, 4 April 2007 (EST)


March 31st

Roftwood is clearing out with revive points having the most zombies staning in one block. It looks ready to take back into survivor hands. --Deathnut RAF 06:15, 31 March 2007 (BST)

March 27th

Most of Roftwood biuldings seem to be ransacked and ripped to pieces. People should be aware that roftwood is defentaly not a survior's paridice anymore.Also note that from what i seen in roftwood that for now it seem to be in zombie hands. But even though the serviors should think about retaking the suberb very shorty...

March 26th

I woke up... I could hear groans all around me...I stood up looking for my shotgun...It was empty...That was my last mistake i ever im dead and waiting at Gall Lane waiting for a rev, even though i fought my fair share or zeds, as we all did, no one will give me a rev, could someone please help me? Location: Gall Lane. Journals of John spiro, Plus where is the location of the survivors after the Hildebrand Mall fell? Please help...

March 25th

HARMAAANS! --> (We got in)[[1]]

Yes they did, I woke up to a mall filled with almost 200 deadheads. I managed to kill 3 and dump bodies before I fully realized the situation. Looks like it's over folks, they took our needles and they took our beds, time to move back and prepare again. As of 4.47 PM, EST I'm moving to prepare for the continuance of Mall Tour '07. Fine fighting from everyone, we held them for awhile and no one can take that from us. Good luck during the next stage. Next time they come a knockin' we'll be there to kick their teeth in and boot them back out to the streets with the rest of the trash. --Havok Storm 21:54, 25 March 2007 (BST)

March 25th

Zombies attacked NW corner Hildebrand Mall overnight, a co-ordinated attack maybe? Up to 33 zombies in NW mall briefly, then survivors started fighting back. Got down to about 26 zombies, but barricades compromised multiple times over last 2 hours, many mall occupants killed or dragged outside. About 32 zombies in there since I was last breathing. 420+ zombies stand eagerly just outside the 4 corners of the mall, not counting those in the surrounding buildings and those recently killed. Will the mall last beyond its 6th day under siege by Mall Tour '07? --Zokolate 04:26, 25 March 2007 (BST)

30 zombies inside, barricades are back up and survivors are starting to counter attack. --Preasure 09:21, 25 March 2007 (BST)
39 zombies inside Herbert NT, ransacked, no survivors. Survivors will need a herculean effort to rough out this siege. --Zokolate 11:12, 25 March 2007 (BST)
It's all over. Over 200 zombies inside the NW corner of the mall, and barricades wide open in that corner. --Mark D. Stroyer 20:26, 25 March 2007 (BST)

March 24th

The Herbert Building has 14 zeds in it and only a handful of humans i'm sleeping in there now, we need backup quick or i'll wake up dead, the building will fall and so will the mall!!--Mac13 (S.O.S.L.A member) 10:28(GMT) 24 March 2007

As of a few minutes ago, there are 26 Zs inside Herbert, 26 survivors inside Herbert, and the 'cades are coming up and down quickly. -Mark D. Stroyer 17:28, 24 March 2007 (UTC)

March 23rd=

I woke up this morning to find the doors to the NW side open to the streets!!!!! with four zeds inside,luckly i had a good dose of AP and was able to get the cades up otherwise zombies could have been eating my brains for breakfast.--Mac13 (S.O.S.L.A member) 08:47(GMT) 23 march 2007

For a second time today cades where broke. Used my Ap to get them back up along with some other survivors.Minor break ins continue as we near the end of the fifth day.--Mac13 (S.O.S.L.A member) 22:46(GMT) 23 march

March 22nd

Well that was a shock... waking up and lying in the streets. but that not what suprised me. It was the 400+ Zombies in the NW corner that did. This means that either the zombies want to camp in that spot or the people inside Hildebrand Mall are doing one heck of a good job! Keep it up! Now to go find a revive point and wait...(Mrh?) --Dromar3 (Pround Member of RAF)09:56 PM (EST) 23 March 2007

The mall is without power. Anyone with generators and fuel should stop by the mall, we need the power desperately if we're to keep ahead of the siege. -Officer Kain
Small break in of 20 zeds today. It was quickly repelled wih few casualties. Keep up the good work Hildebrand survivors! Let's keep up the stonewall of the mall tour!--Master guns 00:44, 23 March 2007 (UTC)
Stonewall? Hahaha... say that again when you've lasted longer than Whippey/Stickling. But, you haven't collapsed like a house of cards yet, that's better than can be said for any place in the last few suburbs. Good work, keep things interesting for the tourists. --Mold 01:45, 23 March 2007 (UTC)
Zombie attacks are slowing down the feeling around the camp is it's going to be a long siege.

March 21st

May as well balance out all this pro-survivor info with something useful to zombies, keep it unbiased and all. Zethren! There are about 80 harmanz inside Herbert NT. You cannot win a war of attrition if they're springing back as quickly as you kill them. Take the Herbert Building down, ransack it and keep it that way! --Mold 14:26, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

Over 500 zombies are now attacking the mall and the surrounding area. --Preasure 16:15, 21 March 2007 (UTC)
Zeds continue to infiltrate areas of the mall but no more than 5 to 10 at a time.All sides of the mall are grey.18:10, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

March 19th

The Mall Tour has targeted its assault on the NW corner of the mall. Survivor numbers in that corner have increased quickly, numbers being boosted to nearly 200. More survivor groups move into the mall as the siege begins in earnest. --Preasure 18:49, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

Hildebrand Mall is under siege, most of buildings in the west of Roftwood are captured by zombies. I recommend you to help the survivors in that mall, otherwise it may be destroyed like Nichols Mall or Woodroffe Mall. -- USSR member, 19:20 GMT, 19 March 2007
The Greenhow Building has fallen, along with several supply points. Remaining survivors should head for Tynte Mall before it's too late. --An Urban Dead fan 04:59, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Mall Tour has targeted NW corner of Hildebrand Mall. About 19 zombies outside NW corner. Keep those barricades up. --Captain Beefheart 05:55, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

March 18th

Hilderbrand Mall has been advertised as the point of retreat for survivors from Stanbury Village and Nichols Mall. Many buildings in suburb are lighted and at EHB. Zombies have begun to trickle in, many groups of 10+ zombies outside buildings, about 7 zombies outside Hilderbrand. Notably, Greenhow NT at high risk of falling with 18 survivors, 14 zombies inside and 21 zombies outside. Herbert NT healthy with 40+ survivors. Many buildings decorated with ornaments, testimony to the waste of AP by many survivors despite Mall Tour '07 at their doorstep.--Zokolate 06:44, 18 March 2007 (UTC)

Update: Greenhow (NT building) and Grimshaw PD have both been overrun. 20+ zombies on each. --Fiduch 22:21, 18 March 2007 (UTC)

March 17th

In last week mall tour destroyed woodroffe and also had an upper hand in siege of Nichols Mall. Hildebrand has a very high chances to be their next target. prepare. communicate with SSZ alliance members for better organisation of the defence. --Duke Garland 17:13, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

March 11th

Mall Tour '07 is attacking and will overwhelm nearby Woodroffe Mall. Citizens of Rothwood need to be on high alert and prepare (quickly!) for a siege at Hildebrand Mall. --Sexy Rexy Grossman 22:05, 11 March 2007 (UTC)


February 26th

Sudden upsurge of zombie activity in Roftwood; nearly 50 zeds have made their appearance within a 5 block radius of the mall within 24 hours or so. The question of who takes the fight to whom remains to be seen, if Roftwooders rouse at all...

February 23rd

This suburb seems currently tight. Keep it up, Roftwooders.

February 2nd

After doing my job as a cop, shooting up the zeds, I found it impossible to return to my base. Out of ammo, out of health, doomed to die. Please stop overbarricading the PDs that are supposed to be at VSB. --Jay Clarke 13:19, 2 February 2007 (GMT)


January 31st

Grimshaw and Greenhow were retaken 2-3 days ago. --DJSpinbad 13:38, 31 January 2007 (UTC)

January 26th

Grimshaw PD and the Greenhow NT building breached some hours ago. No survivors present in any of the 2 buildings when I last checked. Horde of 8-12 zombies located inside each buildings. --DJSpinbad 16:46, 26 January 2007 (UTC)

January 16th

The zombies are attacking the NT buildings and hospitals in Roftwood. They seem to be in small hordes right now. It may be a tactic to try and reduce the threat level in Roftwood to green by only sending in small groups of enough to break in and kill the ones inside. -- Skoadathon 12:19 PM, 16 January 2007 (UTC)

January 10th

Zeds moving in from Stanbury Village. Total zed count at 50+ with main infestation on west side. Break-ins at Aims and Herbert buildings. Crowds of zeds growing outside most buildings and some survivors are stuck outside due to over-barricading. Suggesting that Roftwood’s danger level be moved to Moderate.--ECM 09:26, 10 January 2007 (UTC)

  • Changed the threat level to orange because there is a hostile mob of over 50 zombies in Western Roftwood and that's the definition of an orange suburb. -- Murray Jay 8:26 PM, 10 January 2007 (UTC)

January 7th

With little zombies in the area, moving danger level to safe. --Capt. P4X639 23:30, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

Zombies are advised to stay the hell outta Roftwood.

January 2nd

Anarchy International Activists are operating in the area.



December 30th

Amazingly, humans from Roftwood have been supporting the fight for Nichols. Seeming to finally understand that by protecting our neighbors, we shall protect ourselves. A gang of non-affiliated survivors stalks the revive points, making revivification needlessly complex. Sir Fred of Etruria 01:16, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

December 22nd

Nichols Mall has being over run could spell doom for Hildebrand Mall in comming days, possible not, time will tell. Few Zombies roam this area, most of the building are powered and barricaded. Found several humans just standing around outside of buildings trying to get a sun tan. --dommain 21:30, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

December 18th

A confirmed human group USSR now operates in Roftwood, mainly in the Eligius General Hospital and the Hildebrand Mall.

December 13th

Mall seige largely lifted. Some break-ins, but the neighborhood is quiet, well-lit, and well within survivor hands for now. This could all change quickly, but for the moment things seem peaceful.

December 13th

81 Dead bodies outside SW corner of mall

December 9th

55 zombies outside southwest corner of Mall, and 31 zombies at Quartly Library.

December 7th

71 zeds outside Sw corner of Hildebrand Mall.

December 6th

61 zeds outside SW corner of Hildebrand Mall. It seems a new siege is underway.

December 5th

Members of the EEMS on a shopping holiday to Roftwood, find their planned consumer inspired debauchery to be spoiled by casual break-ins & zombies. While operating outside of Edgecombe, we will offer what support we can to those in Hildebrand. We are a;sp currently seeking alliances with neighboring suburb/mall groups, contact through Talk EEMS

December 2nd

Hildebrand Mall is holding its ground against the horde of near fifty zombies outside. That horde is growing larger every hour though. If we don't receive aid with-in the next two days; we'll become a zombie buffet. -Zaine incarnate

'Update': The mall is holding strong, but the horde is now 60+ strong as of this writing.
Update: The Liberation of Crossman Department is committing itself to the defense of the SW corner of the mall and are setting up camp there. May the zombies choke on our brains. We and the valient other brave defenders are still holding out.


November 30th

Lies and slander! Our entry point, the Eligius General Hospital survived the siege of 30 zombies. It is still at VSB++ and it is still well lit. This despite the fact that only six survivors were in the Hospital. The piles of zambah before the Quartly and the Herbert Building have shrunk in size. Most of our local wandering undead have joined forces to take the Hildebrand Mall, congregating at the southwest corner. --Sir Fred of the QSG

November 29th

Nichols is as of now almost taken back with no zombies or open sectors in it. Several buildings on the Western side are holding strong as small amounts of survivors return from wherever it was they went to. Mid Roftwood has several break-ins, and few actual survivors. Hildebrand and the entire Eastern side, as it seems to me, has been almost completely taken by zombies. I say this only because I lost contact with a friend of mine who was in East Roftwood. His last broadcast was a distress message over 21.6 before I lost all contact, this leads me to believe that Eastern Roftwood has been taken. ~Lockand1oad

November 26th

The Greenhow Building, Eligius General Hospital, and a few Police stations have been breached by zombies.

The Eligius is the scene of a 30 zambah mob.

November 22nd

The Mall suffers no break-ins, the Eligius General Hospital is kept VSB++ for the younglings, and the invading zambahz from Stanbury Village can make it no farther than the Greenhow Building. Other than the solitary rotters breaching the Herbert, it appears safe on the surface.

November 20th

I haven't seen a zombie break-in of the mall yet, and there's one zombie outside of the Herbert Building, a NT. This surburb is dead of all undead. --Justin 22:04, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

November 15th

Hildebank Mall in complete survivor hands. The VGCats Survivalist Union is controlling the mall, though reinforcements are needed. --Justin 21:54, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

November 13th

With the ferals out, and survivors controlling the area, I do hereby downgrade the danger level to moderate--DHG

Over the last week the feral undead occupation has evaporated before the fresh harman reinforcements.

November 12th

Hildebrand Mall has been taken by human survivors, and re-barricaded. At some point and time over the last week most zombies have moved on, been repeatedly headshot or joined the horde that went after Caiger Mall.

November 6th

Over the last week or so there has been a lot of "temporary use" safehouses. Survivors who stay too long in a safehouse in Roftwood are often dragged out into the street and fed to the hordelings. Survivor safehouses are gradually being depleted of survivors one at a time, zombies waiting for revives, continue to wait...


October 29th

Survivors take a number of ransacked police stations, and begin errecting barricades, only to find they attracted attention in the wrong suburb...

October 27th

The lingering members of the Apocalypse Horde devour one final safehouse full of Tollyton survivors as part of the "Brains 'n Blood Beano" and then return to Rotwood.

October 26th

A large number of the Apocalypse Horde decide to take a little vacation and mount a brutal "Brains 'n Blood Beano" on Tollyton. This results in the devastation of two densely populated safehouses and over fifty deaths. Bloated on fresh flesh, the Horde start to amble back into Rotwood amidst murmured drinking songs and sporadic feeding groans. Vexed by several rather difficult five letter words, the Apocalypse Horde Slow Readers Group decide to let off some steam (from their overheated brains). The rotting readership put down their books and join this crass event before calmly returning to their studies with renewed vigour.

October 19th

Terror devoured refugees of the groups QSG and RAT find no Literates at their posts in Rotwood. Survivors are having greater difficulty locating FAKs, poetry books and green-herb in Rotwood. Although dozens of survivors donate shotgun shells to reclaim the Quartly Library, they find no safe havens waiting from them. Be warned humans, there are no cups of cocoa, no warm study nooks, and definately no Ayn Rand !

October 18th

The sounds of screams and soul torn wails of lamentation merge with the feeding groans and contented growls of the undead as refugees and survivors sprint down the zombie filled streets, seeking shelter as fatigue strands them in Rotwood.

October 17th

Remnants from Nichols Mall, terror-stricken Tynte Mall survivors, and panicked residents of Woodroffe enter this suburb hoping to find solace, only to discover undead legions who rise from where they have been merrily laying to devour the exhausted before slumping back down to enjoy an undisturbed rest.

October 16th

More refugees, this time from Pimbank... should flee headed west.

October 15th

Tear striken survivor refugees from Stanbury Village and Tollyton find no room at the inn in Rotwood. Survivors are having greater difficulty locating ammunition in Rotwood and many nearby suburbs.

October 13th

The Zombie Paradises of Ridleybank and Roftwood are expanding. Beaten survivors often fail to find refuge after escaping Roftwood, only to see that Stanbury Village, Shackleville and Tollyton are also under severe zombie attack. Survivors are now on the run, like refugees fleeing these entire suburbs in droves.

October 11th

The Apocalypse Horde rules Roftwood with an Iron Fist. All 5 police stations, and the mall remain completely ransacked. This denies all survivors in "Rotwood" access to ammunition, and firearms. Hospitals are periodically taken, ransacked and retaken as desperate survivors try to get access to medical supplies.

October 7th

The Apocalypse Horde seems to have effectively occupied/ransacked all major resource buildings in this suburb. Hildebrand Mall has also been completely ransacked and is completely occupied by 40+ zeds. Lone and unorganized survivors are advised to stay away.

October 5th

The Apocalypse Horde mount a series of raids on neighbouring resource buildings, revoking survivor status on a large number of occupants. Necrotech offices, police departments, and hospitals around the mall are ransacked and now echo with the satisfied moans of well-fed undead. In addition, a pile of books that were found by the Horde were left behind following a break-in at the Quartly Library. Graffiti in the building reveals what they were.

October 4th

DNA scans have shown the zombie horde holding Rotwood is about half Apoc.Horde and half feral. This population of 120 to 140 zombies is more than enough to crush the resistance of the 30 to 40 humans.

October 1st

Hildebrand Mall in Zack's hands. Zombies with credit cards are getting all the good sales. Herbert NT under current operation of zombies. Send gunslingers and brain eaters. We got a war.

Rotwood is one For one month the mall has flawlessly remained a ransacked bastion of the undead. Neighbouring resource buildings are also heavily occupied, and safehouses throughout the suburb have only sporadic pockets of survivors cringing in them awaiting their doom.
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September 30th

Wow, a specific update about what region of Roftwood the QSG has been barricading. That explains why our Library has been destroyed so frequently.

September 24th

Northeastern buildings all seem to be well barricaded and zombie free, though there are still large groups of zombies outside areas near the mall.

September 21st

Northeastern Rotwood now seems to be returning to human hands. Most buildings are properly or over-barricaded, and there are no zombies inside. Outside there are scattered lone zombies with a group or two with 4-5 zombies each. Humans are again beginning to set up bases inside these buildings.

September 20th

The Southwestern section of Roftwood has at least some strands of survival left. The central buildings, once the inhabitints of The Acid War Templars, now a almost extinct clan, are just barely being held together, stopping any mobile phone use. Roftwood is a grim reminder of the power of brainless hungry scumbags in large numbers. --Private Lockand1oad, VDO

September 20th

In a brief run-through of the northern most blocks of Rotwood, it should be noted that no buildings were barricaded past light and that the major resource centers (St Ethelbert's Hospital [66,50], and Pratley Road Police Dept [69,50]) have both been overrun and each contain 5-10 zombies each.

September 14th

Rotwood enters its third week of undead rule. Safehouses barely last the night before being broken open and the few survivors within infected and devoured, with resource buildings being first on the menu. Zombies wander the streets and dwell in buildings with impunity, and the ransacked mall has become the central core for undead assaults on the entire area.

September 7th

I made a dash through the streets by the mall today to get a idea of the damage. Long story short the Zeds have ransaked alot of buildings and theres Zeds on every corner. Mainly small packs 1-5 though one large pack of 25 watching Rawlins Row Police Dept. When I have more time I'm gonna try and sneak into the mall and see what I can do.

September 4th

The Mall and all surrounding buildings have been decimated and the suburb, as I am sad to say, has been lost. If you want to try to make a stand there, stay away from resource buildings and spread out, staying away from large groups, also, do not alert zombies to your presence by putting any generators in the safehouse, a high barricading level is giveaway enough. If you dont have Free Running you are advised to leave the area and go somewere else. Anyone with any amount of resources needs to take back the mall ASAP so that mabye Roftwoood will have a chance.

September 1st

The mall is firmly in zombie hands and the whole area is being torn apart by rampaging hordes of undead.

Roftwood is no more. Now, it is more accurately Rotwood...



August 30th

After a brief visit to Ridleybank to take in the sights of the motherland The Apocalypse Horde are inspired to carve their own undead kingdom and return to Hildebrand Mall. The entire mall immediately falls under the zombie onslaught and numerous buildings throughout the area are taken and ransacked.

August 29th

Hildebrand Mall is back in survivors hands. Most resource buildings are secure now, and although the Apocalypse Horde are still on the offensive, this suburb is not Very Dangerous anymore. Anyhow, the future looks grim, as battle has all but come to an end. Robin Robinson 18:42, 29 August 2006 (BST)

The last few members of The Apocalypse Horde leave the area and head towards Ridleybank.

August 28th

A little queasy from their humungous binge on largely acid tongues, bile filled hearts, and vapid brains, the Apocalypse Horde take the two Necrotech buildings in the area as desert, slaughter the Black Knights in their Maiden Auto Repair shop headquarters, and then amble away from the deserted and ransacked mall.

August 25th

The Apocalypse Horde remain in complete control of the ransacked Hildebrand Mall. A visit next door also exterminates the entire population of the Necrotech offices in the Herbert Building before it is ransacked.

August 24th

The Apocalypse Horde storm into Hildebrand Mall and slaughter the occupants of all four corners before ransacking them. The feeding groans that have haunted the air all week cease and only the sound of flesh being munched on remains.

Hildebrand Mall is now zombie private property.


August 23rd

The Apocalypse Horde continue to butcher the occupants of Hildebrand Mall. The southwest corner is taken, ransacked, and occupied by over thirty zombies. More undead enter and begin to attack other corners, depleting their numbers still further.

The mall teeters on the verge of complete annihilation.

August 22nd

The Apocalypse Horde shatter the defences in the south east and most highly populated corner of Hildebrand Mall. The slaughter that ensues revokes almost fifty character's status as survivors, and over thirty zombies remain to loiter in the mall, digesting the slain.

August 22nd

At the time of writting, the Hildebrand Mall was secure again :-). --Tico 02:00, 22 August 2006 (BST)

I'm sorry, Tico, but the Mall is anything but secure. The number of active defenders has been greatly reduced during the last week, and now the members of the Apocalypse Horde (spies and PKers included) come and go as they please; yes, they get kicked out everyday too, but the defenders losing some 20 men everyday is not "safe" by any standards, and it's only getting worse. As the MFD Captain of Roftwood, I advise all survivors in the mall to seek shelter elsewhere in the suburb; Hildebrand might look secure, but as of now it is a deathtrap. Eugene Barrett 03:13, 22 August 2006 (BST)
Agreed, you gave a better description of the situation. --Tico 19:55, 22 August 2006 (BST)
Update: 28 zombies are standing in the southeast corner of Hildebrand Mall right now. Robin Robinson 21:39, 22 August 2006 (BST)

August 21st

With revivified and brainrotted members happily returned to undeath the Apocalypse Horde commence an assault on the north west corner of Hildebrand Mall, killing all survivors and then settling in amidst the ransacked shops and piles of mangled meat.

Update: There are 14 zombies in the northwest corner of Hildebrand Mall right now. About 60-70 survivors inside. Robin Robinson 00:34, 22 August 2006 (BST)

August 20th

After a shameful PK'ing spree by zombie spies, most of them members of The Apocalypse Horde, which severely crippled the mall's defenses, Hildebrand is about to fall. The combat revififed operatives weaken the south west corner before a zombie onslaught massacres the area, allowing the undead to settle in amidst the slain.

August 19th

The zombies who had spent most of yesterday camped out Hildebrand mall amidst the torn remains of their victims return and break in through several corners. Mall population continues to dwindle. The week long assault by the Apocalypse Horde have reduced the number of defenders to a fraction of what they were. However, reinforcements continue to arrive at Hildebrand, and the mall once again stands firm... for the moment, at least.

August 18th

Hildebrand Mall is still in survivor hands, fully barricaded and populated. Many zombies still outside, but the valiant efforts of the survivor groups in the area are quickly dealing with any break-ins. The only things "sealed" at the moment are the mall's entrance doors. However, later on, the population of the corners continued to dwindle as a series of break ins overwhelmed stalwart barricading efforts. The Apocalypse Horde with recent feral zombie support cause significant casualties throughout the mall.

August 17th

The Apocalypse Horde continue their assault on Hildebrand Mall, breaking through into several corners and ransacking the south west. Over sixty survivors perish as zombies pour in and send a large number of the mall population fleeing to other locations. Generators in resource buildings throughout the area are destroyed, hampering the relief effort. The fate of the mall seems sealed.

August 16th

Revivified members of the Apocalypse Horde, fresh from the destruction of Joachim Mall arrive and mount an attack on the mall and are soon followed by zombie forces. Despite superior intelligence and the excellent coordination displayed by the survivors, the south west corner is ransacked, and over fifty people perish in the initial onslaught.

August 1st

Roftwood is back up and running, a 50 AP tour of the suburb clearly shows a zombie population well under a 100, and over a third of those zeds are standing at revive points. The mall has also been under survivor control for several days, and most resources buildings are barricaded. If you do come to this suburb you should remain on guard, but things are really starting to quiet down. To keep things running smooth the Secret Six, asks that all survivors in the area try to assist with the Revive Point lines.--CYossarain 17:54, 1 August 2006 (GMT)


July 31st

Hildebrand Mall has been cleared of zombies and has been rebarricaded, with all corners at EHB and 54 survivors sleeping inside. Also, the Secret Six has established a new revive point, located at Turpin Crescent [66,54], for Eastern Roftwood and more specifically, Hildebrand Mall.

July 21st

The Big Bash and the RRF's infamous Group 2 have smashed Hildebrand Mall. SW corner has 75 zombies and no humans and is ransacked; Mall is doomed. --Karlsbad 02:19, 21 July 2006 (BST)

140 outside the south west corner, it looks real bad. 40 survivors died one after another in the NW corner after the server came back online at the hands of less than 20 zed... at 10 AP a clip and 3-4 clips to de-animate a zed, a lvl 3 character can't even make a dent in the horde it would seem. While I don't for a minute believe that there are hordes of 150+ in every red suburb, a lack of unity in humanity and PK/GK'rs are turning the hordes into an unstoppable force. Quite simply the hordes are cooperating while the humans sit holed up separately, unwilling or unable to communicate, or organize, waiting to die. It's going to take a heroic leader to unite the remaining survivors and start hitting the hordes deeply, far from the front line of the push where the large groups are, to turn this thing around. -Samual Clemons (transcribed text message from Pvt. Bobby Bagina, Maverick Recon)
As of a few minutes ago, there are no survivors remaining alive in the Mall. --Echohawk 13:16, 21 July 2006 (BST)

July 18th

Easy times in Rolfwood look like they are coming to an end. The Big Bash seems to have invaded Nichols Mall just to the west and Hildebrand Mall is less than ten blocks away. Several 15+ groups of zeds are starting to form on the east side of the suburb putting the 400+ survivors in the mall and surrounding buildings on notice. To further add to the worries of the suburb, communications between the two malls have heated up after survivors from Nichols Mall accused the survivors at Hildebrand Mall of sitting around and not sending reinforcements. The Hildebrand camp claimed they have been sending help and preparing for their own war but some at Nichols are angered and threatening not to help in the looming attack. --Enormous Fro 17:16, 18 July 2006 (CST)

UPDATE: Dempsey Grove Police Dept & Eligius General Hospital both sieged & zed outnumber survivors, 10+/15+ respectivly, not sure what the status at the mall is but packs of 15+ inbetween Dempsey Grove PD [64, 53] and Rawlins Row PD [68, 56]... -Samual Clemons (transcribed text message from Pvt. Bobby Bagina, Maverick Recon)
UPDATE: 36 Zed outside of the SW corner of Hildebrand Mall, doors standing open, here it comes! -Samual Clemons (transcribed text message from Pvt. Bobby Bagina, Maverick Recon)

July 17th

ZED REPORT (7)[61, 53]/(2)[62, 53]/(1)[65, 54]/(2)[66, 53]

'Cades at resource buildings in central Roftwood at Extremely Heavy, with the exceptions of Eligius General Hospital, Rawlins Row PD, & Dempsey Grove PD, which are mainting a VS+2 for n00b's, occasional breakins are met with extreme force, and barricades quickly restored. Zombie concentrations minimal, with one group of 7 between Grimshaw and Joyner Pd's, and 4-5 random single or paired zeds wandering in the central blocks. Samual Clemons (transcribed text message from Pvt. Bobby Bagina, Maverick Recon)

July 13th

Pratley Road Police Department, a safehouse for many, has been breached by quite a large zombie incursion. Many are dead. Membry Lane Fire Station south of it has also been ransacked. survivors of both buildings are recommended to take shelter in Hardisty Auto Repair, 1 block southeast of Membry Lane Fire Station.

July 14th

St. Ethelbert's Hospital has been breached. Only one zombie outside. Help is needed.


June 28th

Zeds break in the Dempsey Grove PD [64, 53]!!!, aparently, someone from inside let them in, unknown number of survivor losses. Up to 9 zeds spoted inside at one time. Some survivors managed to escape to nearby secure safehouses, unfortunatelly some others were caught while they sleep, at least they did not see it comming.

June 1st

Now that the military has stopped jamming radio traffic over the city, hand held and radio transmitters are now working. 26.17 Mhz is the official radio frequency of this suburb. Please keep all transmitters and portable radios at this frequency.


May 24th

The Glorious Battle of Roftwood is over, for the time being, and the Channel 4 News Team and allies are moving back to Ackland Mall with the intention of reminding the 130 zombies outside it of just how good we look. We will return and spread Odin's word to the other malls in the Roftwood area when appropriate.

May 22nd

Thanks to all the Alliances that came into Roftwood, and those who were already there, the suburb is safe now.

May 18th

The Malton Mafia have set up residence in the suburb aiding the Channel 4 News Team, Malton Rangers and The Corleone Family in defending Hildebrand Mall. The Malton Mafia have also reclaimed Big Ross's Bistro as there HQ.

May 13th

The Channel 4 News Team has entered the area with the intent of buying new suits in Hildebrand Mall and then entering into Glorious Battle with the suburb's undead population.

May 13th

Hildebrand Mall is now secured, yet most survivors spend their nights elsewhere. The suburb has recently seen a minor influx of survivors in that area, making the 'burb safer than it was just a few weeks ago. Still more survivors are needed to completely push out the hordes.

May 1st

Hildebrand Mall is still in zombie hands and shows no signs of going back to survivors.

April 2006

April 15th

Human forces have begun to migrate to Roftwood with the intent of liberating Hildebrand Mall and securing the suburb in the name of all things related to consumerism, all survivors are invited to come and join the guerilla war being waged against the undead.

April 14th

Hildebrand Mall has been taken by the undead hoardes. The first substantial breach by The Shining Ones broke the SW corner. The both nearby police departments and the NecroTech building are overrun as well. Light survivor resistence remains, but zombies appear to have the area under temporary control.

April 13th

There have been several breaches at Hildebrand Mall, and barricade levels are being torn down faster than they're being rebuilt. The Mall calls for all suburb survivors to rally at the mall for its defence. Working in deadly unison with ferals and organized zombies alike, TSO and the MotA are breaching the Mall and connected buildings on a daily basis, claiming lives and spreading disease...

April 12th

The zombie group The Minions of the Apocalypse and The Shining Ones are attacking Roftwood, currently large numbers of zombie outside the mall and at least one break in has been reported. Survivors are urged not to sleep in resource buildings. If you are assisting in the defense of the suburb, please focus your efforts on barricading open buildings, healing injured survivors, and evicting zombies found indoors.

April 9th

A yet unkown organized horde of zombies is attacking the Herbert Building [68, 54]. Until further notice, all western bordering buidling are to be kept at EHB status.

April 8th

Grimshaw PD and the surrounding areas are being raided more and more by zombies, and usually only remain on survivor hands for a few hours.

April 3rd

After a number of days of fighting, Eligius General Hospital has fallen into zombie hands. All area survivors are expected to help in its retaking, and the hosptial is to remain EHB until further notice, despite its former entry point status.


February 28th

The factory has been overrun by the Pwotters and Undeadites. Two MPGeeks perish in the gratuitous carnage. An inscrutable message was graffitied onto the wall: "Somebody has spraypainted Pwotters and Undeadites squaredancing w/ survivors onto a wall."

February 25th

The Greenhow Building and Grimshaw Road PD are overrun by zombies during night assaults. There is little organised resistance, and many die.

February 15th-25th

Zombie hordes apparently known as the Undeadites enjoy successes in breaking open much of west Roftwood, such as Whale, Vere Cinema, Amis, Sage, and Mayo Row PD. Organized human resistance battles to reclaim this territory and the adjacent Nichols Mall (in Stanbury Village).

February 3rd

Since the beginning of the survivors' strike at January 18th the survivors have successfully driven most of the zombies out of Roftwood and have reoccupied almost the entire suburb and it's key locations, most notably The Herbert Building and the Hildebrand Mall. Most of the remaining zombies are lying outside the Eligius General Hospital but their attempts to breach inside are easily repelled.


January 22nd

The Vivian Cinema was breached by a small group of zombies which managed to kill a number of survivors who were sleeping inside, the gunshots however were heard by other survivors who were sleeping in adjacent blocks and a reinforcement was quickly sent and the zombies have been cleared out of the cinema. It is believed that the zombies had a spy inside the building which was helping them. However aside from that incident the survivors are succeeding in retaking Roftwood and are gaining more ground with each passing day while suffering minimal loses.

Scientists have begun manufacturing revivification syringes and are using them offensively in order to clear the zombies off the streets of Roftwood.

January 18th

The Herbert Building has been reoccupied with several zombies standing outside. Survivors led by the UVA and RAF have begun recapturing buildings all over the suburb.

January 11th

The survivors have fled from Roftwood to Edgecombe in order to regroup and plan a counteroffensive.

January 9th

04:48, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT) - The Herbert Building has been taken down. Over 60 standing zombies within the building with only around 15 survivors still alive.

January 8th

The remaining survivors in Roftwood have decided to fortify themselves inside several 1-block buildings across the suburb since those are much easier to defend then the 4-block mall, one such building is The Herbert Building which hosts over a hundred survivors inside. The streets of Roftwood are still quite infested with zombies, but the survivors already have plans for retaking over Roftwood.

January 7th

Zeds in the wire. Zombies have breached the NW corner of the mall in small numbers (14) with hundreds of survivors backing the effort. It is in the opinion of some that it should be no problem repelling the siege by the Ridleybank Resistance Front, Pwotters, Mall Tour '06, and other ferals recent attacks in the suburb.

As of 08:07, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT), Hildebrand Mall remains in survivor hands. The SE corner remains the most heavily assaulted, with 254 Zombies attacking. The NE corner has 16, SW 12, and SE 7.
As of 08:17, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT) Hildebrand Mall is under very heavy siege - 25 zombies in the northwest quad, barricades have been nearly destroyed. Evacuation is of the utmost priority at this time.
A group named FOXHOUND has claimed they will help protect the Roftwood region and has joined the fight.
13:48 (GMT) - The NW section of Hildebrand Mall has been wiped out, with over 100 standing zombies present in the mall.
23:32, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT) - Everyone in the mall has either evacuated or has been killed. Over 60+ seeking revives

January 6th

As of 09:09, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT), the following strong points have been overrun and are no longer to be considered safe: the Greenhow Building, Grimshaw Road Police Dept, Dempsey Grove Police Dept, Eligius General Hospital and the Mayo Row Police Dept.

False rumors that zombie spies are barricading Rowlins Police Dept to Heavy to block entry point for survivors. This is a tactic used to get stubborn newbies away from unsafe safehouses. Beware new tactic could leave many survivors stranded! Be VERY vigilant if you are in an entry point building.

January 5th

The fighting for Roftwood is getting more and more desperate. Already, Grimshaw Road Police Department, The Greenhow Building (NecroTech), The Truell Museum, and Joyner Boulevard Police Department have been overrun and Eligius General Hospital has been been breached momentarily. Malton Defense Corporation is in the area conducting defense operations.

The leaders of the UVA and RAF agreed that in order to deal with the Gall Lane-problem (mentioned above) the Gall Lane revive point will be temporarily closed and will be relocated to Moon Way (70, 53) in Edgecombe which is located 2 blocks northeast of Gall Lane.

It has also been agreed that in order to hold-back the zombies and buy the survivors more time to get supplies a heavy-barricading policy will take effect on the western part of the suburb. All buildings along the western border of Roftwood should be barricaded as heavily as possible once they are recaptured by survivors, such buildings include the Greenhow Building, Grimshaw Road Police Dept, the Truell Museum, Joyner Boulevard Police Dept, Mayo Row Police Dept and all of the buildings found west of them. Note that the Eligius General Hospital and the factory (63, 55) found next to the Summer Building should be kept accessible and shouldn't be barricaded more heavily then "Very Strongly" (VS).

January 4th

The fighting in Roftwood continues. In the last few days the zombies managed to momentarily break into the Hildebrand Mall a number of times but were pushed back swiftly. The northwest quadrant of the suburb is where the zombies focus their attacks, the Joyner Boulevard Police Dept is constantly switching hands between the survivors and the zombies along with other buildings found nearby.

Gall Lane revive point has soared in zombie counts in the past few days signaling concern by some that the zombies have mustered together big hordes (200+) under false pretenses under Gall Lane's revive policy to deliver a crushing surprise attack to the adjacent buildings including the mall. The leaders of the UVA and RAF, two major survivor-groups in Roftwood, have gathered to decide on an appropriate course of action for dealing with the Gall Lane-situation.

Lastly, reports tell that Stanbury Village has been overrun, which means that in the next few days a major wave of zombies is expected to attack Roftwood from the west.

January 1st

The survivor groups in Roftwood, led mainly by the UVA, have recaptured most of the buildings lost since the beginning of the zombie invasion in December 24. Among the buildings which were recaptured are all of the police stations in western Roftwood and the Truell Museum. The only parts in Roftwood that are still considered dangerous are the Greenhow NecroTech Building and the blocks found north-west of it; those parts still have a few dozens of zombies in them, most of them are temporary dead.



December 29th

Zombies from all directions are beginning to converge on Hildebrand Mall. Many buildings surrounding the mall have already been compromised. Survivors advised to either escape the suburb or assist in defending Hildebrand.

December 26th

Zombikah has started and a massive zombie coalition has begun. Many suburbs that were once considered safe are under attack and Roftwood is no different. Intel reports reveal that the Greenhow Building and Grimshaw Road PD have become zombie nests and attacks have expanded to lower western regions including Dempsey Grove Police Department and the Summer Building.

December 24th

The cozy suburb of Roftwood received a Barhazmaz holiday cheer, a surprise raid which devastated the Greenhow NecroTech building [62,51]. Reports indicate that nearly two dozen zombies were spreading terror inside, slaughtering all the victims inside. Another dozen or so attacking Grimshaw Road Police Department [62,52] were repelled. As of late, many of the zombies involved in the raid have been killed. With Zombikah so close, humans are suggested to keep extra ammo, guns, and medical supplies for the holiday season.

December 23rd

The MFD has re-opened Poultney Street Fire Station for official business. We're ready to answer your call for help!

December 1st

The suburb is once again controlled by human forces, thanks to the combined efforts of the survivors of Roftwood and the brilliant leadership of the Roftwood Assault Force.


November 18th

The recently established Malton Police Department, led by Officer Zack, has claimed Cullings Auto Repair as HQ.

November 4th

The Roftwood Assault Force (RAF) makes a large attack, taking the NW corner of the suburb.


October 25th

The Roftwood Assault Force (RAF) has recently been formed in order to push back the zombie threat and return Roftwood to human hands. All recruits are welcome as the RAF can use anyone who is willing to fight in the growing conflict.

October 23th

Roftwood is overrun. Hildebrand Mall was utterly wiped out when a massive combined horde consisting of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, the Undying Scourge, and the Shambling Seagulls and ferals sieged the mall. Humans should stay well away.